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Multiple Settings The search begin - Hella's ideas basement

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Hella Downweather

The witch of the quill
Hello ! Welcome ! Please make yourself comfortable, because I have a lot to tell you.

First off thank you for reading me ! I'm always searching for new RP partners, especially if we share the same interests. But before we go to the main course, the plotting ideas, a bit about myself.

I am a 23 years old girl from North America, which is why I'd rather have a partner who is 18 and up. Sorry for the younger ones here, I'm uncomfortable writing romance or anything close to it with minors. I have three-four years of online roleplaying under my belt (much more if we consider games like DnD) however, since English is not my primary language I may/will make some spelling and/or grammar mistakes. I try to proofread as best as I can but I'm not perfect.

I have a deep love for plotting, character development, slow burn and adapting my OC's to new situations. A RP can be as complex or as simple as you want (as long as the plot is good ;) ).

Beside writing, I really like anything touching computer science, law and cooking (weird mix, I know).

Still here ? Perfect ! Almost time for the main course....but before a little disclaimer.

1 - I love to write, which is why I hate when my partner doesn't give me more than one line (my answer are usually in the range of 300-500 words). No one liners please or one paragraph please

2 - I work, I go to school, so I may answer everyday for a week and only once the next week. Which is why I don't really care if you can't post everyday. As long as you write at least once per week, we are good :D (and I promise to do the same)

3 - I've never written MxM. I'm not closed to the idea, far from it, but if you want a MxM scenario be gentle, it'll likely be my first one. I'm also very open to MxF and FxF.

4 - I like Ansgt and mature settings as much as every other girl, as long as it's NOT the main theme of the RP.

5 - I ask a lot of questions, for me communication is key for a good RP both parties enjoy. It's important for me we each find something we want/need when we RP together.

6 - I hate like a passion the love at first sight trope. Especially in a Canon x OC setting. Just...please don't.

7 - Same for Mary-Sue/Gary-Sue, I love characters with flaw, or the enemy to lovers trope and...it's just not compatible with a perfect superhuman whom everybody loves.

8 - Have a fixed idea for a RP, please pitch it in my PM's :D I love receiving RP suggestions

9 - I can double/triple if needed !

Now on to the main part:bishiesparklesr:
Bold - Character or OC I would like to play
***** - I crave this setting/plot
*** - I really like this /character/plot/pairing !
M - Would rather play as a guy
F - Would rather play as a girl (None means I don't mind)
(please note that I am open to platonic relationship for all ships and OC suggested)

OCmeisterxOCweapon (have enough Soul Eater RP for now !)


Platonic Todoroki x OC

Manga/settings I would love to rp in :
Full metal alchemist

Peter Parker x Black cat ***
Peter Parker x OC ***
Loki and Henchman (not romantic, at least not at the start)
Black Widow

Anything with the robins, would rather play an OC though


Adrien/Chat Noir


Tall OC x small OC *****
Damsell/Knight in distress
Enemy to friends to lovers
Childhood friends to lovers *****
Soulmates ***

Maid/Butler x OC
CourtesanxCourtesan (In a chinese harem setting)
CourtesanxEmperor/Dude in power (still harem setting)
Two best friends reincarnated in their favorite fictional world (except they end up in the villain's body...woups?)*** (the twins villainess are already taken ;) )
Anything with magical girls/superheroes
Superhero x nerd civilian
I'll try and keep this list updated. I something caught your eye ! Else, here's a cookie and thanks for reading me <3
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if ever just the same
Omg there's so many from your list I am so down to do.
Soul Eater, MLB, Enemy to friends to lovers, Reincarnation, & Soulmates. I'll let you choose which one to build on!


sheep lesbian
i'm in love will all of these, but i guess what first came to mind was if you'd be interested in doing a maid/oc (small/tall) plot? c: i already have a budding idea, if that sounds like something you'd be interested in doing!

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