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Fantasy The Sanera Institute [REVAMPED]


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Hello, hello, I'm Truth, and I'm revamping a group RP that I made sometime last year.

One morning, you recieve a letter in the mail:

'Greetings and a warm welcome to Sanera, a place where not only minds but also latent abilities are awakened!

Back in the annals of history, in the year 1256, a visionary and knowledge-crazed archfiend by the name of Favian took the daring step of founding the illustrious Sanera Institute. This institution stands as a beacon for the brightest and most promising young minds, those destined to uncover their supernatural potential.

At the Sanera Institute, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of classes as unique as the students who attend them. Here, the boundaries of learning are stretched to the limits, and your potential knows no bounds. You'll find traditional academic pursuits like mathematics and visual arts coexisting harmoniously with more mystical and otherworldly subjects such as prophecy and transmutation.

But our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the classroom. Favian's visionary plan encompassed not only creating a fertile environment for intellectual growth but also ensuring the utmost safety of our students. Each student is bestowed with a trusty companion known as a homunculus, carefully selected and customizable to your preferences. Your homunculus will serve as both guardian and confidant, keeping you safe from harm's way while offering unwavering support on your journey.

Moreover, a magical barrier envelops our campus, ensuring a secure haven for learning. Within this enchanting field, harmful magic is strictly prohibited, save for specially designated areas where aspiring magic wielders can hone their craft under supervision.

So, whether you are seeking to unlock the hidden depths of your mind or harness supernatural abilities you never knew existed, we extend our heartfelt invitation. We eagerly await your arrival at the Sanera Institute, where boundless opportunities for growth and discovery await. Join us, and let your journey towards self-realization and enlightenment begin. We hope to see you soon!'

Please either reply to this request thread or PM me if you're interested.

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