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Realistic or Modern The Royal Treatment

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the royal treatment

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The annual Charity Gala had begun just a little less than an hour ago. Taking place in one of the school’s many ballrooms that had been decorated so intricately and precisely that no one could fault the academy for lack of effort. While some royals deemed it too gaudy, others enjoyed the pops of blue and purple among the sea of otherwise golden decor.

There were beverages and small foods to snack on near the doors to the large balcony garden that overlooked the sea. Many people stood clumped together off to the side, chit-chatting about everything under the sun. Some families stayed close to their children for the evening, while some didn’t even bother showing up at all and simply sent their heirs alone.

As the time grows later and later, the party continues to liven up.


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    Callan, Alexei
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    His Apartment

    Unlit cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, Elysian sifted through the multitude of suits in his closet. Pulling a new one every few seconds and holding it up for Alexei to view. If it wasn’t an immediate no, he put it on a clothes rack in the middle of the room and instructed his friend to try it on for he and Callan to judge. There was no shot that he would let Alexei attend the annual charity gala without proper attire, the snobs would eat him alive the moment he stepped into public view. Waiting for Alexei to change into one of the various suits, Elysian walked over to one of the windows in his expansive closet and opened it slightly, taking out a lighter and holding the flame to the cigarette in his mouth. His shirt was unbuttoned, tie hanging loosely around his neck and his jacket discarded to the side so that the stench of cigarettes wouldn’t penetrate his clothing. The last time his father caught a slight wiff of cigarettes on him at an event, he had ended up with a black eye the next day. God forbid people think he smokes, how atrocious that would be for his family image.
    Elysian didn't know if his parents would be in attendance tonight, they typically were but were exceedingly busy this time of year and now that Tempest was here..that’s right, he had to keep Tempest in line while she was here, couldn't let her taint the family image his father doted. The idea of his parents making an appearance was enough to make him slightly shake in anxiety, hence the cigarette. Once Alexei had one of the suits on Elysian put the cigarette out in the ashtray on the window sill, stood up, and walked over to where he and Callan were in front of the full body mirrors. Smirking, Elysian stated Looking dapper Alexei, I might actually have some competition tonight giving him a slap on the back and looking into the mirror. Though he dreaded these events and the public persona he had to put on, Elysian was thankful to have Callan and Alexei to suffer through them with him.

    Elysian Brekkr

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Though Callan was royal, he absolutely hated to be treated as such. Only because he wants to be seen as a human not a title. And thats another reason why he hates Balls. He has to dress up and is introduced as the prince when he enters. But it’s a charity ball so its an exception. He wants to help whatever he can. Callan kept the cigarette inbetween his fingers, taking a puff here or there and watching Alexei with a soft smile. “Come on you gotta pick one, you’ll look great!” He insists, taking the almost done cigarette and putting it out on the tray as well. His father could care less if he smokes as long as he doesnt make it public. He knows why he does it. So he doesn’t care. Callan grew excited as he finally picked a suit, giving him some privacy to change Before following them to the mirror. He laughs quietly at Elysians little compliment, Callan nodding. “Indeed, You look wonderful Alexei.” He gave a warm smile at him, admiring him slightly but of course he caught himself and looked away. “Well? Lets go! We’re ready arent we? Dont expect me to leave your sides though, I hate parties.” He chuckles and leads the way towards their ride, helping them in because even if they were guys he was still a gentleman. He was so not ready to socialize, he just hoped Alexei or Elysian didnt leave him.


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Alexei surveyed himself in the mirror as he tried on yet another suit jacket. He had already tried three, and he was grateful to Elysian for letting him borrow one for the gala, but in all honesty, this kind of thing was not his style.
'So uh, do your kind ever just go to a gala in jeans and a hoodie?' He said with a playful smirk and good natured teasing as he looked over at both his friends. He had to admit, this particular navy and tweed suit looked pretty good on him, even if he had no one to impress.

He watched Elysian trying to make sure the evidence of his smoking was non-existent with amusement. Whoever honestly cared so much about someone else's life had way too much time on their hands. Callan was much more nonchalant about his habit. Alexei thought it odd that a prince was allowed to indulge in such a vice, but then, it was equally as crazy that he, this nobody dude from Sweden was even standing in the same room as royalty.

'Looking dapper, Alexei, I might actually have competition tonight.' Elysian complemented followed by an affirmation from Callan too. Alexei nudged Callan playfully in response and replied to them both,
'Be careful there, you might make my head bigger than Zuckerberg's with all these compliments. Don't worry though, when I take over the tech world and amass a huge following of beautiful yes people, I'll be sure to remember you little people.'

Buttoning up his jacket, Alexei turned to Callan with a sympathetic smile. He knew the prince hated social gatherings like this, and he couldn't blame him. Alexei himself found it hard to pretend he was having fun whilst discussing why polo is better than golfing with some old guys. 'You gonna try and act like you wanna be there tonight?' He asked, genuinely curious.


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princess of denmark





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Artem was already frustrated that the dress she wanted to wear tonight somehow didn't end up in one of her many suitcases. She'd made a list for her servants to pack, why was it so complicated? With a sigh she shook her head, there were plenty of other gowns to be worn and she could always send for the original dress for a later event. Besides, she didn't want to set too high of a standard with the dress she had in mind, so the next one she laid eyes on would be her gown for the evening.

"Perfect." She grinned, picking it up and turning to face her newfound friend Anthea, "So, what do we think?"

She held the fabric to her body and did a small twirl, raising an eyebrow to the girl in front of her. "It's not like I have anyone coming, so I'm in charge of being Denmark's good press tonight."
It was funny really, especially considering the whole reason Artem was sent away was because they thought she was creating a bad image for her country. Whatever. It's not like it mattered now anyway, she was already here and now the task at hand was getting ready for the ball. She was used to having people getting her ready for her, but this was a free for all, and Artem barely knew what to do.

"Um, Thea?" She started hesitantly, "Are you any good at makeup?" She asked almost sheepishly, hopeful that the answer was yes.

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'For my sake, don't wear anything Mum and Dad will call 'gauche' Thea.' The pretty blonde nodded absently as she let her elder sister prattle on over the phone. She was far too busy picking out a pair of swarovski crystal encrusted open-toe heels to really pay attention.
'Are you listening to me, Anthea?'

'Yah of course I am, Poppy. I won't wear anything mummy and daddy call 'gauche', 'gaudy' or 'tacky' I promise darling. Now what do you think, hair up or hair down?' She mused, tilting her head to one side as she looked over her appearance in the mirror and tried to form her hair into an up-do. Anthea made a face and shook her head. 'Ugh, definitely down,' she said without waiting for Poppy's answer. 'Now Millie I'll see you later at the gala. I'm going to help Artem with her outfit. Ta ta, sis!'

She blew a kiss down the phone and hung up before Poppy could protest at all. Hitting play on her 'Pre-party Playlist', she continued riffling through her vast collection of clothes to find a dress for the charity ball.

It was only a short time later that Anthea found herself with Princess Artem helping her pick an outfit. She looked up eagerly when the girl showed her the dress she had finally picked, taking in the outfit from head to toe with an enthusiastic sparkle in her blue eyes.
'Oh god you will look drop dead gorgeous, truly. Such a statement dress!' She said, taking in the dress from every angle. 'It really brings out the colour of your hair too...' she mused.

'Um, Thea are you any good at makeup?' Artem asked her. Anthea smiled a little and pressed a hand to her heart in a show of modesty. 'Well I don't want to brag, but...yes! I know the perfect look for this outfit. I'm thinking a nice smokey eye. What do you think? A bit of drama.'



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"Don't you look just stunning!" His mother said with her usual overly proud voice. Within seconds she had closed the few feet between them and moved to fidget with his bowtie. "Hang on dear this isn't quite straight."

"Mom it's got to be right, I've done it a dozen times." He made a gentle swat at her hands, but he knew when she didn't move them it was no use. He'd made his objection. He was now at the mercy of the Elizabeth Newman, queen of whatever room she was in and three time winner of the Overbearing Mother Hen award. She'd undoubtedly lost first place in the last few years as she backed off a bit but god help anyone who thought she wasn't still a strong contender.

"Lizzy he's not a child anymore. I hope you don't plan to embarrass him like this in front of his classmates." His father stepped forward and placed a gentle hand on his mothers shoulder, making no further attempt to restrain her. More daring men than him had lost a lot in such foolish pursuits, and his father would never hope to tempt fate in such a way.
"Oh come on Jacob, he wants to make a good impression doesn't he? He'll meet all his little classmates for the first time and he wants to make sure they know he's just as great as they are!" She finished fidgeting with his bow tie and moved up to his hair. Her hand grabbed his chin and tilted it one direction before fussing for a moment and readjusting him again. Her fingers found their way through his hair as she repeatedly fluffed it up and flattened it again. She used her thumb to pull his eyes up to her and finally spoke directly to him again.

"Besides, what if you meet someone tonight? You telling me you don't want to have some girl see you from across the dancefloor and fall in love? Or some guy! You know your father and I would never have a problem just as long as they treat you right!" He finally tilted his head back up and lightly touched her hand.
"Mom, please. I'm a twenty one year old man. I can do my own hair" She allowed him to gently push her hand to the side.

"I know you can, I just can't help it! My beautiful little boy is all grown up and ready for his big fancy ball!" She dramatically threw her arms around him which caused him to rock back a bit. He put his arms around her and held her gently, with the hope to not mess up her hair and makeup. He had read a lot of the other families would be there with their students and he hoped they wouldn't be the only ones. He also knew he could step away a bit without them tailing him everywhere and having them there would make him feel more comfortable in a completely new environment, so as long as there were a few other families there it wouldn't be much of an issue. After a moment his father spoke up again and returned a hand to his mothers shoulder.

"Go fix your hair how you like it and meet us back here" His mother relaxed away from him and gave a gentle smile. The queen had given her permission, and he made a quick turn down the hall and into the little bathroom of the hotel. They would finish moving him into whatever ritzy dorm rooms they had soon but for now the three has split two hotel rooms until his parents headed back. He was a bit annoyed at being treated like a kid so often but he knew all three of them understood how much it had helped him to have them physically there for the beginning. He glanced at his reflection and thanked his father for the chance to fix the fluffed up mess his hair had become. After locating the product he wanted in the sea of bottles on the sink he gently put some on his fingers and ran them through his hair, aiming to tame it a bit without losing to much of the volume. When he emerged feeling like a respectable looking man he aimed to follow the ritual. Dodge the hands coming for his hair, circumvent with a hug, let her hug out any need to fuss further. He was a professional, he had learned over the years. As his mother pulled back again and scanned his black suit jacket for lint his father came in with the save.

"I've got the keys, lets head to this thing before we're late. I assume there will be a valet or something but I want to make sure we get a decent spot so your driver doesn't have to drop you to off and come back." He shuttered a bit at the idea of walking in with just his mom and dodging her hands on his own. His arm gently found her shoulder without touching the blonde hair down her back.
"We should get going, there's only so much time to be someone's love at first sight."


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Anamaria Al Ghul-Constantin took the thin, black vape to her lips, took a drag, then let her arm fall back to the side. Caressing a crystalline flute of bubbly rosè in the other hand; long, dark nailed fingers pinched the top of the glass stem in a particular disdain that would not dwindle.

The sun showered warm rays of light onto her shapely form, lithe all the same, wrapped in silks darker than night. A drifting wind blowing north tickled the bare tanned skin on her thighs, as she stood outside on the balcony of the penthouse she owned. Anamaria of course lived on campus—to her chagrin. It was required by her mother; who declared that living on campus was one of the best aspects of academy. Solitary confinement in a dark opulence the size of a small mansion seemed a better deal than a roommate. Her father never particularly cared about her happenings, unless of course, they directly impacted him.

She exhaled a thick cloud of vapored weed, as she gazed over the balcony rim. Tilting her head at the sky, she thought of Willa, her late twin sister; thoughts of what the girl would have worn, gold to complement the onyx crystals intended for Anamaria, makeup or no? She didn’t have the chance to blossom into the person she would have become. This eventual thought, which she often concluded to, made her blink over glassy eyes.

Anamaria downed the flute, pink bubbly trickled down her throat. Cold at first, then warm at the pit of her stomach. Placed the glass on the square table with a soft clink, shimmering in the sunlight. It would be clean and placed in the cupboard with the others by the time the Charity Gala was over. The attendant—Harry would see to it, so when she disappeared through the sliding glass doors, the flute was never thought of again. The cardigan she wore, black and wispy fluttered in the wind as she moved.

With a low sounding click, she pulled the sliding doors closed. Anamaria had other things to think about. The world was her grand ballroom, and she waltzed around without a care.

A semblance of care for the Charity Gala was the objective for tonight, as she stripped herself bare, taking another drag before tossing the vape onto the velvet loveseat.

After a shower, Anamaria blow dried dark strands into crinkled deep waves. It would not be the first time Dr. Constantin missed attendance for one of these events in recent years. Other things held the attention of The Prince Duke, things Anamaria could equally not care about at the morgue, his castle away from Romania. Her mom—the woman that Anamaria was the spitting image of—hated the galas, balls, and royal events intended for the Prince Duke, his wife, and his only daughter. Abhorred them.

When Anamaria turned sixteen, she often attended events like this one alone. It had to be very important for The Prince Duke to leave his castle away from his castle, and there were not many events that qualified.

Once she was adorned from head to toe in sheer obsidian, encrusted with a million black diamonds, a mermaid skirted dress which pooled at Anamaria’s slender feet inside sharp-toe, bloodstained soled Louboutin pumps. The underbodice of the sheer dress, truly made up of black diamonds, was only a satin sleeveless leotard.

She was as slightly tipsy as one could be from a single flute of Armand de Brignac. There was a faintly pursed smile on her lips from the intoxicating weed she vaped prior; a light sensation, her temples buzzed. Anamaria huffed, clicking pumps over to the loveseat. Taking the makeup pouch out of the Saint Laurent crossbody, with a matte finish logo medallion, she unzipped and dropped the vape inside.

The cold diamond encrusted moldings shaped like short sleeves scraped against her shoulders. The small dangling ropes of black crystals hit against one another with a tinkling, as Anamaria fastened the finishing touch around her neck. A thick collar ornamented with countless miniature black diamonds.

Oh—how quiet it was inside the apartment. A sound, or lack thereof that the girl was used to. During her younger teenage years, she spent most of her time alone, with friends and not-friends, whatever had been demanded of her as a Princess of Romania. She tilted her head in thought, as she crossed the room into the bedroom. Whenever her father died, soon she would be Duchess of Dobrogea. The thought was so casual, one might wonder if she had it often.

Idly, Anamaria wondered what the other academy girls would be wearing to the Charity Gala, as she reached for a jasmine plum perfume in a silver cylindrical bottle. It’s top was wide with two silver sapphire eyed birds touching at short beaks. Anamaria spritzed; her cleavage, neck, and wrists, going for the vape in the bag as she made her way out into the living room, starting toward the door.

The rose gold phone resting on the dark colored coffee table, buzzed for the tenth time. Picking it up, she swiped at the screen with an impatient finger, upon contact, a long nail tapped on the screen and then again; the first time to erase notifications, the second to summon her driver.

Anamaria had her own car, but she never drove to events on her own. Why on this great green earth would she do


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This was the last place Atlas wanted to be. He hated that he was out of his comfort zone because he needed to make some new friends. He was dressed in a silver and royal floral blue louis vuitton tuxedo. His parents were still over in the states and refused to come to the Gala, but forced him to come in their place. It felt degrading. He smiled at some of the older attendees because his parents would like for him to scoop up some clientele. He was basically a unpayed intern, but he had access to his bank account which always had money it, and a credit card. Looking at the lights Atlas was amazed to the amount of details they put into this. This was nothing like a party back in the states. Everything was so bland and modern there. Here it was like a whole new world. Even though he'd rather be in front of his computer playing video games with his friends back home.

"God I hate this," he mumbled to himself as he walked over to a table that had a lot of different dishes on it. He was starving, the only thing he ate today was bagel with cream cheese, oh and of course some coffee. Coffee was a necessity. Atlas moaned as he took a bit of whatever he just ate. He wasn't sure what it was, but he thought it was best tasting thing ever. He loved to try different types of food. "What type of dish is this?" he asked, as if anyone was actually listening to him. He continues to eat a couple more things before needing to head outside for a nicotine fix.

Altas knew how bad that habit was, and he didn't even care. He needed his vice, and he was sure going to get it. He stepped outside before taking a long drag off os his vape pen, letting the nicotine his his lungs. His mouth now tasted of fruit punch. He held it in and let out the puff. He took several more drags before heading back inside to the party and too talk to people about managing their finances. God, he was his father's son.


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