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Realistic or Modern The Soulmate Sabotage (Closed)

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LGTBQ, Romance



  • the soulmate


    inspired by are you the one

♡design by low fidelity, coded by uxie♡

In a world where soulmates exist, of course people are going to capitalize on it. So, in comes the tv show, The Soulmate Sabotage.

To understand our show, first you must know how soulmates work. The first words your soulmate says to you are etched onto your right wrist. However, some people are capable of having two soulmates, with one quote on each wrist, though it is rare. Somehow, scientists have found a gene that predicts who someone's soulmate will be, which was then sold to MTV for one billion dollars. This created an idea for our show.

Basically, a group of people is sent into a house for a month. All of them have a soulmate (or two) within the house, but they have wraps around their wrists, so not even they will know who their soulmate is. Their goal is to find their soulmate, without breaking hearts along the way.

As it is a reality show, some of our characters may be C list celebrities and all must be willing to find love on the show.

though the house is a mansion, there are not enough beds for everyone, so people must share. as this is the first season of the show, our characters won't know that until they get there. also, there is no technology in the house. the cast are encouraged to find other ways to entertain themselves. all rooms have multiple cameras strapped to the walls
the house
the backyard
living room
dining room
shared bathroom
an example of the rooms
the gym
the game room

2. Violence is not permitted
3. Cameras must never be obstructed
4. You must be actively attempting to find your soulmate
5. Drama is encouraged. However, if the fans riot to get you out of the house, behavior must change or you will be kicked out


1. All the characters will be 18-30
2. Try to keep genders even
3. Mature topics may be discussed in this rp, so be prepared for that
4. Be prepared to write at least one or two good paragraphs per character
5. Yes, your characters can be overdramatic asses. Just don't bring drama ooc
6. Discord will be used for OOC and is required
7. I will decide soulmate pairings


Discord here
CS thread
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"funny things to put in your bio" 🔎
I am wayyyy interested, mind if I pop in the discord or do I have to have an accepted character first?

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