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Fantasy The Price of Loyalty

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Historical, LGTBQ Friendly


The senpai who noticed
The kingdom of Vyseria was always a militant one, its rulers supplying their coffers by subjugating other kingdoms since their own had grown barren due to the harsh conditions of freezing winters and droughts. He has recently come to bring the kingdom of Roudia under his heel. This kingdom relies on trade to survive, and one of their main trade routes is controlled by Vyseria. Knowing this, the king has sent his son, the prince, to make arrangements for the kingdom to be brought into the fold. Not all are content with this particular agreement, and there are those among the Roudian council who secretly try to plan a subversion of these peace talks.


Vyserian prince
Vyserian knight: taken by redroseknight
Other Vyserian entourage
Roudian King
Roudian Queen
Roudian Prince/Princess: (up to three)
Roudian council
Other entourage

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