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Realistic or Modern The Rage (~Closed~)

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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, Zombies


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The world has turned to shit. An Apocalypse has consumed the world as we know it. A disease was released turning those who caught it into angry and vicious zombie-like beings known as Walkers. The disease is spread through a bite or scratch/wound inflicted by an infected, within 2 hours the attacked will become a walker, a mere shell of who they once were. The disease is also spread by death, something in the human makes up changes once a person dies which changes them whether infected physically or not.
Luckily there is a safe haven located on the other side of the state, government officials came to each town. Loading those alive and well into a transport vehicle, though there weren't enough spaces and many people were left behind and on their own. For those people left behind, it was a life or death situation. They had to make it to the haven or die trying. Who will die and who will survive?

This is a LONGTERM GROUP roleplay. The plot follows the lives of 13 individuals left behind and trying to make it to safety. They start off as strangers, meeting one at a time until they become a group. Things may start off rocky between some characters, enemies may be formed but so will friendships and maybe some relationships. Anything could happen as the group fight for their survival and safety as well as their sanity.

This is a semi-literate to advanced literate roleplay, with that being said I’d prefer for the minimum amount of lines given be about 20 maybe 15. I also ask that you have decent grammar, I know people make mistakes as we are all human but please try. I also ask that you be respectful and friendly to those in the roleplay.

This is a Modern Apocalyptic roleplay that will contain Violence, Mild Language, Comedy, Angst, Action, Adventure, and Maybe romance.

((This is an outline of each character, I will not give much detail on them as I want you to create them and mold them as you wish. All characters must range from 21-27 is my only request. Characters may be any sexual orientation))

((Message me which character you’d like to be along with a character bio and face claim -Not required though if given it must be an irl picture like an actor, singer, model, etc - to go with it))

-The Refugee
This character is from a different country and speaks very little to no English though is very smart and able to defend herself and others
(Status: Taken by CrimsonRose CrimsonRose )

-The Siblings
these characters are twins, a boy and a girl (could change to two girls or two boys if preferred) They, though have hard times getting along at times, are always there for each other no matter what
(Status: Taken by _amaranth_ _amaranth_ )
(Status: Taken by Devotion Devotion )

-The Muscle
This character is very strong and full of themselves though knows how to be serious and a team player when the time comes
(Status: Taken by AreSneksSly AreSneksSly )

-The ”Nerd”
This character is seen as the leader, they aren't the ideal strong man in physical appearance but they know their way around and often corrects others whenever they can.
(Status: Taken by Emolga Emolga )

-The hyper
This character is the standard party person, they make anything they can into a joke and aren't very reliable when it comes to seriousness though are good at making the environment lighter
(Status: Taken by Rabbitbonez Rabbitbonez )

-The Flirt
This character is very self-absorbed and won't hesitate to put themselves out there and play with the hearts of others.
(Status: Taken by BracedJupiter72 BracedJupiter72 )

-The Loner
This character could be seen as the stereotypical Emo. They don't care about what's going on and really are just in it for the show, or are they?
(Status: Taken by Yum Yum )

-The Boss
Though not the leader this character is seen as the problem solver of the group. They are strict and the glue that keeps the group intact.
(Status: Taken by Veil Walker Veil Walker )

-The Cluts
This character is always getting into trouble, they are clumsy and goofy which leads the group and themselves to trouble at times though they are rather fun.
(Status: Taken by Vertighost Vertighost )

-The Silent
-This character is deaf and communicates through sign language, despite their disability they are very independent and work side by side with the leader
(Status: Taken by crea crea )

-The Artist
-This character is very creative and makes the ideas for makeshift weapons when they don't have real ones. They are seen as the perfect one as they came from money and is very preppy
(Status: Taken by Yennie Yennie )

-The Criminal
This character is coming from a troubled past and is in trouble with the government. They are both street smart and book smart though can be a bit of a jerk
(Status: Taken by Zane Zane )​
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This will be my first text-based game in years (I switched over to dnd). But if you're willing to take an old school player, I'd love to do The Hyper. It's already the type of character I play in my two campaigns. If I'm too new, then, I understand.


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This will be my first text-based game in years (I switched over to dnd). But if you're willing to take an old school player, I'd love to do The Hyper. It's already the type of character I play in my two campaigns. If I'm too new, then, I understand.
Hey, you can play the Hyper! Send me a bio in pms then I’ll add you to the group chat :)

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