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Futuristic The Pirate crew


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Crew positions

The captain Rin Carr

First mate Lillian Lawrence

Helmsman Ajax

Muscle 1 Adromeda Omen

Muscle 2

Engineer Yuku

Doctor Dr. Wren


Character sheet




Appearance (either describe or picture)

Positin on the Crew

History (their background and how they ended up on the ship)

My Character

Name Orin Carr known to the galaxy as Salamander

Race human of Terra Prime descent

Age 29

Appearance six two well built with long obsidian black hair. Usually wears a long black trench coat and slacks. He has a tattoo of a bloody sun with a spear going threw it

When in combat or away from his ship he wears his Alliance Armored Infantry Armor

View attachment 937744

(Legion armor/ Galaxy'sEdge)

Position Captain

History: Rin grew up in the slums of Terra prime. He learned at a young age to look out for himself. His life was spiraling down the drain he turned to a life of crime before he was forced into the military. While every citizen of the Alliance has a required five years of service because or Rin's record his time was doubled.

The military was good for him. Becoming apart of a team helped him with his anger. Unfortunately he and his company were involved in the bloodiest battle during the Mulich contract of expansion. His company lost 90 percent of their operators.

Feeling done with The Alliance and anger at the UG for allowing this to happen he deserted his post and stole a prototype starship Excalibur.
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Name: Andromeda Omen
Race: Human, originally from Arcadia (genetically modified)
Age: 25
Appearance: Andromeda stands at a tall 5'11", and usually wears a flexible body suit underneath her armor. People say she looks reminiscent of a great bounty hunter that once protected the galaxy, Samus Aran.

History: Andromeda used to live on Arcadia alone, as an orphan. She didn't know exactly what happened to her parents, but she suspected that they were killed in battle. She lived on the streets, panhandling and fending for herself, until one day she was kidnapped.

She was taken by a man who was actually a military scientist/engineer, representing Arcadia. She, alongside a few other homeless children, had been taken. They were expendable. Nobody knew they were trapped in his private lab. Nobody cared about them. They were easy targets.

The man tested on them, injected liquids, made them wear tech that wasn't fully ready. Experiments backfired, children became deformed, death in the worst ways imaginable. The dead bodies were disposed of, and new children were taken in. Andi was very young at that time, and the man seemed to prefer older test subjects.

But, one of the psychotic man's inventions worked. Andi was injected with the bone marrow of an alien race, the Zocho. It affected her DNA in a way that made her stronger and faster than any normal human.

A super-human, you might say.

This could change warfare forever.

However book-smart the scientist was, he definitely lacked common sense. Soon enough, Andi managed to break free, freeing the other trapped kids with her. She destroyed everything inside the lab, and beat the scientist almost to death. She also stole the suit that she now adorns.

After her escape, she had nowhere to go. She was a lab experiment gone loose. She resented the government and everything about it, especially since she was being experimented on all for the government. Perhaps this is why she decided to become a pirate.
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(I hope this is okay)

Name: Liliana “Lily” Lawrence

Race: Cyborg

Age: 20+


Positin on the Crew: First Mate

History: Liliana was from the colony of Kepler-452b. Due to it’s earth-like environment, Kepler-452b was one of the oldest exoplanet colony that humanity had founded once faster-than-light travel technology became available.

Lily was born in the spaceport city of Elysium, the second largest city in 452b. Having been born into a interstellar merchant family, Lily had learned all about starship operations since young age. She spent most of her childhood on board the family starship “Stargazer”, plying between Terra Prime and various systems in Cygnus constellation.

Disaster struck when Lily was 17 years old, the starship was heavily damaged after crashing into unknown object while in warp speed. Lily’s last memory was being placed into escape pod by her parent, having been severely injured herself. Her escape pod was found 15 months later, with Lily in cyrosleep as the sole occupant. No other wreckage or survivor from Stargazer was ever seen or heard from again.

Her injury was so severe that most of her body was turned into cybernetic in order to survive. With artificial lungs and internal oxygen supply she can now survive for extended period of time in total vacuum. Her eyes were enhanced with eyesights and could work perfectly even while underwater. Despite being double amputee, with prosthetic legs she can actually perform gymnastics better than most human can ever dream of.

Lily was not exempted from the mandatory military service for the Alliance, while she was in the service, the military offered her a new weapon based on her physical condition: a pair of high frequency blade that could double as her prosthetic legs.

She became very familiar with her leg-blade, which could be powered up with alternating current and resonating at extremely high vibration frequencies, such oscillation would weaken the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, with her leg-blade she could cut armoured soldiers in half, vertically, without much trouble.

She fought alongside Orin Carr during their time in the military and went through numerous bloodiest battle together. Fighting like devil and clear the deck of enemy starship like it’s nothing. After the company got destroyed in the engagement in Mulich, Lily followed Rin in his desertion for space piracy, and her know-how of starship operation proved to be helpful in commandeering the prototype starship.
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Ajax Qast


31 years (young adult)

Appearance (either describe or picture)
A picture drawn for me of Ajax by my friend VeiledPariah.

Closeup of Ajax's/a Zalbinian's ears, also done for me by my friend VeiledPariah

Ajax stands at 2.5 meters tall. His eyes are gold with normal looking pupils that turn to reptilian slits when angry and glow in the dark. He has a third eyelid over both his eyes that is transparent and black scales around his eyes. He has a powerful tail, razor sharp talons and his teeth are a mix of flat and serrated. He has medium furry ears on the sides of his head with a pair of reptilian ears and his body is covered in an interlacing mix of green/black scales and gray fur. He has scales on his hands, feet, his head, upper body/sides and the lower part of his limbs while his upper limbs and his lower body are covered in gray fur though the fur stops halfway down his belly. On the crown of his head and going down halfway on his neck are black spikes which also surround his cheeks.

Race Notes:
  • Powerful tails, claws and teeth
  • Venom Bite which can paralyze prey, can also leak through claws & teeth
  • Capable of running on two legs or four legs
  • High Intelligence
  • Normal pupils that change to slits when angry and glow in the dark
  • Transparent third eyelid over eyes
  • Eyes are sensitive to light so when they travel to planets with younger, hotter suns they have to wear special blinders to protect their eyes
This race has appearance distinctions, as outlined below, however they also have a long lifespan with a maximum life of 5,000 years with maturity being at 20 years, despite being considered young adults at 17. Their lifespan consists of infant (0-3 years), child (4-11 years), adolescent (12-16 years), young adult (17-51 years), adult (52-102 years), middle aged (103-800 years), old (800-1,000 years) and venerable (1,001-5,000 years).

Average Height: 2-3 meters tall (males-bipedal)/3.5 meters at the shoulder; 1.6-1.8 m tall (females-bipedal)/2.5 meters at the shoulder

Average Weight: 1,320 lbs (females)/1,370 lbs (males)

Average Length: 12 meters (males)/9 meters (females)

Zabinian Appearance Distinctions: Their bodies are covered in an interlacing mix of scales and fur, looking like a hybrid of lizard and canid. Males tend to have spikes going from between their eyes to the upper half of their neck while females don't have spikes. Males are covered in either green and black, brown and green, blue and green, black and green, mottled green, dark green, light gray, or blue and black scales. Females are covered in red and gold, purple or green, blue and red, mottled brown and green, light green, gray and green, or purple and gold scales. Their bodies are covered in an interlacing mix of scales and tawny, brown, cream, black, white, red, or gray fur, females having tawny, gray, cream or white fur while males have gray, red, black or brown. Males tend to have spikes going from between their eyes to the upper half of their neck while females don't have spikes. Their heads, necks, chests and lower portions of their legs and arms are covered in scales while the upper portions of their limbs along with their bodies are covered in fur. They have two sets of ears, medium furry ears on their heads with two reptilian ears on the sides of their head and scales on their hands and feet. Their tails are completely devoid of fur and are instead covered in scales. Male and female Zalbinians have a vast difference in height. Standing on two legs, male Zalbinian stand at 2 to 3 meters tall while their female counterparts stand at an average of 1.6 to 1.8 meters in height. The length of a male Zalbinian is 12 meters while a female is usually 9 meters on all fours and their height tends to be 3.5 meters at the shoulder for males and 2.5 meters at the shoulder for females. Males tend to have gold or red eyes while females tend to have orange or green eyes but both have black claws and their eyes are set against white sclera. Males also tend to be heavier built with more muscle mass whereas females are leaner. Both sexes have jaws powerful enough to crush bone.

Children only get to a maximum of 1 meter in height regardless of sex. Adult height is not reached until both sexes have reached adulthood. They are capable of regenerating their tails if they are torn or cut off. They give birth to live young, usually between three to five young after a gestation of six months. Zalbinian have four digits on their front paws with opposable thumbs and five digits on their hind paws. Their diet is varied though tends to consist of the following diet, though they are omnivores by nature, taking what they can within their hostile world, being capable of hunting efficiently in groups or alone.

red meat, white meat, fruit

succulents, nuts, fish, eggs, insects

carrion, tubers, vegetables, plants, cheese, berries, weaker members of their race

Position on the Crew

History (their background and how they ended up on the ship)
Born on the planet Maligantu, located in a binary star system consisting of twenty-three planets, the Zalbinian are one of six native races upon said planet. He lived on his home planet, an ice planet consisting of plains, glaciers, mountains, ocean and frozen taiga/tundra until he reached the age of six years when he was suddenly taken away by people of a different world...a more advanced world. There he was stuck in a cage and carted around some of the galaxy, taken away from his home planet and away from his solar system, the years passing until he was nine where he found himself upon a different planet in an alien solar system, his master a human. Ajax was treated harshly by his master until he was purchased by someone with shadier motives who saw a feral darkness within the child. He immediately purchased Ajax and made the boy's former master have an accident, a tragedy really. Because of the treatment by his master, he grew to distrust these creatures. His second master proved different, giving him a bit of an education and teaching him things he wouldn't otherwise have gotten.

His second master was not above punishing him physically as well for any mistakes and his life under his second master was not much better. Still it was better than the environment he had lived in before, even if he did suffer from his master. He doesn't speak of it, but somehow he became free of his literal and figurative chains, disappearing into the mists. There he hunted and struck out on his own for a while until he found himself attracted by the pull of hunger and wanting to escape his previous life, found himself upon a ship in need of a crew. For Ajax, it was an easy choice, a chance to get off any planets belonging to humans. Unfortunately, finding himself underneath the command of and in the company of other humans...well...that's something that's going to take some trust in developing. As for being around other races...well...time will see how he reacts among them but he can't help being defensive and wary.
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Name: Yuku Ira-ziki

Race: Mizi'akari
Mizi'akari are an alien species hailing from Mizi'rika, a homeworld shared with the closely related Imaru'akari.

Mizi'akari bear a superficial resemblance to Earth's lizards, being covered in scales (most commonly shades of green, but other natural colours also occur), with elongated skulls, sharp teeth and slit pupils. They have four limbs, both their hands and feet are prehensile, with four clawed digits each, as well as a long, tapered tail. A distinctive feature are a pair of crests on the sides of their heads, able to be manipulated with a great deal of precision. These crests are covered with naked skin, which can easily change colour. Naturally the crests are red or pink, but the colour can change, either involuntarily due to intense emotions, or as a form of communication. The Mizi are warm-blooded and give live birth, and exhibit an unusually high degree of tolerance to chemicals. They are noted for having particularly sensitive sight and taste, the latter substituting for nonexistent sense of smell, average hearing and poor sense of touch. Aside from abnormally strong tails, Mizi'akari do not develop much muscle mass and tend to have abysmal stamina, but are noted for their incredible agility and dexterity.

In contrast to their appearance, on average Mizi'akari behaviour resembles more bird-like species. They tend to be restless and skittish, preferring to crouch down or perch in high spots rather than sit. They also can't chew their food, having to swallow chunks whole. They are entirely omnivorous, a trait only reinforced by their chemical resistance allowing them to eat most things without worrying about adverse reactions, with preference towards fruit and fungus.

Mizi culture was unusually homogenous when compared to other sapient species, even before modern globalization had a chance to begin during their societal development. As a whole they trend towards pacifism and collectivism. Mizi'rikan Confederation, the governing entity that unified the Mizi homeworld before the invention of FTL, is strongly meritocratic, with most roles in politics and governance mostly decided by experience, education and aptitude tests. The nation is noted for its strong economy and generally egalitarian law, as well as small and poorly equipped military. Primarily geared towards controlling piracy and peacekeeping duty, the Territorial Defence Corps relies heavily on upgunned and repurposed law enforcement equipment, augmented with converted technology and the occasional foreign imports. The Confederation trusts in its network of carefully selected alliances and defensive agreements, as well as its vital importance as a major economic hub to maintain distance from any conflict that could threated the nation's safety. This attitude only intensified after the Second Galactic War erupted; Mizi'rika pulled back further into its own block of neutral nations, outright refusing to get involved with anything but securing its own trade and alliances.

Of particular interest are the two means of communication utilized by the Mizi'akari and Imaru'akari. Most species assume that Raki'akuri - the sole spoken language developed on Mizi'rika - is the only native form of communication used by the Confederation. However the much more interesting is Zika'akuri, a non-verbal language utilizing Mizi'akari's colour changing sails. It's particularly favoured by diplomats and merchants, as most species simply lack the sensitive sight required to understand the subtle shifts in colour and shape that constitute Zika'akuri, much less have the biological structure to replicate it.

Age: 36

Appearance: Standing at 1.4 metres, Yuku is a Mizi'akari with uniform, bright green scales. He's missing his right arm, replaced by a metallic prosthetic along with much of his shoulder. Yuku is also missing his right eye, likewise with a prosthetic replacement, with a large vertical scar cutting across his face where the eye should be, where damaged scales reveal darker skin.

On the ship, Yuku typically wears a heavy industrial jumpsuit reinforced with scavenged armour plating, dyed into varied, colourful patterns. When expecting ship combat however he'll usually switch over to a lightweight spacesuit. While he isn't specifically trained in combat, Yuku still picked up a few tricks along the way. He carries a kinetic PDW, a plasma pistol and a hatchet for self-defence.

Role: Engineer

History: Yuku never planned to find himself on the wrong side of the law. He was born in a rural area of a fringe Confederate colony to a family of agricultural workers. Yuku though was never entirely happy with living in his isolated home town. And so, as soon as he reached adulthood, Yuku left for Mizi'rika proper to study engineering. While there, Ira-ziki found himself mesmerized by just how different life could be from what the one he grew up with. Upon graduating, instead of settling down, Yuku took to travelling, taking up short-term jobs and occasionnal contract work in various places across the galaxy.

When the Second Galactic War broke out, Yuku was working at a shipyard in the Human Alliance. When the facility was nationalized for the war effort and turned to producing and maintaining warships, leaving Yuku unable to work due to the Alliance's unwillingness to employ a foreigner for military work. Left without options, Yuku ended up forced to pick up work for less picky employers to earn his keep, and perhaps find a way through the war-torn galaxy back to more stable ground. Over time however he came to appreciate the opportunities available in this turbulent time. For all its dangers and horrors, the war made life more interesting for someone in Yuku's position. It certainly beat sitting behind a desk for the rest of his life.

Maybe he shouldn't be so quick to rush to return to Mizi'rika. Staying on the move for longer could prove far more interesting. And a certain up-and-coming pirate crew might just provide the hands-on experience Yuku is looking for.​


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Name: Dr. Orren Wren

Race: Human
Age: 45

Appearance (either describe or picture)Scifi doctor.jpg
Orren is 5'8" tall with a slightly stocky build. As with all humans from his home planet Xerexes, orbiting the star Capella B, he is completely devoid of hair. His skin tone is just slightly tan, with almost imperceptible wrinkles beginning to form around his eyes and mouth.
Position on the Crew: Doctor

History (their background and how they ended up on the ship)
Orren studied to become a doctor at the University of Medical Advancement on Xerexes. He has always had a fascination with how the body works. He excelled in his classes, where he not only studied human physiology, but also that of the species that make up the UG. After graduating in the top ten of his class, he was able to obtain a position at the teaching hospital where he soon became chief of Emergency Alien Medicine. Due to his outstanding performance, the UG recruited him to teach at one of their military hospitals. It wasn't long before war broke out and all of his skills were put to the test. Even though Orren wasn't a combatant, the war soon took its toll on him. There were never enough doctors to handle the casualties pouring in, leaving what doctors there were to work nonstop hours that usually turned into nonstop days. Seeing the same broken and battered soldiers come through more than once, Orren realized that all of his efforts were in vain.
One night, after a three day stretch with no breaks except to have some food and water, he was having a drink at one of the local watering holes. While nursing his second drink of the evening, he overheard a conversation regarding a certain Salamander who was looking for a crew for his new ship that he had recently obtained. It seemed that this was a private ship and would not be going to war. Downing the rest of his drink, Orren left the bar in search of this Salamander to see if he was in need of a doctor on his newly acquired vessel.

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