The Once and Future King

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  1. The Once and Future King
    It has been 4,000 years since the legendary King Arthur died, killed by his half-sister and former lover, Morgan Le Fey, High Priestess of the Old Religion. His death had been foretold since before his birth and created a golden age for the land that would eventually become Great Britain. Upon his death, Morgan along with the wizard Merlin (another one of Arthur's former lovers) put Arthur to rest on the Blessed Isle of Avalon, protected with an ancient faerie magic that would wake Arthur and give him new life when Britain needed him most.

    With Arthur dead, all the immortal Merlin could do was wait. Morgan, being cursed to die and be reincarnated every lifetime waited with him. Left with her memories after each reincarnation Morgan and Merlin engaged in battle for centuries while waiting for Arthur. But the longer they waited, the farther away the past seemed, and soon their animosity turned into friendship and then love. Together, Merlin and Morgan watched the world destroy itself and put itself together over and over again. Not once had Arthur woken up.

    The year is now 3927 AD, and Merlin and Morgan are living a quiet life in the futuristic city of New London. The country is suffering from mass overpopulation that forces the country of Britain to build up. New London reaches nearly 200 stories into the sky, and social class is decided by how close to the top you can afford to live. Merlin and Morgan are the last practitioners of the Old Religion, and the legends of King Arthur are nearly extinct, barring a few relics in the National Museum. Sometime, nearly 1,000 years ago, Merlin and Morgan gave up the idea that Arthur would ever return. Instead, they focused their energies on keeping the last dredges of magic alive in a world that ceased to believe in the old ways.

    And then Morgan receives a vision: Arthur is waking up. Britain's greatest need is now. Merlin and Morgan must now return to a conflict that had died with their friend 4,000 years before and adapt Arthur to the new world he is to rule. In the midst of this, the trio must contend with past love affairs flaring, old grudges and betrayals bubbling to the surface, and figuring out the new threat to the world that has caused the Old Religion to wake Arthur.

    What I'm looking for:
    Two RPers for a 1x1x1 RP, that can fill the roles of Arthur and Merlin.
    • Must be 18+
    • Some knowledge of Arthurian legend is appreciated but not required!
    • Must be fairly active, i.e. a post every 2-3 days.
    • Must be fairly literate. I don't have posting requirements or anything, but it would be nice to have every post move the plot along in some way.
    • Must be flexible! I'm open to any ideas or suggestions to the plot, but I'd ideally like to the RPers to be willing to try new things, double up on characters, etc.
    Ideally, I'd like for this to end up with a Merlin/Morgan/Arthur pairing but I'm open to anything. Comment below if you're interested in playing any of these characters, or PM me! I'm super friendly!
  2. You should take this interest check out of the group section and place it in the 1x1 section.
  3. This is pretty cool. Color me interested.
  4. Sounds cool. I'd love to join.
  5. I absolutely adore arthurian legends. T.H. White was the master at it. Count me in!

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