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Realistic or Modern The Pioneering Roommates

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Josh waited quietly as he held on to the herb book. Silly to think this way, but he was afraid that if he put the book down, it’d vanish and he’d have lost his chance. It wasn’t the first time that he was interested in buying something, had second thoughts, set it down, had a third thought, but the item was gone when he went back.

Business was quiet for a Sunday afternoon. Even though there were four cashier spots, only one was staffed. It was the man that spoke with Matt. He surrendered the tome momentarily to let him scan it. The man never broke eye contact as Josh was handed back change. The book was placed in a bag and he walked out Artisan Haven. There appeared to be something on the back and he turned the receipt over. Phone number plus winking face. Did Matt get a receipt like this? While I appreciate it, it is kinda inappropriate. Isn’t it?

His response was noticeably delayed, “There is a gym on campus, but no bakery. Bakery it is.” As they wait for the light, Josh speaks. “I like bakeries also. It’s the smell that I enjoy. I don’t try to imbibe, but it’s hard to when you bake and want to test your creations. Thankfully, I have a great metabolism. I have one that I call the OOCC, the Overly Opulent Chocolate Cake. It is so rich, it will steal your soul. Best paired with vanilla bean ice cream."

The light turns and they returning to the other side of the street, they approach Leitner Bakes. Josh returns the favor and opens the door for Matt. The smell assaults his nostrils him right away and fireworks go off in his head, “Pinch me Matt. I must be dreaming.”

It is a rectangular room. Along one wall, is a grand display case showcasing Danishes, streusels, muffins, and cookies. Along the adjoining wall, which is shorter, is smaller display case which is exclusively cakes. It is clear that visitors can order cakes. Opposite the grand display case are photos of the present and ages long past because it has been in operator for over a hundred and twenty years. Josh pauses momentarily to see sepia photos of Model-Ts right next to the same building they were now on. On a nearby shelf are souvenirs such as coffee mugs and thermoses, shirts, and hats. On the shelving next to the trinkets are loaves of freshly made bread: wheat bread, sourdough bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and more. There is a door on the right that leads to a patio area where patrons can enjoy a coffee with a newly purchased item.

Josh’s eyes seem to get bigger and bigger the longer he looks. It all looks so good and he’s hesitant to fork over all his money. “See anything that grabs your attention Matt? Those chocolate chocolate chip cookies are calling out to me.”
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Matthew smiled, "Bakery it is then." He was hoping that the other would choose the bakery. He wasn't sure how long he was able to resist the place now that he knows it exists. "Another thing we have in common then. Love for bakeries." he said as they crossed the street. "I can't get enough of them, guilty pleasure if I haven't mentioned before." Listening to the other about his chocolate cake with ice cream, Matthew's stomach growled, making him place his hand over his stomach and rub it slightly.

"I can't really say I'm a fan of chocolate, but I do like it. I just don't really eat it much... Thanks." He said when Josh held the door open for him this time. Though when he stepped in, he paused as all of the delicious smells. Glancing at Josh, Matthew smiled slightly, he looked cute with the expression on his face. Looking around the shop, Matthew zeroed in at the scones, "Scones." Was he simple reply as he walked over to the scones and looked at them. His eyes couldn't have been any blue-er if they tried when he saw that they had blue berry scones. blue berry scones were his one weakness if he had any related to food. Oh wait, he did.

"How can I help you sir?"

Blinking, Matthew looked up at the girl that stood in front of him behind the display of food. "Uh... How much are the blue berry scones?" he couldn't help but ask.

"They are a dollar each, but we have a special going on at the moment where you can get 4 scones for 5 dollars. Same with the cookies since they are so big. "

That made Matthew's day over all. "I'll take four then." he said with a smile and watched as the girl grabbed the four blue berry scones and put them in a small box and walked over to the cash register to check the college student out.

"Was there anything else you wanted? Or was it just the scones?"

"Just the scones for now. I'll definitely be back at some point." he said as he paid for his treats. Taking the box, Matthew was like a kid in the candy store.


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Josh said as they walked into the bakery, “There is one chocolate thing that I am leery of. That is German Chocolate Cake because I don’t like coconut. Why? I don’t like the texture. I take no offense if you don’t care for chocolate. I can bake other things.”

As he reviews the grand case, Josh studies it with extreme scrutiny. I know that we’ll come back, but it is so hard to decide what I want to start with. Argh! He looks up and said, “I’ll take four cookies. Two double chocolate chip cookies. Two peanut butter cookies. Plus two blueberry muffins.

Josh hands over the cash and he is given three boxes inside a large plastic bag. One box for the four cookies and one box for each muffin since like the cookies, they are large. They are so big, two people could share one.

He leaned over and whispered to Matt, “What are the chances that these goodies will remain untouched by the time we get back to the dorm?”

I’ll definitely need a good workout. Tonight’s kinda occupied. Have dinner and get ready for tomorrow’s classes. Tomorrow evening. Need to work out tomorrow evening. He goes over the words in his head like a mantra.


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Looking that the other, Matthew smirked and laughed a bit, "Probably none. But if you want them to last. I could hold yours and you can hold mine. We can guard them from each other?" he suggested and was about to say something else when his phone started going off. "Hm...?" Pulling his phone out, Matthew paled slightly. "Shit..." he mutter, giving Josh a quick glance. "I forgot to home when I got here yesterday." he said before he answered his phone only to flinch when his mother started yelling into the phone.

"You were suppose to call when you got there, young man!" Matthew had to turn the volume on his phone down so that he didn't have to hold the phone away from his ear.

"Sorry, Ma. I forgot. I was distracted with everything. And, I made a friend." He said hoping to appease his mother.

"You made a friend?" Bingo, mother appeased. "What's he like? Is he your roommate? Not your roommate? You need more friends honey."

"Ma...Ma...MA! Geeze..." Matthew smiled and chuckled. "He's nice, Name is Josh." Matthew glance over at said person and smiled at him. "He is my roommate and I'm sure I'll make more friends when classes start tomorrow."

The conversation went of for a few more minutes about how Matthew was settling in and if he had everything he needed and such. "Ok.. Yeah.. Love you too, bye." Matthew hung the phone up and putting it back into his pocket, turning his full attention to Josh. "Sorry."


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Hold onto his purchases while he holds onto mine? Josh was reminded by a skit that he saw in Kyoto and was about to tell Matt about it when his roommate’s phone started to buzz and it was answered. Josh knew that face. This was not going to be pretty. It’s made worse by the fact that we’re out in public. I’ll tell him later, maybe over dinner?

Josh stood there and hoped that Matt could turn things around. When he is mentioned, he smiled and waved at the phone even though there was no way for his mother to see his greeting. He holds onto his packages while he waits. Phone call is over, “That’s okay. These things do happen. When you told me about holding onto the goodies, I was thinking of a play I saw on my vacation. Anyhow, my parents would be the same way, less yelling, but still the same. The only time I can readily call I got really chewed at was when I joined the football team. I can't respond to say where I am if I’m out on the field. Should we head back to the room to store these goodies away or stay out some more? Me, I think we should put these away. Temperature has a way of screwing up baked items.”


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Matthew agreed when going back to their room to at least but the baked goods away. "Yeah, we can do that. Then we hopefully won't be tempted to eat them right away." he said as they wanted out of the shop and back to Matthew's truck. Once in the vehicle, Matthew started the truck, pulled out of the parking spot and off they go back to the college. The drive back was relatively quiet, this gave Matthew a little bit to think about the day, though there wasn't much to think about. He was having fun for once and it was all thanks to Josh. Smiling a bit to himself at the thought. I think we'll be great friends.

Back at the college, they got out of the truck and walked back up to the dorm. Surprisingly, he didn't even touch any of his precious scones. Putting them in a place where they would go bad quickly, before putting his new markers and pens on his desk. "Now that we're back here, you still want to head out and find a place to eat? I'm ok with either staying here or going out." he said as he turned to the other guy. He really didn't mind one way or the other.


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Josh opens the mini-fridge and stores away the muffins and the cookies away carefully as if they are precious jewels. He then scurries away to the bathroom and closes the door. A flush and hand washing later, he addresses Matt.

Josh purses his lips, “Okay, so I get to be the idea guy here. I don’t think we should have pizza. I had my fill of the stuff for a while and I don’t usually have the same food two days in a row unless it’s leftovers. I so wish I had a wheel right now I could spin.” He begins to mutter to himself about what kind of foods he hadn’t had in a while and what kind of food seems appealing to him at the moment. He looks back up and says, “Like barbecue? I think I spotted a place yesterday as I was coming into town. I could go for some brisket or beef ribs.” He pauses, “I don’t think we’ve talked about what type of food we like or about food allergies. It’s embarrassing to go to a place and there’s nothing on the menu to eat. I like lots of things but I don’t want to paint you into a corner.”


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Matthew slowly had a grin forming on his face. "Josh." He started and tossed an arm around the other's shoulders already steering him out of the dorm. "You're are speaking my language." He loved barbecue, he could eat it every day if he could, it was something that always sounded good because you could have multiple things and not eat the same thing twice if you didn't want to.

Out of the dorm, Matthew had taking his arm from around Josh and opted to put his hand in his pockets. "I think I told you before, I'm always up to trying new things at least once. So as far as I know, I don't have any food allergies." he said as they walked down the hall back outside. "We can take my truck again." he said already walking towards his beauty. Once they were both in the vehicle, Matthew drove to the restaurant with directions from Josh. The place was nice and had good food, sitting and ordering their food, they ate in relative silence, small talk here and there getting to know each other a bit more about little things. Needless to say the rest of the day went really well and before Matthew knew it, he was out like a light on his bed in their dorm.


Monday morning, Matthew groaned softly at the sound of an alarm, reaching out he hit the damned thing as he cracked open his blue eyes to see if it stopped. It did. Slowly sitting up on his bed, again in just a pair of boxers no shirt, he had gotten hot in the middle of the night again. "Really need to get a fan..." he muttered still half asleep as he rubbed his face and glanced over to Josh's bed. The other was still asleep or would just now be waking up. Taking the chance, Matthew got up and went into the bathroom closing the door, but in his half asleep haze he didn't close it all the way leaving it only a crack open as he turned on the shower. Waiting for the water to get warm, Matthew brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth out. He then took his boxers off and stepped into the shower, groaning at the warm water hitting his body. "Today is going to be a long day..." he muttered to himself and continued with his morning routine of showering.

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