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Fandom The New Avengers - The Next Generation (Main RP)



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Henry Hex

House of Hex
Upstate New York
Tuesday, July 5th, 2062
12:30 PM EST

It was a bright and sunny Tuesday morning. Henry was already awake and finishing up his 5th cup of coffee. He slept for only 3 hours last night because he was so nervous but very excited about the new arrivals for The New Avengers. He went to bed at 2 AM last night, slept until 5 AM, and then he woke up and got his day started.

It was 12:25 PM he was already making his 6th cup of joe. He took his cup and a clipboard to the mansion living area and sat down on the couch. He read over the papers clipped into the clipboard very carefully and he went through each person’s portfolio. He saw very good potential in all of them. Some powers from the group were really interesting to Henry.

For example, Ianthe Kaiser. She has the ability to manipulate pocket dimensions. Which is very fascinating. Or another one would be a young woman named Ashryn, who has the ability to control fire and fly. Now that's pretty badass.

Even though those two stuck out to Henry, he knew all of them had great powers and abilities that could possibly fight the next World War. After Henry finished going through everyone’s portfolios 3 times in a row, he got up from the couch and went back into the kitchen. He rinsed out his coffee mug and put it inside the dishwasher. He walked over to the mirror by the front door and checked himself out.

His watch started beeping. It was a notification from the mansions security system. It showed Henry that the new arrivals were at the gates, waiting to be let in. He approved of their arrival and the gates opened. Henry kneeled down in front of a cabinet and opened it. From inside he grabbed a shot glass and a bottle of whiskey.

He poured himself a shot and downed it quick. He had no reaction to the burning/tingling sensation in his body. He took 3 more shots and then put the bottle and shot glass away. He stood up and reached for the front door handle. He turned it and swung the door open. A black 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V pulled up. The back door opened and 5 people exited.

The group stood shoulder to shoulder in a line facing Henry. He smiled at them all and prepared to give the speech that he had been planning for weeks before.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to The New Avengers Mansion! My name is Henry Hex but you can just call me Henry. I am the one who recruited you all and I am the one who will be not only training you for battle but educating you on battles, fighting, magic, and much more. This mansion will be your home for the foreseeable future. I hope that together as a team and a family, we can help put crime to an end in New York and all around the world."

Henry smiled again to everyone and then turned to open the front door. As he opened the door he told everyone, “Please follow me to the living area for short introductions and refreshments! The servants will bring your personal belongings to your rooms.” .

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Asuka sipped on her moca frappe as she sat at a street table in front of the cafe people watching. it was her second favorite passtime since her first is reading. heck she even people watched during her day job at the library and especilay during her partol as as vigilante since it helped her figure out who might be carring a weapon. After a moment she looking away from people to the street just in time to see five unmarked shiny black cadillac. as far as she knew no goverment officials or foren nations were scheduled to be moved even or last minute moves, her hacker friend would have notified her about it. Quickly finished off her frappe she moved in to the alleyway to get access to the fire escapes so she could get to the roof.

Checking around her for a moment to make sure no one is near by she quickly climbs up to the roof to get a birds eye view of the vehicals. checking around once more she aloud before she let her wings and tailfeathers fade in to existence. she could not help letting out a sigh of relief as it felt good to feel the wind flowing through her wings and feathers. relaxing for a momant so she could stretch her muscles so she could avoide cramping her wings. It was not long before she was ready to take to the air so she tured to face the alleyway once more and jumped letting gravity do all the word for her. opening her wings she gave a few powerful flaps to get her high in the sky so what she could follow those suspicious black cars with out being spottied. once she was in the sky it took her a few moments to locate the cars but onc she did she began to follow


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❝ Ashryn Eilastra ❞

Ashrynn was tucked into the furthest corner of the car as it drew up to the manor. Her wings folded tightly against her back to appear like she had donned a crimson cloak with silver accents. Her eyes flashed a deep navy blue before swirling to a chrome silver color before she fought her emotions and feelings back. Her long hair pulled back delicately, copper highlights flashing as she shifted in her seat, fighting to keep her wings from whacking a fellow participant in the car. To say her emotions were out of whack was a large understatement. Mind you, she didn't really have a choice in the whole thing. She had been out scouting before being found by Henry. Her consciousness tended to put her in some interesting positions, so with all that in mind and knowing she couldn't hide ... she accepted the offer.

When her door was opened, the girl took it upon herself to slowly step out of the car. Her heterochromatic orbs found the source of all her trouble and leveled a piercing stare at him. Sea foam green and violet orbs studying the man before her. Her skirt pooled around her ankles as she straightened up, her disguised-as-a-cloak wings falling behind her delicately. Long hair tumbled in inky waves filled with that copper flash down to her knees as she shifted her weight to comfortably settle herself into a standing position before entering the manor. No luggage followed her out of the car as the girl hadn't had any belongings given her past - which was something Henry better not risk revealing.

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Cliff Barton (sorta Hawkeye)
Location: Hex Mansion
Mood: tired, hungry, suspicious, annoyed, in need of coffee
Interactions: Henry

Cliff stepped out of the car with a loud and displeased sigh, craning her neck back to get a better look at the house, no mansion looming up over her. So her kidnapper was rich, that was hardly surprising. They didn't take no for an answer either, surely the fact that all four of the letters they'd sent to Cliff had been left unanswered would be enough to tell anybody she was not interested in joining their madcap scheme. But clearly this person was used to getting their way, they'd sent a squad of goons round to the hospital to pick her up after her shift. Her blood had run cold when the first man called her name. Not out of fear of being cornered in a dark alley, but because of the name he'd drawled- Clarissa Barton, the name she'd done everything she could to bury. The name she didn't acknowledge or use. The name that would force her into a life she had no interest in.

Her fate was sealed when the other men appeared and surrounded her- one even coming out of the hospital back door she'd just exited which she had to admit was a clever move to corner her. Their boss was very thorough in his research they said and wanted her to hear him out and would she please get into the car with the others. Cliff had put up a half-hearted resistance, before sliding into the back of the car.

She joined the others who'd formed a rough line in front of the entrance. Her feet crunched along the gravel as she walked. Cliff eyed up the man in the doorway- the owner of the house no doubt and the person who'd 'summoned' her. He was barely older than she was, and not that much taller. He stood confidently and looked delighted to see them. She shot him a scowl, crossing her arms over her chest as he began to speak.

Just how naive was this guy? Did he really think a new hero team would solve anything? Superheroes weren't the answer, if anything they were part of the reason why the world today is the way it is. And the arrogance of the man! Training them? Training her? She has a sodding medical degree! Being a family? He'd had her kidnapped, who knows what methods he'd used to get the others to his mega mansion.

"Nope, no way. Hero stuff! I'm outta here." She turned sharply on her heel, gravel crunching beneath her foot. Cliff had barely made it a few paces away when the suited goon stepped in front of her. "Get out of my way. Let me go." The man didn't move, his face didn't even change. "Hear the boss out. Fully. Then you can leave." Cliff tried to sidestep him, but he moved to block her. He was faster than she'd expected for such a musclebound man. She tried again to make a break for it, but other goons joined in to block her way.

Cliff gave a sigh, glared at the impassive faces on the security team. Then turned around to face Henry. Her scowl was more intense now. "Fine! I'll hear you out, but only because you kidnapped me and gave me no choice!"

Veil Walker

Hank surveyed the Amazon river, and sighed heavily. Roxxon had really done a number here. He did a few calculations in his head, and resisted the urge to swear. Despite the new eco agreements, the dumpings hadn't stopped, they'd amplified. Oh, it was only in countries that had bowed to corruption in the region, and so perfectly legal, but rivers, like garbage, flowed downhill.
"TESS, run samples against known chemical databases," Hank said. He tried not to think about how much he relied on the onboard AI since he had gotten it online.
"Sir, it would seem these are equally enigmatic ro system profiles as the last three." Hanks swore loudly at this. For months he had tried to crack their chemical composition, but Roxxon had added some new variant that seemed to degrade as soon as it hit the water. He needed a fresh sample to truly fix things, but so far had been unsuccessful in managing to snag one.
"Use the new filtration system, amplified with Compund 83 to slow the rate."
"Sir, that only filters an estimated eighty five percent." Hank tried not to growl as he pondered the issue. Suddenly, a loud beeping noise filled his helmet. His eyes narrowed with annoyance at the new input.
"Sir, you asked me to alert you in enough time to attend that hacker's meeting. If ae don't leave now, we'll be late." He frowned, remembering the 'invitation.' The first quarter of his armor's unlock key. Safe, as long as he showed up to the meeting in upstate New York. Hank grumbled as he powered up his flight systems to maximum. This had better be worth his time.

He landed beside the fist person to exit the SUV, and followed the group
He hadn't realized this was a group blackmail thing, but he could recognize that no one here was exactly helpless. He decided his mask would stay on. He listened to Henry's speech, and struggled not to laugh out loud. Instead it came out of his armor's speakers as a slight choking sound. This blackmailer wanted to force them to be heroes? Avengers? Blackmail and threats didn't seem the way. He only had those thoughts for a moment, when what looked like an EMT tried to leave. She was blocked by guards, and suddenly Hank saw a different person, chained to the wall and beaten. He felt his rage rise and his armor shifted, revealing various weapons. Many were bluffs. As a civilian, he had no real access to explosives. He had repulsors and concussion missiles and that was it. Well besides the panic lasers, but he had no desire to cut anyone up. Still, his armor shifted and formed weapons aimed at the guards.
"If she doesn't want to be here, I suggest you let her go."


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Henry Hex's Manor

Ianthe’s usual morning is as follows, One: She awakens and comes out of her main pocket dimension of which she uses as her living space, she likes to simply call it her realm. Two: She arrives into her earthly living space which is a very simple, small apartment with almost nothing inside it save for a refrigerator, washer dryer, a countertop with a microwave, and a blow up floor bed. She only has these items in here to appear somewhat normal. All of her belongings and most of her food items are kept in her realm. Lastly, she leaves the apartment complex and goes to her favorite coffee shop called The Cozy Cup.

This morning started out much like that with Ianthe arriving at The Cozy Cup and going inside to order. She ordered her usual large hot coco with vanilla flavored whipped cream and sat down to slurp it with no disturbances as usual. However, there would later be a disturbance that would lead to many more disturbances. As Ianthe’s cup reached half empty, a few men came into The Cozy Cup. Their attire could be described as what bodyguards typically wear, which is known as a black suit. What’s even more atypical is that they came straight to Ianthe’s table…

Next thing she knows, Ianthe is suddenly in a car with some strangers, luckily still with her hot coco in hand that she had yet to finish. How did I get here? Why am I here? Where are we even going? Were just a few of the thoughts going through her head at the time. She slurped her hot coco with her eyes closed, wondering just what this could be about. She would only know what it’s about when she would arrive at the destination. Why is this? Well because Ianthe doesn’t read her mail. It doesn’t matter the form of the mail, she simply doesn’t pay attention to it because she believes everything she gets are either scams or useless to her. Little did she know however, she had gotten multiple emails and letters from a sender with the name of Henry Hex.

The place seemed to be quite far from Ianthe’s town, as it took a few hours to get there. Upon arriving in front of a pair of large gates to a seemingly larger manor, Ianthe was told to step out of the vehicle by one of the suited men, which she complied to. She still had no clue as to what was going on, but it could be said that she was very slightly intrigued. This slight feeling made her consequently not portal herself into her realm immediately to then portal herself back to where she came. It was only a small feeling though. However, she would stay to feel out what exactly this whole thing was about, as it would probably be rude to just disappear. Ianthe doesn’t like to be rude.

It was rather dark in the car so Ianthe couldn’t really make out the others around her until they all stepped out. Quite an interesting crew they were. Then a man came walking up to them from inside the manor and introduced himself as Henry Hex and said a few things, some of which sounded slightly nonsensical. He said they’d be like a family, and that he’d train them with how to battle, fighting, and magic. I don't know what this guy’s talking about but I know how to fight already. I don’t need magic. And why would I be a family with these people when I already have one? Also why would I live in a place that isn't up to my standards? This guy sure is pompous... Is the thought that came to her as soon as the Hex fellow finished that whole announcement. A team is a better word. I'm definitely not going to be a 'family' with these people. Ianthe thought as they were led into the interior of the manor.

Ianthe Kaiser.
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Cameron's Apartment
Feeling: Ecstatic

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Today Cameron would be arriving at the Hex Mansion and it would change his life forever. Back on Hala, Cameron was used to defending his people from criminals, thugs, gangbangers, and creeps but now he'd be fighting planetary, universal, and multiversal threats. Cameron woke up early today to give him some time to pack since he didn't do it the night before. His alarm woke him at 7:30 AM and he got his day started by 7:45 AM. After showering, Cameron does his hair care routine which takes him about an hour, hour and a half sometimes.

After getting dressed he started packing various bags and suitcases since he knew he'd be permanently residing at the mansion. For the past year on Earth, Henry has taken care of Cameron and the two are best friends. Henry provides everything for Cameron from food to housing to shopping and bills. Cameron is very grateful to have Henry in his life and when Henry approached him with his idea for a new Avengers team, he was down to do it in a heartbeat. Others can believe what they want about Henry but he really is a good guy.

By the time Cameron was done packing and getting ready, it was 12:00 PM which gave him about 30 minutes to get to his destination. He loaded his car and made his way through the city and then through the woodsy area around the mansion which hid it from sight. He pulled his car up to the gates which opened immediately and he drove through. He parked and exited his vehicle. He wasn't the first one there so he stood with others as he listened to what his friend had to say. After his speech, Henry led them inside for refreshments and Cameron helped himself to some water and some grapes.
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Victor Haze
The unhabitable lands of the Kerguelen Islands were known for their hazardous environment, but for Victor, it was a place he could finally isolate himself. As Victor walked out to the porch of his cabin wearing nothing but his sweatpants, he held in his hand a written invitation from Henry Hex, some juvenile sorcerer that definitely caught his attention with what he wrote, and not in a good way.

Victor didn't know if he should laugh or scowl in anger but what he did know was that he needed to visit this mage and if he says is true, then he doesn't know the danger he was putting in his reality and himself. Which is why Victor needs to be there. To say he was ashamed was an understatement, he was humiliated by the prospect of being fooled by some earthly mage to be part of their team of clowns that have the passion to protect a world that doesn't deserve protecting.

He wasn't a superhero and was far from being morally right, so whatever expectations this kid was looking forward to, were meaningless. So burning the letter in his hand in black eldritch flames, he released an exasperated sigh as he went back inside, to get ready to meet this mage he was either going to kill for deceiving him or acquaint himself with them for the damn book.

It didn't take him too long and Victor was already standing outside of the gates that surrounded the massive mansion that he assumed was owned by the mage that contacted him. As he walked through the gates that opened for him, Victor would see that he wasn't the only one there as cars parked in the driveway would greet him. Wearing just a black suit, a lightly unbuttoned white shirt, and dress shoes, he seemed formal in his appearance, and accompanying his usual slicked-back hair with his tattoos, he looked like a mafia boss straight from those Wattpad stories.

He would eventually enter through the mansion's doors with a dark and stern look on his face, and his habitual frown didn't help it either. His eyes scanned through everyone as they landed on Henry, and to be frank, they weren't bad looking at all, aside from the sour mood he was in, he would admit they were enticing. Crossing his arms, he just gave Henry a look that essentially says, "You better have the book or else I'm gonna kill you.", as he stood a good bit away from everyone.

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She continued to fly behind the cars until they pulled in to the gates of a very impressive mansion. she knew that following any further could end badly so doing the next best thing which was sit and watch. looking around she spotted a beautiful Angel Oak that looked to be at least 150years old. She slowly glided down in the tree line so that she would not be spotted by anyone from the mansion and landed silently on one of the lower branches before making her way up a bit higher so she would not easily be seen from the ground. Settling on the branch she watched from her hidden view as the people in the cars began to climb out. She almost yelped when one of them suddenly seemed to appear out of thin air. Asuka was not sure what kind of ability this guy had but from his appearance he was not one to be messed with. She easily could appreciate that he was attractive, tattoos and all but from the way he held himself she was not about to FAFO that was for sure.

Now that she was settled she would be able to watch what was happening without her getting too close. Hopefully she would nope one would spot her because she really did not feel like flying back to the city at breakneck speed only to lay low.

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