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Futuristic The New Eden Initiative - Character List


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Name: Atlus Veridian

Age: 32

Sex/Gender: Male, heterosexual

Description: 6' 2", with a slender build and pensive expression. Atlus is soul aged well before his time. He is not quick to raise his voice in debate, but when placed in a situation where lives depend on his actions he can be almost brutally decisive.

View attachment 920777Age: 28

Occupation: Nurse practitioner with a focus on women's health. Diana and Atlus met and married during their time with the Angels of Mercy.

Description: 5' 6" slender and brown haired. Diana is more outspoken than Atlus and has strong convictions about providing just and attentive medical care for women, especially as conditions for women around the world grew worse during the last few years on earth. When they were approached by the New Eden initiative to spearhead medical care on one of the Colony ships, she initially felt that their efforts were better spent in earth, helping those who couldn't leave. Once she discovered that she was pregnant, however, she accepted that, for the sake of their child, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to leave.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Atlus was a field doctor who worked for the Angels of Mercy, a non-profit organization that sent medical teams into refugee camps on the edge of growing uninhabitable parts of the world to provide medical care. During his time in the Angels he saw unimaginable hardships and he still finds himself haunted by what he experienced.

Specialty: Medicine. Atlus is a trained doctor with years of experience working under very challenging conditions in the field. He can do a lot with very little and is used to treating patients with less than adequet resources.

Genetic/Cyber Enhancements: None

Personal Item: His grandfather's Bible. While he is not especially religious, he hold strong memories of his grandfather in the years before the calamities began.

Character Sketch: The sun was setting, though most people in the city had not truly seen the sunset in at least four years. The grey brown haze of smog and artificial ozone that hung over most of the planet merely went from pale brown slowly into inky black each night. The lights in the municipal apartment were still off, as if no one dared disturb the slow but inevitable death that seemed to hang over everything and everyone on earth. The light through the apartment's one window bathed the stark grey walls a dismal shade of sickly amber.

Atlus walked into the cramped box that served as a living room. In his hands he clutched the only thing that would accompany him the next morning, a worn leather Bible, once dog-eared and we'll read, now merely a container for memories of happier times.

Diana stood by the window, gazing out over the maddening sprawl of the supercity, where tenements stacked upon tenements in a maze of streets and alleys teeming with the struggling remains of humanity. In one hand she clutched a small square of paper, a picture of her late parents, the other rested absently on her stomach. Atlus paused in the doorway, watching her, trying to read the pensive look on her face.

"I found it," Atlus said at last, holding up the Bible. "It was in the bottom of that crate, like you said." An absent smile turned the corner of her lips but she did not turn to look at him.

"I knew you'd find it," she said, her eyes still on the city as lights began to flicker on across the rooftops.

He crossed to her, setting the old book down on the window ledge. As he wrapped his arms around her she leaned back into his chest. He could smell the sandalwood scent of her hair as he felt her slender body sink into his own. He laid a hand on top of hers where it rested against the flat of her stomach.

"Are we doing the right thing?" She breathed. "Is it right to leave it all behind, to never come back?"

"There won't be anything to come back to." he replied, his voice quiet. "Just ghosts."

"I keep thinking," she said, "why do I deserve this when so many others will have to stay? What makes me worthy?"

Atlus pressed her hand gently against her stomach, where a soft swell had already begun to make itself apparent.

"She deserves it," he replied. "If there's even a chance to give her a better world than our parents gave us, we have to take the chance." Diana laid her parents' wedding picture down on top of the Bible and gripped his hand tightly.

"You're right," she said. "We'll do it for this little one." She smiled then, a genuine smile. "You still really think it's a girl?" She said. He shrugged.

"Just a hunch. A feeling, you know? You don't have any strong sense yet?"

"I feel like I don't really trust myself to be sure," she replied. "It's still so new, so unknown. Don't get used to me being this skinny," she said. "You remember the orientation? Were going to age by almost four months in cryosleep, that includes this one," she patted her stomach. "I hope those jumpsuits come in maternity sizes."

Atlus laughed and held his wife close as the unsettling earthy black darkness of night settled over the seemingly unending city. It was the last time, he realized, that he would watch that bleak fading sunset through the haze.
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Name: Brandish Rose

Age: 27

Sex/Gender: Female

Scout Rose – 10 – Little Brother

Appearance: Brandish is a lovely young woman with strikingly beautiful features. She has high cheekbones, lush lips, a perfectly sculpted jawline, and a pointed chin. Her skin is fair and smooth and complements the naturally rosy coloring of her lips. She has long ebony hair that has a natural gentle wave but can easily be straightened. Her eyes are almond-shaped sky blue eyes with long dark eyelashes. Her build is slim but she is rather busty as well as has long and very nice legs. She is very fit and clearly takes good care of herself. She does have some scars from her work as well as the attack she ended up losing her arms to when she was younger. Her cybernetic arms are perhaps one of the most noticeable things about her since she has no shame in them and doesn't really try to hide them. They are made of extremely durable and strong enhanced metals and are silver, white, and black in color.

Personality: One way to describe Brandish is that she is a big sister to basically everyone she meets. She has spent so much of her life trying to prove to others that she has what it takes to take care of her little brother so many of the traits required have simply become a strong part of her personality. She is patient and trustworthy with those who need such support and has earned themselves a place in her heart. She would stand by them on the darkest of nights and walk through hell and back for someone she cares about without hesitation. She also knows how to keep others motivated and work towards making improvements to that which needs to be improved while also calling attention to things done well so others feel appreciated. It might seem a bit hard to get to that side of her when you first meet her though since oftentimes she is very professional, quiet, and more interested in observing than interacting with others. This should not be taken personally because it stems from the fact that Brandish is simply socially awkward, especially when meeting new people. She has always found that she understands machines better than other humans and spends so long observing how another person might work because she is trying to figure out the social situation as though the person were a machine. Once she gets to know you this awkwardness disappears for the most part and she will act very comfortable and affectionate. Especially when around machines Brandish is extremely creative and always coming up with new and better ways to upgrade devices. She can become very consumed by her work and lose herself for hours or days on one project which usually means no sleeping or eating. It is during these times of hyper fixation that she tends to truly slack at caring for herself but will still make sure to tend to the needs of others. One thing that should be known above all else is that Brandish will do whatever it takes to keep her little brother safe. She will go mama bear mode the moment he is in danger and getting in her path is a great way to end up with a wrench to the side of the head.

Pre-Colony Occupation: She was actually one of the minds behind the ships for the New Eden Initiative. She was a mechanical engineer who owned her own highly successful shop and made restoring older machines and vehicles a personal hobby. When the New Eden Initiative came into play, she was recruited to help design and build the ships, her ideas and input becoming highly valued as she made several possibly lifesaving improvements. She knows these ships inside and out as well as what parts of them can be used to help a colony survive on the planets surface.

Specialty: Her overall specialty is mechanics. She can design, build, or fix just about any machine she sets her eyes on. She started down this road by working in her father’s motorcycle repair shop before he and her mother passed away. Her mind seemed to be hardwired to see each part of a machine and how it works. She perfected her trade through school and work experience, acting as a nomad for a time and traveling around to work in different shops with different masters. She eventually opened her own shop so she could settle down and take care of her little brother who was finally released into her care.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: After being attacked and having her arms and hands broken beyond repair Brandish managed to scrape together the funds to have her hands replaced with cyber prosthetics. They make up her arms from just above her elbows down and in each arm, she has an array of tools for her job that can either appear through her fingers or become her entire hand. While useful they do have the drawback of providing no real sense of touch. She can no longer feel the heat or cold and has to have a dial on her wrist tell her how hot or cold something is. She will no longer know what it is like to feel someone else’s hand in hers, the warmth of her skin, the cold of snow, the pain of cutting her finger. It makes her feel less human at times.

Personal effects: She brought an old and useless pair of keys that once belonged to her father’s motorcycle. His bike was one of the first things she ever repaired and she did it all with him at her side. Ever since the day he died (was killed) she had carried them on a chain around her neck so she would always have a piece of him with her. He died when she was 16 during the same attack that left her arms destroyed.

Character Sketch:
She could feel the cold metal on her chest as her hand reached up to glide across the old keys hanging around her neck. Even though her metal fingers couldn’t really feel them it always soothed her soul to know they were there. This night was her last on Earth and she found she wasn’t able to sleep a wink. As dawn broke the smog-filled sky she looked out her window to see the New Eden ships docked at their respective stations, silent giants waiting to embark on the journey of a lifetime. She was nervous, not about the ships, but rather the life she would be leaving behind and the one she would find waiting for her on the other side.

Suddenly the sensory alert from her cyber hands alerted her to the presence of something touching her palm. Turning her head, she looked over to see the wide eyes of Scout looking at her, his hand placed in hers to which she gently wrapped her metal fingers upward to give him a comforting squeeze. “You ready?” She asked, her voice soft in the darkness of their small living space.

It took him a minute but eventually, the dark-haired boy gave a small nod, his jaw tightening as he did his best to look brave in front of his big sister. Her heart melted for a moment as she looked into his bright blue eyes and saw all the worries floating through his mind. He was trying so hard to put on a brave face for something he barely understood. There was no way she would ever leave him behind and she had made that clear to anyone who suggested otherwise. They were all each other had at this point and she had fought so hard to get him back after the government took him when their parents died. She was too young to take care of him back then, she let him down, she would never do that again.

“Come here, big man.” She invited with a soft and loving tone laced into her voice. Sitting up she picked him up under his arms and lifted him into her lap. For several moments the young woman held her brother close to her, rocking him back and forth as they sat in silence. It hurt that she couldn’t truly feel him in her arms, but the moment Scout rested his head against her chest she felt the warmth of him spread through her and into her heart. Gently she pressed a kiss to his forehead and as the sun drew higher into the sky they sat and appreciated their last sunrise on Earth together.

“Do we have to go now?” Scouts little voice asked as the world around them began to wake and in the distance they could see people moving towards the ships, getting them ready for take-off.

“Yeah, bud.” Brandish replied softly. “But we get to go together.” She assured him as they moved off of her little bed and began to prepare themselves for the day and journey ahead of them.


Cyber Presence

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Name: Alexandra Tremaine

Age: 32

Sex/Gender: Female

Description: Alexandra Tremaine is a tall, well-built woman that competes with most men in terms of height. Her attitude is jovial most of the time, but serious when required, and she's known for being a very deliberate woman. Her well-built body speaks to many years of hard physical activity, contrasting heavily with the fact that the woman often has her face buried in paperwork or a computer simulation of some kind.

Family: None.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Climate Geologist - involved in one of the desperate climate remediation projects hoping to restore at least a small portion of the planet to something resembling it's old self. Her primary focus was on manipulating the climate and geology of specially engineered portions of the planet to produce favorable climates for human habitation and the nurturing of engineered ecosystems. Unfortunately, political issues and funding troubles saw the project cut short before it could bear fruit.

Specialty: Biology/Geology with a secondary focus of climatology.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: 'Meyer' gene-engineering package. Consists of many minor genetic tweaks to increase resistance to DNA damage from radiation and increase metabolic efficiency, as well as address a handful inborn errors of metabolism. Mostly known for rendering most recipients and their descendants - what few there are - largely infertile.

Personal effects: A small glass globe of Earth.

Character Sketch:

She hadn't slept for days.

The thought pierced through Alexandra's mind as she shuffled around papers atop boxes of packed equipment, fatigue washing over her as she went over final inventories. If they forgot something - chemical precursors, replacement parts, a microscope - it could have disastrous effects on the colony down the line. And there was truly little for Alexandra to do before launch other than make sure the not-insignificant amount of equipment she'd requested was loaded and properly packed.

Well. It wasn't that there was little for her to do - there was quite a lot for her to do. But anything that didn't take up her full attention would've left her open to the sickening, overwhelming swell of emotions that bubbled beneath the surface. Earth was home. Her home. A stricken, wounded home that was slowly dying - but still her home. One that she, and sixty other brilliant, bright minds had come together to try to heal, even just a little. For a while, they had such hope. The simulations looked good, ground had broken on the first hundred mile stretch of artificial mountain ridge that would restore an entire valley to verdant life.

And then politics had gotten in the way, and dashed it all.

Even now, months after the fact, the anger threatened to overwhelm her. She was a scientist, not a politician. She didn't understand why politics had to ruin the best hope Humanity had to save their dying home. When she tried, it just left her infuriated. But even more so, what she was doing now made miserable. The opportunity she'd been given had been amazing - colonizing another world! But ... She couldn't help but feel like she was abandoning her home.

But the future was for those who would take up the challenge.

A sickening swell of mental anguish rose up in her, but then it's rising tide was broken by a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright, Alex?" Jason Alexander - one of her friends, and a part of her staff for the mission, had appeared beside her like some kind of apparition - or so she thought. She wasn't the most attentive person even when she was well-rested.

"... Yeah, Jason. Just going over some final manifests before they seal everything up for final loading."

"You're a terrible liar, Alex."

For a moment, Alexandra just stared at the manifest before slowly gathering them up in a single stack with a sigh. "I know."

"Name a mountain after me or something, yeah?" Jason quirked a smile at her. She'd asked for him to be retained on Ground Control for a while - just to go over the remote geoscans from the planet.

"Name one yourself, you lazy ass. You've got the data." She chuckles softly.

"Yeah, but I'm not gonna stand on 'em. You are. I'll be watching, you know? Better write my name nice 'n big on one of those summits. And I better not see something foul near it."

"As if I would ever do something so uncouth, Jason!"

She broke into full on laughter, knowing just how much of a fat lie that was.

"... Make sure you get some sleep soon, Alex. Big day tomorrow."

"I will, Jason. ... Take care."

"Save the goodbyes for launch day, you big lummox."


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Name: Stella Yoon Janzen

Age: 26

Sex/Gender: Female

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Description: Solemn and composed Stella is one to stay out of focus, she has a hidden temper although it’s not too easily evoked. She sports dark puffy hair, usually set free to live it’s own life but in work circumstances she tends to manage it with some simple hairbands. Stella has a scar running across the left side of her forehead although she keeps covered behind chaotic bangs. She's fairly well built as her work requires a fair amount of physical activity, this is however juxtaposed by a multitude of unhealthy habits, smoking there amongst. Height wise she doesn’t stand out, in fact she is in most ways physically quite average. If anything her particularly blemished hands are the attention grabber, with her right pinky finger obviously missing.


Family: None.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Growing up Stella worked in a simple family owned automobile shop with her grandfather. It inevitably went out of business soon after his passing, leaving Stella, her brothers and mother to fend for themselves. Young and with their household in dire need of income she followed up by working as an industrial mechanic for Alpire, extracting natural resources in the exposed antarctic region. There she learned the essential skills of working with heavy industrial machinery and vehicles. The company also collaborated with the very present military froces in the region, allowing her to gain some experience working with militarized vehicles. Returning home she had a rather severe falling out with her remaining family and sought to get away from them. As working with Alpire had paid quite handsomely she figured she would resume a more formal education within the same field. However, finding herself unhappy she quickly dropped out in favor of joining the Eden project.

Specialty: Having worked as a mechanic she knows the ins and outs of both your average passenger vehicles as well as heavy duty industrial and military machinery. She always had a knack for academics and found comfort in the hard logic offered by the sciences although she’d always much preferred the hands-on work she grew up with.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: None.

Personal effects: A zippo lighter.

Character Sketch: Tangled locks of thick frayed hair managed to hold form in the passing winds. Stella's eyes were framed by darkish bags, a testament to what had become months of turbulent sleep. She was clad in a baggy jacket comfortably snug upon her body, with rugged work pants falling atop heavy leather boots. Smoke gently rose from the corners of her mouth as she inspected the creeping embers of the cigarette taught between her scarred fingers. A small nub was all that remained of her pinky, spectral pain still fooling her it was there all these years down the line.

Gritting her teeth she surveyed her surroundings once again. "We all have to work with what we're given...", warm words echoed in her despondent mind. "Sure, victims of our circumstances and all that, right?" She retorted internally. As tobacco was reduced to ash it drifted off on the breeze. "Don't dwell.", the same soft voice repeated. "Don't dwell.". A bothered expression briefly formed across her face. Rubbing her droopy eyes she cut the oncoming monologue short. Sometimes she pondered if she was really as all there as she liked to think. She knew from experience that these things always came and went, but this time it was persistent. It lingered, unwilling to budge no matter what distraction she threw at herself.

She was leaving soon, and even though this was unlike any voyage she had ever undertaken she felt oddly indifferent towards it. Stella had after all braved her fair amount of perils before, mostly on her own at that. This wasn’t really that different, at least she told herself so.

Stella took one last close look around her, examining foreign faces one by one. She tried not to allow herself to feel disappointed anymore, still she couldn’t help it. She knew too well she'd put herself in this situation and this time there was no one else to blame. Casting the singed bud of her cigarette upon the pavement beneath her she gave it a harsh twist of her boot. Even now she felt guilty wishing there had at least been someone there to see her off. Maybe just a simple goodbye spared all sentimentalities, perhaps a “take care”, even just a distant wave. Anything, really.


𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖘

  • Name. Dr. Konrad Dietrich.
    Nickname(s). Con, Conny.
    Age. 35.
    Prior Occupation. Astrophysicist;
    Planetary Spectroscopist &
    Extragalactic Astronomer

    working under the European Space Agency for the Geneva branch, seeking out planets fit for human habitation.
    Sexuality. Heterosexual.
    Gender. Cis Male.
    Country of Origin. Switzerland.

Name. Dr. Konrad Dietrich.
Nickname. Con, Conny.
Age. 35.
Prior Occupation. Astrophysicist; Planetary Spectroscopist & Extragalactic Astronomer. Working under the European Space Agency for the Geneva branch, seeking out planets fit for human habitation.
Sexuality. Heterosexual.
Gender. Cis Male.
Country of Origin. Switzerland.

Personal Effects. A singular, unsmoked Lucky Strike cigarette set in resin. Gifted as a farewell joke by his colleagues.

Specialty. Dr. Dietrich studied Astrophysics in the realms of astronomical spectroscopy. Applying concepts and methods from many disciplines of physics, Konrad is able to measure luminosity, density, temperature, and chemical composition within possibility of human survival and universal study. Utilising spectroscopic studies, compounds such as alkali metals, water vapour, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane are weighed by their effect to support life and agriculture without atmospheric shift - in addition to recognising and researching complex molecules.

Virtues. Paternal, Empathetic, Philosophical, Charismatic.
Vices. Compulsive worker, Scatterbrained, Irritable, Overbearing.

Fatal flaw. Easily addictive personality; from nicotine to a coffee buzz, it's noted in the Doctor's medical records he's a recovered amphetamines addict.

Dietrich always fancied himself something of a fixer. He’d thought it would’ve meant something to find another planet, an ark to preserve humanity in all its backwards compassion. As a scientist, the Swiss native agreed on efficiency; as a father, a son, a friend, Konrad’s heart sank. Edith would say her farewells to a family she’d never see again. For her, there would be no further visits to grandparents, no Christmas among relatives, no childhood that would ever begin to resemble his own.

What hope was there for those to remain?

Even far from the cities it permeated, the pollution, a gradual poisoning that filtered through vast swathes of wildlife until Edith asked such gut-wrenching questions as to where they’d gone. Those animals, great and small, coming to the end of bloodlines which had outlived all of human evolution until now.

Often Dietrich wondered if he had focused less on the stars, whether he might’ve offered a hand in developing technology to preserve something far more important. He waited too late, studied too obsessively, and now he’d become one of the luckiest men alive. Not only to have aided in identifying habitable factors of the planetary environment, but to join the mission with daughter in tow. He didn't feel fortunate.

His mother bid goodbye as if she’d see him soon, pressing recipes into his pockets, telling him how to make Edith’s favourite puddings, laughing over old baby photos and better times.

It was his father who wept under the realisation they’d never meet again.

Under different circumstances, Konrad would’ve believed it a dream come true. All those years of gazing up at the astral plane as every forefather of science had, admiring the universes' work until they sought to exist within it. It was hard these days to look up at the night sky, glaringly filled with lights and smog.

If there was one thing he wished, it was to show Edith that magic; a million diamonds on black velvet.

“Edith?” Konrad watched on as the girl wandered from room to room, trying best to imprint it on her mind. Home. “We’ll be late for our flight, got everything?” The Doctor inquired, slowly crouching to better speak at eye level.

She nodded, motioning to the bear tucked under her arm - gaze fixated on the floor, “I don’t want to go.”

He sighed, head falling till his chin pressed against his chest, “I know,”

“Will we come back?”

“Edie… we talked about this,”

Edith’s voice trembled, hands fidgeting with a downcast series of sniffles. Her father stood, bringing the small girl into a tight hug whilst small shoulders wracked with muffled sobs.

“It’s alright, this is just change - it's for us, it’s for the best,”

“M-My chest feels so tight, it hurts so much,” She gasped out between cries, causing Konrad to pull away - grabbing her hands in his.

“It’s grief.” He squeezed her palms, pressing a kiss to the girl’s feverish forehead while her stare raised an expression of bewilderment,
“Mourning can happen whenever things turn upside down, mein liebling. We’ll be any which way but on our feet again!”

She gave a choked laugh, “Astronauts aren’t bats, dad,”
“They all sleep like them, don’t they?”
Edith wiped at her eyes, “Does that make us vampires?”
“Space vampires?”
“Absolutely,” The physicist smiled, “But for that, we need to leave it all behind." He silhouetted himself against the open door, murky skies overhead.

She took one last look at the cramped flat, tersely swallowing her tears with a shaky nod, "And - and you left a note just in case mum comes back?"

"Of course I did, I told her everything. It's on the table - if she wants, she can come find us!" That absent woman who ever drifted in and out of their lives, though now, he felt positively ragged having to pretend she was anything more than negligent. It was all he could do, retaining an illusion. The envelope in the dining room was filled with just a piece of blank paper.

Edith knew he was lying, yet the knot in her ribcage became less painful for it, "Alright, but you have to hold my hand no matter what. Ready?"

Konrad chuckled at the change in tune, "Ready."

Edith Dietrich, 12. Konrad's daughter. He never expected to be a single parent - forever the confirmed bachelor, but the little girl is used to her father's strange work ethic. Conferring with the child as if she understands whatever his latest advanced theories have been, greatly reflects in her intelligence. Bright, bold, terminally curious and forever running wild much to Konrad’s joy and embarrassment, Edith became his biggest motivation to leave Earth. Often she’ll fall asleep while he’s burning the midnight oil, tucked up under an arm.

Like her father, she's a budding polyglot with two native Swiss languages of German, French and a universal English; conversational in all but better spoken to in Deutsch.

Faceclaim. Daniel Brühl.
Enhancements. N/A.
Eyes. Dark Brown.
Hair. Dark Brown.
Height. 6'0.
Desc. An unkempt man, Konrad exists within a state of constant dishevelment. Unbuttoned, flyaway cuffs, half-up collars, his appearance is only exacerbated by outgrown hair and impassioned eyes. Leaving a lasting impression, the scatterbrained physicist is of good health, broad in the shoulders with a toned yet unsculpted physique. Much of his lifetime as a heavy smoker has since been forgiven, ditching tobacco for the sake of spaceflight and health, though it’s not unusual to find a series of nicotine patches paving up his arm or a small mountain of empty coffee cups piled over the physicist's desk. Among his lesser habits, it’s perhaps surprising how well Dietrich cleans up with an ironed shirt and uncrumpled slacks.
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Slightly more than a Handsome face
Name: Sir Charles Emmerson Winchester 3th

From Oxford, England
Age: 32

Gender: Male

A lean and trained Body
Focusing Heavily on Endurance
With slightly above average Strength

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair color: Chestnut Brown
Eye color: Emerald Green

Lady Aster Emmerson Winchester (His Wife age 33)
Ernest Emmerson Winchester 2th ( His Son age 8)
Baldwin Chadsworth (His personal Valet age 45)

Pre- Colony Occupation:
Inspired by his Ancestors and they´re Indominable Spirit for Exploration, he Traveled the world.
From the Jungles of Africa to the Siberian Tundra, no Path too Treacherous no Game too Big.
Filling maps along his way and never leaving a single Stone unturned.

Primary: Wilderness survival and Hunting
Secundary: Surveying and Map drawing
Tertiary: Studieng of Wildlife behavioral Patterns

Genetic Enhancements:
Heavily augmented Liver and Kidneys
Enhanced Immune system and Metabolism

Due to his Enhancements Sir Charles needs to ingest a lot more than the average Human,
This includes Food, Water, Salt, Vitamins and even Oxygen.
Any Prolonged deficiency of Nourishment, is notable due to reduced Strength and Energy.
It is furthermore important that he needs to keep himself in shape,
since his Body needs to be able to keep up with his Enhancements.

He sat in his Room, surrounded by Darkness. Everything was silent but for his beating Heart. When would the waiting end?
The New Eden Initiative, a slightly tacky name in his personal Oppinion. But it mattert not, only they could give him what he want´s. Nothing on this old and worn World could quench his burning Desire for Exploration. He hoped it would, his Familys investment into the Project was not a small one after all. Old Blood and Old Money for a new World. He Could Hardly wait. Then suddenly, a sliver of light breaks through the curtains. At last, the Day has come. He stood up and left his room. The Mansion was quiet, he had dissmissed nearly all servants. Only his Valet Chadsworth would accompany him today, until he met his Wife and youngest Son on the Ship. They had choosen to spend they´re last week on this world with his wives Parents. His oldest would stay on Earth and continue the family name. Numeros Winchester generations could be seen along the corridors, as he walked towards the small Family Museum. Relics and Trophys of his Intrepid Ancestors filled the spacious room. In the middle of the room stood a single Pedestal, on it laid a velvet pillow with an old Pocket Watch upon it. The Pocket Watch was slightly bigger than usual. Slightly dented and marred with scars, but its polished Brass gleamed. A simple windup clock and small Compass. Ever since his first Ancestor took to the world and Explored the unknown, this watch was by his side. It accompanied every Generation that followed in his Footsteps, and now it would accompanie him. He wound up the clock. And as its ticking rang through the silence, he smiled. Finally an unknown World with a new Horizon to chase. He could hardly wait.


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
悪魔犬 - Devil Dogs


  • 1633960086462.png Name: Yuki Asakura
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female

    Country of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

    + Physically fit, muscular build more towards strength with moderate endurance
    + Height - 5'8"
    + Weight - 140 lbs
    + Hair Color - Light blonde, sometimes silver/grey under certain lighting
    + Eye Color - Grey/Silver

    Yuki's lifestyle hasn't strayed away from the military much. Focused, direct and straightforward, she isn't one to waste time and mess around. Her objective is to always get the job done, no matter what. Yuki doesn't hesitate to speak what's on her mind, regardless of how the other party might feel.

    Despite her coldness, Yuki has a strong guardian instinct and always looks out for others. She's patient, persistent and holds a high sense of loyalty to those she values. She doesn't typically show much emotional variance around others, save for certain people.

It was 4 in the morning.

Yumiko's eyes woke up to the sound of the front door being opened. Quickly sitting up, she slipped on a pair of slippers before stepping out. Her twin sister Yuki was standing outside, staring up at the sky with her hands cross in front of her chest. Yuki was dressed in a grey t-shirt and black running shorts while Yumiko was wearing a black sleeveless top and shorts.

"You're anxious."
"I'm fine."

Yumiko sighed as she came up and stood beside Yuki, looking up as well.

"I'm just glad we can bring everyone else with us."

Yuki said nothing in reply, but Yumiko knew she felt the same relief. The ships could only carry so many people. Certainly there were people who unfortunately couldn't bring their families with. Yumiko could only imagine how many loved ones were being left behind.

Yesterday was busy. Most of the family's belongings were finalized and loaded onto the ship they would be in. Unfortunately, the twins couldn't bring their personal gear from the JSDF, instead having to use the supplied weapons and ammunitions, though that wasn't an issue.

That night, there was a final family gathering, filled with happy moments and bittersweet farewells. Stories were told and some gifts were exchanged. It all seemed so long ago, the anticipation overwhelming any other emotion.

"Lets go for a run."

Yuki turned back towards the house, stopping just short of the door as she looked back towards Yumiko.

"Sounds like a good idea."

Yumiko followed Yuki, grabbing her running shoes and slipped them on. After a quick stretch, the twins took off down the block.

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  • Name. Solomon Holt.
    Nickname(s). Sol.
    Age. 31.
    Prior Occupation. Agriculture & Permaculture Specialist within the fields of; Agronomy,
    Horticulture, Animal Sciences (Livestock Husbandry), and Farm Management.

    Farm advisor to big ranches and sharecroppers with what remains of organic farming in America; the best in the business - Solomon provided consultation on soil, crop rotation, livestock and optimising production.
    Sexuality. Heterosexual.
    Gender. Cis Male.
    Country of Origin. Texas, United States.


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On

Name: Ronan Drax

Age: 34

Sex/Gender: Male

Shayla Drax - 5 - Daughter

Appearance: Ronan is a hulking man who stands at 6'6" and looks to be made almost purely of muscle but not in a gross and veiny sort of way. He has long hair which he has grown out since retiring from the military and creating his own security business. His hair is about shoulder length and dark brown with lighter tips from being outside. He has a thick beard that hides his perfectly sculpted jawline. Ronan has several tattoos to represent his heritage as well as his time in the military. As to be expected the Head of Security is also covered in scars, the most obvious of which is the one running through his eyebrow and ending just above his eye.

Personality: Despite what he has been through Ronan is still a very loving and caring man. He loves the members of his security team and many of the members of the mission as though they were his own family and would die to protect any of them. He is a very wise young man who has seen his fair share of how terrible this world can be but still somehow manages to push on and find something worth fighting for, usually his team and his daughter Shayla. If you are his enemy it is unwise to stand in his way because he will show you no mercy if you have any ill will towards his team. He can go from being a super nerdy history buff to a super chill surfer dude to a battle-ready warrior in an instant. Without hesitation he will always be there to pick up those who have fallen and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Ronan is also a major dad, with the corniest jokes, the worst dances and socks with sandal's he is always there to start up the grill and tell old boring stories about the way the world used to be or discuss the proper battle strategy over the grill. He can be very kind, supportive and loving, but he can also be tough and is known for having a no mercy policy when it comes to those who betray him. People are often confused when they first meet him because he looks so intimidating, which they would expect from a security professional and former elite soldier, but he acts so relaxed and casual with just about everyone. It tends to throw people for a loop until they come to realize he does this to understand what kind of people he is dealing with. Everything, every moment, is some sort of strategy lesson to Ronan which is why he has become a master of the art of security and defense.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Before the New Eden project became his life Ronan was originally an elite soldier in the United States Military who ended up retiring early to start his own private security business. His Private Security firm was highly praised among the rich and famous for being so effective with Ronan working with each client to find a strategy that worked to keep them best out of harm's way. He did his job and acted as a personal bodyguard with his men there to follow his lead and back him up, making his time and business one of the most sought-after security companies in the world.

Specialty: Ronan is highly trained in many aspects of security and soldier life including fighting, tracking, and survival skills but what makes him truly stand out is his tactical skills. During his time in the military, he was often referred to as The Strategist because he always had a plan, even in the heat of the moment, in the shortest of seconds Ronan was able to formulate and execute his strategies without hesitation. He is known for being extremely thorough with his work and having backups for just about every situation.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: When he was a young soldier who was beginning to show true promise Ronan was brought on board to help test a genetic enhancement that few soldiers would have access to. The enhancement heightened his strength and reflexes, allowing his body to keep up with his mind and give him the power to be a truly lethal opponent on the battlefield. Fortunately, the enhancement worked without killing him as it had many before him but over time he learned there were side effects. For starters, Ronan burns through energy quicker than most and must either sleep more or eat more to gain it back. He also tends to have a consistent headache that he has learned to live with over the years but can grow worse the longer he goes without food and/or sleep. (Might add a third drawback if I can think of one.)

Personal effects: While most soldiers would carry their dog tags with them on a mission like this Ronan had one possession he valued above all others. It is a simple gold chain necklace with his wedding ring and a square locket holding a picture of his dead wife, dead son, and Shayla. In the picture, his wife is helping his son hold baby Shayla and they are all smiling. It is the only picture he has left of his family and he keeps it on him always so he can always have a piece of them with him and so Shayla can see what her mother and brother looked like.

Character Sketch:
To leave this world behind in search of a better future for his daughter was something that both pained him and gave him great hope. Ronan had shed so much blood for this Earth, but more than that, those he loved had lost their lives here. He knew their ghosts were bound to him and the memories of them he holds dear rather than the dying soil and poisoned waters of this planet. Wherever Shayla and he were was a place where their loved ones would be as well. This is what he had told his little girl the night before departure when she mentioned leaving her mother and brother behind.

"Their bodies may rest here Shay, but their souls stay with us so long as we keep their memory alive."

The words rang through his mind as true now as they had been the night before. With his daughter in his arms, Ronan walked towards the ship that would carry them to their new life. He couldn't help but wonder if this was how the pilgrims crossing the oceans long ago had felt. They were off to start a new life in a new world, they knew so little of what awaited them but Ronan knew he would be prepared no matter what. He had to be. He couldn't allow Shayla to grow up without her father when she had already lost her mother and brother. If he were to die who would tell her about the way her mother's nose crinkled when she laughed, or how her brother couldn't walk and hold something without spilling it somehow. For her and for the safety of the new colony he would need to be at his best so that he could make sure as many people as possible survived this new world and the unknown dangers it held in store.

"Come on Little Tiger." He chuckled in a soft tone to the little girl falling asleep in his arms. It was so early, the sun had barely risen, and yet they were now entering the vessel that would take them away from this sun for the rest of their lives. "You don't want to miss this." He encouraged as the little girl raised her head and sleepily looked around. "This is our new start."

Name: Gavriel (Gavy) Rene

Age: 20

Sex/Gender: Female


Appearance: Gavriel is a lovely young lady with a slim and athletic build. Just because she is slim doesn't mean she isn't without the perfect curves here and there, especially in the chest and rear regions. She is also very naturally muscular from a life of never being able to sit still and always needing to be on the move. Her skin is soft with a slightly tanned color to it but still overall on the pale side. She has platinum blond hair that reaches to her mid to lower back and is overall straight with a slight gentle wave to it. Her eyes are a vibrant mint green with dark, almost black, coloring around the outer ring of her iris.

Personality: Gavy is a very friendly and warm-hearted young woman despite her cold-looking appearance. She can be very flirty and feminine but you should never doubt her capability to get down and dirty when she needs to. She is constantly on the move and is very active because of what is likely un-diagnosed ADHD which also leads to her being very open to speaking her mind and breaking social norms. She is very bold and will get involved in fights that might not be her own either because she is bored or she has a desire to defend others. While her reactions and intentions might be in question at times, one should never question her heart. She lives her life never questioning and never doubting what her heart tells her to do, this might make her reckless in the eyes of others but in her mind, it is reckless to think too much and miss the chance to make something better in a moment rather than fixing it later. She has no issues standing up for herself or others and even if it means she needs to disrespect an authority figure she will make sure that people hear exactly what they need to without hesitation. Never threaten her friends or family because like a lioness she will protect them with every part of her mind, heart, body, and soul.
To be honest, Gavy would likely go through hell and back for an absolute stranger because she believes that as much as others think the world has given up on them it is her duty to be that one person who proves them wrong. She doesn't care how the world views her, what they think of her beliefs, and what they think of her attitude, all she cares about is making sure that she does not embody the hatred and cruelty that she has been shown in the past. She can also be extremely flirty and will flirt with almost anybody because it is fun and because she is really good at it. It is sometimes hard to believe that such a firecracker is also a child prodigy turned world-renowned expert in her field with multiple degrees and a PhD even though she just turned 20 years old.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Her pre-colony occupation actually lines up with her occupation as a member of the colony. Gavriel is a Zoologist with training in Zoological Veterinary Medicine as well and as such it is her job to study animals and other wildlife and how they interact with their ecosystems. She studies the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviors, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats as well as the other way around. Her job in this new world will be seeing how any animals brought over interact with the new surroundings as well as studying and gaining an understanding of the new wildlife they will be encountering so they can figure out which animals are threats, which can be domesticated, and all other important observations from close up and afar examinations.

Specialty: Gavy's specialty is Zoology. She is a true master of her craft and knows the most random fact about all sorts of animals. Because of her specialty, she is also skilled in animal handling as well as tracking since she has had to do both multiple times during her career so far. She is able to observe things that most people might miss and see the true meaning behind it when watching an animal, even a lesser-known species or one she has not interacted with often. She has a natural understanding of the minds of these creatures and will likely be a great help to the colony in learning about and documenting the new wildlife.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: None. She has never really had the need for them so she never got any.

Personal effects: Gavy will be bringing an original and signed copy of The Jungle Book with her on this mission. Tracking this down was one of the biggest adventures of her life as almost all copies were destroyed during the many great tragedies the world has faced over the last century. She managed to find a private collector who had a perfectly preserved copy and spent more money than she probably should have to buy it off of him. She had read the virtual copies thousands of times before and had always wanted one made of paper more than anything else.

Character Sketch:
Her heart thumped with excitement as she tied her long platinum hair back into a long and thick braid. Today she would be embarking on an adventure that could either change her life or end it, all depending on how life went when they reached the other side. To many, the idea of possibly racing towards death might give them pause but in the young prodigy's mind, death itself was its own adventure. She had no idea where the road ahead of her would lead, what tomorrow might bring, and that was a good thing. Living life cautiously was never her style which was why when she and her comrades in the science community had been offered this chance to be members of a colony on a new planet she accepted without hesitation. The idea of exploring a new world, discovering, naming, and learning about new creatures, was all she ever wanted.

As she walked towards the door of her tiny apartment cube she held nothing in her hands except her identification card and her carefully wrapped copy of The Jungle Book. She needed nothing else seeing as all other items would be prepared for her by those funding this mission. With a final look at the tiny room, she called home the blonde waved her hand over the light sensor and watched darkness consume the space. With that, she closed the door one final time, and with what almost seemed like a skip in her step the young scientist made her way towards the outside world. Her mind raced at the thought of what this new planet would be like. She couldn't even begin to imagine what sorts of creatures she would find, which would be dangerous, which they could start the long process of domesticating. The smile on her lips only grew as such thoughts flooded her mind.

Name: Ember Oleander

Age: 37

Sex/Gender: Female


Appearance: Ember is a woman who always looks professional in her appearance, even when she is getting out of bed in the morning. It has to do a good amount with how she carries herself, professional, regal even, clearly coming from the upper class. She has warm whiskey brown eyes that when she looks at you it is clear she truly sees you, not just what you appear to be. Her hair is raven colored and shoulder length, long enough to pull back if she wanted but still easy to style when down. She is about 5’4” and has beautiful curves as well as some muscle from making an effort to ensure she is fit to survive on a new world. One thing that surprises many people is the scar that can be found upon her upper lip, she doesn’t hide it and clearly takes some level of pride in it since in her mind it reminds her that she is a survivor. (The scar if from her late husband.)

Personality: Ember is both what you would expect of a therapist and also nothing like you would expect a therapist to be. She is a wonderful listener and makes you feel like the things you are saying are the most important things anyone has ever said before. She truly hears people and through their words, actions, and thoughts can get to the root of their issues all while helping them to reach that point themselves so they can truly understand rather than just be told. She is also very honest and will not hold back when it comes to telling a person, client or not, what they need to hear. She will be pretty blunt but it usually comes from a good place, though if you piss her off she will be perfectly blunt in the most ruthless of ways. She certainly has a fire to her and if you start to talk down to her or threaten her you will see that spark turn into a roaring flame. She has the patience of a saint with those she is trying to help and will not allow others to bully her into exposing things about her patients or let others use someone’s disabilities against them. Ember is known to be very motherly with those she is closest with and her door is always open to those in need. If you need to chat or just find a place to sit in peaceful silence, her door is always open. And just because she is a woman of the mind doesn’t mean she is incapable of using her fists. Push her far enough and you will see the kind of power this woman is packing. Overall she can come off as blunt and rough but with her patients, she is a warm and understanding listener who makes them feel safe and does her best to help them.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Before being approached for the colony mission Ember was a highly sought-after psychiatrist for many world leaders, businessmen, and people of power. She also had an office in one of the poorer districts where she would often spend time performing free therapy sessions to those in need. She of course took all the precautions so as to keep herself in peak health conditions. She loved being able to help those who were already suffering so much and even if she never saw some of her patients again she still knew it was the right thing to do.

Specialty: While she does have some knowledge of medical science Ember's specialty is Psychiatry. It is her passion to help others deal with the demons they face within themselves every day that drove her to dedicate her life to the psychiatric field of study.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: She has a minor eye enhancement that allows her to pick up on even the smallest of movements. This allows her to notice micro expressions and movements that can help her greatly in her line of work. The enhancement did come with the price that she does have slightly worse vision at times (usually after using the ability for too long) and needs to wear glasses until her eyes recover.

Personal effects: A charm bracelet given to her by one of her first clients.

Character Sketch:
She wasn't sure how many others found it hard to sleep the night leading up to this day but as the hours ticked by Ember doubted she was alone. This world was once so beautiful and pure but looking at the state of it now that seemed hard to believe. It was selfish of the human race to do such a thing to another planet and yet it was their way, it always had been. It was human nature to survive and as a race, it was done so well that as a race humans killed everything around themselves to do just that. These thoughts and more plagued her thoughts, leaving the raven-haired woman with mixed feelings about accepting this mission. There were so many here on Earth she wanted to help but she stood a better chance of truly aiding humans if she was a member of a new colony. This world was dying and the whole of humanity was going with it, she and her knowledge could parish among the masses or she could live to continue her work on a planet billions of miles away.

Taking a sip of her tea Ember blinked and looked at her desk which was crowded with journals. She had spent most of the night rereading them and remembering old patients, a personal way of saying goodbye to those she would never see again come morning. She hoped that she had helped them each in some way, she was certain she had based on the info she had gathered from letters and reports. It was her job to help others, to aid them in facing their inner demons, she was very good at it which was why she needed to make sure she helped those who would hopefully live on. It wasn't an easy decision to make and when offered the chance to be a part of the mission it took her several days to decide but eventually she saw the true reason behind it and agreed to go.

As she placed her teacup on the desk before her she looked up at the clock on her wall and traced her lips as she thought. This had become a habit of hers over the years, at first a self-conscious reminder of her scar, but over the years a habit to help her think. In the darkness of her rather spacious apartment afforded with her dead husband's money Ember rose to her feet and began to straighten things up. Even if she wasn't going to be returning she refused to leave her home looking a mess. She worked for several hours before she heard a knock on her front door and looked at the clock. It was time. She would be departing now, never to return. Looking once more at the many, many journals lining her walls she remembered the faces of those cataloged within and stood for a moment in silence as she wished she could bring almost all of them with her.
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Name: Mikael Lindström


Age: 29

Sex/Gender: Male, Heterosexual

Description: 6’5” roughly 225 pounds. Lean build, semi-muscular. Very level-headed. Mostly focuses on himself out of habit.

Family: N/A

Pre-Colony Occupation: Hunter. Mikael lived away from cities, being almost entirely self-sufficient. He was known for his exceptional hunting and tracking skills in a hamlet where he would bring back game when he did return for essential supplies.

Specialty: Bow Hunting/Wilderness Survival. Living in the wilds since he left home, Mikael knows how to track animals and get a clean kill effectively. He’s never come across a beast he couldn’t best.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: N/A

Personal effects: The foot from the first rabbit he skinned. It’s “lucky”, he believes.

Character Sketch:
“I guess it’s time for me to go. I’m going to miss you bud.” He said in a low, sad voice to Apollo, his dog. Apollo had been his only companion for the last 5 years and had never left his side. “Reggie will take good care of you for me, won’t you Reg?” He said. ”Of course I will. I’m gonna miss the game you’ve been bringing back, however sparse it’s been. Not many around here are willing to go out into that green Hell.” Reggie said. “Y’all will survive. Y’all always do.” With that, he gave Apollo one last hug and head pat and headed towards the launch site. Towards his new life.


Cyber Presence

code by pomme

Mildly stole the above idea from you, heh.

Name: Kara Navarro de Silva Saint-Just

Age: 39

Sex/Gender: Female

Description: Kara Saint-Just is a relatively diminutive woman, standing about five feet five inches tall. She is a fit, well-exercised woman with tanned skin and red hair. Her expression is almost perpetually exhausted with dark bags under her eyes speaking of fatigue that seems to go back years - and a sleep debt she will never, ever manage to repay.

Family: None.

Pre-Colony Occupation: Saint-Just cut her teeth as a medical technician during the initial outbreaks of the Helsinki Virus, and never managed to escape it's wrath in one way or another. Joining up with Healing Humanity, an international aid group dedicated to fighting the Helsinki virus where ever it broke out. Saint-Just spent the next four years of her life before leaving the organization to pursue her degree in medicine, and return to the group as a full-blown resident right in time for the next big wave with the intent to introduce a revolutionary treatment approach that could stop the virus in it's tracks.

Her youth shielded her from most of the memories of the Helenski virus, but the wave she fought took more from her than just patients. Her entire family succumbed to the virus, while all she could do was watch from a biosuit while they died in horrible, delirious agony. Saint-Just continued her work with a small team to try to develop a counter-virus, and nearly succeeded before Healing Humanity collapsed, leaving her team without funding or a lab to work in. It was during the second wave that Saint-Just developed a nasty - and impossible to break - addiction to nicotine.

Specialty: Doctor/Geneticist.

Cyber/Genetic Enhancements: (Cybernetic) Corneal implants - remote medical analyzers. These implants are capable of remotely analyzing someone's basic vital signs from a distance, allowing for easy, contactless triage. Implantees suffer from reduced visual acuity at longer rangers. (Genetic) Smog-Cleaner tweak - intended to clear the lungs of particulate pollutants, this modification increases the amount of mucous production in the lungs. Quite handy for smokers, too - with a side effect of the occasional bout of nasty coughs.

Personal effects: 1kg of packaged cigarettes, 1kg of instant coffee packets.

Character Sketch:

Kara leaned on the balcony railing of the cheap apartment she rented in Paris, half-clothed in the murky morning light that filtered through the ever-present smog above the city, a cigarette parked between her lips. It's tip flares a bright orange occasionally as she takes a long drag, savoring the cheap burn of the smoke against her throat.

It was that time again, she reflected. That time that always came - when she started to see her patients as more than that - as friends, family. When the pain that took her so long ago threatened to creep back in. She'd done this too many times to count at this point, packing up and disappearing between major cities whenever people began to get too close to her. She couldn't tolerate that kind of loss - not again, not after the virus took her family from her. Not when she had come so close to developing a cure - only for the chance to fall from under her, and her team.

Bitterness washed over her.

That wasn't an unusual feeling for her. All she seemed to feel these days was bitterness and resentment at the world. She practiced at a gene clinic here and there, working her magic to repair the human genome where she could and help those in need. But there was only so much she could do, really. Not without spending too much time with her patients, getting too personal. When they became friends instead of faces she saw for thirty minutes a day, she had to stop seeing them. If only because she couldn't bring herself to try to help them, then - because if she failed ...

The bitter memory of her family washed over her again, and the burning shame of her failure was rooted at it's core.

Another drag of her cigarette washed it away, the flow of nicotine into her system a welcome relief.

She had a chance to get away from all of this, now. To really escape. An hour ago, she'd gotten an email from an address she didn't recognize. It's proposal was very simple; join a so-called expedition to a new world. A little digging behind the name New Eden Initiative had told her all she needed to know about the offer - and that it was legitimate. What they wanted her for she didn't know - who the hell wanted to send a washed-up geneticist out on a mission into deep space? But she knew one thing.

A new planet was the ultimate escape from her failure.

She was going to run away like the coward she was, instead of going down with everyone else.

... Sometimes, Kara mused, Discretion is the better part of valor.

Besides ... I'm bored out of my fucking mind sulking in my misery.
A little sparkle of that old enthusiasm she once had wormed it's way into her heart. Something interesting to do - finally!

Stubbing her cigarette out on the railing and flicking the butt of it off to the street below, Kara turned around and headed inside to lean over her desk and pull up her email program. A moment later, she'd typed out a brief acceptance and sent it on it's way.

Maybe she could redeem herself. But first, she needed coffee.
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