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The Person Above Rolled a 1


*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*
You manage to poison Potatoes but unfortunately, you mixed them up. There are now poisoned potatoes somewhere and a murder charge with your name on it coming up.

I try to clean the room but I roll a 1...


Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!
You think you've cleaned your room, but once you're done, you've actually made a bigger mess than before you cleaned.

I tried to take my dog out for a walk, but I rolled a 1...


New Member
As you take the garbage can out through the driveway, an unexpectedly big sneeze makes you lose your balance. You and the garbage can fall down the pavement, dramatically. The garbage bag is also somehow not sealed properly, so you end up landing in a pile of unfortunate trash.

I try to turn on my laptop, but I roll a one...


Eevee 💖
You turn it on, but you are greeted by the “Blue Screen Of Death.”

I try to make a MLB fan comic but roll a 1


Pikachu Dance
Instead you end up in the Chloe fan club. You are forced to dress up as her all day long.

I try to build a lego castle but roll a 1


Ma'am, please don't eat the cash register.
You attempt to build the castle, but... instead you have created a debacle of a lego tower. Or could it even be called that? As lego pieces that weren't supposed to go together have been violently forced into place against the will of basic physics begging you to stop, jutting out left, right, sideways, upside down, and inside out with such outright dysfunction that should've been there, and yet by some cursed forces we probably don't wish to know, it still stands. However, it isn't for long, as the demons within your house have decided to possess you just to take apart this abhorrent mockery of child engineering.

I try to pour myself a cup of coffee, but roll a 1


The Edgelord
You suddenly turn evil and are challenged by a Duelist with crazy hair, with the stakes being the loser ends up in the shadow realm. Using the power of friendship, they do a sudden reversal and OTK you.

I try to take over the world, but I roll a 1.


Hoist the dragon flag
Your forces are single-handedly destroyed by a teenaged chosen one and you spend the rest of your miserable existence lamenting the day you decided to kill off the parents of magically talented children for lulz.

I try to not procrastinate, but I roll a 1.


Eevee 💖
You get a 20.

I try to feed my kwami, Plagg, something other than cheese because I’m out of cheese but roll a 1.


Witch of the Wilds
You turn into cheese and your kwami eats you (rip)

I try to sing a little song for the orc chieftain as a peace offering but I roll a 1

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