1. haharley

    haharley HaHarley

    Ouran!! I can play as Tamaki :)
  2. Konanwest

    Konanwest Prisoner 289; Building 13, Cell 12


    I san do ouran, naruto, or magi (but I havent finished it)
  3. Nate ☼

    Nate ☼ Daughter of the Sea

    Hey there! I'd love to fo a Harry potter roleplay with you! I can definitely play Sirius if you could play Draco or Harry for me :3
  4. norway


    LOL I love Celtic Thunder!!!

    I'd love to M x F double with you! But for Van Helsing, actually. That's one of my favorite movies. I can be Dracula for you if you can be Helsing himself for me. Lmk and we'll plot!(;

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