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Realistic or Modern The Realizations of What Was Lost


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David sipped his morning coffee, reading the newspaper in the cafe he visited every morning before work. He kept a low profile, and not many people knew the face behind Wolfborne Investigative Services, Inc. At 6', 190lbs and 30 years old, he was one of the youngest billionaires on the planet, with a net worth of just short of $10B. Building this business wasn't easy, but he did it. After years of arduous labor, it came to fruition.

Reading the newspaper was an odd sight, as everyone else in the cafe was either engaged with phone, tablet or each other. Seeing a fairly young man reading the morning news on USA Today wasn't something one saw on the daily.

He was wearing a simple button down short sleeve with a white and blue striped pattern, blue corduroys and Penny Loafers as he lounged in the communal sitting area, in his favorite high back upholstered chair. He looked up from his paper as a Barista set down his breakfast on the table. "Anna you didn't have to do that," he protested. The petite older brunette scoffed and said, "You might as well be family now, Dave." She dismissed any further objections with a wave of her hand and went back to the counter.

He smirked. He loved this place. Ran by Anna and her husband, Daryl, they were both upstanding Christians who loved serving the community. No matter your race, religion, orientation or otherwise, you were welcome in the Boar's Tusk. A unique name, for sure. But it was eye-catching and had become a household name in the beautiful city of Nashville.

The old-fashioned bell above the door rang and Anna welcomed her next customer. "Well good morning Miss! What'll it be for ya?" She took the young lady's order and went to fill it. David raised an eyebrow. He thought he recognized the young woman for some reason. If he truly knew her, he knew that God'd put their paths together. If not...he shrugged to himself and returned to reading the news.


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Victoria was the type of woman to keep to a routine. She always went to the same restaurants, cafes, bars, even clothing stores. However, Garcias the place she went daily for years, a small cafe two blocks from the Boar's Tusk had burnt down in a fire recently. So, the woman needed a new place to go for her morning coffee. She had heard from multiple people it was good, and it was said a older couple owned it. So, she thought why not at least try it.

"I'll just have a hot coffee, cream no sugar please" The woman says to the barista. Victoria wasn't very tall, only about 5'2.. a solid 115 pounds on a good day. She ran her fingers through her dark hair as she paid, and waited for her coffee.

The twenty seven year olds blue eyes peered around the room, this was a cute little place. Not to many people, but still full of life. She glanced down at her watch, she still had a while before she had to get going so once she got her coffee she sat down a couple seats away from a rather attractive man who was reading a newspaper and eating his breakfast.


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Not paying her much mind, David continued his reading, much to the chagrin and/or curiosity of many younger people in the café. He found it amusing, them seeing a newspaper for the first time. He sipped his latte and ate breakfast, and had just folded his paper when someone sat in the upholstered chair in between he and Victoria.

As he stood, the person moved their hand to just where he was walking, causing him to knock their coffee from them and onto Victoria's lap. "Oh I'm sorry!" He said and went to grab a towel. He felt horrible for ruining her nice clothes so early in the morning. She was very attractive, no doubt, but modestly dressed and he appreciated it when women took pride in their appearance.

It was then he saw the lanyard around her neck. "Wolfborne IT" it read. Oh crap. She was the new hire he just approved. That's where he knew her from!
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The woman was slightly startled, and in all honesty pretty annoyed. But she took a breath. "No problem, it happens!" she said to him. "I've still got time to run home before work." she said to him, as she wiped the coffee off her clothes with the towel he had handed her.At least the coffee wasn't steaming hot, that would've been terrible.

She was starting a new job today, she really didn't want to be late, and she really didn't want to make a poor impression if she was late. Looking down at her watch she did have plenty of time, however it was something she was worried about. Strangers just don't care, people are careless and that's what he was. She wasn't going to get mad though, this was going to be a good day and some clumsy stranger wasn't going to ruin it for her. Hell no.
"Here, let me help you with that." He handed her the towel and went down to pick up the spilt coffee cup. He then stood, looking apologetic and worried. "I am so sorry, ma'am," he repeated. "Please forgive my clumsiness." The other patron joined in as well, adding their apology to the mix. David felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Anna looking at him. "You're overwhelming the poor girl, David," she said softly.

David nodded and stepped back to give Victoria space. "If you need anything, please just let me know. Again, I sincerely apologize." He could tell she was upset and wanted to do everything he could to make her life easier, especially since he was her boss. Not that she knew that.

Anna then stepped up and helped her clean off the coffee, and sprayed an oil of some type that actually removed all the stains in a minute or so. She winked at the younger woman. "We have all kinds of tricks here. Now get on to work. The both of you." With that, she waved them out the door.

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"Thank you." she says to David. "Thank you to you as well! You can't even tell there as something spilt." she said with a warm smile to the older woman.

She ended up walking out and getting in her car, she drove a black bmw, a gift to herself after she graduated college. She drove to her new job. She took a few minutes to collect herself in her car, she took a sip of her water. She pulled the car mirror down and reapplied her lipgloss.

The woman got out of her car and walked inside. New job, new day. Everything would be alright.. the silly stranger and the coffee mishap wouldn't ruin her day. She'd probably forget about it by the end of the day, and besides she'd never see that stranger again!
A few hours later, David waited in his office, sighing. The new hires would be going through orientation today, and as was his custom, he'd be visiting them to introduce himself as the owner of Wolfborne Investigative Services, and ensure them that he would be overseeing their progress and that his team would help them every step of the way. Except now...he had already met one of them, albeit very awkwardly.

There was a knock at his door, and he sighed. "Yeah." A head popped in. "They're ready for you sir," the young blonde-haired spectacled woman said, then closed the door after he nodded in affirmation. With a groan of annoyance at his own clumsiness and not looking forward to embarrassing himself again, he put on his blazer and headed to the conference room. After a polite knock, he was let in and walked to stand in front of the group of new hires.

"Good afternoon," he said. "I hope you've all had a good lunch." He looked over the group and took them all in. Three males and four females, varying ages. And one of the females...he gulped as he saw Victoria. He regained his composure and continued speaking.

"You were told that you'll have a special guest today, and that is me. Anyone here know who I am?" A young Native American man raised his hand. "David Listman. FOunder and CEo of Wolfborne I.S."

David nodded. "That's correct. I established this company in my apartment at 23 years of age with a partner of mine, and after 3 years we expanded to a building, then at 5 years we went international. We are the fastest growing private investigative firm in the world. My team and I will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success. I have an open door policy, so come by with ant concerns you may have. Any questions for me?"

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