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Silver Wolf

Something Random
Location: Holheim, Outside Temple
Interactions: AnonyMouse AnonyMouse (Vivienne), Reinhardt Reinhardt (Khur), @Cauldhill (Sennen), @Sinful Sorcerer (Byakuren)
Nearby/Mentioned: @Birdsie (Aelfweard), Ramjammer Ramjammer (Brand'lur)

After Lupa finished praying, she guided the horse over to a safe spot, out of relative sight. The wagon was perched nearby, and Lupa took the opportunity to start rummaging through it. A small set of tools was gathered from a basic flint and steel to a lantern. That was about when Vivienne and Sennen found Lupa. Nothing too exciting to say, she just implored them to take what they might think they'll need. Once that was done, the trio made their way back to the front where the sight of Khur holding items and Byakuren focusing on the door with what seemed to be magic greeted them.

"Alright, let's see what we have here," Lupa said with a surprisingly brighter voice than most of her journey here. Carriage rides were so damn boring. She looked at the items in Khur's hands and two caught her eye. First she took one of the 'rusty' knives and sniffed it a little then held it up to the sky, as if to get a better look at it despite there being little direct sunlight. A couple prodding sniffs later and she had a conclusion. "Do not, under any circumstance, keep these knives next to any of our metal tools. I don't know why, but that's not rust. It's a pesky little fungus that grows on metals. By Aestera it makes storing weapons underground near impossible at times. This is why I always clean my weapons after underground trips." After that, she looked at it more carefully. "But this is strange...there shouldn't be any openings to the depths of the earth nearby."

Lupa carefully wrapped the knife blades with care and handed them back to Khur. As far as she was concerned, this was a clue of sorts. Little things could add up to a large picture, and that was definitely odd. Odder than the other thing Khur had. "The only other odd thing I specifically can point to is the bundle of Viskrainn, normally it doesn't grow nearby, and much less in large quantities. Though that could be the result of nature reclaiming Holheim, so I can't say for sure."

With dwindling sunlight, she definitely didn't want to be investigating Khur's odd assortments. She then looked to Byakuren and took a look at her handiwork. She noticed the lock mechanism seemed to be...getting older? She must say that's quite the magic trick. The ever increasing smell of rust and rot also confirmed Lupa's suspicions. Briefly she went wide eyed and her tail gave a small few swishes.

"That's incredible Byakuren!" Lupa said with a fair amount of surprise. "To use magic in such a manner, I didn't think that would be possible. Maybe you can talk to my sister, she would be thrilled to see this."

She suddenly realized how her enthusiasm might be unbecoming at the moment and gave a small cough with a minor flush. "In any case," she continued while pulling out her dagger. "I think that should be enough for now."

Once Byakuren moved out of the way, she jammed the small weapon inbetween the doors and started fiddling with the handle. She pushed the side with the lock mechanism inward. It took a little bit due to all the vines and stuff growing, but Lupa soon started to hear some cracking and splintering. She grinned and shoved her elbow into the door, and the thing budged, kicking up dust on the other side into the air like a fog. Lupa's sensitive nose finally got a taste for the ancient, nasty floof that was dust and sneezed almost as soon as it was kicked up. She stepped back and faced Byakuren, "Great job, it was far from old enough to do that, but now we have a half broken door. At least we can board it up later."

Lupa reached for the lantern on her belt and gave it a few clicks. Soon, it started up and she pushed the door open farther. Leading the group into the Temple. The daylight was starting to grow sparse, so the inside wasn't well lit. Definitely not when the vegetation and boarded windows were accounted for.
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Location: Aesthirian Temple, Holheim

The temple's interior was in a comparably worse state than its exterior.

Nature had completely taken over the building. With innumerable vines crawling all over the temple, one could barely tell which is of the temple's walls had a door or even windows - that was in addition to such openings being boarded up, barring entry from the outside. Roots of varying thickness burst forth from the ground, breaking the once polished floor of stone and marble. Moss of different shades infested the various fixtures and ornaments of the temple, painting most of the site in nature's colors.

The wear and tear of the temple's interior weren't as evident as it was outside. There were still a countable few of recognizable carvings and paintings, albeit their shape weathered down and colors faded - the majority of them revealing the various depictions of Thiestro over the centuries, from a six-armed blinding sun to a disembodied eye in the sky, to a faceless torso that held a balance scale. Remnants of old figures were evident in the vicinity, with most of them scattered on the floor as crumbling pieces of their former splendor.

The central spire that was once the key piece of the temple has been overrun by a variety of thorny vines, spiked leaves, and an abundance of fungi. At its base, a glimpse of a tiny opening could be seen after proper observation - a stairway that once gave access to the temple's lower levels, where precious artifacts and supplies were kept, as well as a means of shelter for the clergy.

Alongside this, the presence of numerous flowers scattered amongst the overgrown vegetation replaced the dry, old scent of the temple with a pleasant, soothing aroma - strong enough to awaken and emphasize the average man's sense of comfort. Occasionally, there were some bioluminescent plants, but their innate glow could only provide very little clarity.

There were a few spots that could be used as resting grounds, and it would seem as if they were made that way - with most of them having traces of activity such as some used firewood, tiny scraps that have hardened through time, and even a few bedrolls, slightly covered by moss and dirt.

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Vivienne Yvarra
Entering the Temple

Vivienne observed in silence as Byakuren's magic degraded the lock, allowing Lupa to pry it apart and gain access to the temple's interior. As the doors parted, the centaur woman hung back, allowing the others to enter before her, partly because she didn't want to obscure them due to her size, but also because she was still nervous about what they might find. Her plan had brought them here, to seek shelter in this very structure. She thought it would be safe and secure. But Holheim had already proven to be a place of mystery and strangeness, unlike the town she knew. She had seen the well-stocked graveyard where she and Sennen rendezvoused with Lupa. Something was not right here...

At last, her turn came and Vivienne slipped through the doors. At the rear of the group, where Lupa's lantern could not reach, the temple was dark and smelled strongly of damp foliage. Vivienne reached into her travel pack and brought out a small grooming mirror. After a brief incantation, a pillar of flame manifested in the palm of her left hand. By combining the two, the mirror served as a crude reflector, allowing her to amplify and direct the fire's light into the far corners of the room, while keeping her eyes acclimated to the darkness.

She knew this place quite well. Vivienne could vaguely make out what each and every shape, obscured by fungi, moss, and vines, used to be, but could not shake the creeping sensation that none of this was right. Nature had taken over this sacred place, much like it had taken over the entire town, yet it all felt so unnatural. She shined her light upon a statue of Thiestro, with his scales eternally balanced, and could not disavow herself of the notion that this world was very much out of balance right now. Deserts creeping across the south.... Foreign plant life taking over the midlands....

The group soon arrived in the temple's central chamber, with its iconic spire pointed at the heavens. This seemed the most likely place to make camp for the night... and it seemed others had had the same idea in the past. Vivienne trotted around the old bed rolls, hesitantly peeling them back to ensure they were unoccupied by the living or the dead. Satisfied that they were alone, at least in this room, she dispelled her flame and stowed her mirror. Now that the group had gathered, Lupa's lantern seemed sufficient, at least until they could get a proper campfire going... if they did, indeed, decide to stay.

Viv plucked one of the bioluminescent flowers and turned her attention to the group. "It is not unheard of for a storm to carry seeds and spread flora to distant lands," the centaur said as she examined the plant. "But this seems rather... excessive. I have spent most of my life traveling this land and I recognize almost none of these organisms. And the ones I do recognize are distant cousins, at best. The academic in me is intrigued. But the survivalist in me is... well... 'unknown' equals 'danger.'" She tucked the flower into a pouch on her saddlebags and rendered her verdict: "I don't like this, at all, but I suppose that is the nature of discovery."

With a small sigh, she continued. "Anywho, I recommended this place for shelter. The walls seem structurally sound. If we can trust the air quality, this'll do. If all are in agreement, I propose we hunker down for the night. I'll document as much of this as I can," she added, with a gesture to everything around them. "Our mission is to study the Crawling Sands, but it seems there are other ecosystems springing up, too. It could all be connected. I would also like to have a closer look at those knick knacks you gathered, Khur, if you don't mind."

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Osferth Zylavor
Location: Eastern Roads

It took a while, but eventually, Osferth came to grab a strange-shaped stone with runic markings - or what is otherwise known as a divination stone, used by the common mage to foresee the possibilities of a near future. Although the use of such magic was proven to be highly improbable by Valheim's renowned mages, there are still a few who believe in the minuscule chance of its success and continue to delve into the field - Osferth was one of them, though he was arguably not as devoted as most.

So far, he has found success, or so he thinks, in acquiring a myriad of encrypted images telling of a near future, often ranging from an hour to seconds from the magic was cast. Granted most of them were simply outcomes that could be easily deducted by a sharp mind.

Nevertheless, it pays to be ready. The Grandmaster, like most, had already felt something odd from the start of his group's journey to the east, and with well-made divination, he could find the reason as to why.

However, as he clutched the stone and pulled it out of the sack, an ominous noise echoed from a distance. It was easily recognizable as a lupine howl but sounded rather disturbed - as if the sounds were twisted, forcefully rearranged, and left as an abomination to the ears.

It only took a second after for the source of the howl to reveal itself.

From the distant, once-empty horizon, was a large figure of a beast running straight towards the halted cart, and those that were gathered upon it. Gradually, as it came closer and closer, its form was revealed, only to stop its tracks and gaze at the group from a safe, yet at the same time threatening distance.

It was some kind of lupine beast, that much was clear despite its strange form. Its fur was of a similar shade to a lavender, contrasting its rather outlandish look - with its seemingly protruding spine decorated with sharp edges, a horned skull-like mask that covered its face, and numerous onyx spikes that appeared to grow from its skin.

From its looks alone, it was evident that this creature was dangerous - without even factoring in the fact that it was almost twice the size of a fully grown dire wolf. Strange particles seemed to exude from its body, which upon closer look would reveal that these were tiny red-tinted sparks being discharged by the creature.

The beast gazed intensely, its bright, yellow eyes scanning each and every aspect of those before it - the people, the cart, and even the terrified horses that were desperately struggling to break free from their restraints.

Osferth, surprised by the sudden emergence of the creature, dropped the stone from his hand, causing it to shatter into pieces as it fell to the ground. This was a moment that would clearly test not only Osferth, but the rest of the Stormchasers that were with him. He had to come up with a plan before the beast finishes assessing its future meals.

Unfortunately, the frightened horses were already a lost cause. It won't be long until they break free, and trying to calm them down would only be detrimental to the group's survival. If the beast's attention could be diverted into the horses, the rest of the group can flee into the nearby forest in the north and hope that it does not chase after them - that was the best-case scenario he thought out, although it came with the cost of the cart and the supplies.

On the other hand, they could try to fight the beast and hope to defeat it. However, if the military reports he had read were any accurate, this beast before them was a Módivargr - a monster created by the storm's presence. With his current assessment of the group, the chances of them making it out in one shape are rather scarce. But it would be a great feat if they were to succeed, as the imperial military had only two outcomes so far with Módivargr encounters - they either avoided them completely or they were completely annihilated by the beast, rarely having a survivor to tell the traumatic demise of their comrades.

But as time passed, so did the beast's patience - they stay any longer and it may cost them their lives. He had to decide soon.

Osferth gripped the handle of his sword.
And let go in not even a second.

With a firm voice, he commanded the group.

"On me, Stormchasers! Run to the forest immediately, make no delay!"

Osferth led the retreat northward, frequently taking a gaze behind him to see who follows and who does not. Hopefully, the beast goes with the latter.

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Interacting with: Team Doggie Treats @Xethyrion _Line 213 _Line 213 simj22 simj22 CerpinTaxt CerpinTaxt @what_if Reinhardt Reinhardt
It didn't take much for Deirdre's instincts to kick into gear. For all the dread they'd inspired in the hearts of men throughout the ages, spiders had for the most part not survived the advance of civilization by way of web and venom. Nay, in fact, they'd mostly done it by being cowards. No matter how deadly an insect's venom was, all it took to render it moot was a strong boot and some willpower.

To demonstrate, in this scenario, the Módivargr was the boot and Deirdre was the insect.

When the beast first appeared, Deirdre locked eyes with it as if she were transfixed. A slew of genetic memories which didn't even belong to her ran through her mind, and she saw the proverbial flat of boot leather descending towards her at a breakneck pace. When Osferth called out to the Stormchasers, the arachnoid woman flinched, woken from her visions of impending doom, and then immediately departed from the wagon in a mad scramble. Each of her carapace-laden limbs half flailed, and half threw her body over the wagon's edge, sending her tumbling through the air and only just barely allowing her to land on her feet.

In the woman's wake, papers fluttered through the air in a hurricane of paper and ink. First scooped up by their keeper's hasty retreat, and then caught by the wind, it was only moments before Osferth's documents has been claimed by the wind, fluttering off in every-which-direction, obeying the commander's order of retreat well enough on their own.

Deirdre's eyes flitted between the quickly scattering documents and Osferth's back as she fled. She might have been a bit absentminded sometimes, but she wasn't totally oblivious. One of her hands was still gripping a scant few pages as she ran, and her grip around them seemed to tighten the further that their brothers and sisters went.

She hadn't found much in the way of leads in those papers, but they were still the only thing they had to go off of. At least, as far as she knew. She swallowed hard. This wasn't a blunder she was sure she was going to be able to get off with lightly, but then again she supposed she wasn't even sure if she was going to get away from it with her life either. While she wasn't sure if death or embarrassment was a worse scenario in her heart, the young woman's brain, at least, told her to stow her thoughts of guilt until there was at least a continent between her and that big, furry, angry, purple, looking boot.
Khur Yshta
Location: Aesthirian Temple, Holheim

The Kharsai followed suit, entering the temple on foot as he dragged the seemingly random novelties on the floor using a makeshift rug crafted from scraps of cloth. Though to a sane man it going inside was not really a brilliant idea, Khur had exercised no such hesitation nor caution, despite having no idea what the abandoned temple had in store for them.

He made quick stops to take a peek at the myriad of plant life present inside the temple, often gazing at them with a mixture of confusion and curiosity, having known absolutely nothing about any of them. Though there were a few that seemed somewhat familiar, he was certain that he had not encountered any of those before today.

With much delay, he finally brought the trinkets onto the equine-featured beastfolk. "Here's the stuff, uh...lady.", he said, clearly not knowing her name even after having traveled with the group for a fair amount of time. Once done with that task, he ran off without hesitation, eventually sitting down beside one of the many unlit campfires.

"Can we light this up, by the way?", sounding of a healthy yawn as he asked those in the vicinity.

The surprisingly fragrant scent which was evident at the temple's interior, as well as the somewhat calming mood that the scenery gave off was more than enough to make it a comfortable place to sleep in, as long as Khur was involved. The only thing left was a proper source of heat - one wouldn't want to sleep with chills, after all.

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_Line 213

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Myvyryium Vyrybyryium
Fort Zeldem
Interacting with: Group B( simj22 simj22 , CerpinTaxt CerpinTaxt , The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit , @Xethyrion, @what_if, Reinhardt Reinhardt )

"Reight then Master Vyrybyrium, cough us up a pot, quick-like," the bag commanded, hop-shuffling as it turned itself around to face its master. The wizard slowly raised a brow, shuffling in his nestled state. "If I'm going to be paying for all of your pots, then I believe you shall be playing together," he said, no doubt hesitant when it came to the idea of shelling out for multiple spaces at the same table. The items, of course, went into an uproar, each attempting to convince the wizard to let them split up in their own ways, their methods as varied as their personalities and appearances. The wizard, on the other hand, merely let out a light hum as he lidded his eyes again, slumping slightly against the side of the cart as it slowly began to roll to a standstill.

"Why 'ave we stop't?" asked the magician's sword as its master's eyes slowly began to open again. Pulling his back away from the wall of the cart, he watched as their guide entered and began to ruffle through one of the nearby bags, his eyes opening a tad in muted curiosity as he took stock of the item retrieved.

The wizard himself let out a hum, reaffirming his cloak's shroud around him as his eyes flicked up and down the small item. "Harboring uncertainties?" he asked idly, only for a howl to pierce the air. Perhaps the stone would not be needed after all. Indeed, it would have to be--the sound seemed to startle their leader to the extent that the poor item fell to the ground, shattering into nothingness.

Immediately, the wizard pulled himself to his feet, his cloak spreading in order to free his arms and reveal his scabbard. "Whippoorwill, Packwell," he called to his companions, the former sliding into its resting place as the latter hopped up and looped itself around his arms. The wizard did not even need to call out to his staff; the item bounded into a waiting hand with naught but a gesture. He hopped out of the cart and onto the road, looking up the way as the large creature began to bound toward the procession. He looked off to the side as their leader called for them to run, then back at the cart. His brow furrowed as he considered, tightening his grip on his staff as he thought. There was no telling how well fighting such a thing would go, yet at the same time if they were to flee there was no telling how long they would last without their supplies.

Ah, he thought as his brows arched upward, perhaps there is a third option.

"Wait, I've an idea,"
he said, taking a few quick steps backward as the beast continued to approach it, "we can scare it away, confuse it, trap it perhaps," he said, running toward a particularly large-looking tree at the edge of the forest, positioning it behind him before spinning around to face the creature. Then, he pointed his staff forward, attempting to send several pulsing jabs of magic toward it. Chances are they wouldn't harm the beast all that much, but perhaps they would draw its attention. "Prepare me a rope, Packwell."

"Aye Master Vyrybyrium, have that fer ye in a minute!"

Silver Wolf

Something Random
Location: Holheim, Outside Temple
Interactions: AnonyMouse AnonyMouse (Vivienne), Reinhardt Reinhardt (Khur), @Sinful Sorcerer (Byakuren)
Nearby/Mentioned: Ramjammer Ramjammer (Brand'lur)

Once they stepped inside, there were three things Lupa noticed, and Vivienne seemed to. The unnatural plants, the air quality, and the sixth sense of danger. When they did reach the spire, she wanted to get down and say her prayers, but something felt off. Curiously, she began sniffing the air a little. The fragrant scent of pheromones filled her, and she began feeling the effects almost immediately. Whatever this stuff was, it felt good. Better than drinking almost. Lupa slowly began walking to the fire when the lantern slipped from her hands. A loud clang rang throughout the temple. The flame wasn't burnt out, but it still was spilling some of its fuel out. Fighting a pleasant feeling wasn't often easy. It felt so easy to just...let go. Lupa's eyes wandered to the spire, and the scene overtook her. She chuckled to herself a little.

"I don't know about you guys...but I'm feeling sleepy. I could take a nice nap right now..."

Lupa then nearly fell down trying to get herself on the floor. She then wrapped her tail around and hugged it. It brushed against the fire near Khur, picking up some of the charcoal and ashes with it. The tail hit her nose and her eyes shot open some.

"Charcoal...breathe..." Lupa groaned in her last moments of wakefulness before whatever was in the air finally took full control. After that, her eyes closed and some soft breath-like snorring was heard shortly after. It seems sometimes having a sensitive nose isn't an advantage without drawbacks.


Awful, Terrible, No-good Layabout

Danger was always part of a mercenary's job. It didn't take preternatural abilities or heightened senses for Steingrimr to sense something was amiss even before their transport had come to a complete stop, and the howl reached her ears. "Oi! What's going on out there?!" She clambered up to her feet, her hand already tightening around her mace and her shield. Her question was stupid, and need not be answered, but her actions spoke of her preparation more than her words did. Lo, in the distance, did a creature lumber, gazing at them like prey. Steingrimr felt something light up inside her as she laid eyes upon the beast, and felt a smile creep upon her face. The Grandmaster have his orders- to retreat to the safety of the forest, and the spider would not argue with that. Steingrimr could not blame them- they were ill fit for battle, after all. Let the scholars run. The warriors, though, she expected to see them rise to the occasion.

"Run?! And deprive myself of a battle?!" The dwarf called out to the fleeting figures, andstepped atop the side of the caravan, swinging her mace. An excited grin cast upon her features. Many knew what fear was. To most, it was an evolutionary thing- it told them what they were supposed to run away from. For dwarfs like the ones in the mountains, however, they were either too stupid or too tough to understand what fear was. While the Grandmaster and the spider took to scurrying away to cover, their hearts no doubt pounding with fear and trepidation, Steingrimr's own did so with anticipation. So long had she wandered with no proper battles to whet her appetite. It had been bandits, wild animals, and the general problems of being no taller than a common table that she had been wrestling with. Now that she was presented with a proper challenge, to run away would be the act of a fool!

Meanwhile, the wizard prepared to do battle, or at least readied a strategem. Steingrimr had no time to wait for him to be done with it. She had no mind for these strategies and tactics- she was always one for tales and battles, and this was a battle for a tale. With a grunt, and a flex of her muscles, she leapt forwards, away from their transport, landing a distance away from it, placing herself between the beast and her traveling companions. "'Tis no great hunt for the ages, but!" She clashed her mace onto her shield, the sound ringing out clear and true, drawing the beast's attention to herself. "It will be one for my books!" She half-turned towards the transport. "I hope you'll take ere long, wizard, or I'll be like to scare it away meself!" With that proclamation, she let out a loud, roaring laughter, her anticipation reaching a fever pitch. In her eyes, the mad fire of combat burned wild.


A Man With No Face
Just like that, their fun moment came to a close. Damned beasts, Virion thought! Come to ruin their plans! He drew his bastard sword, watching as the others retreated off into the forests. He knew had no chance of taking such a beast alone, regretfully realizing quite quickly that the horses they rode in on were more than likely their sacrificial lamb. He lept from the carriage, his armor clanking and clattering against itself as he followed his compatriots off into the forest. A shame they could not protect their supplies but..such sacrifices were to be expected. His movements were swift, clearly experienced with moving within his armor.

His focus darted between the monster and his friends. The poor, terrified spider girl, he felt a sense of worry for them in particular. Vyv however, seemed to have a plan in the works. He watched the mage poke away at the beast with his magic and furrowed his brow. He was a warrior! He wasn't going to let some mangy dog have its way with their supplies! "Have a plan, do you Vyv?" He called out as he slowed his sprint once he reached the expanse of trees. "Perhaps I can be of assistance! Ah.." He took a moment to think before a sudden realization dawned upon him. "I'll see what I can do! Do what you need to do!" He slowly came to a stop just a few meters from Vyv. His legs spread to help with his balance as he positioned his blade to face outward; his left hand leaving its hilt as he whispered to himself.

Stein had already went about getting the beasts attention, her noises echoing out into the trees. Virion's hands flashed with a spark of electricity as he pressed his palm to his blade; allowing the blue lighting crackle and spread along the length of the bastard sword. "I'm with you! Once we've got it trapped, we'll strike it down!" A look of determination spread across his face before he let out a battle cry of his own. "It shall taste divine fury!"
Location: Eastern Roads

Amid the chaos, the beast had grown out of its patience. It began to step forward, however, as it inched closer the wizard pelted it with his magic - though it could easily be likened to a child throwing pebbles at an armored man, with each blast seemingly bouncing off the beast unable to harm it. The beast growled at the wizard as if to caution him to not go further, and continued on its way.

But fate did not seem to favor the beast. The dwarven warrior of the group had placed herself between it and its prey, taunting it with loud noises and laughing as she faced the monster bravely.

Though most of its encounters with people ended up with them fleeing, it knew that they were a danger to an animal like it. Or the animal that it once was. Hindered by the dwarf despite her minuscule size compared to the beast, and ceaselessly being pelted from afar, the beast was left with two options - to flee or to fight.

At first, there was a moment of hesitation. Perhaps the meal was not worth it. However...

With a loud growl, it revealed to the group what it had decided upon. And without hesitation, it charged onward to the armored dwarf, swiping as it reached her location. The sheer size and evident ferocity of the creature would be enough to crush her if the strike would connect, though her battle garments could provide her with enough fortitude to stay her ground, albeit at the cost of being painfully wounded.

Dwarvencraft, after all, once attained the Empire's pride and glory.

Osferth Zylavor
Location: Eastern Roads

The Grandmaster was about to reach the edge of the woods before noticing that only Deirdre followed his order. Virion did as well but seemed to have changed his mind. Seeing this, he stopped in his tracks.

He turned and saw what the others were doing. Steingrimir faced the beast without hesitation, Myvyryium immediately opted to strike from a distance, and Virion had given his assistance to the mage. He looked to Deirdre, then to himself.

"What am I doing?", he asked himself. "Why did I ask them to flee? Will running be my answer to every test we are to face?"

After a momentary pause of contemplation, he recomposed himself. He has been given the privilege to lead the Stormchasers. Such honor comes with many burdens. And he must face them bravely, just as his companions do so now. If this monster is their test, then he must face it bravely with his allies.

Even if it is known to be extremely dangerous.
Even if the great imperial military has only known defeat from it.

They shall emerge victorious against this Módivargr. They must.

With newfound resolve, he returned to the fray. Swiftly, he went to the mage's side, after having heard mentions of a plan from a distance. He drew his blade with confidence, eyes firm on the beast as it tried to swat away the dwarf.

"What are you planning to do, Myvyryium?", he asked, still having a bit of difficulty speaking the mage's name. "She will not last out there if she continues to fight alone."

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Khur Yshta
Location: Aesthirian Temple, Holheim

After having witnessed the lupine beastfolk suddenly doze off, Khur opted to follow after her. Sitting down with his wings tucking him in like warm blankets before the campfire, his eyes inevitably came to a close as his consciousness faded away.

The sun had set, and the moon had taken its place. Although the night's cool winds are more tolerable with the campfires lit, the whispering noise that came as it seeped through every opening of the temple was more than enough to make one's sleep lighten. Additionally, there were rustling noises that had been rapidly multiplying and growing in volume.

In time, those who had gone to sleep would soon feel something slithering across the surface - eventually turning into a strange sensation as if the grass was crawling upon their skin.

Khur, unfortunately, opened his eyes a bit too late. He was awake, but his body was completely restrained, and hanging upside down. Numerous tendrils of vine and leaf with varying girths had taken him captive, leaving him unable to act as he struggled to even find a means to break free. Helplessly stuck and having difficulty seeing anything or anyone, he cried out.

"Hello? Anybody there? Guys? I'm stuck here!"

Location: Aesthirian Temple, Holheim

As the night came, the glow of the various bioluminescent plants weakened. The soothing scent faded away. And the inanimate flora, for some inexplicable reason, came to life.

Innumerable vines and branches crawled over every surface, blocking all of the temple's entries and exits, including the doorway that had been recently opened. In addition to this, these tendrils of nature latched themselves onto any living being, prioritizing those that were near the campfires, gripping and wrapping them tightly as a snake would to its prey.

Those who were to pay attention would come to notice this quickly and perhaps be on guard, but there were those unfortunate to fall prey to the deception of the strange plant life that had turned the temple into its nest. The captured would then be hoisted upside down, like animal meat hanged before being served.

"Wake the fuck up, you idiots! We're being attacked!", shouted the large beastfolk that was Band'lur - he who volunteered to be the watch, but like many, inevitably fell to the sleep that had been presumably induced by the plant life. He had been fighting back a large number of tendrils which were flailing and thrashing around like wild beasts. So far he has been standing his ground, but with a quick glance, it is revealed that such an act came at the cost of his fortitude.

With the thorns of the vines merged onto the tendrils, accompanied by their unbridled viciousness, had given the lizardman his fair share of wounds. It was evident that he had been fighting for a while, and it wouldn't take long for the battle to take a toll on him.

To his side, sitting on the ground, was a pale man. Two hands pressed onto his punctured abdomen, which persisted to bleed despite the effort to prevent further damage. His eyes had been completely deprived of life, with a stream of blood that trickled from the corners of his eyelids long ago. He simply remained there in silence - a strange sight for someone who had been talking like a delirious man in the group's early journey.

Interaction/s: Lupa ( Silver Wolf Silver Wolf ), Vivienne ( AnonyMouse AnonyMouse )


Vivienne Yvarra
Inside the Temple

Vivienne stayed up longer than most, studying the various organisms in the temple. She did not stray from the group, even though she was sure other parts of the temple might yield an even wider variety of flora. The central chamber where they had chosen to make camp had more than enough to satisfy her curiosity and convince her that something unnatural was taking place here.

But she was no botanist. The best she could do was gather small samples to bring back to the Citadel. A leaf here, a few petals there, a couple of stems and mushroom caps. She folded them into pouches of parchment and quietly hoped greater minds could someday illuminate the mystery of how they had all come to thrive in this temple, or at least identify what they were.

As the sun set, the campfires offered more warmth than light, and the centaur soon found it too dark to continue her investigation without resorting to lanterns, candles, or magic, none of which seemed worth the trouble. The others were already fast asleep, having followed Lupa’s and Khur’s example, and the last thing they needed was a wannabe scientist waking them up with her clopping hooves and the rustling of parchment.

So, Vivienne settled in for the night, choosing a quiet corner away from the campfires. The others needed the warmth more than she did. She lowered herself to the ground, rested her head against the cool walls, with her travel pack as a pillow, and soon drifted off to sleep.

* * *​

“No, Band… stop… mmm… I-I’m not that kind of woman…” the centaur mumbled in her sleep. She gripped her coat tighter and shifted positions, subconsciously trying to ward off the feeling of tendril-like fingers slithering over her skin.

A moment later, she awoke to the sounds of struggle, a shouting lizardman, and Khur crying out for help. ‘Awoke’ was probably too strong a word for it. Vivienne’s eyes darted around the room, trying to make sense of what the fuck was going on. Band’lur was engaged in combat with a bunch of snakes and Khur was being lifted upside down.

It took her brain a moment longer to realize the ‘snakes’ were vines and were also coiling their way up her legs. She quickly scrambled to her feet, only to just as swiftly fall once more. Green tendrils were spiraling up her legs, growing tighter by the moment. Viv’s hooves thrashed on the temple floor as she kicked and writhed out of their grip, while her upper body rummaged through her sack in search of a weapon.

In her half-awake stupor, she had enough presence of mind to not reach for her greatsword and instead pulled her woodcutting hatchet free and lifted it high. The right tool for the job, one might say. One swift chop severed the primary vines which were reaching for her legs. For good measure, she brought the blade down half a dozen times more, clanging against the temple’s stony floors, until only a green pulp remained.

Without thinking, she went straight for Khur. Despite Band’s injuries, she reasoned the birdman was in greater danger and less capable of defending himself. “Lupa! Lupa, wake up! Sennen! Byakuren! Ael-” Viv’s voice caught in her throat when she spotted the emaciated young man’s corpse slumped against the wall.

Though she was stunned into silence, her steps did not falter. If anything, the sight of him seemed to strengthen her resolve. Viv reached Khur and grabbed a fistful of the vines encircling his body. ”Don’t. Move.” she said, her voice cold and stern as she brought the hatchet down and began to rip and tear at the fleshy green plant life.

Interaction(s): Khur ( Reinhardt Reinhardt ) & Lupa ( Silver Wolf Silver Wolf )
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Silver Wolf

Something Random
Location: Plant Hentai UwU
Interactions: AnonyMouse AnonyMouse (Vivienne), Reinhardt Reinhardt (Khur)
Nearby/Mentioned: Ramjammer Ramjammer (Brand'lur)​

When one wakes up, it's normally not expected for vines to be crawling around and groping you. Yet, that's exactly what happened to Lupa. She awoke to a rather fascinating feeling of something crawling around her skin, slowly wrapping her in all sorts of places. The tickling was what woke her up, and almost as soon as she tried to move her legs, they didn't. The commander promptly gave her arms a try and to her shock found they didn't work. Vivienne's alarmed voice was all it took to send the adrenaline pumping. The feeling increased when her nose picked up the fresh scent of blood. Her eyes widened, and in moments the darkness began fading and she saw herself getting wrapped up by vines. One tried to crawl onto her head, but a vicious bite sent the vine swirling back.

"I can't move. What's with these plants?!" Lupa shouted. That's when she felt a vine find its way under her uniform and with a red face the wolfgirl screamed in a high pitched voice. "Nothing like this is in the north, plants freeze up there. Why can't more things just freeze?!"

Suddenly, an icey blue light emitted around the plants around her and they began frosting over. Some of them retreated, but the rest just turned to brittle ice vines that cracked easy when she got up. Without a moment to spare, she pulled out her dagger she always kept on person and sized up the situation. No time to think about what just happened, take it and move on. Her head turned to Vivienne who was hacking away at the vines around Khur. She didn't have much time to think and looked around for others. Her nose wandered to the emaciated corpse of a very weak looking person and she gave a short 'tsk' before turning her attention to the living.

A dagger wasn't the greatest tool, but it was sharp enough it seemed. It also provided more dexterity than a hatchet and Lupa could focus on getting individual vines off of Khur that were truly immobilizing him. She started with his dominant arm then moved on to the next. Once partway through, she felt something start wrapping around her leg. Before she could bend over to deal with it, the vine dragged Lupa away from Khur. A short trip of scraping on the ground later, the vine tossed her into a wall while still holding on. Thankfully, Lupa wasn't hurt badly, but she would certainly be sore once the adrenaline was gone. She bought enough time by holding onto something and bent down to cut the vine.

"I swear, I didn't expect the first night to be magic plants trying to molest me!" Lupa yelled while cutting any moving vines she saw. She looked at the campfire that was long burnt out and pulled a handful of ash out of it. She took some bandages and made makeshift mask which was more of a bag of charcoal around her mouth and nose. Those things had pheromones to put people to sleep or make them feel at ease. She wasn't taking any chances with the air anymore. Once that was done, she found her sword and began hacking away at the larger vines. All the while, she was looking for where the vines might be coming from.

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