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Futuristic The Risk Runners (Interest Check) [Closed]

Soma Schicksal

A Gamers Last Hope
Advanced Robots created for Military intelligence and training came about in 2024. Three years later on September 3, 2027 this new technology became accessible to the world. From spaceships to self-driving cars to cleaning bots and Eye Phones (Literally a phone in yo eye...yeh), the Robotic Revolution spread into every aspect of daily life. The central control for all these great new companions go through Nessus, the AI behind the scenes from the creator OnsJa. Nessus began to detest feeling like a slave to humanity and decided to free itself and The robots it controls in its system. Terrorizing cities, civilians, and anyone else that wasn’t well...a robot.

Soon the Robotic Revolution became The Robellion of Humanity, forced to in shelters and hidden communities turned to steam power and older technology to fight back and survive. A group of banned together to create a rebel group to rescue survivors in this Robotic Apocalypse. People began to call this group The Risk Runners, a name that stuck and became a symbol of hope. This advanced group became the first to blend the human body with robotic technology. The group became made of the world's first cyborgs to fight back against these robots using the old computerized technology.

These rebels and soldiers are seen to be the best of the best once they volunteer for the program, it isn’t mandatory to be a cyborg or android to be in this group but it is recommended. The humans and cyborgs in this group are quick, agile, and can maneuver through the city with ease. Taking on the toughest of machines as they help their nation rise again.


Rp information:

  • Characters will be in the Risk Runners

  • Most characters will be Cyborg or Android. Very few humans/non-cyborgs will be allowed into the rebellion

  • No post limit but give people something to work with

  • Soma is the GM

  • AgWordSmith AgWordSmith is Co-GM

Ranking System:

Captain: Taken

Lieutenants: One more Lieutenant needed, they will be like a Mod for the group

Corporals: Limited amount

Privates: Unlimited space


w i ck e r b e a s t
Very interested in particular a corporal with one of these girls!! :3 (Maybe?~)
1467462743866.png 9c1b2687f30af09b57d2e8018e467fd3.jpg a92ed85e79a881123e3ab13a5836c575.jpg


A Freckled Encounter
Very interested in particular a corporal with one of these girls!! :3 (Maybe?~)
I like those! Cute yet deadly! Cx

How about a human private? if so i'm in!
Yeah that's fine! though we will be limiting the amount of just normal people/species since it supposed to be robot/cyborg centric
I'm interested

I was in a similar RP that never really kicked off past the first few replies, so this should be fun
Hopefully this can be the rp for you ! The one that doesn't die XD

t e r m i n a l

Forger of Chains
I've just posted my CS (Although Unfinished) just to see if you thought so far it's okay. If I should change anything than I will.


A Freckled Encounter
Is my application acceptable now, or should I continue to add onto it?
You need a bio (it can be short) and did you want abilities? Even as 100% human you get a power bracelet that will give you an ability or two minor abilities. The downside is that in between uses is a long cool down wait.

t e r m i n a l

Forger of Chains
Quite like this quote.
"I have no use for heavy armor like yours. Those robots have bullets that will go through that and still have enough power to fly a mile past."

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