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Futuristic The New Eden Initiative - A Planetary Colonization RP (Open)

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Location: Laboratory
Interactions: Alexandria Tremaine; Gavriel Rene
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Dr. Konrad Dietrich

“Construction is a dream ideal, transfer of power - I’d like to think we could speed up our progress with a few tweaks in how it comes together,” Konrad agreed, though rolled his eyes in good humour, “Biologists.” The word was half laughed, “I recall there being some green thumbs aboard, we’d have to see whether they’re not headed straight outside - I know I would, they don’t trust their instruments as much as they should,” A sort of Dead Reckoning was what Dietrich presumed, throughout his career of mixing in circles of hypotheticals and climate conferences. In their defence, it always seemed as if the Chemists started the most arguments.

Tremaine detailed her plan, earning a stern nod as the physicist’s eyes widened ever so slightly, “Subgrid-scale processes for our physical parameterization? I’ll have a numerical model calculated as soon as you say … ah, what is it? Bob? Bob’s your uncle,” His brows scrunched together hesitantly, “No worries!” The Swiss’ voice lilted upward in enthusiasm of having something to take his mind off the dreadful malaise lingering from stasis. Every W sharped to a pointed V, with gratuitous amounts of slightly fuzzy sch. As if his words were vignetted to a soft effect.

Atmospheric physics was something he’d done for years - though always guesswork when viewing other planets from afar to measure their core components. From that they’d draw accurate representations of weather, climate, temperature; the process was boring but entirely soothing. In between waiting for the computer programming, he’d already made the decision to go digging for the ionization chamber, seeking an accurate representation of how much interference there’d be. Hardly enough to kill yet he supposed any alterations of lower or inflated measurements would have some impact on communications.

“As for tides, I’ll see about modelling it against the Earth’s. See what position the sun holds in relativity to the lunar tide while possible, otherwise I suspect our seasons may be dictated on alterations to both.” Konrad eventually came to pause in the rambling, rolling the sleeves of his jumpsuit.

“Wunderbar, perfect direction. Don’t get yourself lost out there, we’ve only got the one of you,” The Doctor arched his expression, sincere. The laboratory door shuttered for a second time, entering a young albeit slightly nervous woman. Came across as no older than eighteen which proved a surprising notion - reminding himself it was the best and brightest. A prodigy no less?

“Ah, no apologies,” Konrad aimed a well-timed point, “It’s only the first day, I suspect until tomorrow we’ll be down on numbers waiting for people to recover.” He offered his hand, as he’d done to Tremaine only moments prior, “Konrad Dietrich, Astrophysics PhD - and please, don’t worry on account of the wake-up call, time isn’t linear if you ask me. Late is simply a misalignment to the human schedule,” A boyish grin followed, “The last time I was on time was my own birth.”

Joking aside he pointed to Edie, now napping at the desk, “My daughter Edith and … well I’ll let Dr. Tremaine introduce herself, if you need me I’ll be booting up the computers.”


Cyber Presence
Location: Laboratory Wing
Interactions: Konrad Dietrich, Gavriel Rene
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It felt good to be hashing out a plan with others that agreed on it without issue. Tremaine had always enjoyed taking a leadership role when push came to shove, and this was no different. The malaise she felt across her body was starting to ease up now, fading as she worked her long-disused muscles and her metabolism cleared the various cryopreservants from her bloodstream. She wouldn't be one hundred percent for a long time, but she would feel somewhat better soon. Probably even better once she had some food and water.

"The hands-on sorts usually don't trust computers and instruments as much as we do - I should know, I worked with enough of them and butted heads enough times to learn by force!" Alex laughs softly. "I can't really fault them, though - how many times have you seen colleagues be wrong because they trusted their calculations, hm? Sometimes a gut feeling is better than what the computer tells you." Tremaine rolls her shoulders briefly, heading for the bits of equipment that she'd need to take soil and water samples. They were included in a handy satchel-bag, perfect for adventuring around with and not being over-encumbered by.

Tremaine nodded along as Konrad spoke. "Sounds like I've left the process in capable hands, which is encouraging. I have a feeling we're going to work very well together in the coming months. I have to admit, I was originally going to aim for a less detailed model - stuff for farmers to use in an almanac, more than minute details. But I suppose we have computing power to spare, and a more complete model can't hurt out work in the future."

“Wunderbar, perfect direction. Don’t get yourself lost out there, we’ve only got the one of you,”

"You worry too much, Doctor! The river should be in line of sight of the ship - probably. I might snag one of the armed security people, though I imagine they're going to be mildly upset at having to play babysitter for an egghead. But that's what they're here for, after all, hm?" Tremaine sets the bag on the counter, stocking it with sampling tools and sample tubes, and then going over her equipment a second time to make sure she didn't miss anything. Preparation was key, after all - and it was a long trek from the ship to the river. Not exactly a trip she wanted to repeat twice!

With the time she's spent working and getting back into groove of things, Tremaine's mind was clearer than when she'd stumbled her way into the laboratory. She could actually remember the names of her coworkers now - and one popped into her mind as a Gavriel entered the lab. "Ah- Hello! I'm Doctor Alexandra Tremaine, you must be .... Miss Rene, right? Welcome to the lab - and don't worry about being tardy. Some of us are just a little too eager to dig our hands into our new home." Alexandra smiles, offering her hand. "The science team is quite small, I'm afraid - Konrad over there is Astrophysics, he's working on some weather modeling for us right now. My fields are multidisciplinary - I'm handling geology, biology, and a little climatology as well. I'm heading out of the lab to grab some soil, water and plant samples right now. You are our ..." Tremaine taps her chin for a moment, focusing. "-Zoologist, right? I'll let you know if I see anything interesting out there."

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Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.

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Atlus Veridian

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Atlus and Diana left the medical bay and made their way back up the hallway to the supply station. The cold of the ship's interior was beginning to get to them. Diana shivered slightly as she clung close to Atlus' side. The voice that had spoken over the loudspeaker told them they needed to go to the supply wing to requisition their gear.

The supply wing was the largest room they had seen aside from the main corridor. With huge stacks of crates piled close to the ceiling and storage compartments built into the walls. A few dazed looking members of the colony had already made their, looking around for their gear, including a tough looking figure who radiated the energy of a survivalist and a contrastingly refined woman with dark hair and contemplative eyes. Diana approached the pair straight away, her naturally outgoing nature overcoming the awkwardness of being in a room full of half cryosick people in their underthings.

"Hello," she said. "Have you figured out where we get our things?"

Atlus, less forthcoming, hung back, glancing around the room. To the left of the entryway his eyes fell on a terminal of some kind built into the wall. An LCD screen and a keypad. From what he could see it was the only database entry point in the room. He approached it slowly, and, when he came in range, a small red light above the terminal flickered on and a musical chime sounded.

"ϟ State your name ϟ" came a modulated voice. The screen flickered to life and the words [Colony Supply Requisitions] floated onto the screen.

"I think this is it," he called over.

"ϟ State your name ϟ" The voice repeated.

"Atlus Veridian."

"ϟ Voice imprint confirmed. Please stand by ϟ"

There was a sudden mechanical whirring as a mechanical arm built into a track system on the ceiling of the supply wing began to move. The claw end of the arm moved down to one of the supply compartments built into the wall. The door of the compartment slid open and the claw reached in to retrieve a large supply crate, which it lowered onto a cordoned off supply dock near the center of the entryway.

"ϟ Please remove your supply crate from the cargo dock ϟ"

The crate was about six feet long, three feet wide, and three feet tall. On one end was a handle and it was equipped with caster to make it easy to roll off of the dock. Atlus did so with little difficulty. The lid bore both his name and Diana's.

"This is us," he said. Diana joined him as they drew the crate off to the side to make way for the others who were beginning to retrieve their own crates.


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Character: Kara Saint-Just
Location: Cryostasis Wing
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Kara hadn't ever experienced cryo, but her patients sure had.

She knew just how brutal it could be on the human body, and had brushed up on the literature accordingly.

Being able to effectively suspend human metabolism had been a dream - it had allowed miracles when it came to trauma treatment, surgery, oncology - and her specialty, genetic manipulation. Stasis had been the key to modifying a fully grown individual's body enough with whatever modification they needed or wanted to the point where it could be expressed - and meant that genetic modification was no longer something you passed onto your children and saw the results of afterwards.

Cryo, however, tended to leave people feeling like complete dogshit afterwards. She'd taken all the anti-emetics, braced her body, and in general spent weeks preparing herself to go into cryo. But there was no avoiding what she felt as she woke up, the roiling waves of nausea, the discomfort of her skin burning as nerve endings came back to life after so long in effectively near-death. But she was prepared, and the symptoms passed earlier for her than they had for those that didn't know how to prepare themselves properly for the process. Unfortunately, the preparations left her desperate devoid of nicotine and caffeine, her two saviors.

As the withdraw hit her along with another wave of nausea, an amused part of her brain reminded her of snippet of lyrics -

Oh, I could have worked on a research staff,
I could have been stationed on the sea,
Or dug a cozy niche in diseases of the rich,
But that wasn't good enough for me (oh, no)!

With a groan, Kara hefted herself out of her pod, careful to not tug on the nutrient line inserted under her skin until she was properly upright and ready to remove it herself. With a sharp jerk, Kara removed it with the skill and precision of a practiced doctor - which she was. A little dollop of blood seeped from the area, but there was no severe bleeding or streak of blood to indicate what had been there. Kara took a soft breath - one of her first breaths on an alien world - and grimaced as her dehydrated, decaffeinated, and nicotine deprived brain began to work again. And it began to hurt. Headaches were to be expected coming out of cryo ... and she was no different.

God, she hoped the medbay had some aspirin.

She'd have to drop by the supply wing later to pick up her personal items, but for now - she was headed to the medical bay to check their stock and make sure everything had survived the trip. She was a late riser - and no doubt, one of the other doctors that had come along on the trip had probably already been in there.


Modpurger Edgelord
Location: Cryostasis Wing

Stella squinted her eyes trying to decipher the words of the brawny man, his dialect thick with character foreign to her. Whatever he was getting at it seemed he too was offering a helping hand, and was she really in a position to refuse? Under normal circumstances Stella would’ve gently declined but as it were she could barely find the words to even do so. Another woman had also approached, although she seemed to keep her distance. There was a young boy at her side, reminding Stella there were children amongst them. She felt somewhat uncomfortable as the small crowd gathered around her, though any feelings of embarrassment were far overshadowed by her ailments. Each step rocked her brain like a ship at sea, even with the support of the Englishman it was a struggle. Slouched in posture Stella was forced to trust the man with her entire weight. For someone who'd always found a sense of pride in their independence it felt strange. As they made their way through the complex Stella had no idea what route to take, instead she trusted her convoy with the task of navigation too. People surrounded them, most of whom already seemed to have a clear goal of what to do. Had she missed some sort of memo? Where exactly was she supposed to report? It was all quite overwhelming, but she would have to focus on surviving for the time being. As they continued she felt a creeping sense of guilt building in the back of her mind and she questioned if she was taking up valuable preparation time, surely she wasn’t the only one to have fallen ill? She pushed the little strength she had to try and support herself to any extent she could, “I… I’m sorry…” she whimpered under her breath.

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