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ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴀʟʟ ᴛʀᴇᴇs

What year is this? Oh right, it's 2020.
(And to note, let's just say covid doesn't exist ;_; )
It is a reminder that not everyone gets everything they want.
You see, me?
I never got anything I wanted, but am I complaining?
Maybe just a bit.

The world revolves around power and wealth unfortunately,
and here in Seoul, S. Korea, it's exactly what I found to be a pain:
the royal palace.

It consists of the King, Queen, and crown Prince who is next in line
for the throne. Everything they do is filled with love and admiration,
the pride of our country. But let's get back to where I was going with this.

I'm just a little lower/middle class person who just happened to have something in
possession. The ring that is supposed to be betrothed to the Crown Prince. You think
that I would love to get married to this Prince but in reality, I was never really ready to
get married at such a young age!

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Choi Eunji

  • mood
    Awake, Comfortable, and Nervous.

    Seoul National University.

    Yura her roommate and friend.
    Professor Kim the professor of her General Chemistry class.
    Wooyoung the crown prince.

The Beginning.

((I am so so sorry for this taking so long to get out. I got busy and I wanted to do some reading on what I was writing about.)

As cliché as it may sound to some, Eunji truly didn't think that today would be the day her life would change forever. This specific Wednesday morning wasn't exactly screaming life changing. The day started bright and early for Eunji, with the sound of her alarm going off being the first thing she heard as it shattered the peaceful world of her dreams. By that sound she knew it that is now six o'clock and it was time to get ready for her day. The first thing she had to do that day was attend her General Chemistry lecture with the ever so engaging professor Kim, and while she didn't love the way he would drone on for half the lecture with the same monotone voice she couldn't avoid his class. She had to take it if she was going to move forward with her chemistry degree. The class was meant to be boring and difficult by design to weed out any of the students who weren't serious about the subject, and Eunji would be d@mned before she let her dreams slip through her fingers because of one class.

Eunji opened her eyes slowly, cringing at the crust that had built up in her sleep made her lids stick together like she had slapped glue on them before going to sleep. "That was a sexy look you just made, it might even be enough to tempt me back into bed." The sound of chuckling soon followed after those words were spoken. Eunji new exactly who had said it without even having to look in their direction. "'Might be enough', I think you meant say 'come take me now'." Eunji playfully responded as she propped her head up in the palm of her hand to get a proper look at her roommate. Yura was two years older than Eunji and acted as an older sister when she had made the choice to leave her family behind to make her own life. The older woman was honestly stunning. She was tall and slender with long black hair that framed her face in a way that make her look like a queen. "Oh yes, I stand corrected." Yura dramaticly rolled her eyes before shuffling over to her side of the room. "You study late last night?" Eunji asked while she threw back the covers, sad to leave the warmth of her bed. Once she was sitting up her eyes and hands find her phone to stop her alarm which had still been going off during their exchange.

A hum of confirmation came from Yura's side of the room and Eunji could envision the way the older woman nodded her head despite the fact she wasn't looking at her. "Yeah, I'm not a natural genius like you are." This time it was Eunji's turn to roll her eyes while her unlocked her phone to silence her alarm. "I'm hardly a natural genius, I just happen to write down everything my professors say." Eunji looked up from her phone, watching as Yura packed up her things for her own classes that day. This is how things were between Yura and herself. Eunji always felt very comfortable around Yura. She never felt like she had to hide anything from Yura or tone down the sarcasm to avoid hurting her feelings. They knew eachothers boundaries. Though Yura would often encourage Eunji to expand her boundaries to not let people walk all over her. She never tried to force her into anything. "I know, I just like to tease you." Yura said looking over her shoulder at Eunji who was now getting her outfit for the day ready.

Eunji smiled over at Yura, tossing a pair of jeans onto the bed while she did so. "I know you are, you have that look on your face." She turned her attention back to her clothes while she pulled a simple white t-shirt out of one of the top drawers. She could hear Yura laughing softly behind her while she got the rest of her clothes. "I'm older than you, aren't you supposed to treat me with respect." Yura's voice was filled with mock offense after Eunji had pointed out that she had been able to see past the older ones facade. Eunji let out her own laugh at this but choose not to answer as she gathered her clothes and went to go change in the bathroom while she did her morning routine. When she emerged into the apartment once more she could hear that Yura was on her way out the door. "See you later Yura!" She called while she put in the same tiny gold hoop earrings that she would always wear. Yura's 'bye' could be heard in the distance with the door closing behind the older woman not long after. Eunji wasn't far behind her. She was getting ready to leave soon so she could catch the bus in time. With one last once over to make sure she had everything on her, only then Eunji did leave the shared apartment. Making sure that the door was locked behind her once she was out the door completely.

Eunji plugged in her headphones and let the music flow while she walked the same route to the bus stop. She had done this so many times now that she was confident to just let her mind wander off while her muscles guided her to where she was going. She of course snapped back into focus when she had to scan her pass to get on the bus, but otherwise her mind wasn't set on one thing in particular. She stared down at her crisp white shoes for a while during the bus ride. She recalled how Yura had gotten them for her for Christmas last year, making a note to get her something nice for her birthday. The whole duration of her bus ride went like this until she arrived at campus. She paused her music and took out her headphones. Tugging on them a bit harsher than she probably should when they got tangled in the strings of her hoodie. After that crisis had been resolved Eunji swiftly shuffled past the other passengers muttering the occasional 'excuse me, thank you' as she went. She didn't want to end up getting stuck on the bus and miss being able to get off at her stop. Once she was safely planted on the side walk she pulled out her phone to read the time that was displayed on the screen.

The digital display told her that it was now around six thirty o'clock, which gave her plenty of time to make the short walk to the campus and get to her seven thirty class without any trouble. While there was the option of riding the bus that stopped at her campus. Eunji had found that it was in fact cheaper to take the one that was a bit further away, and just walk the rest of her journey. "Okay, we are doing good on time." She said softly to herself with a bit of smile. Eunji enjoyed nothing more than being able to arrive to things early or exactly on time, so she was quite pleased that she might be able to arrive to class a bit early. She liked getting there early because it gave her time to talk with students about current assignments. Eunji thrn tucked her phone away for safe keeping while she made the rest of the journey to her campus.

Eunji was proud to say she was a student at Seoul National University. She had worked her butt off to be able to make that happen. While her grandparents had offered to help her pay to take classes there. Eunji didn't want to leech off the people who had already given her so much already. She did end up having take a couple gap years in order to make the money she needed to. This wasn't the only thing she did. Eunji did a lot of appyling to scholarhsips, and even managed to get a couple which have helped to lighten the load. It has been hard but she has never for a moment regretted the choices she made. Though her grandparents had insisted on helping her with the apartment she and Yura lived in. That was all she was allowing them to help her with during this part of her life. To her this was all to repay them for all the things that they did for her during her childhood and now.

Eunji was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket. Without slowly her pace she removed her phone from her pocket. Her eyes quickly glancing at the screen to see who was trying to contact her. The number revealed it was one of her study group members. She answered the call, shaking her head to flick some of her short dyed blonde locks away from her ear. "Hello, yeah this is Choi Eunji." She spoke into the speaker only now half paying attention to what was going on in front of her while she listened to what this person was saying. They went onto explain that they were really struggling with the recent assignment they had been given, and how they were wondering if she could help them answer a few questions since she was the only one who was currently avaliable. "Umm, yeah I can answer a few simple questions right now but it would be best if we can meet up in person and discuss." She explained, jogging quickly up a short flight of stairs. Nodding when they said something about just wanting the answers now because they had to work later. "Yeah, of course I understand but I think it would be better it I could actually show you how the problems work." Eunji opened her mouth to add a little more but her group member went on to add more about how busy they were later. Eunji definitely wasn't paying attention now as she tried to be patient with this person and get through the interaction without either party losing their cool. That moment of distraction was all that it took.

Rounding a sharp corner, Eunji didn't see the person that was coming her way in the opposite direction. So she wasn't really prepared to slam shoulders with the person. Well, she more made contact with side and lower arm because this person was much taller than she was. She hadn't slowed her speed walk either so like a scene from a bad romcom, Eunji watched as her phone flew from her grip and onto the hard ground. She was relived that she had a case for the phone, but that didn't mean she had to enjoy the sound that it made when it hit the ground. For a second she completely forgot about the person she had just shoulder checked and rushed forward to pick her phone up off the ground. She could hear that the person was still blabbering on and at that point she had enough. She sighed, frustrated by her group member more than anything right now. She gave her phone a quick once over before lifting it up to her ear. "Look I am going to have to call you back okay." She said with more force than she would have liked before hanging up on them. After that was all wrapped up she could now turn her full attention to the person she had just slammed into. "Sorry about that, and for slamming into you it was entirely my fault." She kept her phone in her hands to keep them from from fidgeting while she apologized to this person.

It was then that she noticed something weird about this person. And it wasn't anything that they were wearing, or a particular item that they had on them. It was the two bodyguard looking people who with were with them. She could feel that familiar feeling of dread and terror settle in her chest when she really took the time to look over this person. He was handsome that was something anyone would be able to tell from looking at him. He also had this regal air to him that only served to make Eunji more nervous about continuing this interaction. His face was familiar to her has well. Deep within her mind she knew the reason behind that but at the moment the anxiety she was feeling was blocking it out. Choosing to instead focus on fixing this situation before he unleashed his fury on her. "I didn't hurt you right, I know I was walking kind of fast there, and once again I am really sorry." Eunji hated how awkward she felt delivering those words but she felt pressured to say something more to him. Especially with the way she had previously brushed him off to check on her phone. She could only imagine what kind of first impress that made.

Eunji was never one for confrontation and something about the way this guy was looking at her that it was not going end well. She could only hope right now that she was just being paranoid and over complicating things in her head before she had really gotten a chance to hear his response. Eunji tucked her hands away into the front pocket of her hoodie hoping that would some how help her relax. Her large brown eyes locked on the man in front of her while she prepared herself mentally for the worst.

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Han Wooyoung

  • mood
    "Is this person blind? Do they not know who they bumped into? It's not like I'm going to notice her."

    Seoul National University school corridors

    Pride. Pride.

Dreaming away . . .

A small breeze snuck its way into the windows of the Crown Prince. The sound of a loud gong continued to ring through Wooyoung's ears which made him grumble as he tossed and turn. Was it already the next day? Just a couple of weeks ago, he had purposed to his girlfriend only to be rejected and dumped on the spot. Whatever the Prince was doing nowadays made him feel like an empty shell. Was he going through some sort of post-depression with what had occurred? The Crown Prince. To be able to feel something like this shouldn't be right after all. Everyone loved and respected him and not to say, his life was depressing anyway, so why did he feel like that woman had drilled a hole into his heart?

Contemplating his inner self about how he felt, Wooyoung just laid on the bed, sleeping on his stomach while he put half of his face in the pillow. His hair slowly moved down to his eyes but Wooyoung didn't bother to move an inch until there was a soft knock on the door. With a quick turn to lay on his back this time, Wooyoung lifted the blanket to his nose, looking at the person who had just entered the room.

"Your highness." an older voice called out, his voice a bit hoarse due to his age. The man looked to be about the age in his fifties but while he may sound and look old, his grey hair was styled in a slick-style with an ironed and nice black tuxedo, matching with his little silver wristwatch.

With the sight of the man, Wooyoung let down his guards, pulling the blanket sheets down, sitting on his bed while he quietly observed his assistant.

"It's 6 o'clock. You must wake up to get ready to go to your class." his assistant said, with a firmer tone to his voice as he kindly bowed to the Prince. "We will be serving breakfast today. You will be having your usual; toast and orange juice."

Wooyoung nodded at his assistance's agenda for the morning. This was the normal routine for the Crown Prince. It was always a schedule for each day with its specific details and routine. Sometimes, his assistant would mention attending a movie with the King and Queen (his parents) or going to a charity event at a particular hospital. It was always about the title of the "royal" and never really about Wooyoung himself.

If Wooyoung had done something so significantly amazing, it wouldn't be because he was just a person, but it was the Prince. Because he is the Prince, he can do anything practically. But without the title, would it be possible for him to be able to do all of the things without being judged? While his assistant spoke about the schedule for the day and whatnot, Wooyoung had dazed off to nod his head to make it as if he was listening to him.

"I will head to the bathroom and get ready then." Wooyoung patiently waited for his assistant to finish. Wooyoung was wearing silk navy-blue pajamas, one of his favorite outfits to wear when going to sleep because of how comfortable it was. In the enormous bedroom that Wooyoung resided, he slipped on his slippers under the bed and walked to his private bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror before finishing his business in the bathroom.

Wooyoung got out of the double doors with the maids, butlers, and his assistant standing at the front of the door as they bowed to him to bid him farewell. His wine-red jacket corresponded with his ash blue pants. To fit with his formal attire a basic, black silk tie matched with his white collar. Observing the workers bow to him, he lowered his head for a second to acknowledge their existence and entered in a luxurious black vehicle to travel to school.

Upon arriving at Seoul National University, the first thing was the screams that could be heard outside of Wooyoung's car. Girls cuddling up together, covering their mouths with their hands as they stuck out their phone to wait for Wooyoung to get out of the car quickly became a small crowd of people. Before the Prince could step outside, two bodyguards had already set a pathway for Wooyoung, keeping the fans away from him.

Nonchalant about the current situation, he hastened his pace to walk to his department area with no purpose to take a glance at the crowd or the girls calling his name as he entered the building. At the little store area where Wooyoung's department was at, he purchased a cup of parfait with some granola pieces in it since he had skipped his breakfast in the morning. He wasn't feeling his usual breakfast and he had an exam in his biology class, so it was important for him to take a snack or two before taking his test later in the afternoon.

The two bodyguards followed behind him. The faster Wooyoung walked, the faster the bodyguards followed. He would hasten his pace and then slow it down, testing the two out before he stopped.

"Can you two just... stop getting so close to me?" Wooyoung plead. He was so done with the bodyguards constantly surrounding him as if he would always be in danger. This was just a university. Who at all would ever do anything to Wooyoung? Frustrated, he continued down the hallway, sticking out his hands with his parfait because he was still lecturing the bodyguards until a hard impact had caused the parfait to smother all over his jacket.

Cold, gooey, and a mesh of pieces of granola bar splashed on Wooyoung's jacket and neck. The Prince turned to the perpetrator. A blond-haired, short girl was found a couple of feet away from him, apologizing to him before she ended her conversation on her phone.

"I didn't hurt you right, I know I was walking kind of fast there, and once again I am really sorry."

The female cooly stuck her hands in her pockets as if it was a casual talk to her. The two bodyguards were about to attain her but Wooyoung turned to them, shaking his head to stop them from hauling her away. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as the male rolled his eyes at the female.

No words came out of his mouth. It wasn't because he was shocked but he was more upset that he would have to get another jacket to clean up this mess-- especially before class starts in a couple of minutes. He could only close his eyes and point up at the air with his index finger. The plastic cup of the parfait was now just a mess on Wooyoung's jacket and neck. He shoved the cup to one of the bodyguards, ushering them to throw it away before he pointed at the female that stood in front of her.

"I don't have time for this nonsense." Without any hesitation, he took off his red-wine jacket and threw it on the ground. His eyebrows furrowed with an upset expression on his face while he stared at her the whole time while the male took off his jacket. "If you have time to call your boyfriend, boytoy, whatever it is and not see where you were going, don't go walking around in a rush like that."

Wooyoung tried to flick off the parfait on his neck with the back of his hands, all while he gave the girl in front of him a stare-down. He was going to remember this. It was going to be another ten minutes or so for him to wash all of this stickiness off of his neck and hands before he could get to class early to prepare. Was he going to let her off? If Wooyoung didn't have class in a couple of minutes, he would have done something but he couldn't bear to be late to his first class, so it was more important for him to remember who this person was so that he could tell her off the next time he saw her.

"Oh, and if you don't belong here in this department, don't even come here for any excuses to see me. I will never look in your direction (meaning he would never see that she exists anyway; he suggested that she did this on purpose to get his attention)." Wooyoung aimed at her in the face and then stomped away from the female after telling her off. The bodyguards rushed and accompanied him, forgetting about the red-wine jacket that laid in front of Eunji.

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Choi Eunji

  • mood
    Annoyed, Guilty, and Confused.

    Seoul National University corridors.

    Sign Sign .

Parfait Stained Red-Wine

In the brief moments that Eunji was waiting for a response from the poor guy she had just bumped into, she was given an opportunity to really look over him. The feeling of him being someone familiar to her was still nagging at her. She had already noted his height and good looks, and while these might have helped someone else in figuring out this man's identity. It wasn't really doing much to help Eunji connect the dots. This was mainly due to the fact that she knew quite a few people who fit into both of those categories. Well, she was being a bit biased since almost everyone around her was tall due to her short stature. Not that she thought that was a bad thing. It just wasn't helping her. There was the option of staring at his face until a name came to mind. That idea was tossed as quickly as it came. She really didn't want to make things worse for him by creeping him out. Not to mention, with the way those two guys behind him were looking at her. Eunji was positive that she if were to look at him for more than two seconds they would use that as an excuse to erase her from existence. Thus, her next best option was to look at what he was wearing. She hoped that maybe his style of dress would help her out some.

That's when she saw the effect of her bumping into him. There it was for all to see, yogurt and granola that was now scattered across the front of his jacket. If Eunji didn't feel bad for nearing tackling him before, she certainly did now. She still would have felt really guilty about getting someone's clothes dirty because of her actions. But the guilt was only made worse when she noticed that the jacket looked really nice. She didn't have to be from the fashion department to know that that jacket he was wearing wasn't cheap. She parted her lips for a brief moment with the intention to mention doing something about the jacket she had ruined, but quickly shut herself up when she noticed the two men behind him moving towards her. The brief fear that shot through her made her whole body freeze up. Though luck seemed to be on her side, because the one they were guarding was feeling merciful today. He called them off with a mere shake of his head. While her heart got the chance to relax. Her body on the other hand, did not. Her brain was telling her if she shifted just an inch too much. That the men would choose to ignore the request and come for her anyway. 'Maybe I shouldn't mention the jacket.' She stupidly thought to herself with the purpose out not giving the one who had saved her a reason to take back his mercy.

Eunji wrapped her hands together within the confinements of her hoodie, it was something she did when she was especially nervous, trying to keep her cool. That's when the male in front of her let out a heavy sigh. It reminded her of the one people would make when they were especially annoyed at someone, and that certainly wasn't helping her feel any better. Eunji she couldn't exactly be mad at him for being annoyed at her either. She did just cause him to splatter his breakfast all over himself. Which was a perfectly valid reason to be annoyed at her, and she did want to fix her mistake. But when he rolled his dark eyes at her. She felt that familiar inkling of frustration bubble in her chest. 'I apologized didn't I.' She found herself wanting to spit those words out at him in response to him rolling his eyes, but she bit her tongue and simply waited for him to actually speak to her.

Expect he didn't speak right away. Instead he just closed his eyes and raised his pointer finger into the air. Eunji got a feeling he was charging up for something. What that 'something' was exactly, she didn't know but she was sure she was about to find out. She watched him, now slightly confused on what exactly he was doing. 'Is he trying to be intimidating?' She wondered briefly. The dark haired male then shoved what left of his parfait into the hands of one of the men who were previously trying to tackle Eunji. They got the message of what they were supposed to do with the now empty plastic cup when the guy ushered them off. Now Eunji was even more confused. 'Just who is this guy?' He seemed rather important with the way he was acting right now ,and with the way those men had reacted to her bumping into him. Eunji wondered briefly if he was a celebrity or something. If he was indeed a celebrity, then maybe that was why he seemed familiar to her. She didn't get to dwell on this guess for too long since the guy was now focusing his attention on her. Eunji figured that on out when he had suddenly switched from pointing at the sky to pointing at her. And with the way his dark eyes were burning with fury, she knew all hell was about to break loose.

And right she was right that assumption. After he spoke his first words word to her, which weren't exactly the most friendly, he tore off the parfait covered jacket and threw it down on the ground in front of her. Eunji jumped a few inches back from wine colored piece of clothing like he had thrown a weapon at her rather than a harmless jacket. She had been expecting him to yell at her not throw his clothes down at ground before her. She pulled her hands out of her pocket and chose to instead hold them in front her chest. As if it would help her to still her heart. Eunji's own gaze shifted into a soft glare while she made eye contact with the guy in front of her. His eyebrows were furrowed together and he made no attempt to break eye contact with her while he spat his next choice of words. "If you have time to call your boyfriend, boytoy, whatever it is and not see where you were going, don't go walking around in a rush like that." Eunji felt the strongest urge to scoff in this man's face.

Eunji may have hated confrontation or anything to do arguing with people, but God if people like this man didn't make her want to spit fire. Now it was her turn to be pissed off. She at first understood why he was upset. But now he had shifted from justified annoyance to just being plain rude. He had no reason to throw a tantrum like a small child. She forced herself to stand up straighter preparing herself to say something back. Expcept she couldn't. She knew she looked angry with the way she glaring at him. She knew exactly what she wanted to say to him. The words where just getting stuck in her throat. She wanted so badly to stand up to this guy. To show that he couldn't just act like that no matter who he was. But the guilt and fear kept her quite. All she could do was glare at this guy has he flicked the food item off him with the same face the b*tchy popular girl character would make in the movies, or at least that is what she was comparing it to. She made a promise to herself. That if she at least couldn't stand up to this guy. That she would remember this guy and make sure to tell her friends about him so they wouldn't get wrapped up in his good looks and think he was something they should have in their lives.

Eunji thought maybe he was done now. Though he quickly proved her wrong with what he said next. This time Eunji did actually roll her eyes at him. She watched as he dramaticly stormed off. Further selling the idea that he was acting like a little kid. The two men from before followed hurriedly behind him obviously not wanting to lose he while he left the scene. "Like I would come see you." She muttered bitterly to herself while watching him leave. Secerelty flipping him off when she felt he was a safe distance away. Her eyes then found the wine colored jacket on the ground. At first she just glared at it before turning on heel to leave there to rot. She managed to get three steps away from it before she was turning around and stepping towards the clothing item. With a huff she roughly grabbed the jacket. She debated for a moment whether or not if she should just leave it there or maybe throw it somewhere never to be found again. But now that things had calmed down and anger wasn't the only thing on her mind she reasoned that neither of them were good ideas. She knew that if she did that she would feel bad later. Maybe that was just her people pleasing nature speaking but she knew it was rude to throw away something that belonged to someone else. Even if they had basically insulted her.

Eunji stared at the red colored item for a few moments while she debated what she was going to do with it when she remembered that she had a class to get to. "Sh!t, what time is it." She threw the jacket over her arm as she pulled out her phone to check the time. She was relieved to find she wasn't in the danger zone just yet but that wouldn't last long if she didn't get moving. She turned off her phone's screen, shoving it into her back pocket where it would stay the rest of the morning. She didn't waste anymore time standing in that spot in the hall as she resumed her journey to class. The jacket she had picked up still safely in her arms.

When she arrived to her class the majority of other students where arriving as well. While some glanced over to see what she had in her arms, mostly out of pure boredom, but most everyone else couldn't care less about what she had with her. Eunji pretty much blocked everyone out once she was in her seat, the jacket resting across her lap as not to get in anyone's away. She also didn't really have anywhere else to put it. 'Why did I pick up the jacket.' She asked herself looming down at the wine colored material. She had been carefully not to let the parfait smear anywhere else on the fabric. She wanted to avoid damaging the item any further than she already. 'I'll clean it, then give it to the office and he can find it himself.' She told herself to let her attention shift away from the jacket to the lass she was in. She didn't want that mornings incident stick with her. This of course wouldn't be what happened.

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