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Book The Shadow Realm

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Wolf Rawrrr

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is the counterpart of the normal world, and the two are nearly identical, coexisting on the same planar axis. Aside from the blurry, surreal, black and white appearance of Shadows, the difference lies in the one-way link between these two planes of existence. Those in the Shadow Realm can perceive the normal world, but not the other way. This allows for the possibility of hiding objects and even people in Shadows, making them invisible and ethereal in the normal world. Physical interaction between the two worlds, however, is not possible.

Some beings can walk in the Shadows, whether by natural ability or with use of magic. While in the Shadow Realm they can see the normal world to which they are themselves invisible, but they can also see and interact with things that exist exclusively in the Shadows. They can also see through magical disguises and barriers. The extent of this ability enhances with time spent in the Shadows. Some things are better hidden than others and can remain secret to inexperienced Shadow walkers.

Melding with Shadows is a risk on its own though. The more time one spends within the Shadow Realm, the more one becomes part of it. Over time it becomes increasingly difficult to tear away from it, and at times one can even end up drawn into the Shadows without wanting to, when unfocused enough, for example during sleep or daydreams. Additionally, the more one becomes part of the Shadows, the easier one is to be sensed by other beings in Shadows.
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