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Multiple Settings The Sound of Static [Reboot of The Cursed Labratory] ll open!

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“Happy guy paddling through the angry tide”
“In the name of humanity…
We will progress…
Past Human endurance…”
-The Sound of Static-
Spots taken- 1/7

A missing kid. Mauled wildlife. Whole cars were ripped to shreds by “bears”. What do these all have in common? The answer is simple. They all happened around the same place in the Canadian woods. Around an old, abandoned laboratory.

There was no record of this building. It looks more like an old warzone now. Plants are gradually encircling the crumbling wreckage, like a snake crushing its victim. Zombies lurk in the shadows of the lab and wander through the surrounding trees, wearing lab coats and scared expressions, the ghost of their last true emotion. Shreaks can be heard from within the lab, full of rage and pain. Or are you imagining all of it?

…What happened here..?

No one knows. That’s why your employer sent you and other brilliant minds to find out! Or did they? …did they send to work at a cat cafe in a Pokemon world? If so, don’t bother to read on and waste your time. Don’t you want to “catch ‘em all?”.

You read on. Clearly, you want this job, right? Well, I guess I lied. Not everyone coming along with you is quite as smart as you, or maybe they’re all the smart ones and your not. …oh… Uhm… did I j- just call you or your group d- dumb? I’m sorry! Moving on, some people in your group do different things alongside you. There’s a technician, two scientists, two guards, a very talented truck driver who wears many hats, and a little kiddo who can communicate with the big, bad monster in the lab. Which one are you? Well, check out the descriptions for each role! As long as you can keep the info given to you a secret. We don’t want a rival lab to make another, more powerful monster than us, do we? Of course not!

Technician - Computer masterminds! These fantastic people are expert hackers and I hear that they’re quite stylish. No need for uniforms or lab coats; unlike those loser scientists. Pfft. Those idiots have no idea what they're doing! The art that these humans study is a fine one, needing years to perfect. On the bright side, it requires very little guesswork once you’ve got it down. No need for hypothesis here! Just remember, as a Technician, always know that you are better than the scientists since they owe all of their research and achievements to your mad skills.

Spots taken - 0/1

Scientists - Monarchs of this lab! The lab was built for these masterminds to conduct their research on zombies and to stop them. Marvel at their works, won’t you? Just think, the past scientists here took hours of hard work and put it into a zombie-killing machine that needs no fuel and never dies! And, it’s alive! Look at the big claws, sharp teeth, human-like stance, thirst for blood… wait- excuse me?! They turned someone into a monster! Ew! No! Aside from that, scientists are really very helpful blokes. Always looking out for humanity, no matter how many hours of itchy lab coats they have to put up with, they just want to help (as long as the person they’re helping isn’t a Technician… gross…).

Spots taken - 0/2

Guards - Raw power! A man that calls himself a guard is a very strong, formidable figure. They’re more than capable of crushing zombies (just… not more than 5 at a time… I mean, can you imagine a huge mob of them, all trying to your autograph? That would be a little overwhelming!) and protecting the four they were sent to protect. Sure, they have to be in uniform, but it’s very useful for them. They have guns, tasers, and so on. All good things for a guard to have! The only downside to them, is their a little dim and are all men. I don’t know why. It sucks that you have to be male. But

Spots took - 0/2

Talented truck driver - Truly one-of-a-kind! I think I speak for everyone when I say we need more people like this! This person is also a janitor, has amazing taste in fashion (seeing as they need no uniform), AND is a fantastic cook. Yum! Pass that spaghetti!!

Spots taken - 1/1

Kiddo - Little kid, stay away! This kid snuck into one of the boxes going into the lab! uh-oh. Don’t get a time out from the monster!

Spots taken - 1/1

You’re almost done reading! Since you’ve made it this far, you deserve to see a complement. Good job, me. You’ve typed a lot. There. I feel better already. Alrighty, so there’s a problem with the lab. I’ve been hinting at a monster worse than zombies, haven’t I? Well, there is. I’m afraid to inform you that a human-like monster is running loose. I’ll enclose a picture. But you should be warned, he can’t be shot, strangled, suffocated, paralyzed, beheaded, frozen, tasered (that’s a word, right?), boiled, and so on. There’s only one way to kill him, but the group coming to the laboratory doesn’t know that!

All I can do is say good luck. This group must survive him, zombies, the freezing weather, lack of food and fresh water, and the other dangerous experiments in the lab.

Can you do it? Survive all and reboot the lab?

-Truly yours, C
P.S. There are a few ways you can come out of this. With a dead monster, a trapped monster, dead, trapped, running away for your lives, or friends… maybe.

Does it count as a fandom for my own story..? Just kidding. ..but… does it…?

CS - Realistic or Modern - The sound of static ll CS
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“Happy guy paddling through the angry tide”
The monster!


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Expert Lurker
You know what, sure!

I'd like to try my hand at talented truck driver because clearly that's the best role among them all!

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