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Fantasy The Power of heaven's Smile: a medieval fantasy rp (started soon but still open)

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The Flowiest on site
The walled city of Desara, the grand capital of human achievement. For over one thousand years the Leo bloodline has ruled over the territory, building Desara's fortifications and strength. Inside the castle grounds of Desara a grand marble church houses a man and woman... The Leo family have always been religious, to the point they follow the churches word as law. Richard Leo was no different. As a young boy Richard was there as his father announced the new married couple, the man and woman chosen by God to become the next prophets.

Fifty two years later the prophets had their first vision...
A evil rises, grows, A demon from the depths of the ground...
the demons life brings terror in its wake...
It changes the land and sea we live upon, as it's foul twisted form reaches the surface of our world...
The demons ambition will raise a army, towers will break the soil and emerge spreading violence and fear...

Only one person can make a difference. This woman is a light for the coming darkness, a holy flame that will ignite the wicked and burn demons to ash... this flame has a treacherous path to walk, but she commands legends... men and women whose skill and power shall shield the flame from the harsh cold winds of evil...

The prophecy was vague and longer... but king Leo drank in each word, asked questions and tried to draw understanding from it all.

Needless to say. Everyone in Desara was skeptical, "god bless Leo," "he wishes he had the same tale as his grandpa," "Like anything could ruin this time of peace! Humans rival elves now!!"

That is until a massive dark tower grew in the distance, seemingly overnight. Monster population also doubled in the area. Goblins, slimes, gnolls... A inconvience grew to a threat as the farms outside the walled city soon fell to monsters. Desara's guards and all the kings army fought the monstrous numbers, despite winning each battle only suffering small casualties and low death counts. The creatures always return in higher number, some of the guards claim the goblins and gnolls are getting smarter...
(A gnoll, the smartest of these monsters wear and use items from it's victims.)

King Leo demanded this light be found!
Demanded that people who are skilled and powerful step forward!
Only the light and the party of legends could possibly thwart evil as the church has suggested.
Leo was slightly starting to lose hope, all the women and young girls so far who had stood before him and the prophets were apparently, "lacking the light"
Should you choose to play you would make a character that falls under one of two categories...

1) Your character is the light! Chosen by higher powers and given a holy ability to thwart evil. You are the harem protagonist. (Being naive, dense, Shelden Cooper, flawed in a less obvious but understanding way or a massive slut will get bonus points.)

2) Your character is a legend! of some sort, brilliant in battle and different from the other legends that will soon surround the protag.
(Every legend should have a different weapon, magic and trope. Can't have three firebending tsundere swordsmen in the same group)

This is a medieval fantasy rp of my own design with a fair bit of inspiration from old generic anime. The easiest thing I can point to is Yona of the dawn...
Literally as it's about five or six legendary warriors teaming up under the main character.

While it will be a somewhat serious affair I aim to make It lighthearted and funny at times the same way a drama has jokes or silly moments. The plot focuses on the party travelling through the territory of monsters and aiming to slay the demon king who was prophesied to destroy and eat the world.

Along the protagonist's way they should meet up with legends who fall in line to save the world/protect the protagonist because love or prophecy idc.

I'm thinking we need one main character
(now I know I said gods light is a girl but I'm fine with the God chosen light being a dude)
And four/five legends to back up the Gods light.

Post requirements is two/three paragraphs once a week (or more)

If you want to express interest or ask questions please do so.
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The Flowiest on site
A example of a legendary warrior who will join "gods light" also my character unless I need to play the lead aha this is more a template and this check will not be the character page so I won't accept any that get posted here. (Ill delete them nyah!)
But feel free to read it and pm a drapht to me if you want to secure a spot.

The thunder cracked like god himself had slammed the door
Name: Raydin Cloud-eye
Age: 24
Gender: male
Appearance: standing at a whopping average of 5ft9 Raydin has a striking physique, his piercing blue eye almost a pale white, If he isn't drunk. His black hair stands on end when he is electrically charged but usually falls in a mess. Raydin has no scars (below his neck)
A feat he is proud of considering the dangers he has faced.
Notable gear: a machete like sword, caltraps, three boomerangs.
Steel boots, a mixture of leather and iron armour, simple robes, pants shirts, usually blue or darker colours, metal mask, Has a lucky purple bandana,

Any skills at all: projectile weapons, thrown or aimed. (more suited to thrown)
Raydin is quite agile which helps his stealthy endeavours.
Raydin is somewhat of a legend for his varying control of magic.
Music, be it singing or instruments Raydin has a certain knack for rhythm.
Close quarters combat, Raydin is adept at fighting hand to hand but usually has a weapon he can flow a electric current into.

Any flaws at all:
Only has his vision in his right eye, the left eye was damaged caused by a "accident"
Raydin is selfish for his own pleasure, be that his own comfort or stroking his own ego Ray can often find himself distracted or lost.
Ray has a love of drink, food, drugs and women. Which usually dictates alot of his actions.
Cursed by a wizard, sometimes can see spirits. From a time long gone or yet to pass other times it's hallucinations.
The type to do as he likes when he likes.
Being human he has a weakness to the elements, sharp objects etc.
Has a need to sleep eat and breathe.
while able to use his power to stimulate his muscles and reflexes to superhuman levels (a fair bit above average) ray can feel fatigue and physical stress.
Gambling/rambling (also rambo'ing it)
Skill with a sword, Raydin would have been murdered years ago if not for his magic. Relying on the easier ways has left Raydins skill and dexterity for swordplay lacking. Usually relying on magic or a boomerang
(with a current through it)

Power: Lightning/thunder
Be it conjuring lightning to throw or direct at a target to using electromagnetic forces to make sure his weapons are accurate. Moving somewhat as fast as lightning, Raydin is a natural genius of magic and combat from the esteemed cloud eye clan.

Background check:
Second son to the clan leader of the Cloud-eye Raydin was naturally able to conjure and control lightning. The cloud eye clan, famous for producing skilled warriors for hire soon had a twelve year old Raydin defeating bandits, monsters and the like. As the child became older however it became clear he was growing to powerful to quickly, the clan elder, even Raydin's father were unable to match his raw potential. With tension growing between his family, at age fourteen Raydin left the comfort of his home with only the clothes on his back. That is the humble beginnings to the legendary tale of Raydin cloudeye.

Trope: sarcastic/lewd-foward flirt./drunken master/random/cocky
Protag or interest?: interest


New Member
Hello. This sounds fun!

Would you mind if I join as one of the warriors? I don't want the pressure of being the main protagonist (lol).


The Flowiest on site
Happy to make the cs page soonish provided more players rock up but for anyone with free time Wanting to get a head start, if you by take the sheet I posted above and keep what’s written in bold


etc will be the bare minimum of a sheet that I need
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Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
Too optimistic? Or just ahead of the game? 🤔

Either way, I’m in and I have a character idea that’ll probably need some explanation in DMs because it’s a strange one.


The Flowiest on site
Come one come all and see if you’ll have a ball
The rp is soon starting but your chances aren’t departing

all you need to do is make a cs that fits the bill and you to can slip in naturally with adequate skill
So If you have time to kill come get your fill

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True Black Rose Beauty
For anyone, who didn't see it. The character thread is up already.

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