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Realistic or Modern The Orange Touches All Things Around

Tony pulled her out of the room, gritting his teeth "We can't touch em yet but even if he does make it there will be consequences." He muttered, getting her to sit down, making a few phone calls while they waited, and waited... and then eventually a couple hours later they were allowed back into the room and they explained they were going to pull him out of sedation slowly so that it didn't put anymore strain on him.

She managed to get a good night's sleep for once and a lie-in to boot, eventually getting up and going to find Aemond in his study, "Thank you... I needed that sleep. How're you feeling today? You still sure you want to go tonight?" She asked him, sittig on the other side of his desk, lifting one of the cats into her lap
Max gave a nod and took a shaky breath "I agree...he has to go." She murmured to him. Once they were allowed in the room she made her way back to his side thanking the doctor quietly "We need to keep track on who the nurses are and what they're doing."

Aemond gave her a small smile as she came into his study "Good morning, yes I'll be fine don't worry about me okay?" He murmured quietly
She rolled her eyes a little, standing up and heading over to him, gently lifting his chin with a finger and having him look at her. “Twenty years YOUVE been telling me don’t worry.” She smiled, kissing the top of his head and turned to leave. “Erik has said he will be going to Eivors tonight. Then once things have calmed down I want them both here. I’m getting worried about them. Something is going on.” She sighed.

Tony sighed a little and nodded. “Try to get some rest. I’m gonna make q couple more phone calls and get a hotel.” He told her, stepping out for a little while.

Jon started moving while Tony was out of the room, just his fingers for the moment and eventually opening his eyes a little before passing out again
Aemond gave a small nod and sighed heavily "I feel that as well. Yesterday Eivor was telling me that Rhaena should not take over ever. I don't know what brought this on, but he said she does not have the heart for it." He explained quietly

Max held his hand as she sighed heavily watching him go in and out of consiousness. She glanced back at Tony as he came in sighing again "He is going in and out."
She frowned and shook her head. “He’s not wrong. I worry about her as well.” She sighed a little, heading out of his study and going to start getting some coffee and to slowly start getting ready for the evening,

By the late afternoon he was fully awake but still quite groggy and confused about how he’d ended up there, not letting max move away from him at all while tony explained to him what had happened
Aemond gave a small sigh and nodded before he finished up in the study. He spent the morning to himself just trying to rest up as much as he could before their eventful evening.

Max was thankful to have him awake finally. She held his hand as she sat by his side and sighed softly as Tony explained everything, but the tone of his voice concerned her. She was worried that he would make a move without talking to the Lothbroks.
Jon frowned a little and closed his eyes after a while, “Why don’t you… head back to your… your hotel? Come by in the morning.” He mumbled to him, just wanting some peace and quiet, and not wanting to know what his actual plan was.

She headed downstairs once their driver arrived, stepping over to help him with his cuff links and smoothed his shirt down. “You let me know when you’re ready to leave. We can always tell them I got bored.” She smiled, pecking his lips and walking out to the car with him
Max let out a sigh of relief when he agreed and left them to it. She looked at Jon and gave a small smile "I love you so much handsome." She murmured softly as she watched him carefully.

Aemond chuckled softly and gave a nod trying to not lean on her too much "Sounds like a plan beautiful. You look stunning by the way." He said softly.
He smiled a little and gave her hand a squeeze. “Why’d you think… I’m sticking around?” He mumbled, trying to calm her nerves the best he could

She headed out to the car with him, getting in and sat quietly with him the whole way there. These things always made her a little nervous. So many different people, a lot of them with conflicts of interest. It could sometimes get quite tense.

Erik glanced up when he finally heard his brothers front door open and saw him walk through. “I don’t know why you even ask for me to come over anymore when you’re gone almost the entire time I’m here.” He muttered.
Max gave a small laugh and smiled some at him "Don't strain too much okay?" She whispered before kissing his cheek repeatedly.

Eivor frowned deeply and walked further into the house holding his gut tightly "Call....call help.." he grunted to his brother finally coming into view. He was pale, his torso bright red that was spreading outward on his shirt.
Erik frowned, about to answer when he finally saw him, quickly getting up and going to grab his phone. “What the hell happened?!” He asked quickly, returning to try and help, stepping over to get him to sit down, when there was noise from the front door and he looked up to see someone stepping through and raising a gun towards Eivor

Jon just hummed quietly in response, resting his head back and smiling at her. “I love you.” He grunted quietly, not letting go of her hand. “I can’t wait to get home.” He murmured.
Eivor grunted and pushed Erik out of the way when he heard the door open "Hide..." he said watching as he hisld behind the kitchen island. He frowned deeply seeing the italian man standing infront of him going to pull his gun before he felt another shot rip through his chest.

Max nodded some and gave his hand a squeeze "Neither can I. We've spent too much time here." She murmured to him.
He heard the shot, feeling his ears ringing from the noise of it and all he could do was watch in horror as his brother dropped to the ground. He finally managed to call the emergency services but he could hardly hear anything so he simply kept repeating that he needed an ambulance and shots had been fired, getting over to Eivor and tried his best to keep pressure on the wounds, now repeatkng the address so they would know where to find him.

He smiled and started closing his eyes, trying to stay awake but hw still wasn’t quite back up to speed and he drifted off, a nurse popping in to check on him and she smiled at max. “He’s getting there. Doug better than what I would expect considering what happened”
The paramedics arrived along with police as quickly as possible once the address was given. An officer pulled Erik aside to get him out of the paramedics way while they worked on his brother "Did you see anything at all?" He asked him as gently as possible.

Aemond sat at the gala feeling particularly shitty just trying to keep himself up. He gave Carmen a soft smile as he saw her chatting with a few people across the room about a few things.

Max looked at the nurse and gave a small nod "Yeah he is thankfully. Soon enough we'll be home." She murmured
Ivar was making his way over to their table, taking a seat next to his brother-in-law, smirking some. "What's the matter dear Aemond? I've barely seen you move from this spot once this evening. Are we losing our touch a little? Or perhaps the rumors are true and your health is in such a rapid decline that your position in this family truly is in jeopardy?" He pried, staring him down.

Carmen excused herself from the group of women she'd been chatting to as she heard her phone going off, seeing Erik's number. She stepped outside momentarily to take it, assuming he was just getting bored and wanted to speak to her. But when she heard an unfamiliar voice on the other end asking if she was his mother and proceeding to explain what had happened she felt her stomach drop, jumping up to go collect Aemond, "Aemond! Aemond! We need to leave. Now." She told him hurriedly, quickly calling their driver to bring the car round "Whatever shitty comments you've been making Ivar can wait." She snapped at her younger brother, helping Aemond get up and get moving as quickly as possible, waiting until they were almost out of the door before elaborating "Eivor has been shot."

She smiled at her and nodded, leaving her to privacy after that until Tony eventually returned, looking smug and a lot more relaxed "How is he doing?" He asked her, "I believe I've had the culprit dealt with. One of their own was very helpful with information for us." He told her, opening a bottle of water he had brought with him, offering her one as well
Aemond was about to make a remark but stopped when he saw Carmen come over. He saw the look on her face and got up as quickly as possible to follow her outside. He went wide eyed when he heard what she said in complete shock "What?! Was Erik with him?!" He asked worriedly.

Max frowned deeply when she saw Tony come in "What do you mean they were helpful? Tony what did that person look like?" She asked growing concerned with what he had done.
He scoffed a little and shook his head. “Just told me who took the shot. They’ve been dealt with.” He told her. “The arrogance the lothbroks have had for decades now is unmatched. This should knock them down a few pegs.” He muttered. “The targaryens too.” He frowned when Jon started trying to sit up, “hey hey, relax, you need to stay resting. Another few days and we can get you out of here.”

She shook her head. “No.. well… he was at Eivors house. Apparently he came through the door bleeding and then someone else followed and shot him again.” She told him, getting in the car with him. “Home Quick as you can Alex.” She told him. “I just need to grab a couple things and I need to change.” She told aemond, already taking her heels off and getting it to where she could run in and chuck different clothes on immediately, worried sick about her son.
Max frowned deeply watching him starting to get concerned. She was about to say more but stopped when she saw Jon start to move "Hey hey hold on, let me lift the bed." She said before raising the bed up "Don't strain yourself."

Aemond frowned deeply shaking his head "Shit...this is not good." He said as he tried to keep himself together. Once they arrived at the hospital he looked at Carmen confused and raised an eyebrow "Why are we at the hospital?"
Carmen had thrown her clothes on at home and been too preoccupied to notice how quiet Aemond had gone, turning to look at him when she heard the question "We... Um..." She felt a pang in her chest at how confused he looked, shaking her head a little, "It's nothing honey, Alex is waiting outside in the car, why don't you have him take you home, I'll meet you there later okay?" She murmured, watching him go and sending Alex a message to let him know to not question him and just take Aemond home before going to the front desk "Eivor Targaryen? I need... Where is he?" She asked the person sat there.

Jon frowned, waiting a little impatiently then turned to Tony "Who?! Who did you take out? I swear if you have started a war because ypu jumped the gun on this I will make sure no one ever dares even speak your name" He wheezed, worried that hus cousin had undone all of Jon's work in a moment of stupidity and rash judgement.
The nurse looked at the woman in front of her and gave a small frown "Give me just one second ma'am." She said softly before typing on the computer. She frowned deeper and gave a shake of her head "I'm afraid I can't let you in without I.D.,the police have him under strict watch." She explained before taking her I.D. and calling up to the cops to make sure it was okay for her to go up.

Tony frowned deeper and gave a roll of his eyes "Some younger guy, slick blonde hair. He pulled the trigger on you." He explained while pouring himself a drink ignorning the look of horror that had come across Max's face.
Jon frowned and looked over at her. “Who?” He asked, giving her hand a squeeze. “Tony our safety relies on their willingness to help right now. You shouldn’t have done this.” He muttered, groaning a little. He’d clearly strained too much and soon lay back trying to calm. “Do we need to leave sooner?” He asked max gently.

She shook her head and headed straight up once the nurse gave her the information, going straight through to find Erik sat on a chair in the hallway, seeing he was still covered in blood and felt her temper snap. “Erik. Sweetheart!” She called, pulling him in tightly once he stood up, kissing his head. “Oh thank the gods you’re safe.” She murmured. “I’m gonna get you cleaned up just give me a minute okay?” She murmured, walking over to the room being guarded and walked through, not waiting for permission.
Tony shook his head and frowned "No you don't its fine. Some kid named Eivor alright? Listen I need to go, but I've got watch on you." He explained before leaving the room.

Max felt her blood run cold when he said the person's name "Shit....shit shit shit I gotta call Hvitserk." She said before grabbimg her phone and trying to dial his number.

The officer frowned following her inside "Are you his mother?" He asked as he watched her "They just brought him up from surgery, he'll need another once he is stable from what I heard. Listen Ma'am, your other son, we need to speak with him with you present since he is a minor. Would you mind stepping out here in a few minutes to do so?"
She stood staring at him, slowly moving over to sit next to the bed, swallowing back tears, sitting in silence with him for a few minutes. “I’ll be right back honey.” She murmured. Not sure if he could even hear her right now. She headed out of the room and ignored the officers, getting Erik up and taking him to get him cleaned up and to get a fresh shirt on, scrubbing his hands for him and his face, carefully getting it out of his hair until finally he was clean. “You ready to talk to them?” She asked him gently.

Jon frowned as he left and just grabbed maxs hand. “Slow down.” He told her quietly, taking the phone and making the call himself, having to pause for a minute with a coughing fit before he could talk. “Sorry… hvitserk… there’s been an incident…. Fuck up… on our end… you need to… to get down… here.” He told him.
Hvitserk frowned deeply and took a deep breath "I've heard. Listen I'll try to see what I can do,but I can't promise anything." He said before hanging up. He was always going to take his family's side, but he also wanted the peace kept.

Erik looked at his mom with scared eyes shaking his head "I don't want to talk to them Modir....I didn't...I'm so sorry I didn't stop them." He said before finally breaking down in her arms the sight of his brother covered in blood with almost lifeless eyes just playing over and over in his head.
She frowned and held him close tightly. “Sweetheart they need to talk to you okay? Im gonna be right there…. Look at me… Erik. Look at me. You have done nothing wrong. Im just glad you’re okay.” She promised him, holding him tightly to her.

Jon frowned and nodded. “Let us know when you can come down here.” He told him, struggling to keep talking so handed the phone to max and waited til she hung up. “This isn’t good.” He muttered, gripping her hand a little

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