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Futuristic The Nightmare at the World's Core - (Future-Nature Setting Roleplay)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Romance, School


Mentally Deteriorating
This roleplay is set in a much further future where humans have set off on their own way travelling the galaxy. At some point in time, discovery of a megaplanet way bigger than any other was discovered and named Avid. It was very sustainable of life, had many environments like a giant earth and was one of the biggest sources of rare, new and valuable resources within the universe.

Though there were a few discoveries, as the first human colony on this planet was created and grew as well as spread more civilizations around, they quickly discovered that there were many other native species which already lived here before them, a lot which were evolved and sentient, highly resembling humans also. The planet has unexplained yet highly dangerous ruins around, and seems to tremble occasionally and create strange noises itself which can be heard anywhere.

A planet with so many valuable resources couldn't go long with those wanting to exploit said resources. It became extremely expensive and luxurious to even get to enter the planet's atmosphere, nevermind live or stay there. And eventually, the dirtier moneyhungry corporations arrived. However. karma struck them, as their curiosity of what lied deeper in the planet got the best of them. The planet was huge and it took them forever to even pass through a layer or two, but they released something into the wild they weren't supposed to. A sort of corruption.

While it's not noticed yet that it's lurking somewhere, the large industries have gone quiet, wanting to invest into containment and research, and ancient structures around the planet seem to be activating of sorts.

For when the time needs for someone to actually poke around more and do the work... well, someone lazy with a lot of money can always hire or find people to do it for them. Or, train them theirselves.


For this RP, OCs will likely be human, cyborgs, part-animal humans or robot characters if they are a representative of human civilization while those of nature civilization will be composed of half-animal people who are more advanced (Part Animal humans are just humans modified to have ears or a tail while those nature halfhumans will actually have behaviour and skills/qualities of its animal side such as Harpies or Lamia. There are also slimes and plants in the nature civilization which have shifted and evolved to take a more humanoid appearance. More Races for both sides potentially.

I don't really have a planned maximum amount of people for the roleplay, but I do plan to have at least some limit on the races in order to have variety. OCs also aren't first come first serve, but if I think there's too much of a race then I'll bring it up.

OCs will be introduced as being hired or recruited to a Task Force to go on an expedition to investigate the happenings in the world, OR newer recruit characters will be part of a Training School, which the Task Force will occasionally attend as representatives or teachers, as well as to take students out into the field. Any student operatives will be taken out on basically most/every mission in the RP so they not bored. More indepth lore will come soon. Nature OCs likely will be introduced as part of a sortof 'exchange program' for those who want to help tend to or protect to the planet. The Training School is also essentially the Headquarters, not an entire school. Those in the task force and training to be will be given food and a place to stay here however.

I don't mind on how long you take to post, but if you could post at least one a week that would be nice, I don't really want the roleplay to get stuck or slowed down for too long, and I'd rather for those who want to stick for the long haul rather than a test. The plot will probably have multiple endings, as well as a few 'offscenes' just for random ships, character development and fun which takes a break from the plot. Like a beach episode.

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