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Fantasy The Quest Book

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Welcome to Kolan and the Guild Wars!


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Quest Book
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    A Freckled Encounter
    Quest Book

    The Quest Book is where you can chose what quest you would like the guild to do. This can be discussed/announced in the OOC or (and I'll take suggestions on how to do this) create a voting system

    The Quest book is magically tied, meaning every copy of this book will show the same thing. Where it has been changed in one copy, it will in all the others. Both Guilds have one copy and so does the King of Kolan and the Royal Guild Overseer (a recently made position)


    You may only claim a quest if your guild will pursue soon
    You cannot claim a quest when there is no one available in the guild to take on a new quest.
    You cannot get points for an unfinished quest
    Sometimes you may get more points/reward or less points/rewards depending on how the quest actually goes

    S - Difficult to complete, high skill level required, will give 500+ points

    A - Tough to complete, above average skill level required, will give 300-400 points

    B - Average to complete, average skill level required, will give 200-300 points

    C - Simple to complete, some skill level required, will give 100-200 points

    D - Effortless to complete, no skill level required, will give 50-100 points

    Open Quests:
    Available: 4

    Available: 4

    Available: 4

    Available: 4

    Available: 1

    Please do not post in this thread, this is just for Quests to be posted.

    Quest suggestions and questions go in the OOC

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