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Book The Resistance

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Wolf Rawrrr

The Resistance

At the end of the Great War and the fall of Asgard, those who had opposed the invader were either persuaded to join the Sorceress, conquered, or forced to exile. The movement known as the Resistance was formed from the latter, starting out in Eldshaw as an attempt to put together what was left of the Royal Army. Because of this, the Resistance already included members of every race in Asgard, though limited to those who fought in the Royal Army. While there were surviving armies from the other provinces, not all were willing to fight to restore the old order. Over time many others joined, for different reasons.

Humans make up the majority of the Resistance and are the most motivated to take back their lost kingdom. Next to humans, the elves of Eldshaw are the second most represented race in the Resistance. Having in mind their long history of friendship with the humans, this comes as no surprise. There is a fair number of dwarves in the organization, mostly made up of those who left Knalga (or were exiled), during the betrayal that aligned it with the enemy. As for the drakkar, since Daskárd used the Great War as an excuse to leave Asgard, there are precious few of them fighting for the kingdom's restoration.

The Resistance has many camps and outposts scattered throughout the land, with the headquarters being top secret. Ilhirel leads an endless military campaign to root out the Resistance but despite numerous successes has not yet been able to fully defeat their guerrilla tactics. The movement has the home terrain advantage and employs it cleverly in stealth warfare to raid enemy outposts and intercept convoys. Many had considered them to be nothing but remnants of a past era, fighting a war long lost, until they dared to plunge into a full-scale open war once again, which they were initially winning.
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