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Fantasy The Sage, The Demon and the terrific ninja... a reimagined naruto rp

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
In the world of Shinobi countless battles have been fought. The nations have been apart of many wars between themselves, though they have allied in times of need or great danger. Since the beginning of recorded history, none know of greater threats then the Demonic beasts.2888417.jpg
Monsters of large size with violent tendencies that may have originally been regular animals at some point... The lands know demonic beasts are terrifying and destructive on the scale of natural diasaters. A example? The demon wolf Haemorsis is very much the same as a bloody tornado of fangs and claws... It destroys anything in its path.

These demons are not invincible however, shinobi have successfully slain these foul monsters and been free of them for some time before appearing elsewhere on the world once more.
What was once a technique designed to be a peaceful solution to a demonic confrontation became the precedent for Shinobi pursuing power. Instead of slaying the Demon beast, seal it away inside a host or weapon. Learn to harness that monstrous power...d2sypcj-5a73c5ed-4f5b-4043-8410-1745ac3ffb83.png
In present days a demon host is known as a jinchuriki. Most who know of them fear and hate the monster inside of them...
While It is possible for that demon to break free or even influence the mental state of a host, Shinobi seals have come far and are quite reliable if practiced hands and skilled Shinobi are involved.

This rp would focus on a team in the land of fire, that village hidden in the leaves.630481.jpg
Though a few parts and bits of the original story we know would be changed to better fit the narrative. Some main characters will be erased completely, some things never happened and some shit drastically happened what with the extra demon beasts running about...
Main big concerns I have whenever a naruto rp happens is people wanting a character with magic eyes that rival space aliens and gods so the sharingan and rinnegan would probably get a nerf. Those red eyes especially just became everything needed to rule the world by the end of Naruto so you can understand why I don't want it about aha.

While the story is different the world is very much the same. Still have chakra, jutsu, kekkei genkai and the unknown need to shout out the names of your techniques despite being stealthy ninja...
But more emphasis on villages fighting to seal and use demons as the big threat coming down the road.

Two paragraphs or more twice a week is the post requirements and im happy to answer questions here or in a PM.

I'm happy for you to make up your own clans, jutsu and bloodline traits etc so long as it isn't bullshit op. As the title says the the main team will focus on three genin set on a specific path.

One on a journey to master becoming a sage, frog, snake, monkey, or maybe what you suggest.
One is a tailed beast host, with the power and trouble that comes with it.
The last one becomes a splendid ninja through hard work and maybe a kekkei genkai of some sort.

I'm happy to play whatever genin,
On the chance more people rock up then I could expand roles somewhat.

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