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The Noticeboard and You

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Within the Depths of a Dream
Noticeboard and YouWhat is the Noticeboard?The Noticeboard is a place for you to advertise games unrelated to Curse of Strahd that would be hosted here within the Hosted Project. It could be anything from a custom D&D 5e games to World of Darkness, Delta Green, or anything else you might want to play!

How does it work?Simple. You post a listing of a game you would like to play in Noticeboard Listings using the given template. You're free to advertise it within the discord server if course and then wait! Once people begin to apply and you feel you have the type of players you want, close the listing and make the in-character thread in Noticeboard In-Character and ask a roleplay moderator for a category in the discord server.

FAQWho can make Noticeboard games?
Anyone! If you are apart of the Hosted Project you are more than welcome to post a listing of your own game.

Who Can join Noticeboard games?
Anyone can, like mentioned above.

Does the In-Character thread have to be in the group on RpNation?
I would prefer it to be, yes. If you would like it within the discord server, talk to me privately and we might be able to work something out.
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