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Futuristic The New Eden Initiative - A Planetary Colonization RP (Open)

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Owl Knight

Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.

When you arrive at the launch site, it is still in the dark hours of morning. The nondescript van that picked you up from whatever corner of the suffering world you call home pulls up to what looks like the wall of a large factory. Your driver hits a button on the canopy of the van and what you took for a concrete wall pulls back and lowers, revealing a long dark tunnel. Some of you are alone, you endure the dark ride in silence. If your family is accompanying you, you hold them close, praying that at the end of this harrowing ride is a hope at salvation.

Your driver helps you out of the van. You can't help but pity them as they escort you across a vast underground parking complex and towards a well maintained set of elevators. The mutations and scars from surviving the Helsinki Virus and radiation of the uninhabitable zones are evident on the drivers' face. The virus alone makes them incompatible for the initiative and the radiation no doubt impacted their reproductive systems. The guidelines are clear, only those unaffected by the virus and radiation mutation were eligible for selection. You can't help but wonder how these people see you. Do they resent you? Do you really deserve this opportunity where others will be left behind? You can't think about that now. This is not just about saving yourself. This is about saving the human race.

The elevator descends into the preparation zone. Your clothing is confiscated to be burned. No chance of contamination can be tolerated. You stand naked in a plastic lined shower stall as you are sprayed down with scalding water by mutated technicians in full body hazmat suits. Once you are sanitized, you are handed a pair of white cotton underwear and a white cotton t-shirt in a sealed bag. Naked and cold, you move through the decontamination barrier, trying not to notice the dozens of others who surround you, bare bodied as Adam and Eve. Its appropriate in many ways.

Once you are across the barrier you find yourself in a massive hall, dimly lit with florescent lights mounted high above in the ceiling. You tear open your package and dress. The cloth feels fresh and clean. You haven't felt real cotton in years. You can't imagine how much it cost just to clothe the 200 people who surround you.

A massive screen on the wall above you flickers to life. You and the 199 other people in the hall stand and stare in awed silence as the aged face of Gaius Armenia III appears, staring down with a frightful power and benevolence on the crowd.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 193036.png
"My friends," his voice booms from speakers mounted somewhere in the darkness. "You are about to embark on a grand and noble venture. You fortunate chosen few will rise, as the phoenix from the ashes of a world our forefathers drove to ruin to bear the legacy of mankind away from this purgatory and into the embrace of the stars. Our hopes, and the hopes of all who came before, now rest in your hands. It will fall to you to build something better than the sorry world you leave behind. This is your great and noble purpose: to survive, to thrive, and to continue the noble venture that began eons ago when our first father raised his eyes from the dirt to ponder what lay beyond the the stars."

"Make no mistake, though you will be sailing into a bright and hopeful future that many can never hope to taste, the road ahead is fraught with peril. Some of you may not survive the cryostasis sleep that will preserve you on your journey. Though your bodies will only age four months in the time you are asleep, your faster than light journey will carry you over 300 years into the future. By the time your vessel makes its arrival, it is almost a certainty that the rest of humanity will be extinct. You, and the surviving passengers of the twelve New Eden Initiative vessels will be all that remains."

"You will be supplied to survive for two years. If all things go to plan you will receive a resupply shipment at the end of that two year period, but after that your fate will be in your hands. The world will be yours to shape and build as you see fit. So, to ensure the survival of those who take this venture in hand, we present you with the five directives of new humanity:

Ensure the survival of the human race at any cost.

Elect a governing body of five colonists to organize the new colony and begin establishing laws for the protection and survival of the new society.

Explore and catalogue data on the new home of the human race.

Establish a stable food supply chain.

Be fruitful and multiply.

Go now, with the blessing of all those who remain behind to lift you on their shoulders to your new Eden. Our hopes and dreams go with you."

The screen blinks out and the room is suddenly flooded with light as three large doors beneath the screen slide open. For a moment it is blinding, but as your eyes adjust you see something beyond, a great shape behind the lights that seem to draw you onward.

You move forward with your fellow colonists, drawn towards the light by a sense of hope you can't fully comprehend.

In the midst of an impossibly huge launch silo, you gaze up in wonder at the vessel that will bear you away from the planet. You have scarcely a moment to take in the scale of it before you are ushered inside.

You are moved quickly to the cryostasis wing. Inside you see the chambers, they line the walls of the wing on two levels, long steel cylinders with thick glass lids, leaning back at recumbent angles. You are ushered towards one of the chambers and a technician approaches you with a syringe. A quick jab does the job.

"Just a sleep aid," the technician says stiffly through their hazard mask. "It'll knock you out before the cryogas gets pumped in." He helps you down into the chamber. All around you hear other technicians doing the same for your fellow colonists. Somewhere you hear a parent consoling a frightened child. The noises begin to blur as your head swims with the sleep drug.

You are vaguely aware of the chamber lid closing and, in the brief moment before you slip into a warm dreamless sleep you have the unsettling sensation of laying in a coffin.

"Enjoy your flight to ZX-14," a modulated voice hums in your ears. They are the last words you will ever hear on planet earth.

Your story will begin one hour after the colony ship comes to a landing on ZX-14. Four months have passed in the ship, but 300 years have expired everywhere else. Outside the sun is rising, and as the gas drains from your cryostasis chamber and your waking rhythms kick in, you awake on a new world.

As you progress out of the cryostasis wing, you will find yourself in the main access tunnel of the ship. If you turn to your right, you will find yourself in the engine room, a space that will swiftly become dormant now that the ship has made its final landing. If you turn to the right, you will see the long passageway leading to the primary airlock. Along this passageway are the heavy doors that lead to the other stations on the ship, the lab, supply station, food storage, armory, and medical bay.

Stepping out of the airlock you will get your first glimpse at your new home.

The ship has come to rest in a fertile valley on ZX-14's northern hemisphere. At the westernmost edge of a rolling clearing, hill strewn and dotted here and there with jagged boulders no doubt left over from some long ago glacier. Towering mountains capped with ice rise on either side of the valley and at the far edges of the expansive clearing, blanketing the feet of these mountains, you can see dense forests of dark green and lavender colored trees.

The clearing is in a slightly raised position and, looking to the north you can see that it slopes down gradually into a long valley that stretches as far as you can see. The glistening waters of a river wind their way north towards the horizon.

Looking up, you see one of XZ-14's two moons, a blood red orb that looks frighteningly close to the planet, as though it might brush the tips of the mountains. But most of all you notice the vibrant, almost purple blue of the sky. A blue sky is a sight no human has seen in the better part of a decade.

When you post, please include a location tag at the start of your post so we can keep track of everyone's location.

- Cryostasis Wing
- Medical Bay
- Laboratory
- Supply Requisitions
- Armory

- (Character's) Shelters

I will add more as we discover more. Feel free to come up with new tags appropriate to your play!
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Cryostasis Wing

Sir Charles woke up. With bleary eyes he mustered his surroundings, white and cold walls around him in a dim light. The Cryopods! He slowly started remembering. with a hiss the pod opened and he could see outside. And as always his trusted Valet Chadsworth was standing at the ready. "Good Morning Sir" he greeted with a slight bow, "How was your sleep sir?". "Simply splendid old Chap" he greeted back as he slowly rose from his crypod. " I say theres barely anyone awake, yet you´re already here" Slowly taking his first shaking steps, " Did they freeze you with an alarm Clock?" he mused with a grin towards his valet. " No sir" Chadsworth responded as he helped his lord " I was always a light sleeper sir". Sir Charles surveyed the hall, only a few pods had opened yet. A few people could be seen mulling around or walking past the rows of pods to find they´re loved ones. " Anyway it is time to wake the missus and ernest, take the lead Chadsworth. No doubt you already found them while waiting for me to wake from my Beautysleep". Chadsworth bowed slightly and walked further into the hall, with his lord in tow.

Owl Knight

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Location: Cryostasis Wing

As the cryo-gas drained from the chamber and he felt awareness slipping back, the first thing Atlus noticed was a burning sensation all through his limbs.

Am I on fire? He thought. The hiss of the cryostasis chamber seal releasing interrupted his thought. The lights of the cryostasis wing were dim, but even so his eyes burned at the sensation. He had only a moment to take in his surroundings before a sudden bright flash of pain erupted in his stomach.

"Arrgh!" He glanced down and saw a black umbilical cable protruding from his navel. He could not remember when the cable had been inserted. It must have been after he fell asleep.

A concentrated nutrient line, he thought, installed after the sleep drug took effect.

A whirring noise sounded and he felt another stab of pain as something withdrew from his stomach. The cable fell free and the pain subsided, leaving just a small smear of blood.

Breathing heavily as sensation began to return to his extremities he pulled himself upright. His arms and legs shook. While the nutrients that had been delivered to his system had kept his body alive, they did little to ease the impact of what amounted to four months of near death. He knew a little about cryo-stasis from his time in medical school, though the knowledge was rudimentary. He would need solid food soon, to acclimate his body back to normal functions.


"Diana!" He sat upright, nearly collapsing back as a wave of nausea overcame his senses. From where he sat he could see other figures beginning to emerge from the other cryostasis-chambers.

"Please take your time when exiting your cryostasis-chamber," a modulated voice spoke soothingly from somewhere up in the air above the chambers. "You have been in cryostasis for four months and three days, expect symptoms of mild cryosickness, including lightheadedness, nausea, shakiness in limbs, numbness in extremities..."

Atlus ignored the voice, pulling his shirt down as he climbed from the chamber and steadied himself. The cryostasis wing was carefully climate controlled, even after four months undisturbed, but the deck plates felt cold as ice under his bare feet.

He cast around, looking for the cryo chamber where his wife had been stored for their passage.


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悪魔犬 - Devil Dogs


Yuki and Yumiko Asakura - The Devil Dogs
LOCATION - Cryostatis Wing

Her eyes shot open. A sharp inhale followed, then a slow exhale as Yumiko came to her senses.

Looking around in the cryopod, the gas was slowly being filtered out. In front of her, she could see through the window. Though her vision was still blurry, she could see that there were other people already out of their pods. Strangers to her now, but Yumiko would soon learn their names and their history.

In her vision, her HUD was booting up, the light red graphics appearing in their respective regions. Eventually, her eyes were fully adjusted and Yumiko could see clearly. The door to the pod opened with a hiss as it vented out the final amounts of gas. Slowly, Yumiko took a step out, her hand reaching for the side of the pod to stabilize herself. However, instead of feeling the cold metal of the pod, she felt a hand. Yumiko looked up and was greeted by the sight of Yuki. The other twin nodded as she helped Yumiko out of the pod.

"Everyone else is awake. Mother told me to get you while they go ahead and help set up the shelters."

Yumiko stretched in place, reaching her arms high up before letting them back down. She looked at Yuki intently. To any onlooker, it appeared that they were just staring at each other for a few seconds. However, Yumiko was actually testing that their brain implant didnt suffer any damage.

"Can you hear me?"

Yumiko nodded, taking a look around the hall they were in. She rubbed her side where the nutrient line was attached to her body.

"We should go inspect the armory, see what we're working with."

Yuki nodded in agreement. The only question was to figure out where it was. They weren't exactly given a tour of the ship before heading off. But Yumiko was confident it wouldn't take long to find. With their objective set, the twins began walking deeper into the ship.

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Location: Cryogenics Bay, Pod 168.
The dreams of the little-death sleep were strange.

Alexandra had been through cryostasis once before during an accident, and that was how she found out that her body didn't react well to cryostatic treatments. The near-death state was invaluable for treating major damage to the human body, but it had a tendency to leave certain individuals - a small fraction of the population, typically gene-modded - with after-effects that lingered for months on end.

She saw flashes of color, memories from her family - before the virus took them all - her colleagues, before politics and greed ruined their project. Emotions welled inside of her sleeping brain as the revival process began and slowly brought her back from the near-death state cryogenics involved. She felt ... something, in her limbs. A tingling at first. Soon she was aware of her body again, and then the tingling turned to pain as her nervous system woke back up from it's long slumber. Awareness burned through her mind like a lightning bolt. Her eyes shot open. She'd woken up just a fraction of a second too early, and the sudden claustrophobia from being trapped in the pod awoke an animal of pure panic inside of her as long-passed memories were freshly brought up. Pain, loss-

Then the pod was open, and her mind blanked between opening her eyes for the first time in god knows how long, to kneeling next to the pod, lungs heaving as nausea and malaise washed over her body in sickening, uncomfortable waves while her brain desperately dug through it's disused neurons to remember where she was. The ship. ZX14. If she was waking up, they'd landed. That was a relief.

And then the nausea swelled, and she vomited. There wasn't anything in her stomach to vomit, and most of what came up was just clear, viscous fluid that tasted remarkably unpleasant.

"I hhhhaaate cryosleep." Alexandra murmured to herself, reaching for the nutrient tube still firmly attached to her navel. With a twist and a jerk, she'd freed it from her body with a brief flash of agonizing pain that was refreshing - welcomed, even, in comparison to the sickness she felt.

With determination, Alex forced her weakened limbs to work and force her up onto her legs. She knew she'd get the hang of things again once she'd used her body for a little while. The muscle atrophy from four months of cryosleep was another matter.
The instructions for post-cryo revival went in one ear and out the other, when she'd been briefed on what to do months and months ago. She knew she needed to eat and drink, but a welling wave of nausea washed over her again and made her dry heave.

With a soft stretch - muscles quivering as she forced them to work, Alex adjusted her clothing and took a deep breath. She may as well be useful while waiting for the side effects to pass. With shaky legs and the determination she'd set out with so long ago, Alex forced herself towards the exit of the cryostasis bay and towards the labs. Time to make sure everything survived the trip - she was going to be very busy soon.


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Location: Cryostasis Wing - Laboratory
Interactions: Open
Mentions: N/A
Dr. Konrad Dietrich

What was it like to drown?

Konrad had often pondered on such morbidity, imagining a sinking haze of gasped prayer and regret. Such were his thoughts as they slipped comatose. All the things he should’ve done, all the things he’d yet to do, and every concept of blinked religion. He’d known the truth of God since a young age, a primordial concept used to explain and implement law by threat of the violent supernatural. Why was it he felt so ceremoniously faithful about it all? Nobody truly knew what lay beyond death, not even one of those mathematical certainties could offer a guess. But he could count down the days until Earth consumed itself.

A sharp intake of breath registered through his reeling senses, arms heavy and head lolling back as the Doctor tried to find his footing. Nausea gripping him by the stomach as it clamped and churned, glimpsing the nutrient feed. A short grunt followed as he unlatched it, twisting it away. Brushing the pads of his fingers over where the tube had been, the physicist grimaced.

He stumbled from the pod, finding his footing as muscles were forced to stretch and constrict after so many months of artificial support; hesitantly working his way to see the pod adjacent from his. Edith. The girl was still coming round, murmuring in her half-conscious state. Konrad provided a gentle hand to the forehead, “Up we get,” The Swiss native coaxed, “Longest lie-in yet,” His voice was far from smooth, croaking with disuse but retaining its gravelly baritone and thick European enunciation.

Edie’s eyes eventually fluttered open, drooping every so often as they fought off sleep, “Vati,” Her hand reached up to latch onto his forearm sleeve, (1)“Vati, ich bin so müde,” Deiterich couldn’t help but let out his own fatigued laugh.

(2)“Kein Weiterschlafen, wir werden dir etwas Wasser holen,” His features creased with a smile, beginning to fumble with her apparatus to detach it from the girl - lest she make a fuss to notice it protruding out of her navel. She was just a child, something Konrad had to remind himself - no matter how bright or quick she was growing. Edith hissed, eyes flashing with pout, (3)“Autsch! Papa!”

He threw his shoulders up in a shrug, (4)“Ich habe dir gesagt, du sollst aufstehen!”

Considering her age, he’d always been told not to baby her. Though pulling her up - out of the pod to carry the girl proved them right. She was getting a little heavy for it. Chin on his shoulder, he cupped the back of her head - half jumping to stop her slipping.

(5)“Du wirst zu alt zum Tragen, Schatz,”

Glancing about the cryostasis unit, gradually waking bodies illuminated under fluorescent lighting, the physician glanced up at one of the signs. A quick walkaround to see whether the cafeteria was functioning would help, perhaps even give Edith the chance to wake up.

He set off through the winding maze of steel and fiberglass, peering in at the rooms before they paused outside of the Laboratory. Perhaps just a peek wouldn't hurt?

(1) Dad I'm so tired
(2) No more sleeping, we'll get you some water
(3) Owch! Papa!
(4) I told you to get up!
(5) You're getting too old to carry, honey
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Location: Laboratory Station
Interactions: Open
Mentions: vexed vexed

The Lab was already bustling with activity - well, if you could count one person digging through packaged equipment and previously sealed systems as bustling. The entire lab had been packaged up for storage, with all it's supplies secured and stored. It would take a few hours of setting up before Alexandra could begin to really get any work done in terms of analyzing their new enviroment. Having something to do also helped distract her from the lingering cryosickness that threatened to overwhelm her on occasion if she turned too fast. Her efforts were mainly focused on the Biology and Geology sections of the laboratory, unwrapping sealed cases of equipment and expendable supplies. They had literal years of equipment - so she wasn't too concerned about getting it all unwrapped. Just what she'd need to start some basic biological analysis and geological assays. Already, she was going over a mental task list of things to do.

She also had the ship's weather station going, collecting wind and atmospheric data. That would be incredibly useful in the coming months. It seemed that the computers in the lab had endured the trip pretty well, and she was busy getting the servers dedicated for her section of the lab up and running. It would be a while before she could start running any forecasting models, since the data was so incomplete right now, but it never hurt to be prepared.

Hefting a case of equipment off a counter, Alex turned - slowly - and caught sight of someone through the door. Recognition fluttered in her mind for a moment. He was ... one of the other scientists, right? His name didn't come to her immediately, but that wasn't a surprise given how she was struggling with anything that hadn't been ingrained in her mind through months of practice and training before the launch. Her manners didn't leave her, though, and she issued a curt nod to the figure through the door before finding somewhere to set the case of equipment down with a quiet huff. Cryo had done her muscles no good. Did the ship have a gym ...?

After setting the case down and making sure it was in it's proper spot, Alex waved at the man peering inside. Ah! Konrad. That was his name.


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Location: Laboratory
Interactions: Alexandria Tremaine;
Mentions: AdmiralKio AdmiralKio
Dr. Konrad Dietrich

Having not noticed the woman inside, over-encumbered by the child clinging to him, Konrad exhibited something between shock and a flush of embarrassment to have glanced straight over the stranger’s head. However, her small wave of acknowledgement proved friendly, leading the physicist to walk past the door’s boundary. Konrad paused to guess at the scientist's face, “Sorry for the interruption,” He motioned back to the entrance, sitting Edith down in one of the varying chairs of the desks present.

“Dr. Tremaine isn’t it?” He proffered his open palm to shake, “I was a great admirer of your work on Earth, the climate projects you were involved with - fascinating stuff,” Konrad almost felt guilty to speak of home with such breezy nostalgia. He still hadn’t quite wrapped his head around their current situation. His tone quietened, “I … I was sorry to hear what happened when it …” Deiterich referenced the failure with reverence, seemingly understanding it hadn’t been the researchers but powers beyond their control.

The physicist gestured to Edith spinning idly in her chair, “But my daughter, Edith, I’m Konrad, Astrophysicist,” The Swiss native introduced, “Need a hand? Say I’m no geologist but I’ve a good sense of atmosphere,” He remarked with a slight laugh, rich tone interspersed with occasional breaks. “Haven’t had the guts to look outside and see whether we made it.”

His sights turned to the equipment still wrapped carefully for the duration of their space flight; recognising bits and pieces from his own labs in Geneva. It’d do well to begin measuring how far off the gravity was from Earth, air composition, the atmosphere in reasoning its solar exposures. Hypothetically, the calculations run and prior observations, it was another perfectly habitable planet. Though one couldn’t help but run them again.
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Location: Laboratory Station
Interactions: Open
Mentions: None

Alexandra waves the other scientist inside, flashing a smile Konrad's way and leaning up against one of the laboratory counters. The smile does very little to detract away from the greyish pallor of her skin - another side effect of the cryostasis process. "It's no problem. Just trying to get everything unpacked so I can start some preliminary work ups ... and trying to avoid throwing up, really." She grimaces for a moment, rubbing her face. "Cryo and I don't get along too terribly well, unfortunately. But our work has just begun, and I couldn't resist getting my grubby hands on all of this." She gestures around the lab, launching off the counter to grasp his hand and give it a firm shake. She doesn't hold the contact too long, but her grip is firm and warm.

"That's correct. You're ... Doctor Dieterich, right? It's a pleasure to meet you." Alex nods. His mention of her work on Earth brings a smile to her face - a pained one, but a smile never the less. "To think that people thought the Dust Bowl was bad ... I saw it, you know - hundreds of hectacres of land turned to dust, blowing away in the wind. We were so close to hope. And the pilot project was on a small scale - if you can call a few hundred thousand hectares of land small." She's quiet for a moment. "I can't remember the last time I saw green on Earth - that wasn't the sky or water, anyway. Enough along that line, though - we're here now, and we have a future to build. And maybe we'll get farther this time, eh?" The scientist smiles again, peering past Konrad towards his daughter with a slight wave in her direction. Alexandra's expression softens from it's joviality for a moment to something distinctly sad - but it's gone in a flash.

"I could use a hand with getting a good sense for the atmosphere. I have the ship's weather station up and running and it's returning good data - temperature and humidity are good, winds are calm for now. I've got the simulation servers up and running and we seem to be doing pretty well. We'll have a mountain of data to chew through in no time, I'm sure of it. Gravity feels like Earth - maybe a little lighter?" Alex shrugs, lifting a hand and waggling it a little. "Just about the same. I'll probably head outside in a little while once I have my station set up properly to grab plant and soil samples, make sure there's nothing that'll kill us immediately. Or worse yet, give us all the runs." She chuckles mirthfully.

Alex casts another glance over at Edith. "Should see about getting a school set up once we've got a council elected. I imagine we'll both have our hands full - you, more so than I will!"

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Location: Cryostasis Wing

Diana's cryostasis chamber was, obviously, situated just to the right of his own. Through the haze of cryo-gas draining from the chamber he could see her eyes fluttering and her breast rising with her first deep breath in over four months.

The seal of the chamber hissed as it released and the door swung slowly open.

"Atlus?" she murmured, her eyes opening slowly. "Did we make it?" He bent down over her chamber with a relieved smile.

"I think we did!" He said softly.

Her eyes started wide and her hands leapt instinctively to her stomach. Unlike Atlus, she had two nutrient lines attached to the sides of her stomach, a stomach that had barely begun to grow when they left the earth but now bulged from beneath the hem of her white t-shirt. Four months of gestation over seemingly in an instant. Atlus reached down a hesitant hand and helped to detach the nutrient lines feeding both Diana and their unborn child.

"Can you feel her moving?" He asked. Diana cradled her sudden baby bump with trembling hands.

"I..I'm not sure," she said, her voice quavering. "It feels so strange, so heavy..."

She tried to sit up but fell back, her cryo-sleep weakened arms uncooperative.

"Take it slowly," he said.

"My head is swimming," she sighed.

"It's normal," he said. "It will wear off. When you're ready, we can go to the medical bey and check on you and the baby, then we should find some food."

He glanced around the cryo wing as more and more of their fellow passengers began to emerge from their chambers. One woman rose and vomited violently. Atlus almost approached her, but she seemed to shake off the cryo-sickness quickly and then make her way out of the cryo wing.

Diana was able to sit at last, and when she was ready, Atlus helped her to stand. She swayed for a moment, unsteady as she adjusted to her suddenly shifted center of gravity.

"Let me hold onto you," she said. "My legs feel like jell-o."

They made their way out of the cryo wing and into the main corridor, following signs that pointed them towards the medical bay.


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Location: Cryostasis Wing

Her eyes opened slowly. Darkness enveloped her entire being. Stella felt lucid, as if she was made out of water. The atmosphere was so temperate she couldn’t tell cold from warmth, as if she was being swallowed by the air around her, becoming part of it. Her head felt like a hollow eggshell, so empty not even an echo could breach it. Lifting her hand it felt completely weightless, free of any resistances. She inspected it closely, feeling an almost childlike curiosity towards it’s many markings and nooks. Peering between her fingers she caught a dim light. It was growing more distant. Was it the sun perhaps? The moon? Was she falling? She was. She barely had time to react before air abrasively rushed her frail underworked lungs. Noise so monstrously overwhelming she thought her eardrums might just burst suddenly surrounded her. She hit the ground.

Stella sat sacked up against the steel sarcophagus from which she had emerged only minutes earlier. Frantically she gasped for air. Rigid muscles and limp joints did not allow her to stand up no matter how hard she tried. Her hands and feet felt like needle cushions as she struggled to regain any control of them. She buried her head between her knees, mustering what little composure she could in order to force her heart back into a steady rhythm. She stumbled over her own breath trying to recall what exactly was going on.

She had woken up in a rush of adrenaline, her eyes flying open as her primal instincts kicked into overdrive. She had practically crawled out of the pod, yet she didn’t feel anything as she hit the rigid metal flooring of the ship. A tube attached to her abdomen had been torn off her as she fell and her stomach felt as if it were in a thousand knots encasing a cavernous abyss. She couldn’t stop shaking as droplets of sweat travelled down her face. Even her neck refused to work with her willingly as she tried to get a good look around. Other people who seemed to find themselves in the same situation as her filled the room. It came back to her, the project, the moments before sleep, everything. It was as if she’d been sling shot back to reality. She remembered the disclaimers, and the dangers that’d been explained to her. Stella did however not heed those warnings, a bit too absent minded to even fully comprehend them she had simply just signed off when asked to. She hadn’t exactly taken the advised precautions of cryopreservation to heart and now she simply had to suffer the consequences. She once again tried to stand, her face scrunching up in pain as she used the cryopod as a crutch, her knees bending and twitching at uncomfortable angles as she struggled to stay upright. What now?
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Location: Cryostasis Wing

While sir Charles was following Chadsworth he studied his surroundings. Many more people were waking up now, most of them were slighty shaky and confused. It was quite fascinating to him. They and his Family would be the new Rulers of this planet, well attempted rulers to be precise. No one knew what the Future would bring, he hoped it was a better one than the one they all left behind. As he was daydreaming he heard a loud smacking sound to his left. One of the Cryopod occupants had fallen after or during emerging from her pod. A dark haired Woman lay crumpled beneth her pod, and under tremendus pain and willpower just barely made herself stand up. He frowned, "Chadsworth!" he exclamed. "Yes sir?" his valet awnserd. "Please go and wake my Wife and son without me would you? It seems this young lady is in need of medical attention. Gather something to eat and bring them with you to the medical bay to meet up". "As you wish sir" Chadsworth bowed and continued onward without his liege. Without a moments notice, Sir Charles immedeatly beelined towards the woman in distress. "Excuse me madam it seems to me that you are in need of Medical assistance, if you dont mind i would like to escort you to the medical facilitys posthaste." And as he held out his hand in greeting he smiled and said "My name is Charles by the way, nice to meet you."
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Atlus Veridian

LOCATION: Medical Bay

Moving slowly, still only clad in the thin white cotton underthings that had clothed them since their last waking moments on earth, Atlus and Diana stepped out into the dim vertebrae of the colossal ship. They had been moved into the cryostasis wing with such haste before their departure from Earth, that Atlus had not had the time to appreciate just how cavernous the inner workings of the vessel were. Massive struts supported a towering ceiling of steel plates, dimly illuminated by recessed panels. It looked for all the world like the main hall in a cathedral, rather than an interplanetary vessel.

But then, why not? This ship was, in many ways, the womb of a newborn humanity, an almost sacred place.

Someday, he mused, when we are dead and gone, will our descendants create myths about this place?

The medical bay was some ten yards down the corridor, across from the cryo wing. Diana seemed to be getting back some of the strength in her legs for she leaned less heavily on his arm as they approached the door. His eyes kept darting to her radically transformed shape and the clutching realization that he would become a father for the first time on an entirely alien world crashed over him in waves.

"Stop staring," she rebuked him. "It's weird enough already." He stifled a laugh as they stepped into the medical bay.

Motion activated lights flickered quietly to life as they stepped through the open door. The medical wing was large, not, perhaps as cavernous as the main corridor, nor as daunting as the cryostasis wing had been, but impressively sized for its purposes. A front office space, furnished with a few pristine stools, cabinet space, a desk and some kind of terminal built into the wall, opened onto another small hallway, off of which sprang ten individual chambers. Each room equipped with two examination beds that, though space was limited, could be curtained off for a degree of privacy.

Atlus had been afforded time to look over the medical plans and make requests. Though there were a number of medically trained members of the colony, he had been identified as the colonist with the most relevant experience to take charge of the medical wing. From what he understood, only a scant few members of the colony team had been vested with direct authority from the planning stages. The rest would be decided by a democratic election of some kind.

He helped Diana up onto one of the exam beds and found that a panel in the wall could open up and reveal a functioning ultrasound machine.

"They really thought of everything," Diana marveled, stroking her belly in slow circles. "We will have to check in on the other women and see if they are expecting as well. Did they tell you?"

Atlus nodded.

"They didn't have exact numbers, but I imagine its recorded in the colony manifest." He squirted lubricant on her belly and positioned the doppler. "Come on, baby. Let's see how you are."

Within a few moments, and with some guidance from his wife, Atlus was able to identify the blurry shape within the cone cast by the ultrasound imager.

"There you are!" Diana breathed, watching the tiny and very humanoid shape on the monitor. Suddenly she gasped and smiled.

"It kicked!" She laughed. "Oh thank, God!"


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Yuki and Yumiko Asakura - The Devil Dogs

Thankfully, there were signs that guided the pair to the armory. Greeting the twins was a large blast door with caution markings on it and red colored light above it. On the wall to the right of the door was a touchscreen control panel. Yumiko approached it, giving it a once over before reaching out and placing her right hand on it. A monotone voice played out from the panel's speaker.

"Recognized, Asakura Yumiko."

The locking mechanisms undid themselves and the door slid open, the red light flashing and accompanied by a moderate alarm. Not too loud, but loud enough that people down the hall could hear it. Yuki was the first to enter the room. All around the walls, multiple railguns were mounted on the wall, primarily in rifle and handgun configurations. Though there were a handful of specialized long-ranged variants mounted up as well. On the floor, there were boxes stacked three high filled with extra ammo, explosives, body protection, as well as other supplies. Yuki reached for one of the rifles, taking it off the wall mounts and weighed it in her hands. Her fingers traced the side of the weapon until she found a switch, flicking it to the on position. The rifle powered up as the electromagnets charged up. She raised the weapon up, aiming down its sights.


Yumiko stood behind her sister, watching with her hands loosely on her hips. Yuki lowered and powered off the rifle, handing it over to Yumiko.

"Same manufacturer, different models."

During their service, the JSDF had already upgraded entirely to electromagnetic weaponry. Of course, the high-end gear was saved for only the best of the best. Yuki and Yumiko were well familiar with the people who made the colony weapons, since they were the same ones that made their service weapons.

Yumiko reached towards the magazine of the rifle, pulling it out and looked at what sort of ammunition it was using.

"Standard slugs, nothing special. Wonder if they gave us different types or not."
"We can figure that out later. Lets just inventory and see what else we have, then lock it up.

Yumiko placed the rifle back on the wall for now as she helped her sister sort through everything else in the room.



𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖘

Location: Laboratory
Interactions: Alexandria Tremaine;
Mentions: AdmiralKio AdmiralKio
Dr. Konrad Dietrich

Tremaine’s upbeat nature brought about hope in the physicist, a real, pure glimpse of what the colony could be. Whatever the future. Taking her palm in his, soft from paperwork like most scientists yet sincere, introductions were had. Her accounts of nausea weren’t so different from his own, awash with a woozy sense of malaise that settled deep in his stomach, arms now aching from having carried Edith so far. The physicist gave a sympathetic smile, “You and me both, it’s ah… not quite first-class flying, is it? But I couldn’t help seeing it, I know - we’ve all had itineraries and lists,” He sheepishly laughed, “In person it feels … almost on par with Geneva, though some of these look even newer!” The Swiss native turned slightly, “The amount of money this all must’ve cost, more than any of our government benefactors I’ll tell you that.”

His attention was returned promptly, “Please, the pleasure’s mine Dr. Tremaine,” He held his hands up in humble surrender, attentively listening to what some may regard as the unfiltered truth. “Seeing it waste away, I’m not sure I would’ve kept my composure,” Konrad remarked in honesty, “You should’ve seen our valleys, the mountains, I used to go hiking there with my father - in the Alps.” His expression flickered briefly, as if to remind him of all he’d left behind. There’d never be another place like it. No matter what they tried. This was a diluted form of melted culture and language - languages that would be lost as generations went by.

“- we're here now, and we have a future to build. And maybe we'll get farther this time, eh?"

“Forgive me, I didn’t mean to … uh, bring the mood down,” The Doctor nodded, “Nostalgia is a dangerous game, but you’re right. We have a chance to start again where hopefully, the water is clean enough I shouldn’t worry whether to let children play on beaches,”

Edith slumped in her seat, giving a floppy-handed wave in return, “She’s usually more talkative but…” Dietrich placed his hand against her forehead, “Seems everyone's got a stasis-flu,” Gently flicking her nose, the girl glared. Noting his fellow scientist’s passing melancholy, Konrad hesitated to ask, though decided against it after mulling.

“I saw our estimates for the conditions, so far we’ve not turned inside out - which I’m thankful for,” The Doctor joked, “As long as a hop, skip and a jump won’t send us careening into the space vacuum - or, you’re right, whatever species we’ve been graced with this time. Let's hope they’re proverbial Dodos rather than maneaters,” He shot a quick grin, cheeky in nature and surprisingly boyish.

“Ahh, Edith wouldn’t mind if it took us half a century to rediscover literacy again, but it’d be nice to see how many other children her age made it.” The other half of Alexandria’s comment elicited another laugh, more-so a chuckle as it rolled with a gentle thunder, “Don’t jinx me! She’s got her mother’s ability to cause more trouble than I know how to handle,” All in good humour but the exasperation was palpable.
“I’d like to see those results when you’ve collected them, run some of my own theories - physics is a poor man’s magic, however, composition of minerals before I begin preliminary measurements of radiation and frequencies - I’d thank you for it.”

He began to move forward, clasping his palms together, “What first?”

Owl Knight

Don't let it ruffle your feathers, my liege.
A chime sounds as you make your way to whatever section of the ship drew your attention. The sound echoes from dozens of speakers throughout the ship.

A voice that you recognize, though it may take you a moment to place, follows the chime. Some of you will recognize it as the voice of Gaius Armenia III.

"Welcome to ZX-14, your new home and the future home of all your descendants. In the supply wing of the ship you will find personal kits, the trappings of pioneers stepping out to tame a world. Begin quickly. Establish a community. Secure yourselves against any dangers you may face. Select leaders from among yourselves who can lift up all those who will carry this great mission forward. The dawn of a new hope lies in your hands now. This is your final word from Earth that was. Godspeed."

The chime sounds again, leaving you all to ponder your next steps with trepidation, or with hope.


Modpurger Edgelord
Location: Cryostasis Wing

The nausea had set in. Sweat profusely gathered on her skin only further exacerbating her violent shivering. Her eyes were weighed down by what felt like bags of gravel. She couldn’t recall feeling this poorly ever before. Attempting to step away from her pod she could only liken the experience to walking on stilts for the very first time, having to instantly retreat to her brace. The nausea worsened. It took the focus of her every fiber just to prevent heaving her guts out, whatever was left of them anyways. Everything else in the room was slowly fading into a blur as she couldn’t risk distraction. “Breathe, Brea… Breathe….”. Relieved she felt that she had regained control of her respiratory situation, although she was not entirely out of the woods quite yet.

Suddenly a hand appeared before her, reaching out towards her in an inviting manner. She traced it to a man she hadn’t even noticed approaching. He sported a kept hairdo, even for cryostasis standards. There was a rugged elegance about him, but Stella lacked the energy to further assess the man. Did she know him? Did he know her? She needed medical assistance? Was he a doctor? So preoccupied with confused speculation she hadn’t even noticed the blackish bruising forming across the arm she’d landed on, nor taken into account how dishevelled she must’ve appeared. Stella looked the man in the eyes with tired apathy strewn across her face, her jaw tense with discomfort. She didn’t intend to be rude, but she was utterly drained. Attempting to give him her hand she nearly lost her footing again, “S-Stella”.

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Location: Cryostasis Wing

All he could hear were voices. But where were they coming from? There was only darkness, and surely no one was here with him in it. It felt like an eternity since he had seen the light of day. Perhaps that was because, in Earth's time, it had been. Slowly, Mikael began to become alive again. The first thing he began to feel was his heartbeat. Such a familiar feeling that he immediately knew in his brain exactly what had happened. They had made it to their new home, what was to be the new start for humanity. It was a lot to take in, but he knew that the sooner they got started, the better off they would be. With that, he opened his eyes to the tank opening. He sat up to gauge his surroundings, noticing many people already out of their own tanks. "Can't believe I am one of the last ones awake. That'll never happen again."

He had a slight sickness, but with as many times as he had eaten spoiled game or drank bad water, it was minimal. He noticed the tube connected to him, and quickly removed it, not expecting the prick of pain it gave him on release. "That's one way to wake up your colonists." He thought with a slight grin. Mikael heard the chime, followed by the message for those awakening. The only logical step now was to proceed to the supply wing and hopefully procure a bow, or at least the tools to gather what he would need to make a basic one.


Cyber Presence
Location: Laboratory Station
Interactions: Konrad Dietrich
Mentions: vexed vexed

For the first time in ages, Alexandra felt real enthusiasm building inside of her. Despite her physical unease, the scientist in her was eager to dig into all the data and get a good idea of just where they were and what their home was. Konrad's presence just made that all the better - someone she could get along with, who understood the realities they worked in back on Earth. But here, there were no masters - yet, at least - to stop their work. They could truly do things for the benefit of mankind, and she knew that on eleven other worlds ... her colleagues, some quite distant from her even back on Earth, would be doing the same on other alien worlds. Twelve chances to save their species. Twelve chances to make a better future. The very sum of human knowledge was on their ship, with enough practical experience to apply it and build a better future. A happy sigh filtered from between her lips, feeling the first eddies of true pleasure worm their way through her soul for the first time in a very long time.

"School's going to be important in the immediate future, I think. Fortunately for her, I think our schooling is maaaybe going to focus on the practical rather than the theoretical for a little while. There were two hundred people on board the ship, from all walks of life. We're going to be very low in terms of practical skills for a long while until we can shape up work education programs. Fortunately - a lot of what we need to do calls for unskilled labor and raw muscle more than anything. I'm fairly certain they're already putting work crews together to get some domes set up ... you wouldn't mind your daughter learning to farm, would you?" Alex smirks for a moment. "I might actually need a farmer's hand in here..." She muses for a moment, before Konrad's words snap her back to attention.

“What first?”

"Ah! Yes- sorry, I'm a little absentminded sometimes. Three fields of specialty and all three are needed at once..."

Alex taps her chin for a moment, before wandering over to one of the computer stations. "I've been pecking away at coaxing the satellite up-link into working to pull the literal terabytes of data from the orbital probes. It's slow going, but we're collecting parts of it from the probes that are passing over us and using those as relays to the others in the constellation. We've got a few holes in the network up there - just bad luck and attrition, I think, but there's still a lot of data to go through. More than enough to develop a reasonable climatological model and give us good navigational data. I've gotten a fix for where we landed, and we appear to be in a valley of some form. Good, for a lot of reasons. That's where you come in - like I said, I have three specialties and all three are in high demand right now."

She takes a breath, a grin spilling across her face. "I'd like you to try to coax the weather simulator software into developing us a seasonal map of the planet's climate. This place is Earthlike but we're not going to see the exact same seasons, I think. We need to be prepared for it and in the absence of long-term terresterial data like atmosphere temperature and rainfall we need to run that model as many times as we can and pick whichever set of variables actually matches up with what we experience. It should be fairly boring work, unfortunately - but I'm sure between sessions you can dig into the other equipment here, since each run should take a few hours even with the computers they stocked us with. Getting an idea for the moon situation can't be a bad idea, either - tidal forces are going to be important for our forecasting models too."

"As for me, I'm going to dig into our sampling equipment a little and grab soil and plant samples. Orbital mapping showed that there's a river not too far from here, so later on I'll probably grab a water sample too. It's a bit of a hike, though. Need to find some way to let everyone know not to eat or drink anything from the planet until I can make sure it's actually safe to do that ... ship definitely has a public announcement system, just need to figure out how to access it." Alex rubs her chin. "So, that's all for now ... this should all take a while. I don't- really know what time it is locally, but we should also get a calender started at some point. I'll try to meet you back here before dark. Sound like a plan?"


𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖆𝖑𝖘

Location: Cryostasis Wing
Interactions: Sir Charles, Stella Janzen
Mentions: Moldie Moldie Rezzimus Rezzimus
Solomon Holt

Solomon writhed in his sleep, harsh light wrenching him from the comfort of stasis. A splitting headache radiated behind the Texan’s eyes, sockets feeling as if filled with heavy lead causing his skull to sink forward and back. Wobbling to a degree of consciousness. His hands drew over the outfitted overalls, blindly fumbling to recall where he was - hesitantly believing to have fallen asleep back home on the couch. It had to have been something as uncomfortable as that for the crick in his neck. Sol yawned, crumpling his face at the strange, metallic aftertaste provided from the amount of god knows what pumped through his veins; which happened to be the one thing that properly achieved a renewed sense of getting to his feet - awake.

Hell knew he needed a drink.

Wrenching on the feeding apparatus he instinctively hissed; half gasping as the pain struck him in a blind zap. Perhaps he ought to have given it more time? Too late to dwell, his hands clasped either side of the pod, dragging forward as he put one foot down - then the other. Briefly avoiding falling ass over tit he stumbled in woozy stupor, coming to lean against the pod as support. Solomon stretched to recover his faculties, rough hands flexing; the cleanest they’d been since he started working his pappy’s land, though ravaged by tough splits and scars where he’d gotten too close to a blade or misjudged cattle's temper.

Both arms. Both legs. He’d made it off that shithole of a planet and God be damned, that rush of feeling provoked some adrenaline. The stone age never felt so good.

Once prepared to head off; expecting to leave the ship and gaze at their new bounty of land and sky, commotion wracked the Cryostasis Wing. One of the girls seemed to have a rough time of it, bruised like a peach too. A fella who didn’t half sound as if he belonged in one of those fancy 90s rom-coms his sister used to watch - reminded him of, which was it? Hugh somethin’? Yeah, real elegant and the sort. British.

Sol swagged over, not through cocky purpose but he hadn't quite acclimated to using his legs, “Y’need a hand?” He offered, glancing between the two, “Couldn’t help but see all-a thuh…” Sol gestured vaguely to them in unspoken reference, “Maybe we oughta carry thuh little Miss, lookin’ like a baby deer you are ma’am, all leg no balance," The humour eventually sank, noting the general confusion and evident pain, "Would yuh mind if we did? Ah used to carry my sistuh alla thuh time, don't yuh worry - right Mister ... uh.. Nottin' Hill?"
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Position: Chief Engineer/Mechanic

Location: Cryostasis Wing

Interactions: Solomon vexed vexed , Stella Moldie Moldie , Charles Rezzimus Rezzimus

The world spun for a moment and Brandish couldn't help but feel the sensation of spiraling downwards, similar to falling in your sleep. An instant later it felt like her soul had landed back in her body as the darkness around her faded and she opened her eyes. For an instant, she felt a slight panic as she could feel everything except for her arms but the panic faded as she remembered her arms were no longer hers and were instead the cyber tech limbs she had had for just over a decade now. It still felt odd to not feel things but she was for the most part used to it and the sensory alerts she would get in the back of her mind. Looking down at the limbs she ran a quick diagnosis of the mechanical parts which came up clean and fully up to date. Before the trip, she had scheduled them to do timely updates that she had already preprogrammed in since she was constantly upgrading her tech limbs.

With a hiss, the cryo tank lid opened above her and she blinked a few times, her robotic hand coming up to shield her eyes until they naturally adjusted to the light. As she moved to get up she felt the world spin once again and a sharp pain ripped through her stomach causing her to look down and spot a black feeding tube that had just disconnected itself from her navel. A small and steady line of blood flagged where the tube had been connected but when Brandish wiped her metal finger across the spot she found no real damage.

After taking a moment to secure herself and steadily rise from the tank the ebony-haired engineer carefully stepped onto the cold metal floor of the ship. Swaying slightly she felt herself falling back a bit and quickly shoved her hand out behind herself and caught the tank. Keeping herself steady she rapidly blinked a few times as her icy blue eyes began to focus on the tank beside her. "Scout!" She gasped and half stepped, half stumbled forward to look into the tank holding her little brother. As though detecting that there was now someone there to help the little boy the lid of the talk hissed open and the dark-haired child inside began to stir.

"Randi?" His little voice muttered tiredly as he reached weakened limbs up to rub his eyes. He suddenly winced and let out a small cry of pain as the nutrition cord fell away from his stomach area.

"Hey, Big Man." Brandish greeted with a relieved smile as she noticed the young man seemed to be overall alright and handling the waking process better than herself. "How are you feeling?" She asked and ran her metal hand across his back encouragingly as he sat up.

"My...my head hurts." Scout muttered as he held his eyes half-open, clearly not yet used to the light.

Brandish nodded her head and reached down to help her little brother stand, feeling far more stable now than she had moments ago. "I know, mine does too." She sympathized as she helped lift him out of the tank and onto the cold floor, his feet recoiling initially but then settling on the metal beneath him. "It is just a side effect of the sleep, it should hopefully go away soon."

Watching Scout's little head nod in understanding Brandish looked around, finally being able to examine their current situation. Not too far away from Scout and herself, she saw a small group forming to help a girl who looked to be truly struggling. Gently taking her little brother's hand with her cybernetic grasp the two walked over to the group. "Is there anything I can do to help?" She asked as she got closer, not getting too close for fear she might get in the way.

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Position: Head of Security

Location: Armory

Interactions: Yuki and Yumiko FabulousTrash FabulousTrash

Having been one of the first to awaken and gain his bearings Ronan stood leaning against the cryo tank containing his precious five-year-old daughter Shayla. The small child was currently stirring from her sleep, a small tear falling down her cheek as she experienced the sudden pain of the feeding tube being removed from her stomach. When her chocolate brown eyes opened and looked up at her father, Ronan smiled down at her and reach in to run his thumb across her cheek, wiping away her tear. "There's my beautiful brown-eyed girl." He greeted her, his voice deep and soft like distant thunder when he spoke to the small child.

"Daddy, did we make it?" Shayla squeaked as she sat up a bit too fast and ended up flopping over again.

Catching his daughter before she hurt herself Ronan nodded and looked down at her, looking her over to make sure she was truly unharmed. "Yeah Shay, we made it." He assured her and reach into the tank, scooping her up with his muscular arms. Once he had her securely and comfortably in his arms the Head of Security straightened up and looked around. It seemed that overall everyone was waking up and being helped by others which meant he needed to get a move on making sure everything was safe for the colony as they began to spread out.

Without any further hesitation and with his five-year-old daughter tucking her head against his shoulder the large beast of a man began to make his way out of the cryo chamber and towards the armory. He wasn't as surprised as much as he was impressed when he found what looked to be a set of twins already taking inventory of the armory. As he walked through the door he cleared his throat to let them know they weren't alone anymore and nodded his head at them in greeting. "Yuki and Yumiko Asakura?" He inquired, believing those to be the names of the twins he was briefed on before the mission. "My name is Ronan Drax." He introduced and opened his mouth to continue speaking but was cut off by a small voice in his arms.

"And I'm Shayla." The small brunette interjected as she lifted her head to look at the two strangers in the armory.

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Position: Zoologist

Location: Laboratory

Interactions: Konrad vexed vexed , Alexandra AdmiralKio AdmiralKio

She hated feeling hungover, she hated it more than anything, and right now that is exactly how she felt. Wiping away the blood on her stomach from where a nutrition tube had been implanted within her Gavy had to lay still for several minutes and take some deep, deep, breaths to keep herself from getting sick. The platinum blonde didn't dare move until she felt like her stomach had stopped doing backflips inside of her. It took a bit longer than she wanted but eventually, the breathing and laying still worked and the stomach pains faded into a small discomfort.

Sitting up in her open tank the young scientist reached up and gave the sides of her head a quick massage to try and alleviate some of the throbbing within her skull. It truly felt like she had just sobered up from a three-day bender. Taking a final deep breath she reached her shaky hands up and pulled herself out of her cryo chamber, squeaking in surprise as her feet hit the cold metal floor. She hated how weak she felt, this was not normal for her in the slightest. Normally she was a boundless source of energy, always on the move, always needing to get something done. Usually, the only time she sat still was when examining one of the few remaining wildlife species that had been left on Earth, it was then that she could not move for hours and be completely at peace.

On shaky legs and using her arms and the tanks around her to keep herself up Gavy set off to try and find something to do. She hoped her energy would return soon because she was not a fan of feeling like her limbs were made of noodles. Slowly the twenty-year-old pulled herself along the metal ship hallways, stabilizing herself using railings and beams when she began to feel most shakey. Her bright mint green eyes followed the signs on the walls as they glowed brightly to tell her which parts of the ship she was heading towards.

Eventually, she reached a chamber labeled Laboratory and was finally beginning to feel more like herself upon arrival. When the door slid open the platinum blonde was both surprised and delighted to find other members of the crew were already getting to work inside. They had gathered equipment and by the looks of it, they had been in the middle of a conversation when she entered. Giving a small wave the twenty-year-old Zoologist smiled at her now colleagues and stepped a bit further into the room.

"Sorry for interrupting." She apologized as she looked between the man and woman who stood before her. "I guess I got hit with the cryo-sickness a bit harder than I thought. I swear I am not usually the last person to the lab." She added with a small laugh, trying to get a feel for the atmosphere of the room and those within it.

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Position: Psychiatrist

Location: Cryo Chamber

Interactions: Mikael -Orpheus- -Orpheus-

When the cryo tank beside her began to open Ember looked up from where she was trying to get to her feet and noticed a man rising from the pod. Had a chime sound not interrupted her thoughts she would have greeted him and attempted to learn his name but instead, she stood and listened to the voice delivering the message. Hearing that this would be their final message from Earth reminded Ember of the fact that all those she once knew were now long gone. While only four months had passed for them, 300 years had gone by on Earth. There was no doubt that those left behind were long since dead, the human race extinct on the planet they once called home. It was their duty now to give humankind a new start on this new planet.

Walking along the halls of the ship that brought them to their new homeworld Ember looked at the faces she passed and did her best to commit them to memory. It would be important that she knew as many of them as possible if she was going to be of any use to them. She had no doubts her skills would come into play sooner rather than later since the human mind could only take so much.

For now, however, it was not her time to use her specialty. That being said she didn't have any plans on just standing around like an idiot and would rather offer to help and learn to be useful than just be a burden on the rest of the colony. Finding her way to the supply room that was spoken of became her primary objective as the raven-haired woman walked the long metal corridors of the ship. She passed the laboratory and the medic wings which already had people getting to work inside. She was glad to see that the motivation to get started on building their colony was a drive shared by most others so far.

Upon reaching the supply room Ember noticed the man who had awoken beside her was already there and looking for what seemed to be specific items. "Anything I can do to help?" She inquired as she looked from him to the many, many, crates and tools that lined the walls. "Perhaps I can assist you in finding what you are searching for?" She suggested, wanting to be useful.

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RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
悪魔犬 - Devil Dogs


Yuki and Yumiko Asakura - The Devil Dogs
Ronan and Shayla Drax ( Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 )

"Alright, that should be the last of it."

Yumiko entered the final numbers into her colony tablet as Yuki closed up the last box. Their heads looked up as the automated message played over the speaker. When it finished, the two looked at each other.

"We should gear up now. Where's the body armor?"

Yuki pulled out one of the boxes from the rest of them, opening it up and handed Yumiko a vest. It was solid black in color with multiple pockets for extra mags, a pistol holster and a space for individual slugs, since most railguns were capable of being manually loaded nowadays. Yumiko tapped on the kevlar plate that was in between the fabric of the vest before unzipping it and putting it on, making sure it was snug, then began loading it with extra ammo and supplies, as well as a radio. The irony never failed to amuse Yumiko. Being able to communicate to her sister mentally, it almost seemed wasteful to take a second form of communication. But then again, no one else could access their mental link.

Satisfied, she move towards the wall to get a rifle and handgun set for the both of them while Yuki fitted her own vest. Though, before Yumiko could, she heard a cough from behind them.

Yumiko's gaze fell onto Ronan, who stood at the doorway with a child in hand. She stopped what she was doing and gave the pair a small smile.

"You're correct. Pleasure to meet you both."

Yuki finished adjusting her vest and turned her attention to the newcomers as well, only giving them a nod of acknowledgement before moving to the wall to retrieve the weapons. Yumiko stepped towards Ronan, continuing the conversation.

"You're the Head of Security, if I'm correct. We look forward to working with you. I have to commend the work you did with your private security firm. Word gets around fast when you work for society's elites. Though, I suppose that wont be the case anymore.

With introductions out of the way, Yumiko gestured to the rest of the room.

"Everything in the room has already been accounted for, including the gear we're taking out now. Might be best for you to grab what you need as well. I believe many of the other colonists are leaving the ship right now."

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Location; Cryostasis Wing Interactions: Brandish Solomon Stella

Sir Charles was pleasantly surprised, two other members of the Colony also wanted to help as soon as they saw that Stella was in trouble. Even if beeing called notting hill was slightly grating. "Thank you for your help , i do believe we should help her to the Medical facilitys posthaste". and with a sideglance at the man who adressed him as Notting hill he said, "My name is Charles Emmerson Winchester III, or just Charles for you my Rural Friend.". "Nonetheless time waits for no one" He gently held stellas left shoulder and steadied her. "We can continue to talk as we walk". And with a smile towards stella he said: "Dont worry dear your arm will be as good as new soon enough, and should you have trouble walking our new friend and i will be happy to support you all the way."


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Location: Supply Wing
Interactions: Ember

The walk to the supply wing was not as long as he was expecting, but Mikael kept finding himself distracted by the various rooms on the way and the people within them. This was to be his home base for lord knows how long, so he figured he might as well note the locations of the various rooms. One was very obviously the Medical Bay, which he hoped to not need access to for a while. However, in his line of work injuries were inevitable, so he made damn sure to note the location of that room. The next was certainly a laboratory of some sort, but he figured there were multiple of those on the ship. They were on an uncharted planet after all. He passed a few more rooms such as the mess hall, gymnasium, just various important things for the people of a colony to have access to. But he had wasted too much time already; It was time to get started.

"So many crates." He thought, rolling his eyes. There was no telling which one to search to find the things he would need to have the basic tools required for survival. It was unbelievable that there wasn't someone appointed to pass out the supplies, or so much as a diagram showing which area held which supplies. Lost in his thoughts, Mikael was startled when he heard a voice behind him. "Oh, hey there. You startled me a bit. Still haven't completely got my wits about me." Mikael said to the dark-haired woman. It was the truth; back on Earth, nothing could sneak up on him. Living so many years secluded, his hearing had become quite good. "I'm Mikael. Mikael Lindström. Pleasure to meet you." He said politely as he reached out to shake the woman's hand. "I'm looking for many things, the most important of which is a good knife. Preferably one that's partially serrated, like the ones used in the military. Aside from that, anything useful for surviving in the wild. Matches, a hatchet, iodine tablets, things of that nature."

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Atlus Veridian

LOCATION: Medical Bay

Though he could have remained there watching his unborn child forever, Atlus could already hear people beginning to congregate in the halls of the ship. He had no doubt people would soon be seeking out help for cryosickness and perhaps other ailments from the long journey.

He helped Diana down from the exam table and the pair busied themselves getting familiar with the med bay. While it was a well equipped space to be sure, Atlus wondered how long it would be before they would need to construct a more permanent space.

It was a daunting notion, the idea of building a civilization from scratch. Though his time in the field had accostumed him to working under considerable constraints, he wasn't exactly trained in frontier medicine.

"What happens when the supplies run out?" Diana asked as they began to poke through the inventory.

"That's when this gets real," he replied.

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