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Futuristic The Space Detective and his Young Partner (1x1, semi advance! Platonic!)

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Action, Adventure, Mystery, Platonic

Tiff the Odd

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The year 3041, humans have expanded their civilization into the galaxy. Humans have learned to terraform planets to colonize. Our story takes place on Mars in the city of Hyperion. Mars was the first planet to be colonize by humans so it’s considered a “slum planet” where crime bosses rule the streets but that’s life. The cops are less than useless which is why a lot of the people rely on Private Eye, Private Detectives. They are able to work outside the law which heeds more results then working with the law, anyway.

Y/C is one of those Private Eyes, sarcastic and a bit rough around the edges. Still, he is clever and quick-witted. He isn’t easy to get along with but he is known for getting the job done.

Now, most of the Private Eyes have assistants. It’s hard to do the job without at least a little help but nobody has an assistant like Y/C. Y/C isn’t a normal so why would his partner?

M/C is his assistant, a pint-size 11 year old child genius who just showed up one day on his doorstep demanding a job. They both have one thing is common though, nobody knows where they came from or how they got herebut they heed results that’s for sure.

(This is semi advance to advance so PM me if you are interested in roleplaying with me! Again, this a platonic roleplay so there won’t be romance as the main focus.)
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