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Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
ExtinctionTale Sans ExtinctionTale Sans

In the world of Alterra...


Humanity had no idea what was in store for them...

The very earth seemed to come alive... The mountains burst aflame, spreading their molten essence across the surrounding areas... The humans and other creatures who had lived in the mountainsides were forced to flee, to seek shelter in other parts of the world.


But that was only the beginning... for with the mountains' eruptions, heralded the return of a Titan, an ancient elemental spirit, long sealed away in the depths of the earth...

The humans and all other races sent many of their fiercest warriors, and their bravest adventurers, in hopes of defeating the Titan, in hopes of reclaiming and rebuilding their old lands. In return the Titan sent his own small armies of elementals against them, but they were defeated and driven back easily. So the Titan took the battle upon himself, and managed to pick a good fight against them all single-handedly, but due to the sheer number of adventurers on all sides who were fighting against him, the Titan too was defeated, and, though not slain, was forced to retreat.

It had proved a victory for the humans, but a small one, with large cost... They had not been successful in reclaiming their lands, since the Titan was still alive... They had lost many of their adventurers in the battles... And they knew the Titan would return yet again, and, if he had this way, crush them once and for all...


Here we see the Titan, having taken upon him the guise of a human, standing near the summit of one of the now-active volcanoes, looking over the changed landscape.

"Someday, I'm going to make them pay for this," he told another human, a female, who was standing next to him, as he clutched some of his wounds, which had not healed in the time since the battle and had transferred over from his Titan form to his human form.

"Someday, they'll feel my true wrath, and cower before me. Before us," he added, in order to make sure she was included. She was his only confidant in this endeavor, after all.

ExtinctionTale Sans

Role-play maker
". . . Your wounds. They must be treated, follow me" you was starting to stumble as you walk to her almost falling in the valcano (not like it will do anything)

ExtinctionTale Sans

Role-play maker
As she looks at you in worry she walks up closer to you and ask. "Is it over? Is this meaningless violence over." While she was there just to watch as you killed all those humans she thought there could have been a different way to settle things. And now she is angry by the fact that you have not stopped but you have finished by killing them all. " Do you realize what You've done! You just put the whole race of humanity against us in the form you are in now they'll remember they will remember us they will know who is the Titans that killed their families! we could have settled this a different way,!

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