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Realistic or Modern The Phantom's Game: Character Info and Applications

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Apply and set up your characters here

Character Application

Full Name:




3 Most Important Personality Traits:

Lives In:


Short Bio:
Leave a picture if you want

Two characters are encouraged because there will be character deaths and only a few people will survive so I don't want you to be completely out of it if your character is killed. Also I would like the cast to be a bit on the smaller side as it is my first RP I'm hosting so it can be a bit of a trial one. Maybe 20 characters max, 14 or so min.

Also once the story starts there will be no more room to add additional characters because they are all locked away from the outside world.

My Characters

Full Name: Edward Sable

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Appearance: Wavy Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Pale skin, Nearly 7 feet tall, muscular. Wears a brown trench coat over a white t-shirt, blue jeans.

3 Most Important Personality Traits: Reserved, Logical, Selfless

Lives In: Boston, Massachusetts

Occupation: Detective

Short Bio: A Boston man born and raised, Edward spent most of his early life as the only child of his single mother. Edward never knew his father and his mother claimed he never knew who he actually was which confused Edward greatly but he never outwardly questioned it. He never had aspirations to be in law enforcement as a child in fact he was a delinquent; he always skipped school he was constantly getting into fights . His mother begged him to turn his life around but he never listened. Though he always broke the rules he still always had a sense of justice never letting anyone innocent get hurt by his actions and he would go after anyone who purposely hurt other people. Early in adulthood due to a traumatic event Edward chose to turn his life around and got into law enforcement he's been working the past 11 years as a detective and has gotten good at it. Yet now he has woken up in a place he doesn't recognize but he will not stop till he finds out why he is there.

Full Name: Amber Fillmore

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Appearance: Curly Black Hair, Amber eyes, Tan skin, About 5'5, Thin. Wears rather casual clothes, T-shirt and short shorts

3 Most Important Personality Traits: Optimistic, Emotional, Sociable

Lives In: San Francisco, California

Occupation: Charity Worker/ Former Swimsuit Model

Short Bio: Amber was born in Montana to a middle class family and led a very uneventful early life. Throughout school she stuck to her small group of friends and never really broke out of her comfort zone, though at some point during her senior year she answered a local ad for a magazine shoot on a whim just to see what would happen and she was chosen. This gave her a boost of confidence and led her to pursue a career in modeling, she would earn quite a name for herself but as it went on she got bored of it rather quickly. She soon found she had more money then she knew what to do with especially for someone as young as her so she decided to give up money and started a non profit organization for children and animals and she has been doing that for the past year. Her last memory was directing an event to raise awareness about animal abuse and then everything went black. She is now stuck in Wainwright Manor awaiting her fate.

Full Name: Bailey Marx

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Silky Chestnut Brown Hair, Blue eyes, Fair skin, about 5'7, Thin. Extravagant and feminine in style, expensive blouses and skirts .

3 Most Important Personality Traits: Sheltered, Curious, Kind

Occupation: Unemployed

Lives In: Buffulo, New York

Short Bio: Bailey was born in the very wealthy Marx family, Her father the Founder of Marx Entertainment and her mother a famous actress. All of her childhood she led a life of comfort and ignorance. Her parents were perhaps too caring and wanted to shield Bailey from the horrors of the outside world which caused her knowledge to be limited and her whole world became her childhood home. She had a tutor to teach her everything her parents wanted her to know, history, math and English but without the edges. Fast forward to present day and it's very much the same story. Bailey desperately wanted to get out, desperately wanted to meet other people but she was crushed underneath the fist of her parents despite her being 21 years old. Under some miracle her parents let her and her sister go out in the city without regulations and that was the last thing she remembered. Now for the first time in her life she is in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people without any escape in sight.

Full Name: Taylor Kademan

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Spiky black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, 5'11, scrawny. White button up shirt, khaki's

3 Most Important Personality Traits: Paranoid, Anti-Social, Imaginative

Lives In: Boise, Idaho

Occupation: Janitor

Short Bio: Taylor was born into a large family 3 boys, 3 girls with 2 parents. This would be fine if they were a normal family but the Kademan's were poor and could only afford a small apartment it was crowded and the family constantly got into squabbles but living through it together strengthened the bond. Taylor got interested in journalism and creative writing and decided that would be his way out for him and his family. He studied journalism in college and was top of his class. Though he graduated his confidence in himself was damaged due to an act of betrayal in college and he completely gave up writing. He got a job at a high school as a janitor and got a cheap apartment seemingly following in the footsteps of his family. During a late night cleaning Taylor heard a noise in one of the classrooms and decided to investigate that was the last thing he remembered before waking up in Wainwright Manor a place he knew of. Taylor seems to be the only one there from the state and the only one to really know of the stories of Wainwright manor so he is the only one that knows of the potential danger

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