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Fandom The Only Way To Go Is Up ~ The Cast [OPEN]



Tis the season of padoru
At the end of all worlds, at the center of everything you awaken
You with memories from the worlds casted into the dark
Reveal to me your knowledge
Your reason to rise
Your reason to hope
Introduce yourself into the abyss

Personality: (Gimme a basic gist)
Bio: (Short or long, who cares?)
Powers: (Supernatural Powers.)
Abilities: (Real Life Skills)


In lieu of how story driven RP works, I shall be limiting those who can enter. Not by setting a date, but by setting a number; not counting myself. I am, however, allowing duos.

--[Cast List]--
Players Count
--{[ 18 ]}--
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 as The Leper, Bigby The Abomination and Beesmas The Bee-st Gunslinger
BoltBeam BoltBeam as The Witch
darkred darkred as Sgt. Kyle Reese and Jak & Daxter
Bixir Bixir as The Drifter
Topless Topless as The Kanou Siblings ft. Some random fairy and Yuri Yaoi
Crow Crow as Nobeta, Fran & her cool sword, and Ben Tennyson
Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre as Richard Wheskers O. Mantellion & Armando Carmen
thefinalgirl thefinalgirl as Guinevere Baroque
Betsumei No Ishi Betsumei No Ishi as Schimatizo and The Gravely Siblings
Tamotsu Tamotsu as Temjin
Sara Sidereal Sara Sidereal as Princess Sidereal
Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo as Youmu Konpaku
Frankie Frankie as Peter Petrelli
Peppermint Patty Peppermint Patty as Red Savarin and Elh Melizee
Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts as Compa
Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva as Kamala Kahn
Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka as Godzilla(Smol ver.)
RedRoleplayer RedRoleplayer as Cassandra Cain
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 as Der Freischutz, Bigby The Abomination, and Baldwin The Leper
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Not Sleeping Beauty

"The Witch"
"Hey, everyone! I'm #blessed to be going on this amazing adventure with you. Don't forget to subscribe for updates!"
The Social Media Medium

Age: Unknown

Race: Diceling (formerly human)

Personality: The Witch is an obnoxious something if extremely positive when you get down to it. Thanks to a whole host of time on the internet, the Witch uses a lot of internet language and terms in her way of speaking - for better or worse. The only problems are she often doesn't think twice when doing something (often leading to fatal errors), and she can come off as someone who over-exerts themselves (more accurately, the Witch can push herself too hard for the sake of others or even herself, and come out of it worse than she was 'before' she does this).

Bio: The Witch, among four others, is one of the first five contestants on Dicey Dungeons - a game show set in a fantasy world, where the contestants submit their wishes in the mail directly to the game show host, Lady Luck, for a chance to enter. When they do enter however, the contestants would be turned into dice by way of magic - no longer being human, and now becoming sentient dice with limbs and a face, fighting monsters and rolling other dice to battle their way out by battling against any and all odds.

However, there's just one problem - Lady Luck has rigged (among other things) the roulette wheel which gets spun after each contestant completes an 'episode' of the show (of which, the wheel has 'one' space which grants the contestant the prize they wished for - but it never, EVER lands on that space) so the contestants are often forced to stay in the dungeons for even longer. After enough time however, the contestants, including one of Lady Luck's former minions (the Jester), would fight their way out of the dungeon one last time to defeat Lady Luck.

They succeeded, got their freedom - but at the end of the day, they were all 'still' animated dice.

Equipment: The Witch is armed with her trusty Spellbook - and with it, has a personal arsenal in the grips of her hands. By trading in a dice of a certain numeric value - maybe multiple of the same value for stronger spells - the Witch can have up to four active spells to be used at her discretion at any time. While the Spellbook can only hold 6 spells in her pages, and the Witch can only have 4 spells available for use, she has no direct speciality - allowing her to use anything she gets her hands on and build around it if she likes. If she has any dice leftover she doesn't want to use, however, she can opt to simply throw them at people instead to do small damage (but do double if on fire when they hit) - just in case.

She has a phone as well. What use is it? Not much, but it does let her keep in touch with other people from a distance, be it in voice or text!

Powers: Being from a fantasy world, and being transformed 'into' herself by Lady Luck (magic spell n' such), the Witch is a dicey and mighty sorcerer - though her spells themselves may be limited to her, they aren't typically weak at all. The only trouble is, she's still not terribly used to being a dice, so maybe some of the use is impractical instead...

Abilities: The Witch herself, as far as physical prowess and natural abilities go, seems to have impressive durability and stamina like the other contestants do - similarly to some of the toughest monsters in the dungeons.

Others: The Witch is an aspiring vlogger who is motivated to gain a bigger following; according to her first run-in with Lady Luck, she wanted her grand prize, if she won, to be '10 million followers' - but specifically stated she wanted 'real' followers and not bots.

She never got them upon the defeat of Lady Luck - of whom said the prize was self-knowledge instead.​
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Tech-Com Sgt. Kyle Reese
Pain can be controlled. You just disconnect it.
Age: 22
Race: Human
Personality: Resourceful, dedicated, and battle-hardened. Kyle is a survivor. He grew up fighting a nearly invincible enemy in a post-apocalyptic future, which has given him a singular focus and drive. But since his life has been nothing but war, Kyle longs to experience real love too.
Bio: (Short or long, who cares?)

Kyle Reese was a Resistance soldier in the post-apocalypse future, where most of humanity had already been wiped out in a deadly nuclear Third World War, sparked off by an artificial intelligence entity known as Skynet. The computer system launched another genocidal war on the survivors of the war between the Eastern Bloc and the West. Born during or after the first wars around 2003, Reese was one of the last remaining humans who achieved a victory over the machines.

He survived the capture and killing of his fellow humans only to serve as a slave in one of Skynet's concentration camps, where he and others were forced to load huge numbers of dead bodies into Skynet's furnaces to be incinerated. Reese's freedom would come when a Tech-Com, a resistance movement, led by John Connor (whom Reese would unwittingly father later in the movie and ironically consider his closest friend), freed him and the others from Skynet. After leaving the camps, Reese served in the 132nd division under Justin Perry from 2021 to 2027 before transferring as a sergeant to Tech-Com under John Connor himself. John Connor and the resistance would eventually rally enough remaining humans and resources to launch an assault on Skynet.

The final assault would eventually allow the human resistance to cripple Skynet. The Resistance was able to smash Skynet's defense grid allowing them to enter Skynet's main complex and attempt to destroy it. Skynet however would have a final move left: using time displacement equipment, Skynet would send one of its most feared machines (the Terminator) back to May 12, 1984, a Thursday, to kill the young Sarah Connor, known to have been the eventual mother of John Connor, the leader of the Resistance, and thus prevent the birth of Connor and his future rebellion

Equipment: Plasma Rifle and other guns, EMP, etc..
(Supernatural Powers.) N/A
Abilities: (Real Life Skills) Described as compact and having hard muscle.
ys incredible agility, the walls in a blur to him as he runs, described as a rat.
Crashes through a steel door, breaking the lock.
Military training (Tech-Com/Perry to John Connor)
Takes down a police doberman dog in mid-air catching it by the throat.
Described like a cat as he leaps, taking down a cop in a tackle.
Described as a panther in his movements.
Shows no pain or loosening his grip after Sarah bit his hand.
Despite being shot, Reese ignores the wound, having show no pain or any injury to it.
Gets grazed by an energy bolt and then being blasted forward, yet still is able to remain semi-conscious after.
Despite having a bullet in the chest and one in his arm, Reese is able to strike and parry the Terminator's fist swing.

Out of all of humanity who have been wiped out, Tech-Com are the best of them, Reese being of course apart of Tech-Com.

The members of the 132nd Eagle Watch are the best of the best. There aren't many of them, and for good reason. They are tactical experts, both valuable and automonus. Each Eagle Watch member carries entire plans in his head. The Eagle Watch is an oral tradition of the best military tactics, from Sun Tzu to Napoleon.

- Taken from Terminator: Future Fate
The members of the 132nd, of which Reese was apart of before being transferred to Recon under John. Were the best of the best of Tech-Com, having entire plans in their heads, tactical experts from the best from Sun Tzu to Napoleon.

The Tech-Com members of Recon/Security are a very special force. Their job is to preserve important personnel, eradicate hidden threats and keep the brain trust that is humanity alive. With the advent of the Infiltrator series of Terminators, Recon/Security members must face potential threats from within, John Connor heads this force.
- Taken from Terminator: Future Fate
Eagle Watch members have fast reaction time, hard to kill, nerves of steel and have a resistant to disease, fatigue, hunger, thirst and poison, they are also a favorite Terminator target.


Cape Connoisseur

The Drifter.

The Magician.



A silent, cursed warrior, filled with a yearning to do everything in his power to save the world. He is deathly aware of his illness, fatally driving him to help others and vanquish evil. Though he cannot speak, this Drifter is quick to make friends, all too aware of the callousness of the World he came from - it is a sentiment that does not seem that different from the Tower that he is in now. In spite of - or perhaps because of - his condition, the Drifter longs for companionship, dreading the thought of dying alone, whether he succeeds in his mission or not. And yet for all his idealism, the Drifter will not hesitate to do what is necessary to save others, least of all when it comes to his own, dwindling life. He has made his peace with most of his life and what he has survived... all that is left is that he lives long enough to see a cure for others after him, and failing that, ensuring a World where evil does not roam free.

The Drifter's history is long and forgotten, lost among so much else of his World that has been lost to apocalypse and calamity. Even he has lost much of his life through his many struggles, not the least of which is the contraction of a terminal illness at the behest of an entity known only as "Judgment". The Drifter has traveled to the ends of his World in the hopes of finding a cure, cleaving through the darkness that has overtaken his beloved home. His quest has since become twofold, wanting also to destroy the Immortal Cell that is the heart of Judgment, so that his World can be saved once and for all. That quest is now threefold, as the Drifter finds himself in this enigmatic Tower, now farther away from his fatalistic goal than ever before... and no less mortal.


Hard Light Sword
The signature weapon that defines this Drifter's legacy. It is a potent weapon, though not uncommon in his World. Using phase shifting "Hard Light" technology, the hilt manifests a deadly laser edge that can cut through virtually any substance.

A simple ranged weapon, capable of firing energy projectiles at a rapid pace. Though it is not much more powerful than most sidearms, its consistent damage output and incredible firing rate more than makes up for it. It does not require ammunition, though it needs to recharge its battery periodically before it can begin firing again.

The Drifter's sole companion, a simple mechanical drone that dispenses healing syringes that the Drifter may inject into himself to heal his wounds. It also processes and interfaces with any technology that the Drifter encounters, such as splicing terminals to unlock doors or to deactivate traps. It is not suited for combat, and retreats within the Drifter's cloak when danger is nearby.



The Drifter is a master of the Hard Light Sword, evident by how effortlessly he cleaves through monsters and men with its pure saber. He has mastered this weapon to the point that he may execute meticulous techniques with the weapon, including a charge slash, projectile deflection, and an advanced dash strike. The Drifter may yet learn more during his time in the Tower.

The Drifter is a nimble ronin, capable of outmaneuvering all but the fastest of combatants. His dashes are nearly invisible to the naked eye, capable of making at least five before he needs to slow down to catch his breath. His speed with his Hard Light Sword is nearly as fast, often outmatching samurai in battles where they only have time to draw their sword in the blink of an eye. Similarly, the Drifter is a deadeye crackshot, hitting several bullseyes in a row with his Blaster while on the move.

The Drifter is an incredibly resilient warrior, who has triumphed against near-godlike monsters, all while suffering a disease that is slowly killing him. It is unclear how powerful the Drifter was before he was stricken ill, though the fact that he continues to persevere under such fatal circumstances speaks volumes about his will to live. It is unlikely that most toxins and fatigue affect him whatsoever.


The Drifter's moniker is "The Magician", named for the Magician Arcana to which his soul is bound. He does not possess a Persona, though fates willing, one may manifest in this strange Tower.


>You stand in a dark void, having no idea how you end up in this place. You look around, hoping to find someone, but no luck. Just then, you hear a voice calling you out.

"Greetings, visitors! Do not fret for I do not being harm. I am here to be your guide, for I have noticed that you have no idea of what to do in the future. Consider this as a "developmental program" to help you find out your true calling. Though, this may be a little dangerous, but I can assure to you that you can make it alive and well. Now then, shall we proceed with the interview? Don't worry, this will be quick."

>You feel anxious, yet you give the details anyway.


Shujinko Kanou/Retsujo Kanou


"Helly the yes yes!"

"Interesting, then I guess I shall bestow upon titles just to show off. For you, Shujinko, you will be called the So-Called Leading Man, and you, Retsujo, as the So-Called Leading Woman. That will go rub on your foes' faces."

"You're both 17, so I guess you're both born in the same birthday."


"Shujinko; quiet, a bit cold but yet have a warm side, calm and collected, quite standoffish, prefers to think first before taking action, cynical."

"Retsujo; loud, cheerful, friendly, kind, polite, a bit weird and a little psychotic, hot-blooded, listens to instinct than think, idealistic."

"You two were born on January 20, 2003 to a family of celebrity actors. Of course, you're already rich by then. Your parents provided you with everything you wanted, but at the cost of neverending boredom. You then take up acting while you're both in high school, being leaders of your school's drama club and held plays. That is where a talent agent took notice of you two and signed a deal to act in many movies and TV shows. That's where you begin to have doubts with your decisions, and I am here to help you with them."
>A small bright light flashed before you, revealing the voice who spoke to you. She is quite small on the contrary.


"I'm Millifillia, also known as the Truth Seeker. It's great to be your acquaintance, and as well as a potential friend. Now, allow me to give you two some things that will help you in your journey."

"Take these weapons for they will help you fend yourselves from harm."



"For Shujinko, you have the Shuuseigatana (Revision Sword), and for Retsujo, you have the Shuuseiju (Revision Gun). Both weapons capable of unleashing magical attacks, but it's real power lies on the keyholes on the bottom of their handles. You need keys, of which I shall give them to you right now."



"Behold, the Aspect Keys. Inserting one of them allows your weapons to either be empowered or gain something out of it. These two sets of twelve keys possess an aspect from either a god or a mortal. For Shujinko, you will hold on the keys that have the various powers of different gods, and for Retsujo, you will hold on the keys that have the arms and skills of the greatest mortals of history. Shall I explain to them what they are? Then allow me to have the honor of giving each key their description."

Thor: Lightning Blade
Empowers the sword with lightning.

Ra: Solar Sword
Sword becomes stronger under the sunlight.

Shiva: Multiple Arms
Creates multiple copies of the sword.

Quetzalcoatl: Wind Cutter
Unleashes gusts of wind with every slash.

Buddha: Zen Rejuvenation
Heals injuries while out of combat.

Tiamat: Hydro Slasher
Casts water projectiles with every stroke.

Hercules: Mighty Smasher
Sword becomes capable of smashing than slashing.

Satan: Summon Demons
Summons demons from hell for support.

Susanoo: Storm Bringer
Change the weather at will.

Vulcan: Fire Edge
Sets the sword on fire.

Geb: Earth Solid
Creates rocky constructs with each swing.

Ares: Warrior Rage
Goes into a berserker rage until the key is removed.

Guan Yu: Crescent Blade
Wields a crescent blade with the power of ice.

Joan of Arc: Holy Sword
Wields a sword of holy power.

Leonidas: Spear and Shield
Wields a spear that can pierce through anything and a shield that can block anything.

Simo Hayha: Sniper Rifle
Can shoot at precise and accurate angles without the need of a scope.

Jack the Ripper: Knives
Throw multiple knives with the power to heal injuries by sapping enemy blood.

Calamity Jane: Automatic Rifle
Shoots at a high fire rate.

Muhammad Ali: Boxing Gloves
Delivers swift and fast punches.

Bruce Lee: Nunchucks
Smashes enemies with every swing and allows the user to perform a devastating one inch punch.

Eddie Guerrero: Steel Chair
Becomes more durable with each hit, but also making it heavier. Also allows the user to perform wrestling moves.

Miyamoto Musashi: Dual Katanas
Wields a pair of katanas with absurd cutting power.

Hattori Hanzo: Kunai and Shuriken
Becomes an expert of stealth and throws a variety of ninja tools.

Adam and Eve: Forbidden Fruit
Consume fruit for power boost, but with a price.

"Now with that out of the way..."

"Unfortunately, I'm not powerful enough to give you powers. However, as your guide, I can sense the life force of anything and as well as know their affinities. That's pretty much it for my part. I'm not some sort of all powerful god or anything."

"Other than your professional acting skills which you've developed on your own, I have blessed you with combat prowess, athleticism, vehicular knowledge, and a very strong stomach."

"Now with all of that settled, shall we leave for out journey then? I shall be your voice unless you speak."


Top-tier Avian Master

"I want to know who I am!"



Nobeta is a kind-hearted person who will help everyone she meets on the way if she finds them in a dilemma, whether or not they are good or evil. That is, unless she can tell that they are evil.

As Nobeta has amnesia, a lot of her past is unknown and obscured, with bits and pieces rising from time to time. She aims to reach the 'throne' sealed within the castle of Crafted Souls in order to recover it. Apparently, the black cat that she carries with her knows a lot about her.

Nobeta has a bag containing healing crystals and MP crystals.
Naturally, she carries her staff around with her.

Nobeta has a variety of combat magic that she has displayed. Her combat magic comes in four elements - Arcane, Thunder, Fire and Ice.

Nobeta has a lot of melee combat abilities and can function well in that aspect, despite her training being primarily magic.

Nobeta is her last name, and her first name is unknown.
She carries with her a snarky, talking black cat with her. This cat claims to be linked to her in some form.
Despite being an 'extension' or 'pet' character, the black cat is evidenced to be a stronger magic user than her, even if he will only act in the worst case scenarios.​
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Skeleton Boi

“The reaper is well known to me.
I do not fear him.”

The Leper

“As of now.... I am currently 47 years of age.... but slowly coming to the end of my story from my Leprosy... but I do not fear the end, for I have accepted it from the beginning, and nothing would change my view on it.

“If my armor and cloak is making my appearance difficult to tell.... I am but a mere human.... one who is cursed with a sickness that changed me forever....”

“I am all but a shell of my former self... but I accepted my fate... for its all but part of nature and life.... and changing fate would not solve anything. That does not mean I won’t go down without a fight, and so, with the last of my strength, I will curse my foes and creatures of the abyss with a blessing I will soon receive.... the blessing of death. I mostly keep to myself, not wanting to bother or disturb anyone around me.... ally or not.... but I am calm in any situation... good or bad.... relived or stressed.... for I come to accept all that happens to me and my Allies.... but that does not mean it gives me Stress as well... and if pushed to the limit, I will either fail and fall into a state of Afflicted.... my mind completely breaking and using the means of insanity in order to fill the empty void, or become Virtuous.... my mind Strengthening in the face of chaos.... and would make me perform beyond ones limits. But having the mind of a war poet, I will sometimes speak a quote or two about nature.”

“I speak only when needed, and I only speak loud enough for my allies to hear, but not too loud to be of that of a shout... and I care greatly for my allies, for their story hasn’t ended yet, and I will make sure they make it through. But I always know.... that adversity and existence are one and the same.

“I was once a king..... a lord of a small kingdom. The name of the kingdom is all but forgotten and left behind in the past now.... for after being infected with this disease and nearing the end times.... I was not fit to continue my role, and instead..... left my people in a much better state than if I was stubborn and continued my role of leadership. Leaving with only the broken sword I once proudly wielded in my prime, and the armor and cloak protecting the world from my true nature..... I wandered the lands, with one single purpose left in me... a crusade.... but not a holy one.... no, it was far from holy.... it was a unholy crusade, one of great importance.... against the Eldritch forced of the abyss... and all those who stand in my way.”

“A few months later... while walking down a small road, a carriage went up..... being driven by what I will soon know as the ‘Caretaker’ picked me up..... and dropped me off.... at what I thought would be the last ‘true’ home until my ‘death’, a ever-growing Hamlet.... and while small in the beginning when I arrived, with five other heros, one of which I rode on the carriage with.... But over time... it became something great... something I didn’t expect at all.... but the cost of expanding hamlet and fighting against the horrors within the dungeons.... were the many lives I seen come and go, wasted.... more ash.... more dust..... and more disappointment... one would say. But here I was.... a man slowly dying, but more, much more, expired before me..... their lives being ended by the horrifying creatures no sane man would see..... people I saw die beside me... but in all of those situations, my party either prevailed or retreated out of combat.... leaving the quest behind for their own survival. It was.... saddening to say the least, all these lives, being wasted and depending on their experiences, treated as mere canon fodder or great hero’s that have given their all to die in the end.”

“But, what I thought to be my end.... was at the ‘Farmstead’.... a strange place I have visited one before.... but as soon as I entered in the past, I was quickly outside once more with the rest of my party, no recollection of what just happened.... if it weren’t for the bodies left behind, showing that we have truly did enter... but forgotten all about it. The second time... I didn’t forget at all.... for I was ‘killed’ there. And I finally remembered the reality warping blueness it the ‘Farmstead’.... the crystals imbedded into the landscape, the land either a regular farmstead infected with humans and creatures tainted by those from the beyond.... or islands floating in seemingly no where in both reality and non-existence.... drawing in enemies from either the abyss or around the dungeons I have gone through in order to fight our team. But it all ended when we have fought the sleeper.... another Eldritch Entity that we could barely understand..... but one other have died in our group in the process.... and what seemed like victory.... ended with me giving my last stand to protect my two remaining allies, as I was thrown of the small floating island our team was fighting on... and thrown into void.... my fate seemingly to be part of the ‘Farmstead’ for the rest of my days.... I thought it was my end.... until I was dropped off at something very much different than my own experience

The Broken blade & Idomitable
Once a powerful great sword.... now broken into a state that makes it more of a executioner sword now, called the Broken Blade, and the armor named Indomitable... with these together, creates the perfect combination of having strong enough armor to block the greatest of physical blows, but a slow but powerful sword to slay those that lay in the path of its sharpened edges.


The Leper had 16 slots in order to store items in, and depending on what item it is, may only store one if it, or multiple of it. It does nothing to slow down the Leper when walking or in fights.

Having a small chance... he is capable of dealing a critical strike dealing double the damage he would normally do, or use this with his Solemnity and gain better healing and stress reduction as a result of it.

Him, like any other human being, can become stressed out that sometimes, ‘his resolve is tested’. this can lead to two things if his stress bar reaches 100/100, he will either be ‘Afflicted’, it being a bad personality effect that is generally harmful for both him and his team, or ‘Virtue’, it being a good personality effect that helps out in combat, with ‘Afflicted’ being the higher chance personality effect. But no matter which one is chosen, his personality will change to what personality effect he has gotten. If his stress reaches 200 while ‘Afflicted’, he will suffer a heart attack which instantly puts him on ‘Death’s Door’, while gaining 200 stress with a ‘virtue’ only removes it. He has a 25% chance of gaining a virtue and a 75% chance of gaining a affliction, and gaining stress or healing would depend on the events he witnesses with his own two eyes. The effects of the afflictions and virtues will be explained when gaining either one... and what’s to expect from them.

The Virtues he can gain are:
“Many fall in the face of chaos.... but not this one... not today.”

“Adversity can foster hope, and resilience.”

“A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm.”

“Anger is power. Unleash it!”


“A moment of valor shines brightest agains the backdrop of despair.”

The Afflictions being :
1. Fearful:
“Fear and frailty finally claim their due....”

2. Paranoid:
“The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy!”

3. Masochistic:
“Those who covert injury find it in no short supply.”

4. Abusive:
“Frustration and Fury, more destructive than a hundred cannons.”

5. Selfish:
“Self-preservation is paramount- at any cost!”

6. Hopeless:
“There can be no hope in this hell..... no hope at all.”

7. Irrational:

“Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”

Death’s Door:
If he loses all of his Hp, he will enter ‘Death’s Door’, a red skull appearing above him as his body glows red, if attacked in this state, no matter how strong or weak the attack may be, it will lead to his death, but he has a 67% ‘Death’s Door blow resist’ which allows him to survive blows in this state with no signs of damage, but not for long. If he recovers out of this state by healing at least 1 hp, he will exit ‘Death’s Door’ but will suffer penalties to his accuracy, damage, and speed while also gaining more stress.

Combat skills:
A one handed strike with the executioner blade, it is capable of dealing a great amount of damage if it lands on the intended target.
A much weaker but multi-hitting form of Chop, it is capable of hitting two targets with a two handed over head swing of the blade, dealing half the damage it would normally do but hit more targets as of a result.
A swing aimed upwards towards the air, it has higher accuracy, lower damage, but capable of pushing foes backwards a couple of feet and clear all corpses on the field, while also buffing his accuracy for 4 turns.
Covering himself in red mist and focusing his power, he is capable of increasing his accuracy, damage, and Crit for a coupe of turns, but Debuff himself with less dodge and higher amount of damage applied to him.
Having a blue shield that forms then disappears in front of the Leper, it would mark him, allowing attacks to hit him more often, but also increases his protection, decreasing the amount of damage taken with each hit, but also increase his blight, bleed, Debuff, and Move resistances as well.
By doing a small meditation while kneeling.... he can not only heal up to 10 as a result of it, but relieve 7 stress as well from his stress bar.
Another upward swing like attack, instead, dealing much less damage than all of his attack based moves, but is not only capable of hitting invisible opponents, but also de-stealth them as well, making them visible. It also Debuff the enemy hit with the attack by making them become slower and deal less damage. The move Marks the Leper but also increases his speed a small bit.

Camping skills:
Let the mask down:
Relieves 25 stress but has a chance of stressing out his companions for a small amount, most likely due to him revealing what’s hidden beneath the mask.
Bloody Shroud:
Increases his resistances to blight, bleed, Debuff, and Move for 4 battles.
Relieves 20 stress and grants him increased accuracy and Crit chance for 4 battles.
Suffers 20% of his current hp, but has a chance of relieving much stress from his allies, either 15 or 20 stress removed.
Relieves 15 stress from an ally.
Wound care:
Heals an ally and both cures bleeding and poison.
Pep talk:
Decreases the amount of stress an ally would gain for 4 battles.

Sword experience:
A experienced user of the blade, The Leper knows how to not only fight with his heavy blade, but how to use its weight as well for his own advantage.

-The Leper much rather be called his title instead of his true name, only telling it to the people he trust the most.
-This Leper was taken nearing the end of the Sleeper bossfight in the ‘Farmstead’ of Darkest Dungeon.
-The leper currently starts out with 8 stress​
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Top-tier Avian Master


"Master is the strongest sword in the world! I won't let you insult him!"

The Black Lightning Princess


Beastman (Black Cat Tribe)

Fran's demeanor is normally stoic and expressionless, but she also displays great amounts of enthusiasm for such activities as eating (especially when curry is involved) and fighting strong opponents. On the other hand, anyone who insults her master's curry or mocks her for being a Black Catkin will face her wrath.

Fran is overall a caring and kind person, and her warm heart gained her many invaluable friends and comrades ranging from merchants, sailors, nobles, royals, and adventurers despite her unsocial and verbally reticent nature.

Fran is also shown to be quite a humble person, as she almost never flaunts her fame and influence through her personality, although her fame as the legendary Black Lightning Princess in particular is something she took pride in for being able to prove that her tribe, the Black Catkin, which were looked upon as inferior in social status for being weak, could give rise to someone as famous and as powerful as her. In a sense, that she redeemed the pride and honor of her fellow tribe. Her multiple unsurpassed achievement and power were also a result of her mental fortitude, self discipline and her conviction to reach her goal to achieve evolution, these traits also serve as a motivation through her arduous life as a slave and stressful yet thorny journey as an adventurer. Her amiable trait to not give up in any agonizing situation bore her result of what she is now and attainment of her hard sought evolution.

Fran is almost completely unafraid of the idea of displaying violence and mercilessness for the sake of achieving her goals, and many adventurers, mercenaries, slave traders, etc. who have insulted, offended, or challenged her without knowing the extent of her power sometimes didn't live long enough to regret it afterwards.

Fran does not completely understand metaphors and will take things literally.

Fran was born admist the journey of her parent in seeking the myth of evolution and they took her along on adventures ever since she was born to find the path towards evolution. Her parents passed away before finding out the secrets of evolving. After losing both her parents, Fran decided to follow in their footsteps to discover the secrets of evolution carrying their dreams and motivation. Unfortunately, she was captured by slave traders and lost her freedom with constant harsh treatment and abuse to endure for four years but not enough break her will and conviction until the faithful day that she encounter Master.

Fran may seem to be upfront from an in-universe perspective, but in reality, her main piece of equipment, a sword she calls Master, is the titular, first person protagonist of her story. He's the typical Light Novel protagonist here, he's got all the powers.

"Ready when you are Fran!"

Master is a durable sword with self-regenerative properties

Magic Power Conductivity
A measure of the efficiency in which a piece of equipment can be clad in Magic Power. Master has a conductivity of S-. That means that he or his wielder can channel more than 1000 mana points into his blade in order to raise his attack stat by more than 2000 points for about 34 minutes. A sword infused with magic can harm beings with ethereal bodies.

Enables Master to evolve and grow despite being a weapon. Magical Beasts have magic stones inside of them. Master is capable of absorbing these magic stones. In doing so he gains some of the skills that the magical beast has. He can gain any skill this way regardless of the power or rarity of this skill. However the skills he gets this way start at level 1. Additionally, his Magic Stone Level increases. If it passes a certain threshold this will cause Master to level up, increasing his stats and granting him a certain amount of Self-Evolution Points. Self-Evolution points can be used to acquire new skills and level up those already owned. If a skill is absorbed that Master already owns, the level of said skill increases instead. Upon level up Durability & MP are completely restored.
This skill is where most of his skills originate from

Skill Taker SP
Allows the user to steal skills from a target, meaning the user gains the skill while the target permanently loses it. The skill works from a distance. A skill that stolen this way is not a set skill and can hence only be used by the one that used Skill Taker. The skill has no visible effect and the target does not feel anything, meaning that skills can be stolen unnoticed. Different from skills acquired through Self-Evolution the stolen skills retain their levels. Different from its lesser versions, Skill Taker SP can steal any skill, regardless of its level, power or rarity, with a 100% success rate. However, the cooldown of the skill is very large. The cooldown after use is (stolen skills rarity)*(stolen skills level) days.

Skill Share
Enables Master to share his Set Skills with his wielder. Master has to count as equipped to the wielder in order to use this effect, but actually holding or being in physical contact with Master is not necessary.

He also has a craptonne of other abilities which includes various elemental magics, telekinetic ability, timespace magic, shapeshifting + sizeshifting, self-replication into weaker clones, so on so forth.

Fran has skills of her own, even without the need of skill sharing with Master.

Espionage: Lv 5
Wind Magic: Lv 4
Court Etiquette: Lv 4
Presence Detection: Lv 7
Sword Techniques: Lv 8
Sword Arts: Lv 9
Resistance to Evil Energies: Lv 1
Blink: Lv 7
Fire Magic: Lv 7
Lightning Magic: Lv 4

Undead Killer
Evil Killer
Insect Killer
Vigour Mastery
Goblin Killer
Mental Stability
Demon Killer
Skilled Skinner
Resolute Sense of Direction
Magic Mastery
Night Vision

Innate Skills : Awakening Brilliant Lightning Rush Magical Convergence

Special Skills : Black Cat’s Divine Protection
(when active, reduces damage dealt to user and protects against status conditions)

Cooking: Lv 2
Disarm Traps: Lv 2
Trap Detection: Lv 2

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Vagabond Spectre

Stay cool homies
(Police sketch)

Prof. Richard Wheskers O. Mantellion

"Look, while highly improbable i telling ya that something fishy is goin' on in here."


Prof. Faerie

25 (In human years)

Rabbitkind (fun sized rabbit people with Human like traits)

Prof. Richard Mantellion's general nature is observed to be a level headed, observant and well mannered. Behaving and complying to human levels of communication thanks to his sheer higher intellect, compared to the rest of his species. Contrasting to his professionalism is his more youthful speech patterns and vocabulary that only reflects his personality. A highly non hostile individual whose relationship with another species is compatible to be allied with. Shown to have empathy and a clear conscience of his actions. Very similar to a human's. With that in mind, he too feels rage, sadness and fear all the same. Further observation is to be conducted to fully understand his true docile character.

Born as one of the greatest minds of his time. The world he was born in was already in peril even before his birth. His homeplanet waged one to it's own kind, his missing father is a figure that he would one day like to meet as he is the mind of the planet's greatest war machines. In his homeplanet, Urma. Education was hard to acquire because of it's corrupted system made by the higher corrupted authorities. Despite the opposition of his mother's opinion to pursue higher education, he was determined to finish his education through and through even if their financials cripple. Through endless long nights and empty stomachs of days. He graduated with multiple awards and degrees than most he schooled with in in the field of science and engineering. With his new life now, he can support and payback his mother and his 7 younger brothers and sisters, perhaps even find his own father whom "killed" from his lab one day after the bombing of the Haruda laboratory. The same lab he now works in years after. While his real agenda lays hidden in work hours. He slowly uncovers his father's past the more determined he is to find him even if he is still out there. Fast forward to his 24th birthday. Technology resumes forward and everyday technology of their time are morphed into killing machines. Wars and politics heatened with tension till a bombing of Haruda Labs struck again. This time Prof. Richard Mantellion was caught.

Rhopalocera Mk.3- Is a Omni-directional flying equipment strapped to the user's bac. It's ergonomic design is that similar to butterfly wings except for the function is replaced with steady drone like propellers instead of fast paced fluttering. This butterfly shaped flyer is controlled by the user's neural link to the brain by attaching a small electrical type tape chip to the nape of the neck. Powered by electricity, it can sometimes use the brain's electrical brain waves to power itself if the device has lowered in battery power for flying in 7 hours. The device is confirmed to be safe to use as this can take off vertically in the air at high speeds without injuring the user. Max flight speed recorded of this version is 60mph. As long as the device is connected to the mind it will remain functional and capable of safe flight of high speed.

Power paws- Giving the user's paws more lifting power to carry items usually heavier for Rabbitkinds. A construction gear used by construction workers originally before implemented in labs later on. These paw gloves also have electromagnetic capabilities to hold onto metallic materials that chews up electrical power. Max strength of powers paws is estimated around 90lbs.

Enhanced Intelligence- Scoring in the IQ test with 250-300 which is impressive for both human and rabbit kind. Able to think more clearly and innovate with resources effectively. A mind that's constantly thinking even far more than a regular human's.

Rabbit physiology- With the Physiology of a Lagomorpha. Prof. Richard Mantellion's abilities are capable of a more speedier mobility (Often hopping than walking) paired with his capabilities to see 2x faster than a regular human. He is also observed to have the ability to regenerate his teeth just within hours upon losing them and night vision similar to real rabbits. His greatest feature and most often used ability is his hearing similar to a rabbit, utilizing it to detect distinct sounds that normally wouldn't be heard by a human or any other creature, normally.

-Self trained Aero pilot
-Basic farming skills (As records shows that he worked in crop farms before)
-Well educated in electrical gadgets, appliances and even weaponry
-Can perform reverse engineering
-Has worked with forging metals before
-Graduate in basic firearm combat

-Prof. Faerie last occupation/position in Haruda Labs before the multiverse collision was a Weapons Research Scientist.
-He still carries his ID with him that has a level 5 security clearance. (Not applicable in non lab doors)
-Yes, Prof. Faerie secretly enjoys being petted.
-Stands at 2'6 feet erect
-Weighs at 11Lbs (Without equipment

End of Character Data_
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all air and no brains.
Here comes a new challenger!

"Oh gosh... I'm getting nervous."
Josie Rizal

The Kickboxing Model from The Pearl of The Orient Seas



Josie has been described to be bright, cheerful and quite energetic, but she has become more prone to crying because of something that happened in the past. It later reveals in her backstory that she was a big crybaby at the young age and is unable to ease it. During her training course and confrontation against Kuma, Josie was revealed to be afraid of bears and makes her flee in tears when it was encountered as well as being interrogated by it which caused her to faint.

Having been a big cry baby since she was very young, her parents who were big fans of martial arts insisted that she train martial arts. Despite her reluctance at first, she later became accustomed to training kick-boxing to live up to her parent's expectations although it hasn't cured her from being a cry baby. Making a living by being a kick-boxer and a model, she was on track to helping the household until a large typhoon in the country ravaged her home and creating widespread damage. To offer aid relief to the ravaged country, the Tekken Forces from Mishima Zaibatsu came to help out those affected and Josie was inspired to become a Tekken Force member. After that, she set out to join the Tekken Forces by taking their employment examination.

  • A red ribbon hair accessory

  • A yellow long sleeve v-neck midriff with white flower designs on her baggy sleeves with a red bikini top underneath.

  • A light blue and red short skirt with matching designs and four straps in each side of her skirt.

  • A red v-belt around her waist with white flowers and a sun buckle.

  • Brown warrior sandals with sun designs on her knee and ankles.

  • Blue short shorts underneath her skirt.

  • A pair of golden sun earrings, a golden dangling sun necklace, and several matching golden bracelets.

Like any fighter within the Tekken universe, Josie can access Rage mode when her health reaches below 25%. In this state, her strength is enhanced. Her attacks deal more damage, increasing every time she loses health even further in this state. The maximum strength boost she may get in this state is around 15% when 15% of her health is lost while also in this state. Additionally, she may use her Rage Art or Rage Drive, but using either of these moves removes her Rage mode. A Rage Art or Rage Drive is the same as a special move, only having higher damage than a regular special move and unblockable. Additionally, any energy obtained in this state is also doubled.

Josie fights using Eskrima-based Kickboxing. Eskrima is a style of combat that emphasizes on weapon-based combat that generally involves sticks and knives. Eskrima is officially called Arnis, the formalized umbrella name of the style in the Philippines, though this name and Kali are also used. Josie uses the unarmed variant of the style that focuses more on defensive techniques, grappling and weapon disarming as opposed to the more offensive armed variant.

Unarmed Eskrima focuses much more on reacting to and countering an attack rather than offensive striking. However, vicious strikes and kicks are still used. Her take of Eskrima with boxing makes her style more similar to a real-life Eskrima variant called Yaw-Yan also known as the Dance of Death or Sayaw ng Kamatayan in Filipino. She also uses various elbow and knee techniques along with various combinations that are reminiscent of Muay Thai.

She has a few special moves that can only be activated when she has enough energy built up within her body. Josie obtains energy through landing hits on her enemies or taking damage. When she builds up an amount of energy within her, she may use that energy for a special move. Special moves have higher damage compared to regular attacks and are much more stronger than her regular punches or kicks.

Additionally, Josie is also a great singer and is resourceful when it comes to cooking meals on a budget or with limited ingredients.

She's a brand ambassador for one of the local Philippine fast food companies. Josie would say she's slightly embarrassed about it, but she does chow down on a lot of Mishima Burgers in her spare time when she's training in her gym.

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Betsumei No Ishi

The Me Away From Me

". . ."
The Shapeshifting Slime Person
Age: ???
Race: Slime
Schimatizo is an abnormally quiet individual. Though mute, it has been described as a cheerful being with a child-like demeanor. Though at times it can be seen just staring off into the distance doing nothing. When threatened, Schimatizo becomes standoffish and would attack the person.

Schimatizo manifested in a forest outside of a relatively peaceful human village. Schimatizo observed the humans for days and days upon end, but due to the fact that it cannot speak, Schimatizo ended up just watching.

One day, Schimatizo decided to change its appearance, shaping its body to one of the humans it saw. On the outskirts of the village, it played with the children cheerfully. All was well, until the villages caught wind of this, and decided to hunt the Slime. On self defense, Schimatizo killed the adults who came to harm it, which caused the children to fear Schimatizo and ran away from it.

Feeling utterly sad and regretful, Schimatizo remained on the village of the humans it killed, wandering alone in human form, looking for someone to play with.

Red Magic Orb - A red orb that she has on her body. It acts as her heart and the source of her magic.
Shapeshifting ~ As a slime, Shimatizo can shape its body to whatever shape it feels.
Hardening ~ Schimatizo can harden its body as a defensive measure. Its body can harden to the point
Splitting ~ Schimatizo and duplicate its body many times. However, the more it does this, the smaller the main body becomes.
Absolutely nothing.


Skeleton Boi

“Destruction is all I can give this world!”

The Abomination

“I am recorded to be 24 years old... but I appear older due to the constant state of little care makes me appear older than my biological age.”

“I’m...... I was once a human.... but, due to my grave mistakes..... I am no longer human.... not even close, even with my human like appearance on the outside.... for while I may function normally like a human... I have been cursed with a demonic entity that has corrupted my soul.... and changed me forever....”

“I....... I am was given curse.... one that has poisoned my bond between my fellow brethren.... but I understand.... I had betrayed them in the first place by studying the forbidden arts.... this is was simply how the world decided to punish me for my sins. I am without hope..... nothing to keep me driving other then the singular goal of trying to contain the burden I was cursed with.... after all, no more innocents should be killed by my own hands.”

“I am what many people called a pessimistic.... always thinking the worst of myself and every possible situation.... especially since it takes my will power to control the demon within me, and I would usually shy away a conversation.... after all, who would want to talk to a Abomination that has killed innocents before when I couldn’t control the demon within..... but I could hold my own in a conversation... especially one with useful information... and tell them of my past, after all, I’m not who I once was a few years ago.... so it barely matters to me. Kindness is but a foreign concept that only my dying friend.... Baldwin... has ever shown me... even when religious, for he understands... that in a way, we aren’t too different to each other, both cursed with a burden that will last to the end of their life, and treated as outcasts due to it. But I am grateful to those who help me, and will often try to find a way to repay them.... even if it costs my life... for they deserve to live.... not me....”

“The world I hail from...... it’s worse than Hell, Eldritch abominations at every corner lying in wait to reap your soul, monstrous beasts seeking to sate their blood thirst and hunger for flesh, and our own brothers and sisters either worshiping these false gods, or robbing us in order to satisfy their greed...... I was but a simple scholar, searching high and low for any useful piece of information. My life was a peaceful one, for I did not have to travel to the outside of safety of the Hamlet in order to gain new information, for travelers who done so already were willing to lend some information for a few gold coins.”

“The information they provided me with.... it wasn’t enough to stop my desire for more information, and so, at the age of 19, I began looking in....... unlikely places for forbidden knowledge. Soon, I became like many others, being driven by greed, greed for all types of knowledge. I even helped what many would call the enemy multiple times in order to get a paper holding an ancient ritual or forbidden knowledge of the Eldritch arts.... even a single sentence of a dark ritual was enough to gain my interest.”

“But.... a few months later.... it was... the time I regretted my existence and choices of my life. I had gone through a ritual in order to summon a demon in order to gain more knowledge..... but in return, my soul was corrupted and split into two versions. The one you’re seeing now is my human self, but..... the demon inside was once all the greed and desires from my body, and was used to create a terrifying beast that I can barely control. From that day forward, I was branded as a Abomination, a person who had meddled in the dark arts, and forever labeled as a traitor to man kind. Many innocents died at the beginning, me being driven away from the old Hamlet I once lived in.... now no longer accepted as a human but the corrupted soul I have. I just wish that this would be over soon, and I can finally feel the sweet relief of being pure again, either alive...... or dead.”

“Thankfully..... I have received what I thought to be my end.... when entering the final dungeon..... the Darkest Dungeon to fight with a being named the Heart of Darkness.... Alpha and Omega, father and mother, the creator of our world.... and soon..... our destroyer
. I have fought with every ounce of my strength.... but in the end.... I was finished off, sparing my three other teammates brought with me and bringing what I thought to be.... peace and bliss..... until I woke up at somewhere different then what I was used to.... and a friend I had thought was forever dead when hearing the news about the tragedy of the Farmstead.... only two leaving that place alive.”

Damnation’s Gift & Inhuman bondage

The curse that the Abomination has is not only a curse.... but a blessing in disguise, for it is able to give him inhuman strength with his Eldritch infused blood and powerful transformations, but even his strength carries over to his human form, while the magical and enchanted chains on his body provide a good defense to not only stop the beast from escaping easily, but act as a makeshift form of armor in certain situations. Not that his skin is capable of absorbing blows as well if all else fails.

The Abomination has 16 slots in order to store items in, and depending on what item it is, may only store one if it, or multiple of it. It does nothing to slow down the Abomination when walking or in fights. Due to having an ally here, the Leper and Abomination both chafe inventory slots

Having a small chance... he is capable of dealing a critical strike dealing double the damage he would normally do, or use this with his Absolution and gain better healing and stress reduction as a result of it.

Him, like any other human being, can become stressed out that sometimes, ‘his resolve is tested’. this can lead to two things if his stress bar reaches 100/100, he will either be ‘Afflicted’, it being a bad personality effect that is generally harmful for both him and his team, or ‘Virtue’, it being a good personality effect that helps out in combat, with ‘Afflicted’ being the higher chance personality effect. But no matter which one is chosen, his personality will change to what personality effect he has gotten. If his stress reaches 200 while ‘Afflicted’, he will suffer a heart attack which instantly puts him on ‘Death’s Door’, while gaining 200 stress with a ‘virtue’ only removes it. He has a 25% chance of gaining a virtue and a 75% chance of gaining a affliction, and gaining stress or healing would depend on the events he witnesses with his own two eyes. The effects of the afflictions and virtues will be explained when gaining either one... and what’s to expect from them.

The Virtues he can gain are:

“Many fall in the face of chaos.... but not this one... not today.”

“Adversity can foster hope, and resilience.”

“A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm.”

“Anger is power. Unleash it!”


“A moment of valor shines brightest against the backdrop of despair.”

The Afflictions being :
1. Fearful:
“Fear and frailty finally claim their due....”

2. Paranoid:
“The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy!”

3. Masochistic:
“Those who covert injury find it in no short supply.”

4. Abusive:
“Frustration and Fury, more destructive than a hundred cannons.”

5. Selfish:
“Self-preservation is paramount- at any cost!”

6. Hopeless:
“There can be no hope in this hell..... no hope at all.”

7. Irrational:

“Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”

Death’s Door:
If he loses all of his Hp, he will enter ‘Death’s Door’, a red skull appearing above him as his body glows red, if attacked in this state, no matter how strong or weak the attack may be, it will lead to his death, but he has a 67% ‘Death’s Door blow resist’ which allows him to survive blows in this state with no signs of damage, but not for long. If he recovers out of this state by healing at least 1 hp, he will exit ‘Death’s Door’ but will suffer penalties to his accuracy, damage, and speed while also gaining more stress.

Combat skills:

Human form:
A ability allowing him to transform between human and beast form, this version allowing him to turn into a beast, increasing his speed, resistances to blight, a permanent increase to his damage until turning back into human form, and healing 10 hp, but also stressing his allies with +8 stress, even his friend, due to him not being used to his transformation yet.
A heavy swing using his chains, he is capable of doing a heavy blow in human standards and has a chance of stunning enemies with the attack. Good in order to stun a dangerous foe.
Beast’s Bile:
Transforming his face a little, he can fire off a ball of acid that would stick to nearby foes, usually dealing blight or acid damage to them... a great tool when trying to control a field of enemies.
Doing a small meditation on the floor, and summoning a bright light that flashes onto his body, he can not only heal 5 hp but also relieve 10 stress as well.

Beast form:
In Beast form, he trades his previous skill set in order for one of dealing damage, but when he wants to transform back into a human, he can, but suffer a small penalty to his speed, and unable to transform back into a beast until the battle is either over or a couple of rounds has passed. Also relieves 2 stress from any hero. Gain 3 stress each turn in this form.
A weak multi hitting attack, it trades off damage for being able to distribute it equally to a second enemy, and increases his damage by 25% with each successful rake he uses.
A powerful bit attack, it does the most damage of all of his attack based moves in his arsenal, not much about it.
By slamming his ram like head into an enemy, he is capable of of not only rescuing the front to a battle quicker, but push the enemy back as well. And decrease their foe’s dodge and speed immensely

Camp skills:
Anger management:
Increases his stress by 20, but decrease the stress others may have by 10
Psych up:
Increases damage by 25% for four battles but gives everyone in his party +10 stress
The quickening:
Increases his speed greatly for the next 4 battles
Eldritch Blood:
Increases his resistances to blight, bleed, and Disease by 40%, but increases the stress he gains by 20%
Relieves 15 stress from an ally.

Wound care:
Heals an ally and both cures bleeding and poison.
Pep talk:
Decreases the amount of stress an ally would gain for 4 battles.

142 IQ, Scholar background and some knowledge on the dark and Eldritch arts:
Being a quiet bright lad who rarely uses his knowledge, he is quiet intelligent when using his brain, especially where the fields he come into, which is reading ancient text, and having a better understanding of history. Also good with puzzles and knowing dark and Eldritch symbols along with Eldritch speech.

-The Abomination is taken from the final battle of Darkest Dungeon, dying from the attack Come unto your maker.
-He would rather be called by his title than real name, but doesn’t which one settles on.
-Starts with 19 stress​


forbidden maiden


    Smol Ball of Gluttony

    Unknown, but looked like 10


    Yume is a rebellious happy-go-lucky Oni with a tremendous appetite. Her main food is blood for survivability, but she enjoys human food most. She can be a little bit impatient and stubborn, she is totally a pain in the ass when she wants to. Though Yume has a childish behavior, she is a reliable ally when it comes to fighting. However, she needs to be checked from time to time for she won't hesitate to blow things up and extremely easily distracted.

    Yume is the fourth daughter of the great Oni, Uzuhuko, king of the yokai world. Being the youngest one had her free from most responsibilities. Her eldest brother would soon inherit his father's throne, her second sister dedicated her life as the main strategist, her third brother was the head of yokai military, while Yume... was born to enjoy every fun and food that the world could offer. Though her father wanted her to be part of the yokai's important role, little Yume rejected it outright. Knowing that talking wouldn't do any good anyway, her father gave up and let her do anything she wanted to do.

Daryl and Garyl

we're the super awesome darmanitan bros!

Daryl & Garyl

"we're the super awesome darmanitan bros! as long as we're together, nothing can stop us!"

the super awesome darmanitan bros

Age: ???
Race: darmanitan
Personality: daryl is very hotheaded and hotblooded and loves to fight others, garyl is more calm and is more observant, sometimes appears to be a scaredy-cat but it is actually just being cautious.
Bio: daryl and garyl are older brother and younger brother respectively, as opposed to them being the same age. daryl was a regular unova darumaka who carried his brother in an egg but then they stowed away on a ship to galar. galar was where garyl ended up hatching. daryl was confused by how white his brother was, but he accepted it anyways. since then, they have been travelling the world, fighting pokemon of all shapes and sizes.
Equipment: they carry things like berries, some items like life orbs and choice items.
Powers: both darmanitan bros have zen mode as their ability. both daryl has a lot of fire-type and psychic-type attacks and a lot of other attack types, while garyl specializes in ice and fire-type attacks, but he has other attacking types too.
Abilities: daryl is a professional kickboxer while garyl is the smarter of the two with a lot of trivia on the world.
Others: their theme song

Betsumei No Ishi

The Me Away From Me

{[Pelvis Gravely & Spine Gravely]}
"Hunt! Hunt! Hunt! Kehehehee!" "Fuu...So is the thrill of the kill~"
Hunters Of The Graveyard
Age: 16000 || 20000
Race: "Skeletons, can't you tell?" "Yeah, yeah! We're bone bags, Yeah!"
"I'm Pelvis! I like to stab things! Hehehe!"
"Forgive him, my little brother doesn't have too much restraint. Believe me when I tell you that despite his childlike demeanor, he can be quite the fighter. His crazed attributes help with that."
"Crazed? Who's crazy?! Sister, did someone call me crazy? Did they? Huh? Huh? HUH?!"
"My point exactly. Either way...I, on the other hand, see myself as more sophisticated, much better looking skeleton. I don't have time for foolishness. I'd rather return to the Deadyard where we hunt our prey."
"Doesn't that make you soooo~ lonely, Sis?"
"N-no, it does not! I don't need anyone else than you, dear brother."
"You're totally lonely, kehehe--eck!"
"You're to stop calling me lonely, understand?!"
"Heheheck! Y-yes, big sis! Of course!"
"Pelvis and I are Hunters; from the time we're alive to the time where we became...This. Pelvis and Spine aren't even our real names--we just don't know them anymore. However, we did remember quite a bit of our past. Such as the fact that Pelvis here is my little brother and I am the older, much more responsible sister."
"Stroking it again, eh, sis?"
"No matter. From what we recall, we hail from a noble family. We were rich, well off, loved, and--"
"We have friends!"
"Yes, yes. We have friends. A whole bundle of them. Pelvis and I cared for them so deeply that we even went with them in order to die in a cave. Alone. Luckily, some Necromancer picked us up and revived us. She was intending to use us as her minions, but...We showed him, didn't we, little brother?"
"We minced him to bits!"
"Yes, Pelvis. Itty, bitty, disgusting little bits. Well, nowadays, we just wait for someone to try and kill us."
"It's BORING!! Sometimes it takes AGES just to get to hunt again, but then it gets disappointing! UGH!!"
"I hunt using my trusty thorned whip made out of spines. Surprisingly, it's as tough as steel itself, so it's durable enough to last long. The spines can also straighten themselves into a longsword. Other than that, I keep a dagger, a few spikes made out of iron ribs and spines, as well as one of the advanced weaponries those humans had on them, such as these sleeker, smaller pistols that appear to be made out of silver instead of iron(Desert Eagle) and a longer pistol, it seems(it's a shotgun). Ammunition? We don't worry about those. We supply that with our own magic."
Spine: Steel Spine Whip-Sword, Bone Dagger, Spikes, 2 Desert Eagles, 1 Shotgun.
"I hunt using a pair of swords! A rapier and a dagger! I had also made various bombs that would aid me in getting rid of those pesky pesky shells. While some of these bombs do boom, others make the shells melt on their body--and then, their bones! Ehh...Sometimes they're too hard to be melted."
Pelvis: Bone Rapier, Bone Dagger, Bombs and Acid Bombs
"Due to Pelvis and I being skeletons, we have a lot more magic energy than most humans. Which means we get to do much more with it than the average mage."
"And, and thanks to us being DEAD, we don't have to worry about stamina or running out of mana! Why? Because it's literally in our blood!!"
"Yes, while we can perform a whole myriad of magic spells, we prefer to stick to two to three affinities. I prefer Ice, Water and Lightning. Pelvis on the otherhand prefers Earth, Wind and Fire."
"We can also create BONES to replace our missing limbs!"
"Though we do need to be careful not to get hit on our cores. If that breaks, we cease to be."
Spine: Whip Proficiency, Gun Handling, Athletic Prowess
Pelvis: Swordsmanship, Athletic Prowess

>Before going into your journey, you hear footsteps. Someone is approaching you.

"Hmm? Oh, it's you. The one sent by The Discoverer to provide aid. Shujinko, Retsujo, allow me to introduce her to you."


Yuri Yaoi

"As The Discoverer wills it."

"She is an aide of the Truth Seekers, Proof Reader we call them."

"I don't exactly know how old she is, but let's just say she is around your age."

"I can't tell if she is human or not, but I think it's between. She is entirely supernatural, yet mortal."

"She takes priority into helping Truth Seekers and as well as their clients in any way possible. She's...quite of a moody person, as The Discoverer told me. Weird like Retsujo, but calm like Shujinko. Is she a mix between you two? Probably, but she's very nice and friendly."

"All I can tell you is that she is born between a Truth Seeker and a human. Her birthday was on September 11, 2003. She is currently studying at a Catholic school and as far as I know, has been working secretly as a paranormal investigator. That's all I know as far as The Discoverer told me about her."

"That large bag she carries is called the Shuuseikamotsu (Revision Cargo). What it does is that she can put Blank Keys inside and convert them into Aspect Keys. Or in her terms, "cook" the keys. Thing is obtaining Blank Keys is about a 50/50 chance depending on the enemies drop. Other than that, that bag is so sturdy and tough that she can use it as a makeshift bludgeon. And aside from that, and here is the good part; there is a keyhole on the side, and inserting an Aspect Key can cause the bag to summon a god or mortal associated with it. Cool huh?"

"The powers of the Proof Readers can vary in each person. For Yuri, she possesses superhuman levels of physical prowess, but I'm sure you two are more better than that. She can also see spirits and can communicate with them. That's all there is to it."

"She is gifted with the same blessings as you two; combat prowess, vehicular knowledge, athletic abilities, and a really strong stomach."

"I am glad to be of your acquaintance. Shall we move along then?"


Top-tier Avian Master

Ben Tennyson

"It's hero time!"

Wielder of the Omnitrix



Initially cocky, childish, and arrogant, Ben's immaturity and attention-seeking behavior often led him to joke around, regardless of the situation. His allies often criticized his attitude, unaware of the fact that he used humor to mask his fears. Despite some childish attitude, he was heroic, caring and generally good-natured, always willing to save others at any time. As seen in Heroes United, Ben seems to be oblivious to certain things, such as the fact that he was transported to another dimension, yet he thought he was still in his world.

Over the years, Ben has displayed good leadership skills, as well as the ability to adapt his attitude to a situation, becoming serious when it's called for. He became more mature, responsible and sensible. He's kind-hearted, willing to sacrifice even his own life for others. His idealistic views and unwillingness to compromise his values – aspects condemned by Azmuth, yet commended by others – sometimes drive him to act against reason, such as helping his enemies if they need it (most remarkably Vilgax). Professor Paradox has praised Ben's good nature, going so far as to say he had the gift to make the right choices at the right moments.

However, when Ben fails to save someone, or if someone gets hurt because of his failures, he becomes angry and much more violent. Perhaps the most notable of these instances is when Kevin willingly mutated himself to succeed where Ben had failed and stop Aggregor, Ben was set on killing Kevin, even fighting Gwen when she refused to help him. He also threatened to hunt down and destroy the Forever Knights once making Driscoll promise to cease the hunting of aliens.

Though often stated to be silly or unintelligent because of his immaturity, Ben is cunning and resourceful when needed, quickly adapting when the Omnitrix doesn't provide him with the alien he wanted.

Later on, Ben starts thinking of himself as more of a superhero than a Plumber, often remarking that he's not a cop, but a superhero.[7] Although he once again became cocky, he retained his selfless and heroic nature.

It started when an alien device did what it did
It stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got superpowers he's no ordinary kid

He's Ben 10

So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise
He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He's slimy, creepy, fast and strong
He's every shape and size

He's Ben 10

Armed with powers he's on the case
Fighting off evil from earth or space
He'll never stop till he makes them pay
'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save day

Ben 10



Ben Tennyson wields the power of the Omnitrix on his wrist. The Omnitrix catalogs the DNA of all kinds of sentient beings, most of which have 'superpowers', and allows him to transform into them and live life in their shoes.

Ben has the potential to use magic, even if he lacks the ability to use it right now.

Ben has mixed martial arts and even on his own, he's a great hand-to-hand combatant.
Ben has photographic memory.

This Ben is Post-Omniverse.​


Skeleton Boi

“So... ya want sum Crits and bleed you wankers?”

3/4 Bee, 1/4 human, all hurt

Beesmas as of now.... considering the fact that his nature is of that a bee and a human..... he is 7 years old... pretty long for a bee eh....

Beesmas race is...... just a combination of bee and human, with the bee traits being the dominant genes here, but some of the human traits like the humanoid head shows up. Just call him a beesman In order to avoid confusion.

Well..... Beesmas is certainly an interesting case here, since he has a wide variety of things that make who he is.... but the most obvious, is his love for stinging and slashing, occasionally shooting foes with either his stinger, flintlock pistol, or dagger... and actually loves the feeling of getting revenge on someone, especially one who made fun of either bees or a music genre he loves. Like stated earlier, he enjoys bee related things like stinging people and sweet nectar while also enjoying listening to a music genre most others would call ‘Jazz’, and pretty much do anything both a Highwayman and a bee would enjoy. He is surprisingly optimistic, always trying to find the best in every situation, and cheer up anyone within his group, most likely his friends..... since it saddens him to see them in such a state, but a small joke or performance later, and bringing the smiles back to the faces of people is what he need.

But mess with his friends... or anything he loves about, and depending on how much he hates you, would go into a ‘small’ rant about how those things should not be hated or people.... but will also fly into a rage fueled by his human nature.... and don’t expect to escape from him without a sting or two. Still, he is a pretty chill guy to hang around with, and wouldn’t mind you borrowing his items or equipment at all.... which he has a small collection of, due to his ‘kleptomania’, and wanting to horde stuff as much as he can... but there is only so much he can carry.

His true origin, it is forgotten, along with where he came from, especially the fact that he just appeared out of the blue one day in the Hamlet, speaking about how he was one of the few ‘outcasts’ left alive in his world, which was seemingly very similar to the world we live in... except.... much more.... unique.... but that doesn’t mean he was a good person to hire, that skillset of his not only making him more of a glass cannon than Dismas.... but generally a better damage dealer and dodger at the cost of lower health. Well, a few weeks later after that, as soon as he arrived, he disappeared into thin air.... like he was here one moment, but gone in the next.... we could only hope, where he lands... won’t be overrun by this quick bee, human, thing..... (ok, weirdest description I have ever made in my life.... but what did you expect, this was a human bee with a gun and knife you’re looking at....)

Slicey dicey & da buzz | armored Bee hide
A combination of both his knife and flintlock pistol, he is capable of doing swift and powerful slices with his dagger, occasionally using his stinger once in a while, but also using his flintlock pistol, either firing at another target, or hitting multiple people with a grape shot blast. The Bee armor isn’t the best at absorbing blows.... especially since he is just a stronger version of a bee, so he would rather rely on dodging than armor to get through in fights.

Just like the other hero’s, he gains and relieves stress like the others, except, he has a 50/50 chance of gaining a a unique Affliction or Virtue in battle, while gaining a 100/100 stress, but other than that, he is affected the same like the previous two party members.

“The chains of life and death always stay put to keep people in place.... but not you, you will not let those chains keep you down forever.....”

“The cold harshness of both reality and imagination has finally dawned down upon you, but in return, you become blissed, unaware of the outside world”

According to his small bee form, now having his own separate inventory system, but only capable of storing 6 items in it, this bee needs to be careful of what loot he picks up on the battlefield.... or not, due to his kleptomania

Having a good enough chance to instead of doing some puny regular old damage, but deal a whole lot more damage than usual, usually 2.0x of the original attack, and heal some stress in the process, pretty good if you want to say ‘well well well, how the turn tables’

Death’s door:
If he loses all of his Hp, he will enter ‘Death’s Door’, a red skull appearing above him as his body glows red, if attacked in this state, no matter how strong or weak the attack may be, it will lead to his death, but he has a 67% ‘Death’s Door blow resist’ which allows him to survive blows in this state with no signs of damage, but not for long. If he recovers out of this state by healing at least 1 hp, he will exit ‘Death’s Door’ but will suffer penalties to his accuracy, damage, and speed while also gaining more stress.

Combat skills:
A swift slice with his dagger, he is capable of dealing a good amount of damage, while also having a chance to inflict bleed upon opponents and decrease their resistances to the bleed element.
Bee’s Sting:
A more powerful strike using the stinger he has, he is capable of doing 15% more damage than usual, but needs to recharge for a turn in order to rest from stinging a baddie.
Pew pew shot:
A regular ole shot from da buzz, he fires a regular old lead ball towards an enemy, giving him some range options in combat.... other than the fact that he can just fly to his foe, but this works as well.
Grapeshot blast:
Firing a multitude of bullets, he is capable of hitting three people at the same time, slowing down their speed and accuracy.
Beesmas Advance:
Float like a bee, sting like a bee, a move that causes him to dash, or soar, forward to hit his foe, allowing him to get much closer, and giving him rispote, allowing to strike back at an enemy when targeted for a stupid attack, seriously, stop trying to hit the 1ft bee with a large tree branch, that never works.
Point blank kablooie:
The best move in his arsenal to dish out the pain, it deals 50% more damage he usually does, and also pushes foes back with the shotgun like blast, but at the cost of having to be a few feet away from an opponent to hit them with said blast, while also blasting him away into the air due to the recoil and knock back.
Rallying buzz:
A move he can use three times in battle, he can increase the dodge of allies with a simple buzz, deal 10% more damage all for three turns... and also has a chance of relieving 9 stress to his allies. Kinda sounds like jazz trumpet for the first few times.....
Camping skills:
Gallows Bee Humor:
A corny bee joke in a dire situation is sure to have some effects when camping for it relieves 25 stress for him, but has a 75% chance to either relieve 20 stress from an ally or 25% chance to cause 10 stress to an ally.... all this from a simple bee related joke.
Unparalleled Finesse:
Some cardio, a few stretches, and some honey, he can increase his dodge, speed, melee damage / accuracy for 4 battles, someone take notes of how he does this, you don’t wanna miss out on the opportunity.
Cleaning time!:
A quick cleaning of both his weapons, but also some jewels or gold he boards.... he has increased ranged accuracy /damage / and Crit chance for 4 battles.... nothing like a good shining to make things work surprisingly better.
Some ringing metal... things:
Attaching some bells in his surroundings, he can prevent a nighttime ambush from happening, while decreasing the chances of the party being surprised, and the chances of the enemies being the ones who were surprised in the first place.

Bee flight / evasion:​
“According to all known laws of aviation,
there is no way Beesmas should be able to fly and dodge while carrying a gun and a knife.

His wings are too small to get
His cool weapons and body off the ground.

The Beesmas, of course, flies anyway

because Beesmas doesn't care
what Eldritch monsters think is impossible.”

-Beesmas starts with 25/100 stress
-Beesmas also has the following in his inventory:
-12 food to eat
-2 skeleton keys
-3 rubies
-a shovel
- a puzzling trapezohedron
- a Jute Tapestry
-Beesmas has the ‘Kleptomaniac’ quirk... having a chance to not only open chests and loot crates, but also steal them as well for his own uses.
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Jak and Daxter
"Big Nest, gun, blow things up? I'm in."
Mar, Orange Lightning
Age: 18, ????
Race: Humanoid etc/ Ottsel
Personality: Jak changes notably as a character over the course of the series. During The Precursor Legacy, he is presented as brave and curious, willing to step into dangerous situations given the need. The most notable feature of his personality in the beginning was his apparent mutism. In Jak II, he breaks away from his mutism, and after being subject to dark eco treatments for two years at the hands of Baron Praxis, his main basis becomes revenge, and he became angry and reckless—this is exacerbated by the presence of dark eco in his body. He also takes some enjoyment in killing metal heads and a fondness for guns.[10] Nonetheless, Jak does retain some heroic personality traits. In Jak 3, where he gained light eco powers to balance the dark eco, he becomes less angry and more mature; which was further aided by the death of his father later on. In Jak X: Combat Racing, he turned into somewhat of a relaxed character, though his final encounter with Mizo shows that the anger still exists under a calmer exterior. In The Lost Frontier, he seems to be more carefree and happy. Despite some scenes hinting his anger (for example, when he tries to turn to Dark Jak, seeing the Dark Warrior Program chair, among others), he appears to be more cheerful than the rest of the series

Pre-birth, and early life:

Jak was born to the Grand House of Mar in Haven City as the son of King Damas. His mother was never mentioned in any of the games, making him one of a few characters to have a father with no apparent mother.

Some time after his birth, Jak's father was betrayed by Baron Praxis and Veger. The politics of the impeachment remain unknown, however it is known that it was amid the Metal Head Wars. Through betrayal and tyranny, Baron Praxis rose to power as the "temporary" ruler of Haven City and banished Damas to the Wasteland. Jak was pronounced an orphan and left on the city streets, losing the birth name Mar (for an unknown reason) and given the pen name "the kid."[11]
Veger, the council leader of Haven City, was in a desperate search for the Precursor catacombs in hopes of turning the Planetary defense grid on to defend the planet from the foreseeable future. Veger hoped to harness Jak's purity to awaken ancient Precursor technology, and managed to kidnap him intermittently before losing him to a new rebel movement coined the Underground whose sole purpose was to put young Jak back on the throne where he belonged and re-establish the House of Mar as the ruling dynasty of Haven City. Although Veger stated that he lost young Jak to the Underground, the Shadow (the Underground leader) noted that he found him just "wandering the streets," suggesting young Jak may have escaped by his own power.
At some point during these events, an older version of Jak arrived from a different time zone. Soon after being consoled by the Underground, Kor, an elderly member of the Underground, was assigned as the attendant of young Jak and his pet cracadog.
The Shadow originally planned for the young child heir to open the Tomb of Mar and pass the Trials of Manhood to gain the Precursor Stone in order to defeat the Metal Head leader, but the tomb refused to admit the kid on the grounds that he was too young to face the tests. Instead, older Jak forced his way through the door of the tomb in an attempt to retrieve the stone, which at the time was viewed as a desecration due to his impurity. After older Jak passed the trials, young Jak vanished: Kor kidnapped him so that he could open the Precursor Stone for himself.

Before The Precursor Legacy
Kor would later be revealed to be the Metal Head leader, disguising himself as an Underground member to sabotage Baron Praxis, who made a deal with him that somewhat neutralized the ongoing war activity. Older Jak sent young Jak into the past with the Shadow, in order to protect him from the danger of Kor.
Young Jak would then be raised into his adolescence under the watchful eye of the Shadow (real name being Samos). Jak grew up in Sandover Village alongside fellow villager Daxter, who became a close acquaintance. He also grew up with Samos' daughter Keira Hagai, who became his main love interest. The events of The Precursor Legacy would take place around ten years after this, when Jak was 15 years old.

The opening cutscene of The Precursor Legacy features Jak—along with his friend, Daxter (who was still in his human form)—straying about Misty Island; a place that was restricted by their watchover Samos. The two entered a large area where two dark figures were levitating in front of a large group of Lurkers, where they secretly observed them telling their apparent army to kill anyone straying from "the village."

Jak and Daxter then continued searching the island, where they were confronted by a large bone armor lurker shortly after the secret observation. The lurker charged the two when Jak quickly threw an activated dark eco canister, disposing of the lurker, but inadvertently knocking Daxter into a pool of dark eco. When Daxter came back out, he was in the form of an ottsel.
Jak then returned to Sandover Village to ask Samos for help. The two then discovered that their only hope of changing Daxter back is finding Gol Acheron, the dark eco sage, who lived far to the north of the continent. Jak then began basic combat and athletic training at Geyser Rock, where he got his heroic start collecting power cells and traveling north.
Jak and Daxter, along with Samos and Keira, later found out while at the Red Sage's hut that Gol Acheron and his sister Maia Acheron had been corrupted by the dark eco they were studying and were trying to activate a Precursor robot to assist them in opening a dark eco silo to flood the world with dark eco. Jak then entered their citadel, freed the captive sages and fought the two in their Precursor robot. Near the end of their battle, Jak discovered light eco, when four towers surrounding the silo opened up and the four colored ecos inside combined, which could change Daxter back (theoretically) or defeat Gol and Maia and save the world. He chose to save the world, and after the battle, Jak opened the ancient Precursor door at the top of the citadel, and discovered the rift gate and rift rider behind it, which would start the events of Jak II.
During The Precursor Legacy, Jak was mute for an unknown reason. Note that young Jak, the kid, from Jak II did not speak either.

Before Jak II

Between the end of The Precursor Legacy and the start of Jak II, Jak, Daxter, Keira, and Samos moved the rift rider and rift gate back to Sandover Village from the location of the large Precursor door. The four are seen studying the artifact in the opening cutscene, where Keira discovered that the Rider somehow interacts with the Ring. Jak was left to find out how to activate it, where he pressed the ruby button encased in the Heart of Mar , which activated the time map. This opened the Gate, which inadvertently released the metal heads from an unknown location and caused a swarm of metal heads to attack Sandover Village, starting the second of the two Metal Head Wars.
Jak then managed to activate the Rider and entered the Gate, where they were sent into the future in Haven City. Upon entering the city, Jak was arrested by a patrol of Krimzon Guards headed by their commander, Erol. Daxter escaped (starting the events of the spin-off game Daxter), while Keira somehow became a mechanic in the city, and Samos was arrested and imprisoned (as his equivalent for that timezone was currently the leader of the Underground but called the "Shadow," and was therefore taken into custody in confusion).
Jak would be imprisoned for two years before being rescued by Daxter at the end of Daxter (game)

Though Jak's appearances are brief, the plot leading up to Jak II concerning Jak's acquisition of dark powers is somewhat significant. During these two years, he was imprisoned and experimented on under the Dark Warrior Program. He went through multiple experiments and injections, changing his previous personality seen in The Precursor Legacy from a quiet, headstrong boy with an apparent mutism disorder, to a bitter, revenge-stricken adolescent. By the events of Jak II, Jak broke away from his mutism.

Jak II

After being rescued by Daxter and escaping from prison, Jak experienced the first display of his dark alter ego(evinced from past experiments) while defeating a squad of guards in the Slums. He was asked to do so by Kor—who was disguised as a human working for the Underground—in order to protect a "very important" child. After defeating the guards, Kor directed Jak to the Underground, a rebel movement waging war against Baron Praxis; Kor noting that its leader, the Shadow, could use fighters like him (Dark Jak). Kor told Jak to find the hideout in a dead-end valley near the city wall, instructing him to ask for Torn.

Upon meeting Torn, Jak was at first rejected. After Jak told the leader that he wished to see the "Shadow," Torn gave him the mission "Retrieve banner from Dead Town", in which Jak succeeded; starting initiation missions for membership to the Underground.

From then on, Jak worked with a variety of new characters including Krew, a local smuggler and gang-lord, who had apparent connections with the Underground, as well as Onin, a blind soothsayer who knew of Jak's arrival from the past, and was also able to foresee his future. Others included Brutter, Kor, Vin, and Sig. Jak later discovered that the strange new world which they were making their way through was actually in the future, and that Haven City was built around Sandover Village, which was now known as Dead Town.
Later in the game, Jak met the Shadow, and discovered it was actually younger Samos. He found Keira and older Samos as well, and upon defeating Kor (who revealed himself to be the Metal Head leader), sent his younger self (the "very important" child) back into the past with the Shadow to grow up safely in Sandover Village, thus repeating the time loop.

Jak 3

Shortly after the events of Jak II, war broke out on the streets of Haven City, as new Krimzon Death Bots took over a vital section of the industrial area of Haven, and a large group of stronger Metal Heads that survived the death of their leader concentrated in the gardens sector of the city (at that point renamed Metal Head city). Veger saw this as an opportunity to rid Haven City of Jak, and therefore found him guilty in association with Krew, who compromised Haven City's security which they thought let the metal heads into the city. Veger, on behalf of the Grand Council of Haven City, banished Jak to the Wasteland for life.Distraught, only accompanied by Pecker and Daxter, Jak began looking for salvation in the midst of the desert. He eventually fainted in exhaustion, and having the beacon given to him by Ashelin just before their departure, was found by the king of Spargus, named Damas.

Jak, along with Daxter and Pecker, were taken into Damas' sanctum where they were bathed and Jak's clothing was reduced and his hair cut. Jak nearly died, as Damas noted he was preparing to have his monks pray for him. Jak fought in arena matches to prove himself worthy of keeping, where he eventually earned citizenship to Spargus, and became an official "wastelander." During this process he met Sig again, an ally from Jak II, in the Arena of Death, where they were ordered to kill each other under arena rules, though they both withheld the task and were forced to prove their worth to Spargus another way.

Later, Jak was invited back to Haven City by Ashelin. Though he initially refused, he returned to fight in the War for Haven City. Before entering Haven City however, Jak had an encounter with Count Veger, who activated a Precursor robot, although Jak managed to defeat it. Later, after reuniting with Torn, Cyber Errol was revealed to be the leader of the KG Death Bots as well as the surviving Metal Heads, however the greater threat was from the incoming Dark Maker ship, which Errol sought to control in order to destroy the planet.
In order to destroy the ship, Jak needed to activate the Planetary Defense System by accessing the catacombs near the ruins of the Mar Memorial Stadium. Damas answered Jak's call for help, but was crushed under their vehicle when a blast overturned it, inadvertently revealing that Damas was Jak's father in the final moments of his life. Jak continued through the catacombs, activating the Planetary Defense System and traveled to the Dark Maker's ship to stop Cyber Errol, who escaped in a terraformer before the ship was destroyed. Returning to the Wasteland, Jak defeated Errol and his terraformer. The Precursors, revealed to be ottsels, asked him to come with them to protect the universe. He declined the offer due to the inseparable nature between Jak and Daxter similarly witnessed in the opening cutscene in the beginning of the game (when Daxter stayed behind with Jak in the Wasteland). It is also revealed that Jak's birth name was in fact Mar leaving many fans to speculate on whether Jak is the actual "Mar" who built Haven City, or if he is just of the same lineage and named after the famous figure.

Mar's Armor
Morph gun( Changes to 16 guns)

Powers: (Supernatural Powers.1599873751814.png)Dark and Light Jak

ark ecoDark BombThe first dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and slamming his fist down, unfurling a high-octane shockwave of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius.Jak II, Jak 3
Dark BlastThe second dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and spinning rapidly, releasing several enemy-seeking bolts of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius.
InvincibilityGrants Jak invulnerability from enemy attacks and some other hazards while in his Dark Jak form.Jak II
Dark GiantInvolves Dark Jak growing in size, exponentially increasing his attack's damage output, speed, and jump height.
Dark InvisibilityAllows Jak to become invisible after touching a dark idol. Unlike other dark powers, this power does not require Jak to transform into Dark Jak to use it. However, a cheat may be unlocked allowing Jak to become invisible at any point while Dark Jak using
Jak 3
Dark StrikeInvolves Jak charging dark energy between his hands before releasing two connected and self-revolving dark eco spheres, destroying everything in its wake.
Light ecoLight RegenerationAllows Light Jak to stop time around him while a beam of light eco from above regenerates his hit points until the eco meter is depleted.
Flash FreezeAllows Jak to kneel on one knee, clap his hands above him, and slow time around him.
Light ShieldAllows Jak to create an impermeable light eco shield around him.
Light FlightAllows Light Jak to sprout wings, with which he can glide short distances.
Red ecoEco amplifierInvolves Jak releasing a large sphere of red eco energy from his hands, which then travels forward until it collides with something or Jak shoots it, at which point it detonates into a harmful shockwave of red eco.The Lost Frontier
Green ecoEco constructThe first, most simple form of eco construct, involves Jak raising his hand, causing a collection of green eco crystals to emerge from the ground. This acts primarily as a weapon, especially when upgraded, as well as a defense against the Uber-Bot 888's arm saws.
The second eco construct involves Jak standing over a patch of small green eco crystals, kneeling, and causing much larger pillars of green eco to erupt from the earth, creating temporal platforms with which he can traverse areas.
Eco shieldSimilar to Light Shield, this power involves Jak creating an impermeable shield around him, though this time out of green eco.
Blue ecoEco reflexesSimilar to Flash Freeze, this power involves Jak kneeling, clapping his hands above him, and slowing time around him. However, since this power uses blue eco instead of light eco, it is more likely this causes Jak to move faster than his surroundings, only perceiving everything else around him becoming slowed down.
Eco teleportInvolves Jak swapping places with a targeted Precursor statue, allowing him to traverse long or blocked-off distances.
Yellow ecoEco rocket jumpInvolves Jak getting a boost off of the ground through blasts of yellow eco from his hands. If standing over a yellow eco vent or over a cloud of eco, this boost will allow Jak to reach considerable altitudes (though otherwise it is only a small boost no higher than a standard double jump).

Abilities: (Real Life Skills) Racer/Hero/Anti-hero etc..
Others: See Daxter's wiki for his stuff :/



The skies above with landmasses

MBV-707-G "Temjin"

Cyber Trooper



The only notable memories that this Temjin seems to store are of its combat data and armament data. Nothing else remains except for a shade of childlike curiosity and the inexplicable desire to fight to protect

Successor of the 1st Generation "MBV-04-G Temjin" model, MBV-707-G Temjin is a model modified to be capable of operating on heavy gravity environments like Jupiter's while its main armament, the M.P.B.L is given two new forms (Logical Zapper Mode and Surfboard Mode).


1) M.P.B.L (Multi Purpose Beam Launcher)
A weapon that has four different forms (Launcher Mode, Logical Zapper Mode, Beam Sword Mode and Surfboard Mode). Launcher mode is the armament's default form used during battle with a decently powerful output. Logical Zapper Mode increases the output of the M.P.B.L's projectile tenfolds at the cost of the ability to rapid-fire it in Launcher Mode. Beam Sword Mode doubles as both a close-combat weapon and an impromptu ranged weapon as it can send beam slash waves towards its targets. Surfboard Mode is a self-explanatory form that provides Temjin a form of transport that also obviously doubles as a weapon to ram one's beneath with

2) Power Bomb
Standard weaponry Temjin uses that doubles as a makeshift "shield" whose explosion radius erases most projectile that aren't Temjin's.

3) Thrusters
Outfitted onto Temjin's exo-armour, it provides the main boost in Temjin's running speed while also doubling as a brief hovering module and means to "jump" and also slow the fall of the Virtuaroid. It is incapable of letting Temjin fly however so manueverability is mostly limited to be on foot.

Despite being a Virtuaroid, this particular Temjin model is oddly enough the size of a human instead of the standard size of a mech, standing at around 167cm as opposed to approximately 15 metres or higher. A previous undocumented battle this Virtuaroid had took part in had likely gifted it the ability to shift its size, except it seems Temjin is presumably permanently the size of a human with no other known ways to revert back.

It is a given as it is a Virtuaroid. Temjin has data that makes it a marksman, close-combat fighter and evasive combatant. However given its status as a "Jack-of-all-stats" Virtuaroid, other mech of his kind exceeds his capabilities in each of their particular respective fields.

1) Under the outer layers of armour, glowing red lines can barely been seen on Temjin's inner frame. Some of which forms into a pattern looking like an eye

2) Before there was Gundam VS, there was Virtual ON​
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Sara Sidereal

Magical Space Princess
Sara Sidereal
"The real magic is the friends we make along the way"
Princess of Saturn
23 Space Years
friendly, clueless

Also known as Spacegirl. A princess from planet Saturn, of the Sidereal royal family, who rule from Castle Spacestar. Saturn is locked in a cold war with the vile Lord Serpentix, commander of the fearsome Jovian armadas.

Just her Space Princess outfit.

Protonic Princess Plasma Power (magic) : pew pew lazers, bolts, and force fields made of pink energy. She can also turn it into armor, in which case it takes the form of a battle bikini, knee high boots, and shoulder pauldrons. She can use it to produce continuous, harmless pink light. Allows her to fly in atmosphere.

Strong willpower. Nothing else above average.

Her magical nature makes her more resistant to biological hazards (radiation, temperature, toxins, diseases, etc). Like all comic book characters, she can take a beating, but not without limit. When her health runs out, she's defeated until she receives healing or treatment of some kind. She doesn't have any secret reserve of strength / determination.

Count Gensokyo

Yell "Dead Cell"

"The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai, are close to none!"

  • Name: Youmu Konpaku

    Age: Unknown, but less than 60 years old

    Gender: Female

    Species: Half-Human, Half-Phantom

    Height: 152cm (5"0')

    Universe: Touhou Project


Reality Warping Child

Peter Petrelli (From HEROES) [Takes place before he begins his adventures in Heroes, before he even realized he had powers]


Evolved Human

Is rather calm and humble despite the full potential of his gift, thoroughly determined to analyze the situation before coming in and doing any heavy lifting. He is far more accepting and forgiving than most people give him credit for, and this has caused many to take advantage of him, even temporarily becoming the assistant of the villain.

(Technically none of this applies to him 'yet' but here is what an Wiki has to say about him):
In the premiere episode, Peter Petrelli is a hospice nurse living in New York City. Differences between Peter and Nathan, an ambitious politician focused on his congressional campaign, cause tensions between the two, which are exacerbated when Peter starts having extraordinarily vivid dreams of flying. He confides in Nathan, who passes them off as a sign of psychological distress. Peter summons Nathan to witness as he jumps off a building to prove he can fly. However, it's Nathan who flies, catching Peter as he falls. Peter blacks out after the brothers lose their grip on each other, waking up in the hospital with muddled recollections of what happened. Nathan claims neither of them flew and Peter is led to believe he's going crazy. To discover the truth, Peter threatens to jump from another rooftop if Nathan doesn't tell him what really happened. Nathan admits that they both flew. Peter first thinks Nathan is only telling him what he wants to hear, until Nathan points out that Peter is levitating as they argue. Peter's later attempts to fly, when away from his brother's presence, are initially unsuccessful.
Besides an watch he sort of has no notable equipment for combat.

Peter Petreli's has the Original Ability that he had before everything happened to him, except due to not being bound by his own world's rules anymore this can apply to practically gain any powerset regardless of it's potency (AKA Raw Power) so long as he's near them. Let's just say hypothetical he saw Humangosaur and was right near him, if they fought, Humangosaur [Ben Ten], he would have his durability and strength as those are Humangosaur's Powers. Doesn't work on normal humans and yes he can stack them, and unlike later doesn't exactly have the best control over his abilities [since he didn't mimick someone's ability to be able to know how anything works] so it would take him quite the learning curve to learn about other people's abilities based solely on how they used them. Due to him barely comprehending his abilities he will only use 1-2 powersets at a time. It also only works on powers that are near him, meaning if he's not in their range of the originator of those abilities, it won't work and he's just a normal human.
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