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    What you'll need to do is fill out a pdf character sheet. I have a blank one in this Google Drive folder. It'll be under Character Sheets > Blank. You'll need to download it and edit in Adobe Reader. In addition to character sheets, this folder will be used as a means of sharing homebrew content. I already have some sources at the ready.

    Follow the steps below to fill the Character Sheet out. Once the sheet is filled out, simply upload it to the aforementioned Character Sheets folder. When you've done all of that, comment here to let me know. I'll then let you know if something needs changed or if it's okay. Once you've got the okay, I'll tag you in the main thread under the Player Characters section.

    How to fill it out:
    1. Race- I am using a bunch of races outside of the PHB for this. The sources for all these races can all be found within the Google Drive folder. Here is a list, sorted by source, for your convenience. Certain races appear in multiple sources, most with basically the same stats, but please only use the stats from the source listed. Though each nation has a dominant race, your character does not have to be that dominant race in order to be from that nation. I will not be accepting core races outside of those listed here, however, I am all for extra subraces and race variants so long as you provide sources for them in the Drive folder.
    • PHB
      • Dwarf
      • Halfling
      • Human
      • High Elf
      • Wood Elf
      • Drow
      • Dragonborn
      • Gnome
      • Half-Elf
      • Half-Orc
      • Tiefling
    • Elemental Evil
      • Aarakocra
      • Genasi
      • Goliath
    • New Player Races
      • Lizardfolk
      • Ibixian
    • Race Compendium Vol.1
      • Genasi Subraces
      • Revenant
    • Race Compendium Vol. 2
      • Githzerai
      • Thri-Kreen
    • Volo's Guide
      • Aasimar
      • Fallen Aasimar
      • Kenku
      • Tabaxi
      • Triton
      • Orc
    • UA: Eberron
      • Shifter
      • Warforged
    • UA: Waterborne
      • Minotaur
    2. Class/Archetype- As with races, I'm up for all kinds of homebrew content, although this time, there is no major list. So long as I have a source, whether it be official, Unearthed Arcana, or something from DMsGuild, I'll allow just about anything. This goes for Classes, Archetypes, and Spells. Do me the favor, however, of letting me know what sources you used.

    One thing I'm not allowing is anything that adds new religious domains. I'm sticking with the original 8: Death, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature Tempest, Trickery, War. You may use any of those domains.

    If your class is religious, check the Religion section of my Lore page for this campaign. You are limited to choosing a World Deity, Regional Deity corresponding with your homeland, or Racial Deity corresponding with your race. Half-Elves and Half-Orcs use the High/Wood Elf and Orc deities, respectively, as their racial deities. Genasi are beings from the elemental planes, thus, have no racial deities. If you wish to play a religious Genasi, your Genasi must be from the Material Plane, not the Elemental Plane. Genasi can choose from World Deities and Regional deities like any race, but they may also choose from any racial deity, depending on the races they grew up around. Fallen Aasimar cannot choose the Aasimar racial deity.

    Lastly, we will be starting at level 4. Be sure you know all of my homebrew mechanics for leveling up and feat usage. These are listed on the main campaign page.

    3. Ability Scores- We will be rolling for our stats using the Dice Room mentioned on the main campaign page. To roll 6 stats at once, simply type in "#repeat 6 4d6h3 #Ability Scores" You may assign the stats however you wish. If you get 3 or more stats that are 12 or less, you may reroll all 6.

    4. Describe your character- I'm allowing evil alignments, but keep the rules mentioned on the main campaign page in mind. I'll also need good reasonings for this. As for Backgrounds, they follow the same rules as Classes. You may choose your ideals, flaws, and bonds on your own, or roll for them. If you roll, you may simply roll your own private dice. Create your backstory and supply an image for your character, if possible. If you cannot find one, give a good description of your character's physical appearance. Supplying an image and saying things like "but with black hair" will also work, if you can't find the exact image you want. If you are unsure of how to add images to a pdf, simply upload the image to the drive folder alongside your character sheet. If you cannot fit your backstory within the confines of the character sheet, feel free to instead make a googledoc in the character sheets folder titled with your character name. I encourage you to take what Lore exists for the world and try to come up with something creative for your character. Make up some faction or tribe that I can add to the world if you want to. I want the world to bend around your character, not make your character conform to the world. You should also read the starting post for the campaign and think of reasons your character would just happen to be there. Think of some personal goal for your character. Perhaps, if you do make a new faction/organization, this goal can be intertwined with that, sort of like on Critical Role how Keyleth has the personal goal of completing her Aremente, which is tied to the Ashari tribe she is a part of. Let your imagination go crazy.

    5. Equipment- Use the max gp for your class +75gp. If you are using a homebrew class that does not have an equipment section or doesn't detail starting gold, use the starting gold for a similar class in the PHB. Be sure the weight of your equipment does not exceed your Strength score times 15. Roll in the dice room for a trinket. Just do "#1d100" and then look at the trinket table. Work this trinket into their backstory.
  2. Althaea is, at least initially, put together here. Let me know how she looks to you.

    Google drive and Chrome do not seem to play nice with editable pdfs, and I'm going to have to copy everything over to another one on my computer, it seems, but that one's at least got all the data on it.
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    Oh, I figured you could just download, edit, and then upload, I'll give it a look :) Also, I completely forgot to add rolling for trinkets, so I'll do that now, go ahead and roll on yours for her if you haven't. She's got the stamp of approval. :D The only thing I am noting is that I'm not sure where the proficiency for Strength Saving Throws came from. Int/Wis are the Wizard ones, but there's no racial or background feats/proficiencies adding Strength Save proficiency.
  4. Hrmm, I suspect it either came from a misclick, or an odd tab. I'll fix it as I move it over to a stable copy of the character sheet.
  5. Alright. :) I can assume that other than that, the CS stats and feats and all that are basically correct?
  6. Basically, yep. Looks like one extra trained skill slipped through as well, and the finesse shortsword damage uses dex as well as for attack. That's all the mistakes I've run into so far.
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  7. Oh alright, which extra skill got through?
  8. History, for some reason. Arcana/Investigation from class, Slight of Hand/Stealth from background, Perception from race. I don't think there's a spot a 6th should have come from.
  9. Yeah, true true. History did sort of stick out to me, I just didn't think to double check it. Glad you caught it.
  10. Heyo, one quick question for character creation. I've been looking at the unearthed arcana for druids. Would a druid of the circle of dreams be viable? If not, I do have a backup option. Thanks! :)
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  11. how about a Storm Genasi Tempest Cleric of the Maelstrom Maiden who closely resembles a Sylph and fights with Twin Scimitars? i couldn't find an Actual Sylph, so a storm Genasi could be used to represent one.
  12. Before anyone else jumps in, I'm staking a claim on the Warlock class. Mine, mine, mine...
  13. hey, i'm trying to make a cleric not many would see as a traditional cleric. Cleric Dedicated to the Chaotic Good Fey Pirate Queen, Archfey of Storms, Piracy, Bravery, Freedom and Individuality.

    the other idea i had in mind. was a Dexterity based paladin that uses an Umbrella as a Reskinned Sabre. Sabre being a Rapier that deals Slashing Damage instead of piercing. and had a habit of using British Swears. the idea inspired by a Princess the hopeful character i played.
  14. My warlock is going to hate the fey, or at least find them utterly detestable. Oh, and she has a literal god complex. That too. Selune stole her moon, and she's going to get it back!
  15. Just posted a rough draft of my character sheet. Did not realise that fey was going to be an interest/non-interest of everyone. I'm fine with switching things up and making a rogue if need be.
  16. Elves are fey. but i don't think the Warlock would try to kill an Elf if the particular elf did nothing to draw their ire. if you wanna play an elf, go ahead. i'm gonna be playing some kind of Storm Spirit that might as well be a fey. i mean, Genasi are Elemental Humanoids, which indirectlyy ties them to being nature spirits, making them effectively fey. Lycanthropes are also fey.
  17. Nah, what I meant was to introduce a character that isn't as tied with opinions of fey, or have a backstory linked to them. There might be a greater focus on magic users so a(nother) weapon-wielder could add some more variety as well. I have my character ready but I'm flexible depending on how the party is.
  18. Oh, my warlock isn't an elf. She's a tiefling. And don't worry about her distaste of fey. It's certainly not to the extent of genocidal tendencies, just don't touch her with your filthy hands. Generally speaking, she has very low opinions of all mortals. After all, she's the rightful ruler of the moon and deserves the worship and praise of all. Doesn't help, though, that I got a pretty weak ability score roll. Got a whole 7 in strength.
  19. I'm making a half-elf rogue. The CS is more or less finished, but I won't be able to post it for another hour or two. It seems like we have quite the myriad of characters here so far.
  20. Yes! That would be an option. Just upload that specific UA article to the resources section of the Drive folder.

    Indeed, the sylph are not part of this world. As for Genasi, you may choose from the main 4 listed in elemental evil, or the alternate 4 subraces listed in I believe Volo's Guide.

    As for your cleric, I'd prefer you choose one of the deities from the main pantheon, whether that be a world deity, the regional deity of where the genasi grew up, or any of the racial deities depending on who the genasi grew up around. I won't limit it to these, however. I expect one kick ass backstory explaining this lesser known deity, if you do choose to go off the beaten path! :D

    Finally, @GinkyGotBack I saw your rolls on the dice room, do note that since you rolled 12, 12, 11, you are entitled to a reroll :)
  21. Thanks, but I'm fine with the rolls I got :) I'm thinking of stuff to add to his history, maybe a city where he does business or a place he explored once, something like that.

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  22. Cool cool. Feel free to make up cities/towns within a nation and I'll make them part of the world :D
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    So, guys, I'm just gonna say right now, I'm hella hyped for this. I'm already planning out "trainer" NPCs that will function in a similar way to Earthbreaker Groon in Critical Role. Essentially, they're max level NPCs that can train the party in new skills. If by combat, they'll only use as much of their power is necessary to prove their point and train. So, despite the fact they're max level and will be a source for obtaining artifact level weapons on the same tier as the vestiges from critical role, they won't use high level abilities or their signature weapons until the party is ready for that final challenge. :) I'm also giving each one a custom feat that the player characters can learn ;) It'll also be a one pc per trainer type deal. Sorta like how Grog was the only one of Vox Machina to receive training of any kind from Earthbreaker Groon. You'll know for sure who the trainer is willing/can train. It'll be pretty obvious lol. Can't wait til you guys get to exploring this wonderful world! :D

    Edit: An idea I just had is that these "trainers" will also be methods for roleplaying out possible multiclassing
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  25. I just uploaded Paelis, the half-elf rogue/merchant/treasure hunter/thief/betrayer of all friendship
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