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Fandom The Reckoning - Character Creation



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Bending Status: (Are they a bender or a non-bender?)
Element: (If they're a bender, what element do they bend?)
Bending Proficiency: (On a scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten being the most, how proficient at bending are they? Note that out of all of your characters, only one may have a bending proficiency between 7 and 10.)
Brief History:

Emotional Enigma

Empathetic Empress
Name: Scylla
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Nationality: Inuit
Bending Status: Bender
Element: Water
Bending Proficiency: 4
Weapon(s): Long sword and shield
Personality: Scylla is slow to warm up to people, preferring to stay quiet in most situations, but is loyal and believes in the good in people. She is trusting, almost to a fault, and is gullible. She doesn't smile often and is curious of everything she comes across. This leads her to stare at things and people motionlessly while she tries to understand them but she is not cold or stand off-ish. She actively engages in conversation when and if she finds the right things to say.
Goals: Scylla's goal is to leave her small, northern town behind and find her friend who she believes is in great danger with the changing of times. With the poor outlook on the fire nation, her friend is in for trouble.
Brief History: Scylla grew up in a northern town, very small and remote. It was off the beaten path and twisted between mountain ranges. Being such an isolated town Scylla longed to see the world. Her family took a short trip out to a festival one day while Scylla was very young and she met a fire bender. They became great friends and the fire bender traveled to meet with their new friend so often people thought they were cousins with the amount of time they spent together. After Scylla reached into her late teens years, the pair stopped hanging around each other. Growing tensions between every nation and the fire nation caused her friend to not feel as safe coming around. They kept in contact via letters but now as Scylla is in her early 20's and tensions pose a threat to her friend's safety, she had decided to leave and go find her.


Emotional Enigma

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Name: Nico
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Nationality: Tibetan
Bending Status: Bender
Element: Earth
Bending Proficiency: 8
Weapon(s): Dual daggers
Personality: Nico is pessimistic but has a goofy personality. He doesn't trust anyone but loves to entertain people around him with tricks and his bending skills. He cracks witty jokes when uncomfortable and can be quite clever. Most people upon meeting him find his presence humorously enjoyable and Nico is known to love children. He rarely takes anything seriously and can be childish at times.
Goals: Nico's goal is to become rich whatever way he can! He has never had much money and lives off of doing tricks on the street or stealing from others. He wants a taste of the luxurious life and plans to take his show on the road.
Brief History: Nico grew up an orphan. He never knew his parents but it didn't phase him much; it only gave him a closet full of self deprecating jokes. He lived on the street in a town in the east, dirt roads and cattle were the main attractions, if they ever received visitors to the town at all. Nico began to steal and developed a skill for thieving. He had quick hands but one day he was caught and a bar fight ensued. Now Nico is left without a right eye due to the fight but he still continues stealing to this day. He also developed his earth bending since he was child, his only pass time and hobby. He is now very skilled in the area and trades his bending skills for anything villagers can give him (most of the time it's a bed to sleep in for the night).


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OOC: Hi, still working on backstory details, those usually take me a little bit longer to come up with. Should have the details by this evening. Everything else look ok?

Sidi Uti Thar

  • Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    • Thar Tribe
    • Harmony Restoration Movement, tentatively

    • Si Wong Tribes

    • Easy going
    • Observant
    • Quick witted
    • Trustworthy

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Name: Ling Yu
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Affiliation(s): Retribution Movement
Nationality: Earth Kingdom
Bending Status: Yes
Element: Fire bender
Bending Proficiency: 4 self-taught hough dislikes using it unless necessary.
Weapon(s): Kusarigama
Personality: Ling appears quite soft-spoken and proper manner like a daughter from nobility, yet she is by no means snobby with a gregarious and cheeky side with those she is comfortable with. She is loyal and dedicated to almost an obsessive side to her. Though quick to help others and friendly, she is distant accepting little help for herself or reveal much about herself. Put her in front of anything from the fire nation you see another side of her, some might say her true self, she becomes cold, hateful and violent wanting nothing more than unpleasant end to anything connected to the fire nations.

Goals: Revenge
Brief History: Born in an earth kingdom village newly occupied by fire nation soldiers a few months prior to her birth, she was a result of the fire nation's celebration within the village after a successful offensive and her was a minor noble's daughter. Due to this she and her mother were disowned by the larger family and were pariahs in the village itself particularly when Ling displayed fire bending abilities. Both mother and child were soon kicked out of the village and became wanderers with her mother barely able to support Ling. Anywhere they went the fire nation seemed to follow and growing up she had seen the worse side of the fire nation soldiers: burning villages, brutal reprisal for resistances amongst other things. Observing them also allowed her to learn some fire bending techniques though. Even when it seemed to found safety in a town for a few of years a fire nation soon reached it and burned it to the ground only for Ling to make it out alive. She came under care of a retired soldier who taught her to fight and through him she came into contact with the Retribution Movement after the war.

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