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Fantasy The not so edgy mercenary and the princess

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Action, Adventure, Magical


Ya boi
He sat in the corner of the bar alone. Not one would approach him without serious intentions for they feared being on the receiving end of his wrath. Covered in an all black cloak that didn’t let a single part of his skin show to the light. So the question hung in the air of why did the princess sit across from him in a bar like this of all places? Was she here to hire the moral mercenary? Did they know each other? Was she here to ask him of his magic he refused to share?

Hello everyone! I’m here looking for a medieval fantasy rp based around this prompt. It’s fairly open to anyone as it has an unanswered question in the start and the world isn’t really said so it’s fairly open to world building and thats about it for it. I’m open to any post length as long as I can work with it. Im busy right now so this will be cut short. Let me know if you’re interested! Have a good day!

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