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The Quest for Domina -medieval fantasy interest check-

I don’t mind, but you’d have to talk to @FireMaiden as they’re playing the queen of Fier and how your characters could be related.

As for knowing things, like I said, this is open ended. I wanted to leave it vague enough for each representative to make up their own lore and backstory and whatnot without restricting things too much. I don’t really have in depth lore about any of the countries except for Domina itself, which I want to reveal over the course of the rp.
Mm, well i don't really *know* anything about Devlan or a whole lot about Kur. Would the 'King' of Fier be available since there seems to be some activity in there?
I don't mind sharing. Ryse, why don't you dm me so we can talk about their relationship. If you want to play the king of Fier of course.


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Yo yo I’m interested, but since a lot of the main roles are filled, how about I play like a bishop or some representative from a church of a major religion?

Religion is always neat.
Yo yo I’m interested, but since a lot of the main roles are filled, how about I play like a bishop or some representative from a church of a major religion?

Religion is always neat.
I dorm think all of the major roles have been filled. There were four I think from Fier, and one or two from the mountain kingdom (?). One of them still doesn't have any.


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I'm interested! Would you be interested in a shadow-assassin (somewhat?) from Delvan?

I'm really taking the basis of my idea from this core concept: A former follower of a god of pain, loss, envy and shadows (Zon Kuthon From Pathfinders: Zon-Kuthon - PathfinderWiki) who is trying to escape the pull of the dark influence, while trying to do good with his powers (which were granted by that dark god)

Ish dat alrighty?

Heheh... A bit cliche, I know.


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I'm tempted to make a pirate character who's hired by a queen or king from an alley foreign nation that wants to help out a nation or something, but not sure if that's allowed.

Like, a pirate who was payed a VERY generous amount of money to go help out Embra with their expedition of infiltrating the island to gather resources for them. Or maybe the pirate has her own agenda...? She is a pirate, after all.

But if it's not allowed, I can easily come up with some other character that would fit.


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I could work with that! As long as she has a reason to be at the summit then I’m all for it. With that, though, I think we have enough people for now.
Alright~ In case you want to know the reason she's in the summit:

The pirate has to alert Domania and the other kingdom's representatives that she's "trustworthy" enough to help them out, and let them know she's going to help them. After all, it is hard to trust a pirate immediately, right?
Well I had been planning on closing up but I don’t know if everyone is even still here or not. I’ll be starting the actual rp in a few days so if you want to join, go ahead. :) just post up your character sheet on that thread.
So there’s no post order or anything, whenever anyone is ready just throw up an intro and we’ll see who is still interested and how many people we still have after that.
Oooooohhhh is it at all possible to play a diplomat from Kur? My character could be calm, polite, and kind yet cynical... Kinda like the ore they mine!

This seems like a really cool plot, I'll admit. More detailed than anything I could create.

Actually, is this still open?
I get the feeling that a lot of folks have dropped out so go ahead and join if y’all want to. I’m going to give it a few days to give people a chance to post their intros and whatnot before I respond and start the rp proper so if you want to join just toss up a character sheet and then an intro on the main board.


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I was looking through the character sheets and didn't see anyone from Devlan? I see that @darkborn wants to do an assassin/ninja figure. Could I possibly do a princess??

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