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Futuristic The Northern Quadrant

Izuru Kira

A Shinigami
3 of my friends got me to watch Dragon Ball Z, now I am a massive fan -_- (Help Me!!!!) Now I want to create a forum Rp based off of DBZ in one of the unexplained Quadrants and allow people to create their own alien races, villains, powers and a whole lot more. None of the characters from the Anime or games or even planets and races will appear. Everything is custom for the Roleplayers to choose/make. You would be allowed to create your own legends and your own tyrants, even play as one. This is mainly for those 'Creative' Roleplayers and just to point out there are no Dragon Balls because the Namekians made them and this is a completely different part of the universe, also the Gods will appear from the Battle of the Gods, so you can play as one too but you'd have to not go over the edge. Completely different side of the universe so no need for prior DBZ knowledge...... So, my question is...... Would anyone join it?

If you need an example of what a fight would be like, Goku vs Pikkon is the best example, is because it uses Ki blasts, transformations, physical fighting, weighted training gear and hidden power, showing off almost everything usable, although you can make your own stuff too:


If you want to join or are thinking either PM me or post below
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