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The Prayer’s Hand that We will be Sticking to the BBCodes or else this Thread is Doomed
I am terribly sorry for this 3 AM title and it makes no sense. I will regret this, but this what it is; no turning back, dear.

Hello there, good people of RPNation! Ignore my complaints of slow loading and instead give cheers to the fact that we are back to the BBCoding! I have faith that we can have fun role playing no matter what happens here, but hot damn! We have BBCodes again! I also want to give thanks to the staffs for running this site as best as they can!

Okay, okay, I'll finish with my gibber-jabber. I know you just want to know what this brand spanking new thread is about, right? Okay but first settle down folks. Breath in and out and maybe blink your eyes a couple of times… Okay, feeling better? Oh, you can go get a drink of water, the person at the back.

Hello again and welcome to another art dump thread! Maybe it is better to call this a General Art Thread! This thread is not as special as I made it out to be and I apologize for dragging the intro long, but finally, I decided to make a place for my stuffs. I will most likely be posting stuffs at random and may be using this thread as an archive of my characters and their recantations (yes, I am those kind of rpers). I am also open to interacting with others, whether you guys want a How-To, tips to improve your own work, or just have a general chat!

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From Newest to Oldest with a space saver tab.

  • Tabs are your best friends.

    Note I know that many people here in RPNation are very good people and I've met some pretty rad people during my time here, but I also know that the internet is a pretty big place with all kinds of people. So with all due respect, please don't use my babies. As an artist, they are very precious to me. I've worked as hard as I can with each OCs (though admittedly, some kinda feel kinda the same, hahahaahhh) and I’ve seen them grow and change as I rped them. They are memories I cherish very much and I would like everyone to respect that. The reason I am putting them up in the first place is to simply show the kinds of characters I like to RP. For my friends, they might see stuffs I never revealed about my characters in our role plays like insider thoughts and what not.

    Thank you.
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This isn't drawing but I did said General art... Soooo

This is a quick recording of a song Im hoping to master or at least get good at without looking at my sheet as I play it, hahaha.

Had night owls in mind as I made this. Hope you like it and have a good night.

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I.. Hmm... welp. it's been another forever since I posted here.

Aaaaahhh here are a couple of things i drew over the past months while.

So recently, I've tried to go back to rping hahaha. A My Hero Academia rp caught my attention and yeah, I made a new babe for it!

Hyori Hamada!

More drawings of him under the spoiler.

So have you guys heard about the South Park Phone Destroyer? WELL, waaay before the Butt Whole was released, I was a pretty active player in the days. I got super lucky and got both Grand Wiz Cartman and Shieldmaiden Wendy!! O-oh right. Drawings. Ssssooooo playing the game, I couldn't help but make my own small groups of New Kids and seeing that the show had a bunch of new cast of characters living in South Park, I was like "Hey! These group of kids could be part of this wave of people that moved into town!" Like a good daydreamer, I kinda made a South Park style over the top episode about one of the kids is a part of the black market art collection and by the time the Butt Whole came around (it's ridiculous and my brother and I love it. Still haven't finished it, welp.), I was like "Oh! This plot that is on the back burner in my brain could totally be a side quest that New Kid could do!" and yeah. I never really fleshed out the plot in my head. It was fun to imagen. Ok! To the drawings!

Cain Diaz Munsch

Darius Paolini

___ Garza

___ Lee

Yeaaaah.... My two kids don't really have a first name... I just welp, the kids call them by their last name! Welp!

And I don't have a proper sketch of the New Kid that my brother and I play but just for you guys! I'll upload a not completed sketch of New Kid!

I don't think I'm all too happy with how the hair (normal form) is. My bro picked it so I'm stuck with it, which I don't mind, I just need to figure out how to draw the hair better. Yup.

Here's a couple of... comics for the Phone Destroyer.

Oh yeah! I also joined a Dungeons and Dragons group! It's my first time and I fell in love with my first character, Ryphle, and my party! hahaha

And finally...

I got into Don't Starve... Like really got into it... Save me.

I main Webber! He is so dang CUTE! But sometimes... this happens to me...

I didn't mean to hit the spiders! I just want to start a spider civil war...
(I just realized that the four drawings are in a single image. the bottom right corner. the corner.)

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