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Realistic or Modern The Phantom's Game: Information

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Inspired by such projects as Dangonronpa and previous roleplays I have taken part in I have decided to try and host a Murder Mystery type story.

Our story takes place in the small town of Masting, Idaho roughly 5 years to the date, technology has become slightly more advanced and more possibilites are opened up to different people. Masting is a town built near mountains and wildlife, many people yearning for for a small town life come here to raise a family, live alone, retire. Whatever the reason the locals live a peaceful life. There is one building that stands out, Wainwright Manor. The founder of the small town Frederick Wainwright was a man who spent his life trying to monopolize the area in the late 1800s and early 1900s, he brought the Railroad, motor vehicles and much more trying to turn the area into a city but the opposite happened. The locals rejected this idea and embraced the small town persona and Wainwright's aspirations were crushed. He however did manage to make a fortune for himself, how is a mystery. He spent thousands to build a grand manor on top of the surrounding mountain and lived there for the rest of his life. His nephew inherited it when he died and his son after him the Wainwright manor was kept in the family for five generations before the rumors started. In 1995 Logan Wainwright was arrested and the manor was repossessed, what he was arrested for was never revealed to the public so rumors began to spread.

"Horrific Murders took place there."

"Logan Wainwright was a cannibalistic freak who kidnapped unsuspecting people and killed them"

"If you start to drive up the mountain, you can still hear the screaming."

There was no merit to these rumors but it didn't stop the stories and they quickly spread throughout not just the town but the surrounding local area. These days no one actually believes anything that bad happened but it's a popular campfire story in the area.

The Manor has been abandoned since 1995, property of the town but no one has bought it since...well that's what everyone believes. The truth is The Manor was recently bought by a mysterious figure no one knows their name, no one knows what they look like but they now own the property and they plan to use it for something special as an homage to the rumors

That's where are story begins, a group of people wake up in the basement of the Wainwright Manor, none of them are locals, none of them have any memory of how they got there and nobody knows a single person who is with them. As the story goes on more and more information will be revealed to the occupants of the manor and more of the mystery of why they are there and who exactly trapped them there will be uncovered that is the goal of your character, to get out before the owner makes an example out of you.

The Rooms/Layout

-First Floor
*TV Room
*Downstairs Kitchen
*Laundry Room
*Doors to Outside
*Downstairs Dining Room
*Downstairs Bathroom
-Second Floor
*Lounge Room/Game Room
*1st Set of Rooms
-Third Floor
*Upstairs Kitchen
*Upstairs Dining Room
*Master Bedroom
*Upstairs Bathroom
-Fourth Floor
*2nd Set of Rooms

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