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Fantasy { The Other Side Of Paradise } { Open! }

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[div style="width:90%;background-image:url(https://cmkt-image-prd.freetls.fastly.net/0.1.0/ps/547075/910/607/m1/fpnw/wm0/4-preview-.jpg?1435674246&s=0ebfdb0845264f26a58a2e0c037044c0);background-attachment:fixed;border:outset 3px #202020;"] [div style="width:0px;height:0px;"]

[/div][div style="background-attachment:fixed;"][div style="text-align:left;width:80%;background-color:rgb(13, 73, 97);border-width:5px;border-style:ridge;border-color:rgb(32, 32, 32);padding:10px;"][div style="text-align:center;"][div style="text-align:left;"]Set in modern times, everything is the same except everyone has powers. The roleplay starts with two people in the same coffee shop, having never previously met. Something happens where Muse A gets frustrated about their order and unleashes their powers, which happens to be fire. But before anything could really happen, Muse B, who happened to be behind them in line, grabs Muse A's wrist and uses their power of Ice, shocking them enough for the fire to extinguish. Now having been seen using their powers in a public area which is seen as a threat, the pair are forced to run before the cops arrive. What will happen when two strangers, complete opposites of the other, are forced to get along?


Themes for this RP: Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance


  • A couple paragraphs at the minimum please! I value quality over quantity, and I usually do around two or three paragraphs. If you do write more, by all means! I tend to mimic my partner's post in terms of length, and I've been trying to get back into writing more!
  • Long-term, I'm hoping for a roleplay that would be able to last for some time!
  • It would be nice to talk to someone outside of roleplay as well, I enjoy making friends! c;
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