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Realistic or Modern The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn (Closed)

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The Red Rock City was holding its breath; it had been for over a year. Ever since the explosion had rocked the Citidel and left the metropolis, and much of the US without their greatest defenders the Supervillains owned the streets. The Government had tried to enact martial law, but the National Guard had been repelled by roving bands of superhuman ner do wells who had turned to the leadership of the most feared Super Villian of them all, Dr. Vicious. Taking advantage of the chaos he cemented his control of the city practically overnight, crushing the police force, evicting the mayor and the city council, and revealing a robotic army that subdued the citizens and kept the world out of his city’s parameters. He declared the Red Rock City the capital of his own city-state and ceded it from the United States Government.

With no one to oppose his army of powerful robots and supervillain followers, the city was his to command. He put the citizens to work expanding his army and getting ready for phase II of his plans, world domination.

The night was cold, and torrential rain soaked the city when our story begins. Thomas’s breath was coming in gasps as he lay crumpled on the ground under the overpass between his house and the factory he was assigned to.

“I told you, I don’t have anything from the factory.” He wheezed to the figures standing over him.

One was tall, nearly eight feet, with rippling muscles all over his body. He cracked his knuckles and flapped his ears. He was the Elephantine, half man, half elephant. Born of an unfortunate experiment years before he was now one of Dr. Vicious’s most well-known, and brutal, henchmen. With him was Teeny, another muscular yet regular man whose nickname would have been ironic were it not for who he hung out with.

“That’s not what we heard,” Elephantine said, wrapping his trunk around Thomas’s neck. “The Secu-O-Bots said there was a theft in your sector again.”

“It wasn’t me,” Thomas gasped as the edges of his vision started to go dark. “Help...me…”

Teeny laughed, “Ain’t no one in the city to save your sorry ass anymore.”

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