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Fandom The New(er) Avengers (working title) IC

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May 22, 2019
7:37 P.M.
New York City
The News Channel
Specifically, the Daily Bugle

A woman wearing a dress and blond hair had on the news for a while, talking about local events that not everyone was interested in. As soon as she said the word "Avengers," every man and woman perked their heads up and listened to their television or radio. The reporter stood in Times Square, neon lights flashing and becoming apparent as viewers looked to their screens and listeners heard the groups of people as they spoke to each other.

"As most know, the Avengers have not been in contact with anyone for a total of seven days today. A week ago, on May 12th, Avengers members Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, James Rhodey, known as the War Machine, and more left New York on a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. assigned mission. As of now, Director Nick Fury has been unable to be reached for comment."

So, a few major parts of the Avengers are missing, and no one knows where their last known location is. Bruce Banner and Hank Pym are trying to keep things together at Stark Tower, but people are beginning to wonder. Are the Avengers coming back?


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Rick Harris marched down a New York city street, he stopped when he passed a NEWS center and noticed just what they were reporting on. The Avengers, missing? How could the Avengers be missing? They were like the A-team when it came to superheroes, without the Avengers if supervillains showed up, the only people who would be around to stop them would be, well the couple hundred other solo super heroes that were bound to be operating somewhere around the world, but what if someday it was up to him and then he failed and he couldn't just use the excuse of. 'Eh the Avengers'll take care of it'. That was scary. What is wrong with you. It's like a storm of thoughts in here, complained Shadow. The strange creature who'd taken up residence inside of Rick's head for the past few months. A line of black mist oozed its way out of the back of Rick's neck and it turned into a sort of face complete with two glowing white eyes. Shadow claimed that it couldn't see things from inside of Rick's body but Rick was pretty sure that wasn't true, and the little smokey weirdo just liked to show itself off at every opportunity. "Avengers? Why has that got you so upset? Do you know them, and calling me a Weirdo was not nice. I DEMAND an apology"! Puffed Shadow. Rick nodded pretending to be thoughtful, he wasn't used to sharing his thoughts so he guessed he needed to be more careful about what he thought. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry for calling you a little smokey weirdo" apologized Rick.

"No, I don't really know the Avengers, I mean to say I don't know them personally they're famous you know. Everybody knows who the Avengers are, and if they're gone that's like super not good" said Rick. Shadow seemed to think on that for a minute, the two of them being pretty much ignored by the people around them. "No, I do not know. It does not make sense to me that you are scared that these people you've never met are gone... Is this one of those human things"? Shadow responded, Rick shook his head not wanting to stand out in public with Shadow and explain to the creature why the Avengers were important. "Yeah its a human thing. I'll explain later, I promise". Rick's little friend seemed to be satisfied by this as the shadow creature disappeared the way it had appeared.
Rosalind was going insane. Whenever she left the tower she got bombarded with questions, "Where is your father?" " where are the avengers?" " can we have a comment for the paper?" " Ms. Stark, over here!" On top of that, she has had no contact with her father, or any of the other Avengers. The brown haired girl yelled out of frustration. Where was he?! Tony Stark had gone missing, along with the rest of the mighty band of superheroes, several days ago. Usually her father would call every night to make sure things were going smoothly if he was ever on a trip, but the young Stark hadn't talked to her father in 8 days and it was starting to worry her.
Rosalind took a deep breath, before instructing her father's AI, " Please play my playlist, ' Looks like i'm emo' at medium volume?' After a seconds wait, the familiar opening notes of Green Day's ' Boulevard of Broken Dreams' flooded the silence of the tower. Rosalind began to pace the length of her art studio, pondering the possibilities for the 347th time today. The studio was fairly large, with one wall covered in a mural, another was covered in drawings and paintings. Canvases were propped up on aisles and pencils,pens,paper, etc. littered the floor and desk. Tony's lab was a total mess, and so was his daughters. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?


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Rex switched the radio that broadcast the woman's words off and brought the trunk that held his costume out from under his soft bed. The orphanage he lived in wasn't actually an orphanage, but a home for orphaned children. Rex called it an orphanage anyway, because it sounded cool, and there were around ten other kids that lived there, most of them younger than him. He checked the brown leather container for all of the pieces to his costume. He wouldn't be going out for a few hours, but it was always better to be safe than sorry.

He put all articles of clothing back into the trunk, slid it below his bed, and stood up. There was only another kid in the room (three were assigned to each room, one of the three rooms having four kids in it), but he paid no attention to Rex. Looking out the window, Rex saw that the sun was about to set for the night. He started to get a bit excited, but quickly calmed himself down; he couldn't just go out as soon as it's dark. He had to wait... he had to give the criminals time to actually come out first.

Soon, though. Soon Rex would make his eighth appearance as the superhero named Shiner. The excitement made him giddy.
As the sun began to set, Rosalind realized something. With most of the Avengers gone, who was going to protect the city. Rosalind made a list of possibilities in her head, but none of them seemed like a good answer. After another moment of thinking, she finally came to an answer. She was going to assemble her own band of Avengers. " Perfect!" Rosalind practically screamed, she began to victory dance to 'Na Na Na" by My Chemical Romance (sniff). She froze halfway through her little dance party. She had forgotten a key component. The Superheroes.
Rosalind had her own superhero persona, but were there others like her, besides the Avengers? After ANOTHER moment of pondering, she decided to throw on her suit and check the city for any other vigilantes. Rushing back to her room in the penthouse and into her closet, Rosalind called to the AI once again, " Tell Bruce that i'm superhero-ing for a bit if he asks!"
Rosalind's suit was a lot like spider man's, except for the mask and the fact that her's was all black with blue highlights. She also grabbed her cropped leather jacket and threw that on too. After slipping on a face mask that covered the lower half of her face, she slipped out one of the bedroom windows and onto a building a couple of yards below her. Before she could hit the ground, Rosalind created a sheet of ice that disappeared behind her as she slid along. She rolled off of the ice and onto a building. Rosalind's training kicked in and she began to parkour her way around the city, dodging birds,chimneys and the occasional raccoon.


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Night had fallen upon New York city, as the sun went down the streets lit up, and all sorts of new and colorful faces came out to play. One big example in question would be a mugger holding a woman at gunpoint in an alley. It was a pretty standard stick up, complete with the mist that seemed to appear out of nowhere behind the criminal. The victim got a look of fear in her eyes as the crook laughed and said, "Yeah I'm not falling for that one. That's like the oldest trick in th-". He didn't even get it all out before a dark shadowy tendril wrapped around his neck and slammed him hard into a concrete wall. The poor lady was having none of it and screamed as she ran away. "Why are they always so ungrateful" complained Shadow. Don't know buddy. In her defense you do look kind of like a man eating monster. Answered Rick who was encased in the mysterious creature. Is he still breathing? The shadow creature shrugged and put a hand on the unconscious crook's chest putting what would be its ear to where its ear would be. "Yes, the criminal is alive" said Shadow. Great, now he gets to reflect on his bad deeds said Rick. Shadow nodded trying to signify it agreed before digging its claws into the wall to scale it. The creature quickly and skill fully ascended the building, when it reached the top Shadow disappeared to rest leaving Rick alone at the top of the building to do some recon. "You should really work on staying physical, imagine how much easier it would be to find bad guys if you were moving around the streets like an acrobat" said Rick. You should work on your noodle arms retorted Shadow. "Okay, ouch" said Rick. "Calling me Noodle arms is not funny. I DEMAND an apology" said Rick in a mocking tone of what Shadow had said earlier that day. Shadow gave an annoyed internal grunt, but was otherwise silent. I do not sound like that insisted Shadow. Rick gave a hearty chuckle at the monster inside of his head.
Rosalind was growing restless. she had not met another superego/vigilante/whatever-you-wanna-be-called yet and it was starting to annoy her. The brown haired girl surveyed the city around her from the perch she had chosen. At the moment Rosalind was sitting at the top of a skyscraper, pondering the thought of a super-team 2.0. 'Would anyone want to join? Are there actually other vigilantes? Is there a churro place around here?' Rosalind mentally slapped herself for the last thought. She needed to focus on the task at hand. Not food.
After a couple of moment, Rosalind finally decided to make one more check before heading in for the night. As she zipped over an apartment building, she spotted a shadowy figure. It didn't look human, so Rosalind hesitated to approach it. But as she grew closer Rosalind saw the black-wispy-shadowy-thing morph into a human. Rosalind cautiously stepped forwards, before clearing her throat. " Hi?"


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Half an Hour Later
Around 8:05
Lady Menagerie's Home for Children
Rex's Room
As Rex chomped down a final tortilla chip, he put the bright blue wig on his head and then strapped on his eye mask. He left the old radio that rested on a drawer playing music as he climbed out of a window next to his bed and landed on the back lawn outside. Another happy landing.

Moving into a back alley across the near-empty street, Rex found a fire escape and climbed up to the top of the attached building. From up high, the city seemed so different; the sky made him feel free, while the stable roofs of New York's constructions gave him something to hold on to and not get sucked into the sky. On the top of the building, Rex glowed, like a light in the dark, and anyone within a mile (from above the streets) would be able to see him standing there. Sometimes, brighter doesn't mean better, especially when trying to sneak up on a criminal. It would obviously cripple-

Just then, a blood-curdling scream was let out by someone nearby. Rex frantically looked through the alleyways below as he hopped across buildings, until finally, he saw three people through the darkness in an open space behind a group of buildings. Someone was being robbed, but they were being toyed with first; one man held a knife at someone Rex couldn't make out through the dark and slowly approached them with it.

He felt himself leaving the edge of the building. As soon as he knew it, Rex's arm sank into the concrete a little, and a fusion of bright blue fire lit up the large alley like a Christmas tree. Two of the criminals, their backs turned, fell forwards onto the ground, the last one being pushed back and the knife falling out of his hand.

"Hey guys, I heard that threatening people with weapons like that is illegal," Shiner smiled. "I suggest you run, fellow citizen. I have a feeling this is going to get ugly."
As soon as Shiner closed his mouth, the person disappeared into the darkness.

"Get him, boys!" Shouted one of the criminals as they stood up. Shiner summoned a small baseball bat made of solar energy. This was going to be fun.


Praise the sun
Rick had been simply staring out over the darkened city streets through a pair of binoculars which to be quite honest wasn't the most effective thing. He hadn't really expected a voice to speak behind him, and he definitely had not expected to find what appeared to be a youngish woman wearing a black and blue super hero costume greeting him. "Oh, hi. Slow night isn't it" said Rick nonchalantly giving one last sweep with his binoculars, before sighing disappointedly and pocketing them in his coat. Be careful Rick, she might be dangerous Warned Shadow. Rick waved him off, "usually when someone wants to kill you they don't say hi. Or at least they something else like, 'hi, eat lead'. You've been watching too much mega metal cop" said Rick. He turned to the girl. "Sorry about that, what brings you out here" he greeted, a single tendril of black smoke came out of the back of his neck and formed a single eye as Shadow took stock of the situation.
" It is pretty slow. Anyways, i'm recruiting a band of superheros to fight evil and stuff while my fath- i mean the avengers are gone, and i was wondering if you new any other vigilantes like myself?" Rosalind asked the man, eyeing the black smoke-thing protruding out of his shoulder. He might not be a good guy... well lets hope that he doesn't attack me tonight. i'd rather not end up with bruises tomorrow. " i'm part of the avengers myself, but when the others went missing i was decided that a new group should take their place. And that's why i'm here now, so if you know of anyone else who would like to help?" Rosalind asked.

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