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Fandom The New Avengers - The Next Generation - CLOSED

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This is me being reasonable…
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It's been 40+ years since the death of Tony Stark. The Avengers have fallen apart and no one is fighting crime anymore. That is until a wealthy wizard named Henry Hex came in and formed the next generation of Avengers. Henry aims to recruit some of the best superhumans to fight crime. And he does. He gets the best ones and forms "The New Avengers." Together they fight crime and continue the legacy of the original Avengers.

Hi everyone! I am looking for 5 other people to roleplay as superheroes. Please be creative with your character and let your imagination run wild. Just remember to keep your character's powers and abilities to a fair level with everyone else. OP characters are not allowed. Other than that, have fun with it!

Reply below if you are interested!


Artist | Forever Sleepy | https://cake.avris.it/gB
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Well I'm an avid super power lover so I'm gonna have to join. I am in 3 other roleplays but 2 of which haven't started yet so I hope I can keep up. I should be able to.

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