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The Only Light in the Darkness are Flames (Horror)

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(@ViciousVip3R @Agent @Jakelad @Pryno here you all go, the majority finally decided on this! So let's have some fun! Be ready for big time spooks! Remember, Death is permanent this time!)


"I don't drink," you say.

"You don't drink? How can a man not drink? Come on, one drink, on me!" Blanco says.

"Have a drink, Porras! Live a little!"

"It leads to immorality."

"It leads to immorality?! Rivera's drinking so much he's pissing lager, yet I will bet my fucking house he'll be in church tomorrow! He's not immoral!"

Rivera smiles and gives a thumbs up and downs another shot.

"Going to church doesn't mean shit. Half the kids here in Tijuana are clutching a gun in one hand and a crucifix in the other," you reply.

"Ah, here he goes again! Fuck, somebody get a few drinks in this man!" Blanco exclaims loudly, annoying the other residents of the bar.

"Calm it down, gentlemen! We're all friends here!" Rivera smiles cheerfully.

"Captain, order Porras to have a drink!" Blanco exclaims loudly.

Captain Mendez allows his stone face to crack slightly as he gives a tiny smile, but he doesn't reply.

"I can understand it. I wish I didn't drink so much," Rivera says.

"Once you see what the Cartels can do to a man, you'll be glad for it to ward off the nightmares," Blanco says.

"Maybe," Rivera shrugs. "Hey, alcohol breaks up families. My wife is pregnant. I want to be at my kids graduation rather than in a bar."

"If you want to be a family man, what the fuck are you doing in SWAT? This job takes a lot of our time, is very stressful and the Cartel have a price on all of our heads," you say.

"I want to make a difference," Rivera says defensively.

"You are," Captain Mendez says.

"If there has ever been something to toast to, it's that!" Blanco says, raising his shot glass as he tries to fill it with vodka, spilling half on the table.

You raise your glass of coke, and nod.

"To making a difference!"

"To making a difference!" you all shout.

The next morning...

The Next Morning...


"Fuck!" you shout, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you cut open your face again in a pathetic attempt to shave.

You made some bad choices last night. You could've handled the drinks you had with your friends, it was the additional bottle of whiskey matched with the speedball you put into your veins after you got home and invited some lady friends off the street and back into your room that did you in. You think Rivera and Porras suspect, and Captain Mendez must know about the amount of evidence disappearing and the reports of dealers being shaken down by an off-duty caught, but because of your otherwise squeaky clean record, he's let you off.

"Are you sure you don't want to come back in bed for a few minutes?" the ugliest of the prostitutes calls.

"Get out of my house, we're finished here!" you call with annoyance, before finishing shaving.

You sigh, before hearing your work phone ring.

"Fuck!" you scream, punching the mirror.

One hour later...


"Anyone want coffee?" you ask, staring at Porras and Captain Mendez, as well as the other four members of your team, Garcia, Gallo, Perez and Sindile.

"Black," the Captain replies, as the others remain quiet.

Blanco bursts through the door, a cigarette clenched between his teeth.

"Sorry I'm late," he says, grabbing a chair and sitting. "What's the situation?"

"We have reports of the location of a group of kidnappers known as the Espada de Dios," Captain Mendez says as the projector shudders to life to display an old, massive wooden mansion in the middle of the desert.

"Espada? We'll be killing priests? Porros rejoiced and Rivera wept!" Blanco laughs.

"Priests don't kidnap people. These are criminals, Satanists. They do not have the Lord's protection," you reply as your fingers absent-mindedly wrap around your rosary.

"Satanists? Says who? When I was a boy, I had a man on my street who was an alien android, a mad psychologist, a prince, a general and the horseman of war. You can't trust rumors," Porras says.

"I don't give a damn. We move in, kill any hostiles and save any hostages. Same as usual," Captain Mendez says.

"Yes, sir!" you all respond.

"Everyone in the truck. We'll go over the plans inside."

Fourty Minutes Later...


You've done this many, many times before. You've led countless raids, and have one of the lowest causality per raid rates of any SWAT team. Still, you feel fear as you approach this mission, a heavy pit in your stomach. This is the kind of fear you've felt sitting up in bed, alone in the house as Papa drinks at the bar and Mama works the streets, hearing noises from every shadow outside your window, or under your bed, or in your closet. You need to stay strong for your men, though.

"Alright! Everyone clear with the plan?"

"We split up and everyone gets a scooby snack?" Blanco smiles from the driver's seat.

"Gallo and Garcia go in through the back, sweeping through the kitchen. Sindile and Perez head through the side entrance into the lounge, and they both head through the hallways to meet with us in the central chambers as I take Rivera, Blanco and Porras into the main entrance. Then, we clear the upper floors while Rivera and Porras defend the lower floors, and then we sweep the basement."

"Got it, boss," Blanco says.

"Yes, sir," the others reply.

"I want to move quickly. If we haven't secured the ground floor in sixty seconds, we've fucked up. Got it?"

"Yes, sir!" they bark.


"Five minutes!" Blanco barks, as the van goes silent.

"Three minutes!"

"Sixty Seconds!"

"Ten Seconds!"

The van pulls up outside the house, and the group bursts out. Silently, you move out of the back, motioning for Gallo and Garcia to head around the back as Perez and Sindile head to the side. Blanco and Rivera take position on either side of the door as Porras jogs forward holding a sledgehammer. You stand by the door as Porras raises the hammer, before swinging.


Your sledgehammer breaks the door open after a hefty swing, and it caves inwards. You toss the sledgehammer aside as Blanco, Rivera and Captain Mendez charge in. You quickly follow in afterwards, raising your submachine gun. A waft of warm air hits you, blasting your senses with the smell of rotting meat and burnt wood. You quickly scan the room, before pausing momentarily in shock.

"Jesus Christ..." Blanco says.

The room has a grand stairwell, and piled all along it are mutilated bodies, all missing arms, legs and heads with their torsos hacked apart, gaping holes where each of their hearts would be. You see some have their mouths and eyes stitched shut, but thankfully they're all dead. Then, you see at the top of the grand staircase is a massive crucifix. Affixed to it is a pale man, his eyes gouged out to leave two bloody holes that stare into your eyes. His mouth has been carved into a brutal Glasgow grin, before being stitched shut, leaving a creepily long smile that stand in contrast with the sheer desperate terror on what remains of his face. His naked body is covered with scars, some old, some recent. His genitals are missing, a horrified, infected hole where they once were. He stares at you in terror, somehow seeing you. His body writhes in pain as his joints twist despite being nailed to the cross, desperately moving as his stigmata begin to bleed onto the floor suddenly.

"God our father, grant this...!" Rivera begins praying.

"Men! Check those corners! Secure the floor! Stay on target!" Captain Mendez barks. "Rivera, call in med..."

"Captain!" the radio crackles to life. "We're under attack! They're everywhere! They took Gallo... AAH! Get off me! Get off me! Captain, we need..."

"Shit! Rivera, Blanc..."

The radio goes silent.

"Captain!" the radio bursts out again, and you recognize Perez's voice. "Sindile and I got seperated! What the fuck are these...? No, please! Please, I...!"

Perez's voice is replaced by a long, horrified scream of terror, pain and desperation.

"AAAH!" a voice screams, this one not coming from the radio.

You turn and look as the crucified man's stitches tear open, releasing a wave of blood as his lips are torn apart.

"Expergiscere!" he screams in a deep, garbled voice, before he bursts into a deep laughter.

Suddenly, the bodies on the ground begin shuddering, and they begin to stand. The crucified man continues laughing as the bodies continue to stand, pulling themselves up via the banister and standing up on legs, arms and even wrapped around other corpses. The monsters all stand, and there's a second of silence as the crucified man stops laughing. The monsters slowly turn, staring at you.

1. Get out via the front door

2. Open fire

3. Attempt to escape through one of the side rooms
Ah crap, psi zombies. These guys are probably gonna kill us by slapping us to death.
Let's book it and find our comrades, if they're alive. Through a side room!


Probably a Malkavian

No kidding, I feel a bit of their personality already and I don't want them to die :specialeyes:


1. The front door is the coward option. It could also be the safest, but I am pretty sure than getting out of this mess won't be that easy. Besides, do we want to abandon our companions?
2. You can't kill what is already dead. The whole last adventure proved me wrong, but still. Something (or someone) allows them to keep a conscience. Those are not zombies and we should learn more before we try to eliminate them.
3. The horror movie option. The one that will lead us deeper into insanity. However, it has the advantage of not letting our companions down and to not fight an unknow ennemy.

Option 3 it is, then.


Merchant of Death, Quest Log Fanatic
Oh man, shit is real.

Opening fire is not an option, there are simply too many to kill, and the whole thing stinks of black magic or something.

Everything is telling me to get the hell out of there, and I don't see how running into a side room will accomplish anything except dragging us deeper into this nightmare.

That leaves option 2, we need to get out, and regroup/call for backup if we want to save our team, not embark on a suicide mission.

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
Oh man, shit is real.

Opening fire is not an option, there are simply too many to kill, and the whole thing stinks of black magic or something.

Everything is telling me to get the hell out of there, and I don't see how running into a side room will accomplish anything except dragging us deeper into this nightmare.

That leaves option 2, we need to get out, and regroup/call for backup if we want to save our team, not embark on a suicide mission.
(Just wanna let you know Option 2 is shooting, you are thinking of Option 1)


Master art thief!
Quickly, through that side door! We'll be able to better consider our options from there. Especially if we don't have to look at that scene any longer.

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(Well, nonetheless it appears Option 3 has been selected with 3 votes! What shall happen now? Let's find out together!)

You turn, and head into one of the side rooms, followed quickly by Blanco.

"Keep going, keep going!" Blanco screams, as you spot a small staircase heading downstairs to the basement.

Suddenly, a door bursts open, and a man with a priest collar bursts out. He holds a sack, and quickly pops it around Blanco's head, tightening it.

"Ah!" Blanco yells, as you raise your gun.

The priest throws the now blind Blanco into a side room, before grabbing your gun barrel and pushing it aside. He quickly jabs you in the face and you fall backwards. You hit the stairs, bouncing along as you painfully rumble down the stairwell, knocking your head and arms on the hard stairs as you scream.

You bounce along the stairs with a terrified scream before landing painfully on the cold concrete floor. You feel your legs snap as you let out a terrified scream, crumpling to the floor as you look around, seeing nothing but darkness. You hear the horrible noises upstairs go silent, and are left alone in the darkness.

"Hello? Hello?" you call.

You hear sniffling, wheezing and gasping around you in the darkness as the other residents of this basement hear you. Deep breathing slowly gets louder as they begin heading towards you. You begin to crawl desperately backwards, your broken legs painfully scraping along the floor as you bite your lip until it begins to bleed profusely as you try to prevent yourself from whimpering and alerting the creatures as you're left alone in the dark.



You're running desperately away from those fuckers were when the door bursts open in front of you. You see a tall, gaunt man wearing a priest's outfit with the classic black clothes and a white collar with midnight black hair. He stares at you for a second, before grabbing you. A black cloth sack goes around your head, tightening as you lose sight and it tightens. You grab at the priest's throat as he pulls you into a side room, throwing you to the ground. You fumble to pull the sack off your head, and finally drag it off. You look up in time to see the boot slam into your face as blood spurts out of your nose and you collapse backwards again, this time losing consciousness.

You awake naked in a small metal cage, unable to move. You bend your head slightly, looking up to see the priest.

"Who the fuck are you?" you scream. "Let me out! Let me out, bastard!"

"I am Father Borgogni," he says, almost monotone.

"Why are you doing this? Let me out! What the fuck did you do to those bastards?!" You yell out at him.

"Hush now. They were sinners, and hence, they were targets of them. You are a target. You are a sinner." Showing absolutely no remorse nor any for you.

"Fuck you, you son of a bitch," you state spitefully.

"We are all sinners, child. Yours are particularly obvious." Borgogni states in a matter of fact tone.

"You don't know me! You don't know my sins!"

"They are written across your arms, child." He states glaring at them with contempt.

You look down at your arms, spotting the various track marks that cover your arms.

"Fuck you! Let me out you monster!" You lash out.

"We are all monsters," Father Borgogni says.

"Let me out, then!" You plead

"I can't do that. You need to face your sins. From the fires, we find redemption."

"What are you talking about, you crazy bastard?"

You crane your heard around, seeing that your metal cage sits above a small, gas-operated fireplace.

"Wait, wait, what are you...?"

Father Borgogni starts the gas, and it begins to spray up at you.

"No! Please, no!"

Father Borgogni pulls out a small lighter, and holds it by the gas.

"For fuck's sake, don't! Please, I'm a sinner! I have sinned, and I..."

Father Borgogni lights the gas, and it bursts into flames as you feel the flames lap at your stomach and knees. You scream in pain, as the bars begin to glow red and seer into your flesh.

"STOP! STOP! STOP IT!" you scream.

You desperately writhe around in the flames as Father Borgogni stares at you.

"Help me! Please! AAH! AAH!"

You scream in desperation, before Father Borgogni turns off the gas. You continue to scream as the fire stops and the bars begin to cool, before it grows down to a whimper.

"Have you found redemption among the fire? Are you pure of heart and as innocent as the lamb?"

1. "Yes!"

2. "No!"

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(Option 2 has been chosen with 2 votes!)

Remaining defiant as ever in the face of possible death, you shout "No!" in Father Borgogni's face. He takes a deep sigh and replies.

"We will never be pure without the lord. I hope so, though I doubt it. The son and the beast are here, but not the father." Father Borgogni turns off the gas, before unlocking the cage. You desperately crawl out of the cage, before collapsing on the ground, gasping. "You can prevent everything that has happened to this house from happening to the outside world. Perhaps, through recognizing your sin, you can stop this. Get out of here. Once you're out, I need you to kill everything that tries to leave."

"Sure fucking thing!" you agree frantically.

"Just do it!"

You watch in horror as the priest lights the gas fire again and pours a bottle of lighter fluid on himself.

"God, father, forgive me both for my sins," he says. Father Borgogni falls forward, collapsing onto the burning cage as he bursts alight. You back away desperately from the fire, before desperately looking around. The pain is incredible, and you struggle to move, although the adrenaline that's begun coursing through your veins is helping. Those things earlier are now attempting to make it through the door, but you spot your rifle and you know that you might be able to fight your way through them. You could also smash open the window and climb through, although that runs the risk of slicing open your weak body on broken glass.

1. Fight through them.

2. Go out the window.
Hooray! We're geniuses! After suffering what appears to be third or second-degree burns, I think we should... hmm... let's see.
Fighting enemies while naked is probably a bad idea, though climbing out a window while naked is also questionable.

But my choice falls on cowardice; there's who-knows how many psychic zombies outside the door waiting to slap me to death. We don't know what exactly they're capable of until we shoot them, but let's book it out the window while suffering life-threatening cuts.
P.S. Killing everything inside the building(except my comrades) sounds like a good idea!


Probably a Malkavian
We don't know at which floor we are. However, we are naked, injured, and burned. Are we really in condition to fight? Both options are risky...Considering the fact that we are in a room of, let's say, average size, it will be a melee fight. We have a rifle while they have...stuff. They are advantaged. I'm going with Agent on this one: to the window!

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(Sorry for the delay, if you guys post quick enough, I will post another since this one is gonna be short.)

You crawl towards the window, and smash it open with the butt of your gun. You hear the growling increase, and smash the glass out of the way and pull yourself out, scraping your burned, charred flesh along and causing yourself to scream as you collapse onto the ground outside. Thankfully, it's a first story window, so you collapse on the pavement outside, screaming. You stand slowly, and begin panting as you stumble towards the SWAT van. You grab the side of it, and look inside. You see the keys are there, just like you left them, as well as a three spare rifles in the back. You look back at the building, knowing the rest of your squad are in there, but going back is suicide. You could very easily take the van and get help to storm the building and rescue your friends.

1. Grab a rifle and go back inside

2. Take the van and find help


Master art thief!
Can't expect us to contribute much in our current state, so we're going to have to take the van, floor it, then come back with backup.


Probably a Malkavian
Take the van and find backup. I don't expect a full swat team, but someone with more weapons than riffles and with some way to restrain the creature would be nice.

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(Option 2 has been chosen with 3 votes)

Deciding that you were up against odds stacked against you all right now, also considering you are naked, you decide to get in the van to go back and get back up. Opening the door, you sit in the van, and quickly start the engine. You quickly pull away from the mansion, and begin driving quickly away from mansion.



You're left surrounded by chaos as your group disbands. You raise your rifle and fire into the masses of demonic undead, before desperately backpedaling to escape their clawing hands. You back away as you hear a new round of horrified screams over your comns.

"Stay away from me! God our father, grant your blessings upon me. I am a sinner, but I beg you protect me from the darkness and flames and allow me safe passage..." you mutter quickly.

The demonic undead continue sprinting towards you, but thankfully your bullets manage to at least force them back through sheer force if failing to hurt the demons.


"Shit!" you cry, turning and breaking away.

You find an oak door and stumble through it as you hear growling right behind it. You slam the door shut, before hearing the thump of creatures charging into the door. As the door shuts, you're left in complete and utter darkness. You quickly switch on your flashlight, and freeze. A tall, fur covered humanoid creature stands in front of you, gazing at you with a single black eye and a mouth filled with jagged teeth. It's fur is wet, covered with thick red blood. It sniffs the air, and looks around the room, continuing to sniff the air.

1. Open fire

2. Hide

3. Attack the demon with the butt of your rifle
Fire! No, i'm just kidding. Still haven't reloaded yet.
It's not attacking us yet, so let's just leave it alone and screw off before it decides to eat us.


Master art thief!
Hmm, this is going to be quite the tough decision, but I think I'm going to have to hide. No reason for me to glance at any of those other options... at all... so let's just lay low.

The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.
(Option 2 has been chosen with 3 votes! Sorry its so short, if enough responses come in quick enough I will do another today.)

You freeze, staring at the demon, and begin backing away. You roll behind a bookshelf, as you hear the sniffing continuing. You stop as you release the creature hasn't appeared to see you. It must be blind, or its vision incredibly impaired for it not to see you. You hear the sniffing demon nearing you, and take a deep breath as its face nears you, reciting prayers in your head. Then, its head rolls around, its thick, fur covered face staring at you with its terrifying eye.

1. Run past the demon

2. Drive your thumbs into its eye

3. Pull the bookcase on top of it

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