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Realistic/Modern The One Percent.


Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Cruise ships.
The finest foods.
The largest houses.
Experiences only, the rest of the world dreams of.
These are the things, the one percent of the country; no of the world receives. The people, who are treated, like Kings and Queens. It must be nice, to be rich and famous. It must be nice, for so many people to idolize you, to want you. It must be nice to be the one percent.
But, let’s dive into the uglier side of this special group of people.
Plot idea #1
Seeking Female, oc.
Characters A and B come from two very different worlds. A, has grown up the daughter of a wealthy billionaire living her best life. The most expensive schools, friends, experiences, anything and everything the young girl could have wanted she received.
The one thing, her parents asked for her in return was not to be gay. Little do they know, their sweet innocent daughter has been hiding in the closest with character B for a few years.
Plot idea #2
Seeking a male oc.
Characters A and B have been going to the same school since birth. A, has used her parents money and fame to buy her way in. Character B has used scholarships and worked five jobs at one time to follow his dreams. Both characters end up in the same rehab facility. A, is there for treatment and B is there visiting friends/family.
Somehow the two, talk and find out they have more in common than what meets the eye.

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