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the ravencrushers ♦ steampunk crime roleplay


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howdy guys! welcome to a super duper old roleplay of mine! when i saw old, i mean i made this rp back when gaia online was the bomb dot com. anybody feel old yet...? the old rp thread was, well, pretty much a dumpster fire. but i found some old notes i made on it and i've decided to revamp it, with some changes, of course! this rp is about an assassination guild called the ravencrushers, a shady group joined together by convenience. they're the second most sought after guild; whenever somebody wants a person to disappear, the ravencrushers are there to do it for them, for a price. but a big point is they're just the second one. the leading assassination guild are the dogheads, their bitter rivals who have been sabotabing them for years.

so what's the specific plot? well, it can branch out into pretty much anything! the assassins will perform jobs together, all while fending the dogheads and delving deep into the city's rotten underbelly. but they'll have to keep their wits about them; not everything is as it seems, especially not with the ravencrushers.


whee! with the general idea out of the way, here's a short overview of the setting;;

the world
- as it says in the title, the technology and world is very much steampunk inspired! so trains, guns, robots and such do exist!
- while automobiles do already exist, they are only used by the elite members of society, so coaches are still used
- the story is set in the empire of golaser, with the capital city being chassros where the ravencrushers live
- it is ruled by the queen anna
- robots are used as guards by the police force
- the ravencrushers live in an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of chassros
- it's... pretty much just fantasy victorian england :'')
- people with magic are seen as dangerous and uncontrollable by the wider public
- children who show potential for magic are taken away and put in goverment institutions, where they aren't heard from again
- mages are forced into working for the empire, often as soldiers
- magic is divided into various schools; necromancy, cursing, herbalism, elemental, illusion, mind magic and blood magic
- a mage can only specialise in one school
boss (1/1) CLOSED
- pretty self explanatory, they're the one running the show
- can assign and take away jobs, their word is final
second in command (0/1) OPEN
- the boss' right hand man
- they can assign jobs and take away jobs, but not if given by the boss
- if the boss is absent, they're the one in command
doctor (1/1) CLOSED
- not an assassin themselves, but here for dealing with injuries
- treated as members of the guild
- don't have any affect on jobs and can't take them
medical assistant (1/1) CLOSED
- they help the doctor with surgeries, injuries and such
- act as the doctor in their absence
- treated as as member, altrough they aren't an assassin themselves
- don't have any affect on jobs and can't take them
assassins (4/6, but might be more depending on interest)
- the actual bulk of the guild
- can take jobs, which they can do either solo or with a partner
- have to be older than 20 years
- up to two assassins can be spies who were placed into the ravencrushers by the dogheads
trainees (0/5, depends on interest)
- younger members who are training to be assassins
- the age range is 15 - 20
- they are assigned a mentor, who can take up to 2 trainees
- their mentor can be of any higher rank (but not medical)
- can't take jobs by themselves yet, it's assigned by their mentor

and despite how dark this rp might seem, i actually hope to see the characters become a big, dysfunctional and chaotically stupid family! so yeah! thanks for reading this info dump :''D feel free to ask any questions down below!

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Just wanted to know I love the idea, and it has a lot of potential. Im definitely interested but on the fence about committing only because of my schedule and future things im planning. (don't want to commit then go inactive) If you get around to a CS then I guess you'll have my answer there. LOL but I would be interested in a number of roles. If I joined I wouldn't mind being Assasain, Boss, or first in command...maybe another role if they all get taken. Hopes this takes off, good luck!


Might be interested also. Gonna shoot for a trainee spot. Maybe a short mage girl with a personality like Taiga's from Toradora.


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I LOWKEY LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Although I have a potential character Idea I'd love to try out and think would be an interesting story aspect, could you boop me a pm real quick I'd love to chat and try and draw some more members in!!


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@Pidge_Gunderson_Holt @Croaker @madlad @ithinkcat
aah i'm super glad your guys are interested !! i'll have the CS and OOC thread up today so you guys can make your charas ! :^)

@LazyDaze thank you so much !! i'm happy you like the idea and it would be awesome if you could join, but no pressure !! i understand that sometimes it just wouldn't work out cx

@TheHappyPikachu ooh i'm curious about your idea ! i'll send you a pm in a second and we can talk it out there


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Oh my gosh this seems like a bunch of fun!!! I'd be interested in a trainee spot, but if there's not enough interest in the rp for those spots then I'd be fine with an assassin.


@langas The kind of magic I wanted my character to use doesn't seem to fit the schools of magic you have. I was wanting something more along the lines of transmutation or enchanting. Would it be possible to get one or the other added as a school of magic?

*Edit* I guess I should first ask, are the different schools of magic defined by 'how' someone casts a spell or by 'what' someone can cast with a spell?
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@ithinkcat sure !! either of those would fit in the universe, so feel free to give that to you character !! as for how they are defined, magic is different in every person, so it's not defined by how or what it casts but just under what category the powers fall :^) for example, if two mages have necromancy, one might be able to communicate with ghosts while the other can revive dead beings. both are necromancers, just different powers !! as for casting, it can go any way, each mage has their own way. i hope that answered you question ?? cx

@paranoid @ackerninja
aaah i'm really glad you guys are interested !! and of course ackerninja, feel free to send me a pm or tell me about your idea here ! 0:

the link is on the first page on the bottom !! its named the CS link cx

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