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Fantasy The School For The Gifted

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Action, Anime, LGTBQ, School, Super Powers

In this School, we train those who were blessed with the opportunity to withheld powers unseen before by others. Those cursed with the ability to destroy and cause woe around them. Those who wish to make a change, and those who want to see the world burn.

It is 20XX In a place where powers have made appearances constantly, people have rebelled against these individuals in the beginning. These people who did actions from mischief to absolute evil were labeled as "villains". These Villains, feeling above the average human, would take advantage of their abilities for whatever they wished to do. Soon, those with a golden heart and a bravery of steel stepped forward to combat these people. These were called "Heroes", and wished for the actions of their rivals to seize for once and bring them to justice. The constant battle between the two had started.

Yet, the battle between both of them would soon seize as a larger, more dangerous being would arrive from the shadows.

Calamity, the super villain, had turned against her fellow companions and had acquired their powers to cause woe and destruction among the place. It turned out so bad that even the government, who once was profiting of the high taxing from the fearful public, started to become worry of the events that were yet to come caused by the super villain. Having no other option that could even stand a chance against her, the government had issued these young, willing heroes, villains, anti-heroes and anti-villains to be placed together into a single training camp to fight against Calamity. To this, acknowledging the importance of having these people work together, the government opened the newly created academy for the next generation of heroes and villains the government had approved of to get back on their feet and fight of the ultimate evil that was Calamity.

Welcome to
The School For the Gifted"

Hello! This is the interest check for a superpower Hero-Villain based academy! This RP aims to be Slice of life with Fantasy tones. Co-GM is
Ethereal_Dreams and the creator of the RP and overall GM is
Chloe The Care Bear
Chloe The Care Bear .
Now, with the rules!

1. All RPN rules apply here.
2. Character limit is 5 per player! I know this is quite a big number, but only use as many OCs as you feel comfortable with.
3. Anime/Digital Art is preferred.
4. They will be having a discord for OOC and announcements on plot progression.
Chloe The Care Bear
Chloe The Care Bear The Main GM, but feel free to come to
Ethereal_Dreams or Dishonoured Dishonoured ] is our mod if you need any help or have questions. We will answer them the best we can.
5. 1 paragraph or more every post! I, personally, highly encourage multiple paragraphs.
6. You cannot use your character until it has been reacted to by one of the gms (meaning myself or ethereal)
7. No OP powers at all. Though, no space/gravity manipulation is allowed as well as no time-relating powers.
8. Your characters HAS to have a weakness.
9. You can create an anti-hero or anti-villain character! Just specify this in the character sheet.
10. Have fun! This RP is for funsies ^^

Also! For everyone who wants to know a villain would be those who have committed previous crimes, are chaotic or most anything like a typical villain. Heroes would be good hearted, never committed crime, those who truly want to help or those who protect the innocent. Anti villains those who are completely in between, straight cut in the middle, this means they are free to do as they want, meaning they could have committed a crime before. And finally Anti heroes would be those who are chaotic, they are more good than bad however they might do things that put others are risk, anti heroes are neutral but are good natured, they could have committed a crime before (not a super severe one like murder).

We currently have a few amount of villains, tons of anti heroes, an ok amount of Heroes and quite a bite of villains, so we would love villains but feel free to put what ever!

Character Thread
If you wish to join, check out the thread and put up a character sheet!

please try to be kind in OOC! I will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia (etc) in anyway shape or form, (you can do it in rp tho if your character is mean) in OOC please try to be accepting of your fellow players! :D
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It was the first day of school for everyone, the time was 8:00 am the the test would be starting at 10:00 the students had 2 hours to get to know one another~! the school entrance:
After entering there was a map around the school, they were told to meet at the rec room, the rec room was a very large room with up to 15 different tables all of their sizes differing.

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Camree Zentiago
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1596859668487.png Camree groggily opened her eyes, her eyes meeting the ceiling and her ears meeting with a loud beeping sound. She winced as she came to, and with a yawn, swung her legs over her bed, rubbing her face with her wings. She leaned back slightly, pressing the button to turn off her alarm clock gently with one of her talons. Camree stretched her wings before standing up. It's so earlier... Camree walked over to her closet, which didn't have a door, and took out a tank top, a white bomber jacket, and jeans. After a long painstaking process of getting dressed, she hopped downstairs and into the kitchen, where her aunt was preparing breakfast. "Hey, auntie!" Camree chimed as she went next to her aunt, peering over her shoulder to see what she was cooking. "Whatcha makin' ?"

"The usual," Her aunt replied, with Camree giving a small "K" and sitting done at the kitchen. Bacon again... Being a carnivore sucks sooo much... Camree rested her head on the table. Her aunt finished cooking and she ate.

"Alright auntie, gonna head to school," Camree said as she opened their front door.

"Okay, Camree! Have a good day at school! And stay safe!"

"Will do!" She said as she grabbed her bag, which was resting on the floor, with one of her talons. She took a step outside and shut the door. With one powerful flap of her wings, Camree took to the sky. Camree let out a content sigh. This is when she truly felt alive, out in the open sky, Wind zooming past her, catching her hair as she flew. She did a spin in the air, with a smile on her face. Eventually, Camree's flight ended, as she had arrived at The School For The Gifted. She gracefully landed inside the school, just past the entrance gate, catching some stares from some bystanders. Camree laughed it off and beelined it toward the large map near the entrance gate. She spotted a piece of paper taped on the bottom right corner of the map and read it. ...All new students report to the rec room. Camree's eyes went back to the map. Rec room, rec room, rec room... Aha! She made a mental note of the best route to the rec room and started on her way.


G'day mate
Athena sat at the table, tapping the wood. It was almost time to leave and her Aunt was nowhere to be seen. Sighing, she grabbed a sticky note, writing a quick, I love you. Before disappearing out the door. Her tail flicked as she walked down the side walk. It would’ve been better if Luka had been up, but it is what it is.

As she walked, she thought about everything that had happened in the few short years since her parents had died. She had met an Aunt she didn’t even know existed, and ended up being enrolled in a school she thought was fake. Perhaps fate was playing on her, and if so, why was she heading toward the place she was told to go?

About an hour later, she arrived at the entrance to the school, staring in awe. “This really isn’t dream.” She muttered, walking inside.


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

Chad rolled over onto his chest and groaned.


He covered his ears with his pillow and clenched his teeth.


He slammed his fist on top of the alarm clock. The red, flashing numbers disappeared, and the sound stopped.

He sat up in his bed and scratched his head, his messy hair tangling around his fingers. Why had he set his alarm for so early?

He turned his eyes to the calendar on the wall of his rather bare, rundown apartment, and he made a tch sound when he saw what day today was.

First day of that damn "rehab" school for him. Wonderful.

Guess it was better than going to jail.

He pushed out of bed, leaving his sheets messy, and went to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, situated his hair, and changed the bandage on his left hand with a sigh. He knew that there was some kind of exam today, so that was great, yeah.

He tromped to the tiny kitchen and grabbed a roll from inside the pantry, then scarfed it down. He tugged on his usual, white undershirt (untucked, of course), blue hoodie, and black blazer, followed by his black pants and his neon blue socks.

He snatched his satchel up from the small table in his kitchen and turned off the lights in his room. He walked to the blue bike that his dad had bought for him (per his request), and he sped off towards the school.

The feeling of riding his bike made him grin. By the time he arrived, he was almost giddy to make his grand entrance here.

He pulled to a stop at the front of the school. He parked his bike in the racks.

Not bothering to figure out how to get it to open normally, Chad got a running start and latched onto the gate. It took him a minute, but he climbed over it and dropped off it rather easily, and when he landed he gave a chuckle and a grin to himself.

He strode to the map of the school. The sign taped to it informed him that he should make his way to the rec room, but he was pretty bad with directions.

He looked down the way and noticed a winged girl, walking with what seemed to be determination. He hadn't ever seen someone with wings, but regardless, he rushed up to her. "Hey, will you tell me where this 'rec room' is?" he demanded, grinning slightly.
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Se'Darius Hodrson
"A little cold does the soul right"

Se'Darius sat on a tree branch pinching the brim of his nose in utter disgust "the one time I give humans a choice and they chose to go to a school" he mumbled shaking his head. he got up from his space and looked around "i know it's here somewhere" he sighed before jumping up, a strong wind current came through the forest, enveloping him and sending him past the tree line and into the air. "Ah, there you are" he muttered rolling his eyes before jumping away from the air current. as he fell he muttered three words "Protect thy king" and the wind obeyed sending a massive gust of wind toward his direction, he smirked and placed his hand down, using the current to flip himself to a standing position. He stood on top of the current and as a horse does when ordered by its master, the current took off. slowly the current took on a dark color and with this Se'Darius spoke again "Foward" he urged, directing the current towards the school. As he approached the school he realized he was going too fast to stop and uttered a command with a small frown "Dissipate" the current seemed to shrill before bursting into a cloud of black snow. As he fell he noticed people looking at him in shock and fear, "Whoops probably shouldn't cause too much attention on my first day" he smirked and turned his head to a tree, in an instant, he vanished from the air and was now standing on the tree branch. He jumped off and whistled while he walked through the gates of the school, ignoring the weird looks het got from his soon to be school mates. After reading the map he walked in the rec room and found a spot close to the back, he figured back there, he could scope out his 'competition' (so to speak). he looked at his watch " why did i let the kid talk me into this" he huffed, laying his head down on the table, waiting for the punishment known as 'school'


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Camree Zentiago
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1596909990614.png Camree stopped her walking, which had a slight bobbing motion of her torso (similar to that of a pigeon when they are walking but to a much lesser degree), and turned around when she heard a boy's voice, " Hey, will you tell me where this 'rec room' is?" She began to speak in her thick Australian accent, her eyes quickly flickering to his bandaged hand, then back to him. "Yeah, sure. It's down that way," Camree gestured with her head in a direction, "Then ya take two rights and a left. You know, I can just walk ya there. Lot easier than explaining the whole thing. Name's Camree, by the way." Camree turned back away from the boy and began walking again. He was either going to follow her or her directions, which she acknowledged probably weren't the best. She was better at navigating herself then navigating others.


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

Chad followed her as she began to walk away. "Camree..." He looked her up and down. "You have wings." It wasn't like she didn't know it, but he was slightly confused as to why she...had wings. He wasn't exactly used to seeing that in his day to day life.

He gave her a grin after a moment of giving her a confused look. "My name's Chad, chérie." He rubbed the back of his neck. "So what're you here for?" He was under the impression that this school was just for rehabilitating misbehaving or criminal people with powers.


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Camree Zentiago
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1596914143128.png When the boy made a comment on her wings, she shifted them a little, feeling a bit self-conscious about them. She knew Harpies weren't very common in America and was expecting some comments on them, but not so soon. "Yeah... But ya know what I don't have? Fucking hands! Do you know how hard it is to not have hands? Really hard," Camree said light-hearted tone. The boy introduced himself and then asked what she was 'here for' which caused her to have a hint of confusion on her face. "Well, Chad, not sure whatcha' mean there. I guess the same as you? ...Probably."


Search up 'heterological.'
Han Kim
Mentions: Ditto Ditto Ethereal_Dreams Ethereal_Dreams

Han walked up to the front doors of the school. There were already a few people; there was a girl harpy and some guy talking to her for directions, it seemed. He wasn't going to talk to them. Listening to their instructions, he looked at the sign, quickly finding the rec room, and started to walk at a brisk pace towards the rec room, keeping the mental map in his head for reference. Behind him, he could hear the sounds of the guy questioning the harpy.

Hearing the conversation, Han listened in silence, making his way down one corridor after another.


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

"You have a sword, too, then?" Chad asked, raising his eyebrows. His French accent was more obvious with the word sword. "And you can use the sword without hands?" He didn't know what had gotten into him-- being relatively friendly and curious was not much like him-- but he kept going.

He looked forward, noticing the dude in front of him. "I figure your power is the same as mine, then?" he asked Camree.

Charlie Capulette

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Charlie flipped up in her bed looking to her alarm clock, it was a sexy guy figurine holding a clock. she poked the spot in between his legs and the clock stopped beeping. She laid back into her bed stretching in her nightgown.
she flipped out of bed and walked over to her mirror. She began looking down at the stretch marks on her hips. She looked at her small waist feeling like she was a skeleton. then too her breasts, feeling like she was fat she looked down away from the mirror walking down stairs. She saw her dad drunk on the couch. She turned away from him not wanting him to hurt her. she went back upstairs grabbings her clothes and putting them on.
she made sure to cover her arms which were covered in bruises. she then grabbed her bag and quietly crept downstairs and out the front door. she got into her car and drove to the school. she stepped out combing her hair back with her fingers. she walked through the gates and up to the school map. "Rec room..." she said as she scanned through the map. she then began walking to the rec room, when she arrived she looked around, seeing a couple students she sat down at a desk taking out her phone and scrolling through instagram.


Ethereal Wishes
Camree Zentiago
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1596915978968.png Camree blinked at what Chad had said. There was a moment of silence before she began to speak, "Okay, maybe not the same as you. But I can hold things with these," She stopped walking briefly, lifting up her leg to show her bird feet (not sure what else to call them) with very sharp talons. She quickly began walking again. "And I'm pretty strong. Like, I could probably fly you around pretty easily." Camree glanced over Chad. His power had something to do with a sword, but where was the sword. "If ya don't mind me askin', where is your sword? You said you have one but I don't see one... Wouldn't you need it for the entrance exam?"


G'day mate
Mentions: Chloe The Care Bear Chloe The Care Bear

Athena walked into the Rec room, looking around. The room wasn’t to crowded, but that crowd would grow, and then she’d want to the fuck out as quick as possible. Her eyes would scan the room, landing on a girl using her phone. Taking a breath, she’d walk over, glancing down at her. “Uh, hi?” She would murmur, blinking. Her white hair would rest over her shoulders, and she’d wait for an answer.

Her mind would wander, her amber eyes glinting. If she was being honest, and she was, she had no clue how to talk to people, other than her Aunt, so this would be unnaturally weird for her. The kitsune’s ears flicked, whiskers quivering.


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

He cocked a grin at her. "It's a secret, chérie. Only the lucky ones on my team and the unlucky ones at the other end get to see my sword." He wouldn't say that the reason why he wouldn't show her was because of the time limits, of course. "I will give you a hint, just this once, though." He held up his bandaged hand. "It's got a little something to do with this."

Throughout his talking, he had been eyeing the back of the guy in front of him, and he lowered his voice and spoke to Camree again. "I think that the dude in front of us is listening in on us. He keeps moving his head and slowing his pace when he gets to far away from us."


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Camree Zentiago
Interactions: Ditto Ditto
1596917686794.png Camree looked at Chad's bandaged hand and her head tilted to the side, something that happens when she thinks. The bandaged hand is related to the sword. Injury is related to the sword. Where does the sword come from? Summoned maybe? But from where... Is it like Thor's hammer? Hmm..... Camree was pulled out of her thoughts as Chad whispered to her. She whispered back, "Eavesdropping? That's rude... Should we confront him, like 'Oi, why the hell where you eavesdropping on us' or something?"


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

Chad snickered, considering it for a second. "Nah," he muttered back after a moment, and louder he said, "We can just kick his ass later if he tries anything. As long as you're down for that, chérie. We could put those talons to use, huh?" He grinned at her. "Hell, you may even get to see a demonstration of my abilities to boot. Cool, huh? Not so cool for him, but..."

He paused. "So this school...is it like a reform school? Like, are they gonna be super strict? Or make us wear uniforms?"

A sign up ahead, taped crudely to a pole with peeling paint, read, Rec Room. Beneath it was an arrow pointing to the left, and he could see a door, propped open, just ahead. "Looks like your directions got us here. Well, huh. Color me impressed, chérie."


Ethereal Wishes
Camree Zentiago
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1596919642822.png "I wasn't told this was a reform school... And I sure hope we don't have to wear uniforms!" Her aunt hadn't mentioned anything about the school being a reform school. Surely her aunt would have told her if that were the case. She hated uniforms. Due to her lack of hands, clothing was hard enough, but if she had to wear long sleeves, she would not be a happy camper. They arrived at the Rec Room and Camree was delighted to see that the door was propped open.

"Thanks, I like to think that I'm pretty skilled with directions. And thank god that door was open 'cause if that were a closed pull door we would be having a bloody issue... Fucking hate pull doors... Push doors are okay though." She said as she walked toward the door.


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

He followed after her into the room. "I just figured that this is a reform school. I'm not sure, though. The people handling my case wouldn't tell me too much about the school." He paused and heard her spiel about the doors, and he snickered. "Yeah. It's gotta be weird having wings, huh? I can't even imagine. How do you even drink anything? Or do you just lap it up like a dog?"

He made his way to one of the empty tables as he spoke. This one was close to the back of the room and gestured for her to come sit beside him. He thought that they had hit it off pretty well, so he figured that he may as well hang out with her. It wasn't often that he found someone that seemed to want to talk to him.


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As morning arrived, light shined into the window of a small cottage house. The window shutters lifted slightly from the passing breeze, and the rays fired right onto a white, silky bed. In the bed laid a boy. He had pale skin, and his hair a blood red. However, that wasn't the main outlier. He had fiery horns, almost like lava was infused inside of them. The brightness from the sun gleamed into his eyes, and they slowly opened. The light reflected his gaze, and he started to realize he was awake.

He looked to the side of the bed, to find a wooden table. It had gashes and scratches on it, ruining its lively appeal. One of his arms slid out of the covers and his nail extended, creating a razor sharp claw. It scratched and dug into the table, marking it again. "Day Three-hundred and Sixty-six. Today's the day I get out of this hell hole." He quietly whispered to himself. His other arm slid out and pressed on the firm mattress. He used that to push himself up, sliding off the side of the bed and to end up standing. He took off an old, baggy shirt he was sleeping in and threw it on the floor.

He slid into a long, red jacket and black pants. He then proceeded to look back at the small table. Beside all the gashes was a small clock that read 7:10 AM. Rex stared at the clock for a moment, then it clicked. "Shit! I'm gonna be late!" He started to shake before looking around himself. He grabbed a black and white duffel bag and put it around his right shoulder, to where the bag was on his left hip. Rex ran to the open window and stepped up on it, making a large leap outside. While falling, two things started to grow out of his back. They were both wings, and before he landed on the ground, he dashed into the air and away from the house.

Rex knew that it would take awhile to get to the school, yet he still refuses to set an alarm clock. He flew and flew as fast as he could. By the minute, he was running out of energy. He had been flying for about a hour, when his body started to feel heavy. "No, no not now! I'm almost there!" He said to himself, falling down at forty-five degree angle. Rex looked up to see a building, with people gathering around the entrance. "That has to be it!" He said. His teeth quickly clenched together as he plummeted down. Finally, after a few minutes of falling, he crashed into the school courtyard, throwing dirt up around him from the impact. It created a large crashing noise, that echoed throughout the school grounds. "Ow..." He said, rubbed his head.​


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Camree Zantiago
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1596921707395.png "I use a straw to drink things. If need be, I can use the top of my wings as, like, nubs, that I could use to tilt a cup. And wings aren't all bad. Flying is nice." Camree answered Chad's question as she followed him to a table and sat down next to him. She hoped she got put on a team with him. Currently, he was the only person she knew, which would make the whole team thing work better, and she was very curious about how his sword power thingy worked. "I've never had, ya know, hands before, so I can't really miss anything about them. I like to think my talons as a good substitute, but I have to fly to use them most of the time, which is a big hassle. Especially indoors..."


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

Chad raised his eyebrows. "So you use your feet to do stuff? You have to be flexible, then, don't you?" He hadn't meant that in any particular way, but he grinned at the way it came out. "Not trying to come onto you or anything, chérie," he added.

He paused and listened to the loud crash in the courtyard. So someone had made a grander entrance than him. Shit.

He slumped in his chair. "You know, I've never heard of someone who has never had anything but wings. Looks like I'm going to be seeing all kinds of people here, huh?" He paused. "You know, I do not recognize your accent. Are you British?"


Ethereal Wishes
Camree Zentiago
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1596924475763.png "Never really thought about it, but I guess I do. And I'm Australian, but we do sound pretty similar. The main difference is we say crikey and barbie." Camree started but paused debating how she should phrase her next sentence. "And where I use to live there were a bunch of Harpies, which is the term for what I am if you didn't know. If fact, the first time I saw a human I was 4 and I was like, 'What is that? They don't have any wings! Are they okay?!' I thought that was super weird... Should we check out the crash noise? I would feel bad if anyone got hurt..." She glanced at the door, then back at Chad. "You've been saying chérie, that's French right? What's it mean?"


monosyllabic is kind of an ironic word, is it not?

"Yes, it is French." Chad grinned at her. "It means darling." He propped his head up with his arm. "French is my first language. I began learning English after I began to speak, though, so you cannot tell it much, usually."

He paused and looked at the door again. "If they're hurt, then whoever it was got what was coming to them. If someone comes in limping or something, we'll be able to pick them out." He rubbed his bandage. "They'll be fine."


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Celestey Elvina

Celestey's morning had been nothing special to him but to the people he had been staying with it was a confusing one. Celestey had been living with some relatives of the Pixie community he had been born into, and while they had been out of the community for a while, the second the request was asked of them they happily accepted to take Celestey just so that he would get to know the surrounding town before he started school. Celestey had been living with Mr and Mrs Periwinkle for the past six weeks, and he had slowly become one of the family, he loved the time he spent with them, not that he would admit it if you asked him, they were very much like him which meant for the past six weeks the three had just been playing tricks and pranks on one another, and just having an overall fun time but all good things must come to an end as it was the first day of school.

Celestey woke up extra early mostly due to the excitement of starting school, while he went to school in the Pixie community this was completely different, and he would be around non-Pixies which was already an excitement for the young male. He decided that for a change he was going to surprise Mr and Mrs Periwinkle, and not with a trick. So he spent the vast majority of the morning in the kitchen, he was no master chef that was for sure, but he could get by and cook pretty damn good if you asked him. He spent a lot of time looking over recipes and deciding just what to make and after a lot of back and forward, he decided on something rather simple. Smashed Blackberry & goat cheese toast he had made it before so he was already experienced not to mention the taste was to die for. Celestey checked the cupboards and to his surprise, they actually had everything he needed minus the correct bread, but he could make do.

Celestey got to work making breakfast the recipe was rather simple and only took a short amount of time and it turned out perfectly. The Blueberry jam infused with vanilla and sugar was just the right consistency, the toast had just the right colour and after a quick taste test was perfectly crunchy, overall he did a good job which was to be expected this was Celestey after all everything he did was great. All that was left of breakfast was putting everything together, putting a thick layer of goats cheese on the toast before covering it with the Blueberry jam breakfast was complete. He had some leftover jam that he placed in a container and placed it in the fridge for the Periwinkle couple to eat at a later date, all that was left for the morning was to get ready for school then eat breakfast.

Celestey spent a short while getting a shower then getting ready, the boy may as well be a quick change outfit with how often he switches outfits and the pure speed he could change was nothing to laugh at. He got the ability to do this from a rather mean spirited prank he loves to pull. He'll find an unsuspecting male or female flirt with them for a while, and finally, ask them out on a date. Then during the date sneak away into a toilet switch his outfit, and shapeshift into another form, and just sit watching his date until just as they grow bored, agitated, or confused and walk over a pass a note and say some random person dressed in whatever he was dressed in asked me to give you this. The note itself said 'Sorry I got bored' and after that, he'd keep them company and see if they catch on. It was a dick move but one that he found funny nonetheless and that's all that mattered to him.

Today Celestey's outfit embodied the word cute he made sure of that, a rather scandalous but not scandalous enough to cause trouble pink skirt with a blue outline, a white bodysuit embroidered with a pink and blue pattern, some pink thigh-high tights with a bow at the top of them, finished off by a long flowing jacket that as could be expected by now was pink and blue with a hint of white Celestey clearly hated the colours pink and blue. Now that the outfit was donned, the showering had been done Celestey could go eat breakfast, heading downstairs he was met with the sight of Mr and Mrs Periwinkle glancing at the food and back at each other before glancing at Celestey, they must have snuck downstairs while he was getting ready which was annoying.

"So...is this for us?" Mr Periwinkle was the first to speak up just getting a reaction of annoyance from Celestey as he crossed his arms. "It's not like I made it for you two or anything, I just made too much and didn't want it to go to waste." While words may have said differently he really did make it for them just refusing to say it allowed but by now the couple was used to Celestey's behaviour. "Well thank you anyway." Mr Periwinkle responded as he slowly placed one slice of the toast in his head and instantly tensed his face before it changed to one of enjoyment, he was clearly expecting this to be one of his tricks so the shock was a pleasant one. "It's good!" Swiftly as the words left his mouth Mrs Periwinkle got stuck in and the look on her face said everything. "Humph, of course, it tastes good I was the one who made it after all." The look on Celestey's face contradicted his words, but he swiftly sat down and joined the couple to eat. The three made small talk mostly about if Celestey was excited about school and the weather and any interesting world events.

Breakfast soon came to its end and the time indicated it was about time for Celestey to set off for school. Celestey quickly placed the plates in the sink and washed them before pointing towards the fridge. "There's some more of that Blueberry jam in there, eat it or don't not like I care." Celestey said before leaving the kitchen and throwing on some shoes he was prepared to leave however a hand on his shoulder stopped him. "You're being nice today whats the special occasion, you're not scared about school are you?" The culprit was Mrs Periwinkle who playfully begun prodding Celestey's face. "I'm always nice just erm." Celestey wasn't scared of school he was looking forward to it. He was scared of not being able to see Mr and Mrs Periwinkle when even his parents had enough of his antics these two took him in and treated him as one of the family but he couldn't admit that. Taking a deep breath Celestey begun speaking. "It's not like I'm thankful that you took me in or anything." After that small string of words Celestey took off running before flying towards the school, quickly glancing back he could see a huge smile on the couples face as the waved him off. The morning had put Celestey in a good mood.

The flight to school was nothing difficult and in fact, was one the Celestey had practised many times in order to get used to his commute to school however the sight at the courtyard was one he didn't expect. It seemed another flyer had a bit more trouble sticking the landing and had basically crash-landed into the school's courtyard on the plus side that was one hell of a conversation starter right there. Celestey gently landed next to the male who landed just before him, his own landing was much more graceful almost like he was trying to prove a point. Placing his hands behind his back, tilting his body slightly forward, and putting a big smile on his face Celestey begun to speak. "Seems like someone needs a bit of flying practice." Celestey hid a laugh behind a closed mouth before continuing. "I'm Celestey Elvina and I've decided I'll give you the pleasure of being the first possible classmate I've interacted with, but seriously learn to fly you're a hazard to those of us that also fly, I'll teach you but like don't get any weird ideas about it."

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