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Multiple Settings The Search Begins


Alright guys, rather than spend most of my words introducing myself I’ll keep it rather short and sweet. My name is Charles, I’m 17 and I’ve been writing since the wee age of about 8 and rping since roughly 12. As it relates to what you need to know about me as a partner, I generally reply a decent amount (3 or more times a day, depending on the day sometimes much more) and I enjoy deep rooted plots that can develop over a period of more than just a few days.

What We Decide as Partners:
-General post length (just to keep a mutual understanding)
-Boundaries (what themes/material not to include in our RP)
-Plot (self-explanatory)
-Likes/Dislikes (are you a grammatical stickler, do you hate certain archetypes, etc.)
-Character Sheets (whether to include them or not)


The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
-I’ll play just about any pairing imaginable.

Game of Thrones
-I have experience with Jon and Robb yet would like to try another character.

-No specific pairings or characters in mind but I love the universe and setting.

Stranger Things
-Again, no specific pairings in mind just enjoy the series and it’s potential for RP’s.

-Yes you can be a fan of history. This is probably the category that I have the least experience with but it holds a special place in my heart. I have a base knowledge of most historical events, worldwide, since pre-Greek dominance but have vast knowledge in both world wars, Greek, Roman and European Medieval time periods. Also don’t feel that you need a lot of prior knowledge for something like this to work, it’s about the general time period not specific textbook facts.

Star Wars

-I’ve seen every movie more than once and have a base knowledge of lore yet would love something more in depth and original to come from a storyline rich with opportunities for plots.

That being said if you are the slightest bit interested in any of my fandoms, have a plot in mind, enjoy a specific pairing in the worlds listed above or just have any idea/plot/concept that you are interested in and would like to be partners than please leave a hello down below and we can discuss further.

“The stories that stay in your heart but never touch paper are to lost time, the only thing that can beat mortality is words”-Anonymous
i am interested in a the greek or european time periods! i am happy to do an rp with you.


Realising your username doesn't fit :(
Would you be interested in doing something Star Wars related? Perhaps an OC story set during the most recent films, perhaps a little group of Resistance members struggling to keep afloat, unable to join the larger movement, located on a distant planet that is firmly under the power of the First Order. Would involve multiple characters, but we could focus on a specific pair if we needed to! Let me know if that appeals to you ^_^


‘the earth has music for those who listen’ - W. S.
Hello! I have been craving a specific idea for a Star Wars RP for a while now, and was wondering if you would be interested in it as well. I have a thread with information about my idea. Let me know if you would be interested!


I would love love love to do a Hobbit RP involving Thranduil in a pairing! I'm down for just about anything what it comes to LOTR and the Hobbit, lol.


The Paper Ghost

Hi there. I'm on a hunt for someone for a kind of Game of Thrones/Eragon-esque dragon rider x dragon rider RP. PM me with a little bit of a writing sample (I hate to ask but it's worse to find out too late that we're completely incompatible much later on) if you're interested. If not, good luck on your search!

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