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Fantasy The rise of a fallen kingdom (1x1) (Closed)

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I have seen death. I have caused it and yet the sight never gets easier to witness. My silence was all I could offer as Rolen wrapped his hands around the throat of a fellow soldier, hands that only moments before had held mine tenderly.

The actions we had set in motion this night would surely follow us. What would be said throughout the Kingdom, would Rolen be painted as a murderer, kidnapper, betrayer of the King. Would I have a painting of my own? Known as things we are not?

I found comfort once more in his touch, our hands clutching the other. Refusing to speak the things we already knew. There would be a price on both our heads, different in payment but very much there. We had ignited a path of danger, there was no longer any trust to be found outside of this corrider beyond the two of us.

"Rolen," I stopped abruptly. Positioning myself in front of him, I wrapped my arms around his waist. It might have been an attempt to comfort him, thank him for the protection he had offered me but the action was selfish. It was myself who seemed the comfort of the embrace. Once we stepped from the shadows of this hall, there would not be time for such moments.

I released my grasp and took his hand once more as we continued forward, reaching the end and stepping out into the night.

We made haste, putting distance between ourselves and the castle. Hopeful that the facts of the night would wait to be discovered until the morning. Only then would we have a chance.

We slowed as we approached the forest, dense and magical. Fireflies sparkled throughout, tiny luminescent mushrooms were scattered across the ground.

The dress I wore had grown heavy now from our walk, the speed at which we kept made it feel that much heavier.

"I need just a moment," I said, my hand resting against my chest as I struggled to retrieve my breath trapped beneath my bodice. Hoping that we would be spared that moment.


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Enyana had stopped, breathing heavily. I approached her, placing my hand on her shoulder, "Try to catch your breathe quickly Enyana, we don't have much time before the Prince notifies the guards and we will have mounted knights searching for us once we reach the outside gates. The Riders will already be on their way and often rest at The Crossroads Inn about a half day from here, in order to plan out their next moves. Wait...I have an idea! Stay here! I will return." I quickly ran back to the hidden entrance, where the body of Rada'sarian rested. Rada'sarian was a thin man, his armor was light and made of black leathers and studded steel. Much like my own, it's colors and designs were recognizable as the armor of the King's Sword.

If it will fit Enyana, we may be able to get out of here alive. I thought to myself as I began to remove his armor and weapons. I also noticed a water skin at his side. I gathered it up as quickly as possible and made my way back through the corridor and to the Princess.

"Here, drink this."
I handed her the water skin and she happily reached for it. I noticed her dress bunched up against the stone walls, as she leaned against them. "As beautiful as you look in that dress, I don't believe it will server you well, once we leave the castle. Put these on." I sat the armor and weapons, beside her. "These will serve you better and will help with the guise during our escape." I turned my back to her, considering her privacy. "The armor that we wear is enchanted. Although some of the armor may vary in type, they each enhance the ability to stay silent and blend in with our surroundings. Before...I had buried my armor, afraid that someone might recognize me, but mainly because I was ashamed of it. Now that we are given another chance, I realize it isn't the armor, but what lies beneath it that matters. You deserve that armor more than any of us..." I paused for a moment, reflecting on time.

"It seems like we are always on the run together..." I smiled, knowing she couldn't see me. "Truthfully, although the circumstances have been more than idea, I am happy to experience them alongside you. I don't think the opportunity to would have ever presented itself otherwise." I could hear her fastening the arming belt around her waist. I turned to face her.

"You look like the assassin for the King, to me." Although I meant this to be as light hearted, I meant it. Princess Enyana looked fierce and the armor fit her perfectly. My eyes dropped to her waist, "May I assist, your Highness?" I approached, still respecting her privacy and efforts - realizing to myself that even though we had grown closer, she would still be Queen.
Opportunity. Chance. Fate.

Do they not intertwine, now tying our lives together. Rolen would have remained a stranger had our enemies not found opportunity. It was by mere chance that we found each other that day, both fleeing our actions and the consequences. Yet I wonder now, is this our fate?

My hands fumbled with the belt as Rolen spoke. An assassin for the King. Once more I felt like a foolish girl playing dress up, pretending to be someone she is not. Who am I now? The question still remained unanswered, before I was destined to be Queen. Here and now, I am once more a Princess to a Kingdom still standing.

I felt his eyes on me as he spoke, I brought my gaze to meet him. Could he see the thoughts that coursed through my brain, read them in my expression? I nodded softly at his question.

Rolen stepped forward, taking the belt and wrapping it once more around my body. He tugged gently causing our chests to meet.

I cleared my throat, "The riders, you said they were more than a day out? If we walk through the night, would it be possible to reach them before they take their leave?" I took a step back, "We must be able to travel quicker than we can on foot, they have horses no doubt?"

I reached down retrieving the sword from the ground.

"We take horses for ourselves and release the others, we gain speed while they are slowed," I said, the sword now at my hip.


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Rolen watched as she sheathed the sword. He has seen her stand up to beast and men...Her Father never picked up a sword when he had to. Rolen thought to himself as he looked at Enyana, impressed and proud. No...this is no longer the Princess I had met. This is a warrior who has seen more than most at her former station. A warrior, with the makings of a Queen.

Rolen smiled, "Shall we go?"

* * * * *

Traveling throughout the night was slow, while pushing through the forest, but Rolen knew the way. Having been with the riders before the cataclysmic event, he knew where they would meet to discuss how their assignment would proceed.

The trees overhead made the night sky seem almost impenetrable, but the moon was full and lit the field up ahead, as the tree line broke. There sat a stable and the old abandoned Crossroads Tavern. This tavern had been the meeting place for many of the riders and is often where T'Dal would stash relics for the King and the dealings of his trade, outside of royal assignments. Four Frisian horses were tied to a cross beam, near a watering troth.

"There. Up ahead." Rolen whispered, placing his hand behind him and signaling Enyana. He could feel her at his back and almost instinctively reached his hand for hers. He grabbed her hand and turned to face the woman he had found himself connected to, in destiny and feeling. Adjusting the hold on her hand to a more gentle one, he spoke, "Enyana, the riders will be up and about. Hammel rarely sleeps and likes to wander and sift through the bags in the well. Bags that T'Dal filled with relics. We will need to be very careful releasing the horses. Grab two and you'll take them back here to the forest line. I will distract Hammel, if he is outside and release the other two before he sees me." He nodded as their eyes met. The piercing blue gaze, beneath the moonlight made his heart beat faster. He swallowed the words that had come next and instead acted. While one hand still held hers, his other reached for her chin as he drew closer to her lips and kissed the elvish Princess he had once been forbidden to even look upon. "Forgive me...I seem to have...I..." he stumbled over his words.

"No matter what, we will get your kingdom back!"
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A single kiss. In that monetary action my heart no longer belonged to just me. How was it possible that a man, once a stranger, now held something so precious.

My eyes remained closed for a moment once our lips parted. Wanting desperately to hold onto the way it felt before the complications of situations and stations stole it from us.

"Our Kingdom," I said meeting his gaze.

I could not speak on what we had shared, now did not hold the time nor place. I was fearful that a time would not come where we were not up against a broken past, trying to save an uncertain future.

It had been true what Rolen said of the armor, I moved silently across the field, no more than a shadow under the moonlight. I had not quite anticipated the stealth I had acquired as I came up behind the horses, startling the one furthest to the left, in turn causing the others to stir from their slumber.

I was quick to approach the unsettled Frisian, placing my hand gently on the side of her neck as I spoke in Elvish.

"Settle, settle."

"Is somebody there?" a voice called out.

My body went rigid at the question. My only hope was that the darkness would offer enough coverage to stay hidden. Pushing myself up against the stable, I held my breathe as he approached.

"Hammel, what are you doing?"

He stopped as the other voice asked a question of his own.

"T'dal is that you? Couldn't sleep, figured I'd stretch my legs when I heard the horses giving a fuss."

"Are you sure it wasn't you that spooked them, walking about at night."

Hammel scoffed, "I could have sworn I saw a figure."

"The only person skulking about is you."

A loud thud rang out in the distance.

"What was that?"

I could hear the unsheathing of their swords as their footsteps retreated.
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I watched as Enyana made her way toward the horses, stealth came naturally to her. Some of the best rangers I have ever seen were Elves and I often was impressed by my Mother's naturally nimble and graceful mannerisms. As she got closer, I noticed that Hammel had picked up on something - although easily distracted, he was always observant of even the slight variations of sound.

The well that T'Dal kept his artifacts in was behind the stable and within throwing distance. To cause the distraction, I reached for a gnomish Thunder Rock from my pouch. I was given this by my friend Grunther Stonebottom; who was easily once of the best Alchemists in the Kingdom. These rocks were no bigger than a river stone, but would cause a loud enough sound to gain some attention. Gnomish pickpockets and burglars would often make these specifically for subtle distraction. Crack! The sound of the rock echoes down the well as it rang against the stones, bouncing on the way down. The two assassins made their way to the well and I watched from the forest line.

"It came from in here!" Hammel said as he and T'Dal looked to the well.

"Hmm..." T'Dal contemplated, casting a small amount of light around his hand, looking inside.

I unsheathed my dagger and made my way around to meet with Enyana. The tall wild grass made it easier on this side of the field. I listened as I moved.

"It must have been a loose stone or something. Echo perhaps?" Hammel did most of the talking and processing aloud. "Well, I am going to piss." He said to an occupied T'Dal, who continued to stare down the well - possibly obsessing over the treasures he knew he had stored at the bottom.

"Then go." T'Dal spoke up as Hammel made his way to the forest-line. He walked slowly and surveyed the trees. I watched, matching his pace and staying within the shadows.

Hammel picked up his pace as he stepped into the trees, between myself and where Enyana and I would meet. Hammel stopped, almost knowing that he was between myself and Enyana. He took a step to a nearby blueberry bush, plucking one from it. He had not come here to "piss". "I don't know what you are up to or why you are doing it, but I have always trusted you. Don't think I didn't hear another prowling about as well. Who are you working with?"

"Hammel, my friend, there are things at work here that would take too much time to explain and time is no one's friend right now."
I kept my voice low as I spoke. Hammel did not move and kept his eyes on the foliage ahead. He listened. "I need you to trust me."

"Where are you going Rolen?"
He ate the berry.

"I am going to try my best to prevent something cataclysmic. Please. Trust me." I pleaded, gripping my blade tightly with anticipation.

"If you took my horse, do not think I will not kill you. We will eventually have to stand face to face." Hammel spoke as he stepped away from the bush and toward the stables.

I watched him leave, panicking for a moment as I considered that he was perhaps distracting me. I moved quickly toward Enyana!
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