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Realistic or Modern The Outworlders-Cs pages.



No lights please

Age: (youngest is 15, oldest is 19)
Race: (For now everyone is human)
Gender: (I’m certain you know this one.)
Sexuality: (Optional)

Image: (No real people please.)
Height: (pictures don’t show proportions.)
Weight: (pictures don’t show proportions.)
Hair color: (any different than the picture?)
Eye color: (Weird eye colors and glowing eyes are only available for the kids.)

History: (How did you handle life on the farm?)
Abilities: (Be creative but keep it within reason)
Weaknesses: (These do not have to be physical but do have to be exploitable)

Likes: (can be anything)
Dislikes: (can be anything)
Ambition: (what do you wanna do?)
Quote: (What’s your catch phrase?)​


No lights please
Name: Johnathan Hector Tartan.
Age: 19yrs
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 177lbs
Hair color: Jet Black, but he dyes the tips red sometimes.
Eye color: His Iris’s and Pupils both look like smoldering coals and shine bright when he uses his abilities

Personality: Johnathan is a douche to be frank. He is apathetic towards the problems of others, lazy and uninterested in anything that involves him actually having to work. Worse he is a pretty easily addicted person and is constantly looking for a new way to find his habits. If he asks you to “borrow” something, don’t expect to get it back especially if it’s money that he is borrowing. That said he isn’t all bad, he does try on occasion to do the right thing and isn’t particularly fond of his own actions and decisions. He just has a hard time finding the motivation to change despite wanting to do so, perhaps what he needs is a little push...a reason to become better.

History: Growing up on the farm was a bit rough for hector, while each of the children struggled to master their abilities his was one of the harder to practice ones. Just being in the same room with him when he uses it could cause lung damage and burns, so he was unfortunately sort of ordoned off from the others for most of his youth. Basically staying with Vincent in a pair of tents near the ranches creek for the first thirteen years of his life, until eventually he was taught to separate his emotional state from his abilities.

by the time he finally came back to living a normalish Life alongside his “siblings” he was already nearly an adult, but he did have a good deal to offer those siblings. As it turned out he has learned a lot about how their powers function as he spent time with Vincent and he would pass that on to his siblings showing them how to stop their abilities in their tracks without ever letting it go out of their control. At least in the cases where he could, for the most part he found that his so called siblings weren’t much behind him, or in some cases were just plain ahead of him in terms of development socially and mentally.

Luckily for him Johnathan had fallen behind academically as he learned to get a grip on his destructive powers , which meant that despite being older he was able to be around the same level as his younger siblings in their school lessons, which in turn meant he got to know them all a bit better through being in the same
Classes as them. This close contact would allow him to be at the right place at the right time, allowing him to save one of his younger siblings from the cow turned tentacle monster. which as both the oldest and the first to show the monster slaying potential of his power, had to sit down with Claire and Vincent and accept the fact that he and his siblings may soon find themselves having to save the world from these abominations. To which he responded with a lazy sounding “Cool.” Earning nervous glances from both surrogate parents.

Johnathan has a strange and kinda horrifying ability. He can Generate, Manipulate, And control Fire, Smoke,and Ash in a variety of ways. From unleashing hellish pillars of flaming pyroclastic material hot enough to melt steel, to hurling explosive chunks of burning ash filled with toxic particulates, even omnidirectional nova’s capable of reducing nearly everything around him into ash as far as thirty meters out. Yet these Tricks of Smoke and Fire are only scratching the surface of his ability. The Unique aspect of his power is not the elemental or destructive potential it has but rather its growth. Since he first started using his powers they have grown stronger with each usage. This growth occurs in tandem with a strange transformation that begins each time he starts to pour on the firepower. Hit skin and bone will start to become ash, his blood and tissue becoming fire and Sulphur. If struck his body will burst into toxic flaming ash and can be reformed on a whim, touching someone while his body is undergoing this process will result in them receiving severe burns, and all that is reduced to ash only serves to speed up the transformation. Finally as the transformation progresses his flames will get hotter, his toxic materials more potent, and the rate at which it spreads will accelerate. The fear exists that if he is ever unable to pull it back, or if it grows too hot, and too widespread, he may reduce the world to an Ashen state. As he nears the critical point his ash parts grow darker, the internal flames grow redder, and horns, antlers, spikes, and claws begin to grow causing him to look less and less human.
Hesitation & Collateral- While his Ash King transformation may be hard to bring down or even hurt, unleashing that power in a populated area or too close to his siblings is something he is very unlikely to do. He can’t really effectively control what he does and doesn’t burn, and it’s especially dangerous in any place with a roof or in any other enclosed space as the room can quickly be filled with the toxic air.

Strategic Positioning- There is a reason why Vincent set up he and Johnathan’s tends beside the creek. That’s because large amounts of water if introduced early enough can prevent Johnathan’s flames from spreading, and even prevent his transformation, if he is completely soaked he may not even be able to access his power immediately as he will need to heat up his body enough to dry his clothes first...or strip naked. However that said, if his body becomes completely made of the toxic ash his heat at that point will be enough that even being fully submerged will not nullify the burn.

Likes: Smoking Cigarettes, Staying up later than he should, Annoying people with his apathetic attitude, Burning stuff.
Dislikes: Getting Wet, Running out of smokes, People asking him for an ID (he does not have one) The fact that he can’t use his power without damaging things around him and possibly hurting someone.
Ambition: To find something he thinks is worth doing.
Quote: “Whatever.”​
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Lurking o'clock
Name: Oliver Tremaine
Age: 15
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


: Height :

: Weight :

: Hair color :
When using his ability, rime tends to form along his hair giving it a frosty white color.

: Eye color :
Aside from his already oddly colored eyes, when using his ability a light ice blue emanates from his pupils.

: Personality :

: History :
(This is rough, so I'll clean this up and add the rest when I get some time later today cause sleep is for the weak, and I'm weak!)

To Oliver the farm was a place he would never not call home, though that doesn't mean that he has the most pleasant memories when he recalls his time on the farm. Any time that Oliver would succumb to his fatigue he would experience eerily vivid night terrors from the incident a decade and a half ago; No matter what Oliver did he could never end these terrors, not even medicine ended this madness eventually he chose to simply limit how much he slept. Learning to control his ability was on the difficult side, even now he doesn't have it fully down, as the night terrors were talking a toll on him, making even the simplest of exercises into a strenuous battle of will power. Didn't make it any easier for him when he saw just how much more his sibling were in control of their own abilities, so much so that one day when Oliver was out in the fields a monster from the deepest sector of the human psyche appeared before him that frozen stiff he could do nothing not even slightest amount of ice formed at his will. If Hector hadn't been at the right place at the right time, Oliver may of been inside the stomach of a tentacled Cow.

: Abilities :
A self-destructive ability that's as dangerous to Oliver as it is to who he wields it against. Utilizing his Eldritch energy he instantaneously freezes groundwater and vapors traveling within the atmosphere, with a wave of his hand Oliver can change whole fields into rings of frost, plunge skewers of rime out from beneath the ground, or simply a broad, sturdy wall of ice. At his own whim all that he sculpted can simply crumble back to to mere nothingness. What sets him apart from the average Practitioner of ice that appear in media, is Oliver's ability to create creatures of ice that he refer to as "Rimes"; "Rimes" are entities manifested from Oliver implanting a itty-bitty fragment of his Eldrich energy into a lump of ice, granting it a subservient level of sentience. Ranging from a simple block on legs that assists in menial tasks lacking any major intelligence, too a guardian protector simply referred to as a, "Rime Knight", who will fight beside its master.
Oliver's CryoMaina is deeply intertwined with an emotion all prey are deeply familiar with, absolute fear (eh… anxiety is befitting as well), fear of being alone, fear of past, fear of the future, fear of the present. Even a simple anxious mood slightly sets off his ability causing the air around him to drop in temperature as frost forms at his feet and slowly spreads out the more anxious he becomes.

: Weaknesses :

-An Simple Fear-
Something that strikes a flash of anxiety into Oliver whist he's using CryoMaina can make every movement all the more erratic and out of his control.

-An Overwhelming Fear-
Oliver's own sense of fear that emerge erratic and especially more dangerous to him and the people around him it can freeze him in place stopping his ability in its tracks as he's stiffened from fear.

-Suppressed Immunity-
CryoMaina shows lasting effects even when not in use, Oliver has a naturally low body temperature of 90. For a normal person this would be extreme hypothermia but it poses no real risk to him aside from a weak immune system.

Over use of CryoMaina will cause rime to form along his body building up to a point that he can be incased in a block of ice for a period of time.

: Likes :
|Owls|Medieval Knights|Coffee|Siblings|Serene Moments|Normalcy|

: Dislikes :
|Sleeping|Spiders|Conflict|Waking in Soggy clothes|The semi-thick layer of rime spread out his room|

: Ambition :
"I wanna grow past my fears…. I...I want…too not be afraid anymore…"

: Quote :
"...Cool down…"​
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Lord Szatan
Melany Zachariah

"Lights out."

Nickname: Mel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 146 lbs.
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown, goldish green around the pupils.

For someone with the ability to quite literally become darkness itself, Melany comes off as a little docile and shy. She tends to keep to herself when it comes to strangers and has a habit of fumbling over her words. Around those that she’s comfortable with though, Melany is as outgoing as it gets. She’s loud and a little overbearing even and her adoptive siblings have most likely gotten their fair share of ear fulls over the years on the ranch. Mel tries her best to help everyone out with everything and tends to be a bit of a push over. Despite her kinder nature, Mel does have a short fuse, it’s just hard to light, but once it is lit there’s no stopping it and Melany’s anger is quite literally explosive. You don’t want to be on the bad side of the Deep Dark.
Ranch life was mostly an easy ride for Mel. She was smart so she was good at classes and she got along well with her other siblings for the most part. It was just the whole power thing that really got her. Like her other siblings, her abilities were difficult to control and the fact that they were connected to fluctuating emotions didn’t help. Mel had never been easily excited or angered but it seemed like sometimes it wasn’t her that was getting mad. She could remember sitting watching blackness curl around her finger as one or another of her siblings teased her for something that wouldn’t have normally gotten to her and having to cut it off before anything happened.

Then there was the teleporting. When she hadn’t had full control over her abilities yet, Mel had found herself teleporting out of her bed in her sleep out into the hallway or waking up outside. It never extended more than a few feet but it was really annoying and she’d found herself locked out of the house in the middle of the night on more than a few occasions. She’d even woken up in Maria and Vincent’s room on the floor one night. That had scarred her for life. Ew.

Mel had been just a ways away when Jonathon saved their other sibling from the cow tentacle monster thing and her powers had reacted on instinct just the same as his did, only not nearly in the same way. The second Mel had seen that thing she’d tried to teleport as close to their sibling as she could, hoping to grab them and do it again before anything could happen but all she’d managed to do was teleport three feet and give herself a massive headache. It didn’t seem to matter though as Jonathon seemed to have it under control and the tentacle-cow-thingy was already dead.

Mel has the ability to create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. This can be used both simply to cloud an area in darkness that only Melany has the ability to see in, she also has a heightened ability to see in regular darkness, or to create solid objects out of pure darkness. This can also extend to the creation of dome-like shields that can absorb limited amounts of damage before dissipating. Melany herself also seems to flicker in between a solid person and a smoky blackness when she’s using her abilities, although she’s still tangible and able to be injured more than half the time. Melany can also teleport herself through shadows over limited distances.

Who Turned Out The Lights?: Melany can’t use her ability to cloud areas in darkness without compromising her siblings ability to see. This is an ability she can only use if she’s alone or if it is completely necessary, unless they find some way to combat the blindness.

Too Much Too Fast: Her teleportation ability gives her massive migraines and makes zaps her energy the more she uses it, eventually making her pass out; this also extends to the shield ability depending on how much damage it absorbs.

Let There Be Light: She may be weak to anything that has any kind of light ability. Fire abilities may count among light abilities depending on how bright they can get.

The dark
The color blue
Tentacles, ew
Soft pillows

Be more than her ability.
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From HR
Name: Aria May Winters
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual


Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 167lbs
Hair color: Light Gray
Eye color: Gold

As the second oldest of the seven, Aria is rather mature for her age. While not one to consider herself as the person to keep her siblings in line, she can be constantly seen overlooking them at a safe distance to make sure that they don't cause too much property damage to the farm when exploring their powers. A person with a bit of tact and wit despite their upbringing make her quite approachable whether it is her adoptive family or strangers. Confident and capable, Aria is often around the farm with a pair of headphones on and working on manual labor her siblings aren't too keen on doing. Very much the sporty type, she can spend her weekend doing labor around the farm from dawn to sunset as a way to destress from the week's classes or running laps to keep herself in top shape. Around her family, she is very much a reliable older sister, if a bit distant when no one is in need of anything crucial. Aria simply is the type to hang back and watch, trusting that everyone can achieve anything with a combination of independence and support. That said, despite her support towards the family, she longs for a life outside the farm, something more than just the constant loop of classes and training of her powers, but to experience what the world can offer.

Life in the farm was nothing but peaceful for the longest time. Aria grew up to be a person that took the initiative in many things, including learning how to control her powers as her first and foremost goal. For the longest time, she knew that in order to live a normal life, being able to control her powers meant being able to control her emotions and outburst. She was no fool when it came to the fact that her siblings and her were special, and that everyone else in the world didn't have their powers at all. Aria knew that, in time, they'll all have to leave their parents', and even move to a place where they must be part of the larger society that their parents have prepared them for. And they won't live forever, so it was better to get ready for the inevitable than idle around.

It's a reason why she's so intense in her education and physical exercise. It was a way to keep herself in check of emotions that would boil over from anything. There would always be arguments and fights, some more intense than others. There was no such thing as a perfect family, and while theirs were special, it still had the problems of every normal one. Whenever it was scream fests or heated back talk, emotions would flare and that meant her powers would too. This was her preparing herself for the long run, ways to keep herself calm in anyway she can. Running moved that pent up aggression towards tiring herself out and working around the farm became a way to do it positively while channeling the abilities she was given. It was just a constant process of suppressing the outburst and managing the power to a reasonable degree. At times, her emotions went out of control that she punched their tractor and sent it flying across the field.

When the tentacle monster appeared, she had been the unlucky sibling to take a single blow while trying to get the younger ones away before Johnathan killed it. Caught unaware from it, she had taken a scar to her face, one that has not healed since the encounter. Since then, she had been quietly thinking about the sudden attack and what that meant for her plan to enter the wider world as a regular person. If more showed up, would she actually attempt to help or stay in the sidelines while her siblings actually did the work?

To Aria, energy is simply a battery that fuels her actions. All forms of energy is capable of increasing her physical and mental processes the longer and more powerful the energy source she absorbs. From the heat and light of the sun to the kinetic energy she generates whenever she runs, it all continuously loops to making her stronger and faster. She hasn't experimented in her limits aside from a few exceptions. But even with all the energy to make herself an engine that keeps moving, specific types affect her in different ways.

Kinetic makes her stronger and tougher the more she absorbs, while also storing unneeded amounts for later use. As her most practiced ability, she can move at a maximum of 60mph thanks to her reducing friction and absorbing kinetic energy from running, accelerating herself with step she takes. Thanks to her inherently strong durability and speed, she can tackle cars and trucks without any physical damage to herself, or stand in place and absorb a collision without moving by absorbing the impact. In this state, she has a translucent, gray aura around her body.

Electric energizes her mental capabilities and reflexes, making her significantly faster in small, acute movements like flicking her head, dodging, and punching as more voltage is pumped into her body. She can withstand a lightning strike without batting an eye and can use her body as a circuit to keep a current flowing. When she is in this state, her eyes gain a blue glow around the edge.

Heat increases her regeneration, letting her heal light wounds in seconds and near fatal ones in minutes depending on the intensity of the heat she's exposed to. The eye she was struck with by the monster has not healed even when she exposed herself to a bonfire, however, it took roughly 1 minute to regenerate her hand by sitting next to said fire. When in this state, the tips of her hair glow red.

Light gives her limited intangibility, letting her phase through material for two seconds with the same cooldown, something she can instinctively know. If a body part is in material when she exits, it will be crushed, something her hand experienced when she experimented with it. When she can turn intangible, her eyes glow a dim gold.

Because energy has inherent counters in the regular world already, working towards isolating every form of it is the best counter to Aria's strength and speed. Removing electricity by moving her to an insulated environment or force something on her that doesn't conduct electricity well shuts down her speed. Taking away heat and light removes her regeneration and intangibility, so ways to cool her off are on the table. She's particularly weak at night because she's limited to only light, and the boost is minimal. Kinetic is a very hard energy to counter because it is constantly happening by moving and impacting against anything, but shutting down her other passive abilities reduce her ability to keep up any fight as damage doesn't regenerate without sources of heat. She can still feel pain as normal, even if attacks don't go through her in a normal, physical way.

Another would be catering to her idea of having a normal life, free of any involvement with her past. She wants to be normal and has been preparing herself to go out into society as a regular person. Giving her a way to that is a good way to sway her decisions even if it isn't instant. By creating a chance to give her a normal, independent life, she'll eventually seek people who will make it a reality. That said, she's very loyal to her surrogate parents, as they've given her a taste of what a regular life can be. Attempting to harm them or her siblings can either end with her being hostile and predictable or docile to keep them safe.

Likes: Video Games, Cooking, Exercising, EDM music
Dislikes: Messy rooms, Homework, Spicy Food, Broccoli
Ambition: I want to be normal, even if it means leaving my family to make it happen.
Quote: "You need to exercise more."​


Wood Pulp Connoisseur
Soraya Vespa13e1a35ab4ae3558ccb5e89529c723bc.jpg
Age: Seventeen (17) years old
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5’6” (168 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown / Black
Eye Color: Deep Blue

One part social butterfly and two parts bookworm. Soraya, thanks to the unusual nature of her – well – existence, prefers to keep herself surrounded by positive distractions. Whether this means socializing with her siblings, reading happy-go-lucky fairytales, or finding a more lighthearted use for her hellspawn given talent matters not. Her biggest role models in life are said siblings as well as any entomologist worth their title. Soraya is – and will always be – infatuated by the idea that she too can become a respectable member of society without having to give up her ‘creepy crawlies’. She wholeheartedly believes that – despite the unholy nature of it – her talent can be used for a good cause. Or at the very least a more meaningful one than…

…On the flipside, she is also extremely emotionally attached to her ‘bug collection’ and finds it difficult to watch someone squash a fly just because it’s being a minor inconvenience. However, she does very clearly understand not everyone views bugs the same way she does. They’ve been named ‘bugs’ for a reason; they bug people… In the end, Soraya has some conflicting ideas regarding her talent, which caused her to develop a mild emotional dependency on those around her as a means to validate her own abnormal existence.

Since living on a farm wasn’t exactly a bug-free existence, it was difficult to pinpoint the effects of her eldritch gift. As such, Soraya grew up to be unsure whether she belonged amongst her siblings – at least for the younger years of her life. However, the signs of it were always present. A constant population of mosquitos that didn’t seem to dip during wintertime. A variety of butterflies flocking to flowerless fields for unexplained reasons. All signs hinting at an unexplainable origin, yet very difficult to pin down. It took a process-of-elimination strategy and a keen eye to determine Soraya was the reason behind the insect-related phenomenon.

Once it became clear to her she did have powers alike her siblings, things got worse before they would get better. Even though she now felt that she belonged with her family once again, it also brought about the realization that she didn’t belong with literally the rest of the world. These people were the only ones that had the potential to view her as equal. If they, for any reason, wouldn’t accept her she’d have nobody. A grim and unjustified idea that – despite common sense – took hold of her. Compelling her to spend every waking moment either developing her powers, exploring options to live a normal life or keep up the relationships with her family.

As such, Soraya is leagues ahead when it comes to the subjects of Biology and Chemistry respectively – as they relate to developing her powers – but is slacking behind on anything that’s not at least remotely related to any of her long-term goals. Poor handwriting, bad grammar, math is decent at best, etc. Yet, book smarts on very specific topics don’t help when you freeze up upon seeing one of the livestock turn into – well – something that some twisted teenagers would probably find…

...Luckily their eldest brother came to the rescue and prevented the untimely death. Yet, the memory of that encounter would forever stay with her. A bitter reminder that a peaceful life was wishful thinking and nothing more.

On first glance, Soraya’s powers pale when compared to her siblings. Where her eldest brother can change himself into the embodiment of a forest fire on crack Soraya got ‘blessed’ with the ability to produce a universal pheromone to affect and control the local bug population.

First, the controlling aspect. Soraya’s universal pheromone is otherworldly in nature and thus has no problem overwriting millions of years of evolutionary instincts. Affected insects will be left with some basic but key instincts; to protect and serve the ‘queen’. This allows Soraya to control her swarm without natural worries such as pre-established food chains or the insect’s self-preservation instincts to name a few.

Second, the ‘affecting’ aspect. Soraya can alter the physical aspects of her swarm as she sees fit through extremely amplified metamorphosis. Affecting the size, appearance or potency of the bug’s venom to name a few. This is limited to the base physiology of the bug affected. For example, a bug that does not naturally have wings cannot grow them nor can a venom that’s inherently toxic be changed to paralyze the target instead.

Lastly, ‘Jinny’. A few years of experimenting with her abilities has led to this work-in-progress abomination… ‘Jinny’ is a modified jewel wasp roughly the size of a housecat. Soraya is extremely proud of this creature and treats it as you would a ‘normal’ pet. Why she’s so fond of this unholy creation? Well, some eldritch influencing of the bug’s already unusual reproductive behavior has led to an interesting side-effect; discount necromancy. The venom of a jewel wasp normally affects cockroaches, but given Jinny’s size, a more sizable host is required. Namely, the deceased. Introducing Jinny’s venom into a somewhat intact human brain allows for it to restart basic motor control and use the otherwise lifeless body as a puppet (and host for future Jinnys).

Potent antiperspirant – Yes, something as simple as toiletries will hinder Soraya’s ability to control her swarm. Her pheromone is excreted through the same glands that produce sweat and a potent antiperspirant will temporarily halt the excretion; limiting her control. This doesn’t make it any easier to fight off said swarm, but at least they no longer attack as a trained unit.

Projectiles – As it stands, Soraya’s ability is more offensive than defensive and a group of mosquitos cannot protect against a projectile already fired. Unless some particularly sizable bugs can speed their way between Soraya and the oncoming danger in time, it will not end well for her.

Entomology – Soraya’s talent requires a vast amount of preparation before a new species can be introduced to her swarm. Requiring her to understand every aspect from anatomy to behavior before she can control them effectively.

Likes: Baking, Reading, Entomology, Fairy tales, Nature, Puns, Socializing
Dislikes: Fish, Frogs, Heights, Loud music, Sheltered lifestyle
Ambition: Becoming a respected entomologist and living out a normal life
Quote: “Bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.”
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local they/them
name: Oriol Madden
age: 15 (practically 16 as he keeps stating)
race: human
gender: male
sexuality: unlabeled (doesn't confine himself to labels or genders in relationships)

height: 5'0
weight: 90lbs
hair colour: a dark brown that at times looking black
eye colour: black as deep as the night sky, people even say that they can see twinkling stars if they look deep enough
appearance: Oriol is short and extremely thin to the point it's a cause of worry. His skin is pale and dotted with freckles that spread over his skin like consolations. His clothing style is often what most people would consider weird and always hangs off him like it is a size too big(even though it is the smallest size). He almost never wears shoes unless he absolutely has to, leaving him in bare feet or a lot of time, sock feet. His hair is fluffy and long, almost styled in a more feminine bob despite that not being the intention. Despite his weak-looking body, there are two things Oriol is an expert at. Running and hiding. Even though he is small he can easily outrun all of his siblings and during hide and seek always was the winner(it got to the point where they made him the seeker because it wasn't fair).

personality: Oriol still acts much like a child despite his growing age. He obsesses over his stuff toys and idolizes his big brother, as if he never grew out of his childhood. He is innocent, despite all he has seen he still retains some innocence. This is shown in his extreme gullibility and just pain childhood innocence towards more grown-up things. He tries to act positively and believes in everyone. Even when things aren't okay he tries to pretend they are and hides his own emotions to make it easier on everyone. That being said, he is still very sensitive and negative comments or remarks that can be taken the wrong way hit him hard and he tends to not forget them. Even still many people can say he is the bravest person they have ever seen. He never flinches at scary movies, never jumps at people sneaking up behind him, never looks away at any form of gore, and barely reacts to pain(of course this has limits/just high pain tolerance). The only thing that makes him somewhat uncomfortable is the dark due to the way eyes like to play tricks on you and water. Despite being able to swim, it may as well be the same as him not being. Upon his head going underwater he panics and it often leads to full-blown panic attacks. He will flail and breathe in water quickly, effectively speeding up the process of him drowning. Even with his optimistic personality, Oriol is still extremely tired. Small tasks for him seem huge and he tries to avoid them at all cost, known that even things like taking out the garbage leave him exhausted. Still, he pushes through in hopes to be as cool as his big brother when he is older.

history: Oriol's time on the farm was difficult, none of which was accounted for by his time awake. His own mind became a hell he didn't know how to get out of. He struggled constantly with his own sleep leading him to get his own soundproof room to protect the other kids. A room that also came with a lock. Of course, he wasn't sectioned off like his big brother, but waking up to screams or a bleeding sibling wasn't something that they wanted the other kids to experience. Of course, before all this, and before Johnathan was sectioned off from the rest of them, Oriol will always remember the time he woke up in a frantic state and his older brother calmed him down(one of the very few times this has happened). Oriol since then looked up to his brother and desperately wanted to be like him. When Johnathan was sectioned off Oriol was heartbroken, and this became the only times he went against rules. He would sneak out to watch his brother practice and at times would attempt to talk to him or offer him something(usually a stuffed toy or a friendship bracelet). This of course was met with scolding and on one occasion, a large burn on his arm after he got a little too close. Oriol doesn't fear his brother or his powers, he wants to show that to his older brother so he can help him like Johnathan helped him feel like he could be brave.
~night night~
Oriol's powers center around dreaming and sleep. A world of dreams(closer to nightmares) where lines blur between reality and fiction. Wounds caused there are transferred to one's real body as they are left helplessly asleep. To aid this he has the ability to put other people to sleep, however, he still struggles greatly with this. He can do this on skin-to-skin contact with little issue, however, anything else is difficult for him and often can lead to everyone within range getting knocked out. When they go to sleep they are met with a world full of horrors and death. Monsters lurk in the shadows and emerge from pools of ink-black substances. While there Oriol himself can use these pools to also enter and travel from other pools to each other. These monsters harm anything they see, even it being each other if need be. Even still, they much favour living prey, especially those who are afraid. He is currently experimenting with ways to blur the lines of reality more and bring the dream to those who are awake(little success)

his powers inflict on those who are asleep and at times can affect others sleeping near him. As the center of the dreams, this also means that Oriol himself can never not enter the nightmare world when he sleeps. While there, like any other living thing, he is hunted down by the monsters and has gotten hurt on multiple occasions. His nightmares as with any other nightmares don't give him as much sleep as normal dreams. This leaves him often tired and has left him plagued with narcolepsy, however with his experience in his world, it is easy to wake up when he falls asleep, though that doesn't stop the danger of falling asleep at random times. An attempt to fix this with sleeping pills has been faced with mixed results. While Oriol makes it through the night with only flashes of his world(from what he can remember) and wakes up far more rested, he also wakes up with cuts and bruises. This was worrisome to begin with, but after waking up with a deep wound(enough to need stitches), they decided against it.

brotherly love~
Oriol admire's his older brother, almost too much. He dreams to be like him and wants nothing more than to impress the other male. He would do anything to make this happen, and just as much would avoid disappointing him no matter what. He would do what his brother told him to do with little hesitation in the desperate hopes to receive some sort of praise or to become closer with him. He also can't stand his brother being hurt and it would bring him great anguish to see him in pain. Though, not as much anguish as his brother being mad at him.

  • Johnathan
  • praise
  • coffee
  • stars
  • sleeping pills(love and hate relationship)
  • stuffed animals
  • failing
  • conflict(usually in the form of arguments)
  • sleep
  • the dark
  • swimming and water in general
  • light(hard on tired eyes)
ambition: to be just like his big brother

quote: "goodnight..."


Name: Tate Porter
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Tate is on the taller end of the scale despite being the third youngest. He's not as fit as one would expect, since his poor eating habits cancel out the work he does around the farm, but he does have a bit of a tan to show for it, which contrasts all of the minor scrapes and scars obtained from close calls doing farm work, siblings with superpowers, and general stupidity. Enough to hide all of the new ones from practicing with his own powers. Tate's hair is usually gelled up in a faux hawk that gets ruined later on in the day, and he owns graphic tees and hoodies with various bands and video games on them.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair color: Strawberry blond
Eye color: Dark green

Tate tries out of obligation to be the heart of the family, being the first to try and talk his siblings down before they blow up the house, or the shoulder for them to cry on when they're feeling down, or the one to say something wildly inappropriate at the dinner table for shock humor. After all, he's the only one not stuck with the burden of having to practice being normal, and it makes sense to try and share some of the load. But under the façade he's set up for his siblings' sake, Tate is isolated, fully convinced that they resent him for being normal regardless of how many actually feel that way. He keeps all of this emotional turmoil bottled up for the sake of his perceived role as moral support, but when pushed to his limit, Tate will snap and immediately go for the nuclear option.

There was something undeniably off about Tate from a very young age, before powers became a problem for his siblings. He'd suffered from night terrors, drew disturbing pictures of masses of writhing tentacles, and occasionally knew things he shouldn't've. But those unnerving qualities faded after a while, and he became more normal while the others only got weirder. Tate still seemed strangely drawn to the ideas of cosmic and body horror, though, and for a long time, it was assumed the extent of his powers was a dash of eldritch knowledge. That made it a bit difficult for Tate to find common ground with his siblings, but that didn't stop him from hanging around and trying to help them control their powers. For a while, anyways. Tate eventually started sneaking out to hang out with the handful of other kids his age in the area, and making friends online.

Tate first discovered his true power while out late at night to look at the stars. Something clicked inside him that brought the right imagery out of his subconscious, and it took a while for him to realize how many extra eyeballs he was looking up at the night sky with. Tate kept this new power a secret, possibly out of spite, but snuck out even more regularly to see what else he could do. Unfortunately, it never manifested as cleanly as the first time. Especially on the fateful night when one of the cattle became the kind of monster that he could. Tate had already been in the perfect position to put the creature down, somehow knowing what would happen a few seconds before, but actually seeing it happen broke his nerves, allowing the monster to knock him aside after revealing his power and go after one of his brothers.

Instead of channeling eldritch energy into supernatural phenomena, Tate directly takes on aspects of the extradimensional horrors he's connected to. When his power activates, part of his body will rapidly grow and mutate as the boundaries of reality struggle to contain it. One of his arms might begin to split and branch off into several new ones which knit together into the muscle fibers of one giant clawed limb, which will grow a covering of rough scales that unfold like a pinecone to reveal toothy maws, and so on until Tate makes his arm revert to normal.

In addition, Tate's ability to don the attributes of eldritch beings makes him slightly more able to grasp what they represent, granting him a knack for understanding their mechanisms.

Tate's power is a lot less natural than the others, and he has difficulty activating it without concentration as well as controlling the amorphous biology it creates. He's often clumsy with it and prone to causing unwanted destruction.

Tate's transformations don't always retract properly, and may leave injuries wherever they initially manifested, ranging from scrapes and bruises to broken bones.

His intuition for supernatural phenomena comes with the drawback of being easy to influence by such forces, especially if he's transformed.

Likes: Cheap thrills, horror fiction, junk food, heavy metal
Dislikes: Waking up early, tedium, rom-coms, being talked down to
Ambition: Feel like he can belong somewhere.
Quote: *Unnecessarily long bout of laughter*​
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